Title: Nine Months: The Epilogue

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Notes: These are the OneShots based on the Nine Months stories. For a basic review, Dean is married to Mackenzie. They have the following children in age order: River (boy), Pandora (girl; triplet), Rain (boy; triplet; stillborn), and Patia (girl; triplet). Sam is married to Alexandrine and they have the following children in age order: Isabelle (girl) and Isadora (girl).


You'd think this family could be normal. They stopped hunting and started families, stopped traveling cross country and instead traveled to the supermarket.

You'd think they'd be normal.

But no.

River's (age three and a half) trying to be potty trained, but he poops on the table because the food is there and food causes poopy. And Mackenzie freaks out because if he's not potty trained by September – it is June – then pre-school is out the window and there goes all that Harvard talk.

But Pandora and Patia – commonly called Panny and Patty – are pretty unusual too. They're only a year and a half old but already they're exhibiting… odd… things. Panny couldn't crawl until ten months while Patty was crawling at four. Panny pretty much skipped the whole crawling deal because who really wants to be on their hands and knees? Instead she started to walk the month after she started to crawl. And that caused a ton of new issues because where'd the baby go was asked one too many times. Patty however crawled for a year before walking at fourteen months. Dean decided she was the good baby.

But that's not what makes this family so… so… unique.

No, not by a long shot.

Instead, it's the crazy stupid little things that occur daily.

Like River running outside and flashing the eighty year old woman next door (who, by coincidence, died the next day).

Or Panny escaping the house and finding that dead garden snake in the garden. Then playing with it.

Not even that's as weird. Try this one: Patty went into her parents' bedroom and tried on Mommy's bra at nine months. That scarred Dean for life. Finally, Mackenzie had to throw that piece of lingerie out because apparently, Pandora and Patia were conceived in that outfit and Dean insists, "They know what we were doing, Mackenzie! They're trying to punish us! They don't want us to do… you know, anymore."

So who wouldn't guess that when Dean and Mackenzie try to have a sensual Sunday morning all hell breaks loose?

"Baby," Mackenzie purrs, handing sliding across Dean's bare chest.

It's five in the morning and all they want is some alone time because it's been so long that Dean can't remember the feel, taste, smell of his wife's skin.

He shifts in bed so that he's on his side, looking at Kenzie, while she's lying on her back; hand on his chest moving toward his arm.

"Yes," he whispers, smirking. He knows what's going to happen. He's not going to fight it.

She doesn't want to answer; instead, pulling him toward her, hands around his neck, lips under his.

He flips so he's straddling her hips and he wonders how she managed to keep the slender waist after four children.

She always likes to take it slow; prolong the pleasure. He never minds. It's not that sex is sex and that's the way it is. It's more of him liking to please her. She's his wife and god, if that isn't the most pleasurable thing she could ever do for him – just being his wife.

They get as far as her sitting up, totally undressed except the boy shorts and Dean still straddling her, boxers leaving if given two more seconds.

Then hell breaks loose.

"Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy," is heard from outside the door. They managed to teach River that Mommy and Daddy's room is off limits unless invited in. If they could only teach the same rule to their bra-seeking daughter and her triplet sister. "Mommy!"

Dean freaks so fast that they go down swinging. He jerks off of her, only managing to fall off the bed. She grabs him on the way down – a futile attempt to save him because he's got a good forty pounds on her – and ends up falling with him.

He hits his head on the nightstand before his back thumps down on the floor and he's surprised he doesn't bounce back up because it feels like he should.

She lands on top of him, awkwardly: one hand holding his shoulder, the other somewhere above his head; most of her torso is on his, but her legs cause the problem. One landed harmlessly to the side of his hip, knee just missing the bone. The second was digging into his groin and god, that hurt.

He groans and she knows what's wrong. Moving as fast as she can, she gets off him and grabs her shirt from where it had been thrown only minutes before.

