Old, demented ramblings at insane hours of the morning. Some day I will get around to writing some fluffy KouKou, really! I just have too much fun writing sick KouKou, though. 8D;

Title Demons

Summary [onesided koukou [mentioned takouji Kouichi really is almost fond of his inner demons.

Rating T

Warning(s) Some unpleasant thoughts, I guess?

Disclaimer If I owned Digimon... well, let's just say the results would not be pretty to half of the world.

Author's Notes This isn't my best work... but I do like it, so yeah. Figured I'd put it up.


Kouichi wants you, Kouji, and he always has.

He knows it's wrong, and maybe that's why he won't give it up. Maybe because it's so twisted -- so sick -- so illegal -- maybe that's why he wants you so badly.

It's kind of funny that you hadn't picked up on it, Kouji. Your twin is dangerously in love with you, to the point where it's driving him to the brink of insanity. You've never picked up on the hints that he gives out with such a dark, morbid subtext; you've never noticed the way he acts around you. You've never thought much about the true reason he has spidery scars and bright crimson slashes on his wrists.

Kouji, face it: you know nothing about the demons in your twin's head.

Kouichi wants you, Kouji; his longtime crush has developed into an extremely unhealthy obsession. So unhealthy that really, he's considering suicide over it, but he doesn't want to be in a world where he can't see you.

But then again, he doesn't want to live in a world where he can see you and Takuya together, either.

Takuya -- oh man. Kouichi likes Takuya quite much as a friend, but as your boyfriend? No. Never. Kouichi believes he should be the sole one allowed to touch you; he should be the only one with the rights to be able to kiss you and hold you.

Oh, Kouji... you just don't know how badly your twin wants to bite you hard enough to draw blood; you don't know how badly he wants to fuck you so hard that you can't even move from your bed the next morning; you don't know how badly he wants to possess you completely: mind, soul, and body.

You're really pretty naïve, Kouji.

Kouichi wishes he wasn't your twin sometimes; his obsession is going to be the death of him, and he's sure of it. After all, really -- you're the cause of the demons in his head. The sinister thoughts that fester in his head; the malicious voices that call to him almost lovingly.

He really is almost fond of his inner demons.

The way his demons pamper him is almost enough to make him forget about you; it's almost enough to push him over the edge of insanity and never return. The demons are never quiet; they're always there, swirling in his thoughts, waiting for the opportune moment to comfort their host.

Really, Kouji, it's pretty disturbing.

Kouichi wishes you were his, Kouji; he wishes that you could be the one to save him from himself. But that's really not very likely, as his demons are slowly devouring his soul, and he knows pretty soon, he'll just be a hollow, empty shell; a puppet, twisted and corrupted thanks to their commands. He knows he's already corrupted and twisted, but his demons make it sound so much more luxurious than it really is.

Maybe, Kouji -- maybe if you were a bit more attentive, you'd be able to save your brother from having his soul swallowed.

But it looks like it's too late.

Goodbye, Kouichi.