Whoa dudes, this is, like, over a year old. But even so, it still remains one of my favourite fanfics I've written, so I'm posting it. xD Enjoy!

Title Affection

Summary [leonxcloud To put it simply, Leon liked Cloud.

Rating T

Warning(s) Mentions of boysex, um, boy on boy loving, enough fluff to rot your teeth, etc...? xD

Disclaimer I don't own KH or Final Fantasy, so don't sue, yo. 8)

Author's Notes Erm, see all the chains of words connected by just "and and and" etc.? That's intentional. I do have a very good grip on grammar -- it's just the stylization of this. Oh, yeah -- and a few peeps have told me this is sort of confusing. I apologize in advance if it is!


To put it simply, Leon liked Cloud.

He liked the way the blond had a sort of split of personality, if you would. He seemed cold and standoffish to everyone around them, but in the presence of Leon, he was warmer; he opened up. Of course, Leon wouldn't dare venture so far as to call him sociable -- for Cloud was still distant to others -- but he was definitely more comfortable.

He also liked the way he fit together with Cloud when he would hold him close -- as if they were meant to be together. Cloud would just chuckle at him and kiss his forehead -- his only weakness he swore -- and tell him to stop putting so much faith in destiny and love. And Leon would pout and nibble at Cloud's lips, if only to make him shut up because he knew that was his weakness too.

To think of it, Leon really liked Cloud's weaknesses. He thoroughly enjoyed making Cloud squirm and writhe underneath him and knowing he caused it, because Cloud was his and only his. And he loved hearing every sigh and gasp and moan and cry that he worked out of Cloud because it was just another thing that he and only he would cause.

Leon liked the fact that Cloud was an astraphobe. He felt sadistic when he thought about liking it, but he did. He liked to be the one who would be there to comfort Cloud and stifle his whimpers of fear. Leon liked being able to wrap his arms around Cloud and rest his head on his shoulder and kiss his neck -- he knew he liked that a lot -- and assure him that he would be there to protect him, because he would be.

And quite frankly, Cloud liked Leon too.

He liked Leon's tough outer appearance -- the way he swore he only had one weakness, and Cloud had already plotted out and exploited the others which Leon could not live down. Cloud liked the way Leon was a dreamer; he constantly thought that it was fate for them to be together.

Cloud didn't like to admit it, but he thought so too.

Cloud liked -- no, loved to be able to curl up with Leon when they were alone. He liked-- loved feeling Leon's strong, muscled and yet inviting arms wrap around him tenderly -- gently -- as if he was afraid to break Cloud. He loved -- loved! -- just laying with Leon, breathing in all that was him, bathing in the light that Leon emanated as they lay in peace and harmony, complete.

Cloud didn't really like himself for being who he was -- a slight neat freak, afraid of so many things, and for a lack of a better word, fragile. But Leon came along and taught him that his flaws were beautiful and showed him love and Cloud could not have been happier because it was Leon.

And Cloud fully acknowledged and loved the fact he was Leon's and Leon's only.