She practically jumps in it while Dean bites his lip so hard it should be bleeding. "God, Kenz," he whispers. "Fuck, it hurts."

And she can't reply because the "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy"'s are still out in the hallway.

He sees it in her eyes: being torn between caring for her husband and seeing what's wrong with their son. His head jerks toward the door, giving her the answer.

Two strides and she's opening it, looking down at her son who promptly stops the "Mommy"'s.

Careful not to let Dean's injured form show, she picks him up and steps into the hallway, closing the door behind her. "What's wrong, River?"

"Panny and Patty," the three year old says, through breaths because it takes a lot for Mommy to hear him, "Panny and Patty cry in baby room."

Mackenzie sighs because River has been able to tell her when his sisters will cry for the past month and he hasn't been wrong once. "Okay," the mother nods. "Come on."

River loves to help with his babies. Feeding, diaper changing, bathing, playing – you name it, he wants to do it. Mackenzie says he'll be a great dad one day. Dean says he'll be an awesome player.

Mackenzie and Riv disappear down into the hallway and open the door to the triplets' room. Crying emerges and Mackenzie knows her son was right yet again.

Putting her oldest down, she walks to Patia's crib. The youngest is screaming and crying all in one while jumping up and down in her crib.

Mackenzie picks up the girl and the crying stops. Turning to the second crib, she picks up Panny and the tears stop.

Wow. That was easy.

"Momma," Patia hiccups because crying causes those evil little things. "Ba-ba."

Mackenzie looks at her second child and Panny says the same thing. "Ba-ba."

Well, ba-bas it is then. "I'll get 'em," River shouts. He's enthusiastic and Mackenzie loves it… but he's too enthusiastic today.

He runs out of the room as fast as his three year old legs will carry him and takes the turn downstairs too hard. The next thing Mackenzie sees is his little body tumbling forward and then hears the thump, thump, thump of various body parts hitting the stairs.

One, two. Cry.

Well, it's more like a shriek but she knows what it signals. First, River's hurt. Because he only cries when he's hurt or his sisters are hurt. And his sisters are fine. Second, Dean's coming. Because when River, Pandora, or Patia cry – hell, even when Mackenzie cries – Dean's right there.

Dean shoots down the hallway like she knew he would. River's cries are muffled and Mackenzie knows Dean's holding his son.

Calmly, Mackenzie walks downstairs into the kitchen. She secures the girls in their height chairs before turning around. She grabs two bottles and fills them with milk before warming them in the microwave.

A minute later, the crying has stopped and River's looking at his mom for the bottles so he can feed his sisters, the microwave is beeping, and Dean's sliding into a chair at the table as he winces from the injury he acquired earlier.

River watches his mother screw the tops on before giving him the bottles. He runs to his babies and hands them each a bottle. Pandora starts to drink but Patia gurgles and it's enough to make River jump up and down because, "Patty talked to me!"

"Good job, kiddo," Dean congratulates as Mackenzie slides into her husband's lap, causing him yet another wince. Dean welcomes her as he keeps talking to his son, "Want something to eat?" River declines with a head shake. "Alright. Why don't you go play until breakfast is made?"

River thinks. It's the most amazing thing. You can actually see the wheels spinning in his head. "Patty and Panny come play."

Mackenzie knows better. She shouldn't have even tried to put the girls in their chairs, because River always wants them with him.

She gets up and takes her daughters out of their chairs, placing them on the ground – bottles and all – in front of their brother.

He smiles and they follow him like the obedient children they aren't. Scratch that. They're obedient – just not for Dean and Mackenzie, only River.

Mackenzie sits in her husband's lap again when they're gone. He winces and she puts her head on his shoulder. "Sorry about before."

He shrugs. "What could you have done?" She sees his point as he starts to squirm underneath her.

"What's wrong?" She moves back to assess her husband only to find him trying to adjust himself. She laughs even though he can't help it.

Oh yeah, they weren't the normal ones.

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