Ryter: We're going to do a play. We're going to do a play.

Harpie: (hitting her with a rolled up script.) You wanna tell them who we are or what?

Ryter: Oh yeah. Hi everybody!

Naru/Saku/Kaksh: Hi Dr. Nick!

Harpie: (Rubbing her head.) Idiots. We're Ryter

Ryter: And Harpie. Established Naruto writers. Any questions.

Sasuke: (Raises his hand.) Why am I here?

Harpie: Cause your pedophile pimp thought you'd look cute in the princely tights.

Sasuke: WHAT THE...

Ryter: Um...For those who don't know, this is a twisted version of swan lake. It will be a Hinata/Sasuke, and more importantly...

Harpie: It will be good.

Naruto: Why do you say that?

Ryter/Harpie: Cause we have Itachi in a cape. (The cast falls anime style.)

Itachi: Yeah. You know you love me.

Disclaimer: We own Naruto, Trump towers, and oh yeah the sun. (Please note the sarcasim and don't sue us. Thank you.)

Itachi sits on his brother's bed staring up at the room, wondering when Sasuke's patience will finally run thin. He smiles to himself when he hears a loud scream from the ballroom below.

"He should be here in Three...two...and..."

Sasuke comes running through the huge double doors. He's breathing hard and his clothes are ripped in places.

"What's the matter now...LITTLE brother. You have all these eligible princesses here just for you, and you don't see anyone who intrest you?"

Sasuke glares at his brother's smiling face and thinks of a thousand different jutsu he could use to kill him. He talks through his teeth as he grinds them together.

"No. I do not find any of these...'girls' interesting. I'm not even sure their HUMAN."

There are more screams and then the door is pushed forward. Sasuke's makes a paniced face and looks around for a way out. Itachi doesn't seem to notice.

"That's a shame. They all come from noble familes, and would be quite useful for restoring the Uchiha clan. I especially like that Yamanaka girl. She seems like your type."

Sasuke's sharingan started to spin dangerously, but it faltered when once again the door was hit hard by his 'fangirls'.

'What the fuck. When did they get so strong?'

With a quick glare at his brother he bolted the door and grabbed a set of clothes. Then, before the door was busted down, he jumped out of the castle window. Unfortunatly, in his rush, our young raven haired hero forgot that his room didn't have any trees near his window, and he was three floors up. He cursed his own stupidity as he fell.


He landed hard on something soft. He blinked and looked down to see his small entourage of serving men. The loud blond he considered a friend


Sasuke rolled his eyes and got up, and looked over his small rag tag group of 'friends'. They all had matching uniforms more or less. The basic royal wear. White silk stockings, Black shiny shoes, tight fitting velvet pants, and perfect puffy shirts. The Uchiha, Aka the leader of the group had on his signature black hat with the large feather. He brushed himself off and looked over his crew.

"Time for roll call."

They all groaned and made faces at him. Most of them mumbling about how all this was crap as they lined up. Sasuke gave them a quick smirk, enjoying the little bit of power he actually had. He walked up to the blond who was of course the first in line. He was fighting with the ruffle on his orange shirt. It had probably came undone when sasuke landed on him.


"You know my name Bastard. Uzamaki Naruto."

Sasuke rolled his eyes once more and moved on to a kid in a gray shirt with a dog sleeping on his head.

"Kiba. How many times do I have to tell you. Leave your flea bag at HOME."

Kiba swiped at his nose as Akamaru growled. Sasuke just kept going down the line.


"How troublesome."





Sasuke looked up at Chouji and saw him with his mouth filled with chips and who knows what else. He sighed in annoyance.



"Lose some weight. Moving on. Lee."

"I'm here and as youthful as ever Sasuke. Can't you feel the power that we hold! Let us go forth and cease the..."

"No girls are around Lee."

"Oh, well then...can I go back to the party?"

"Shut up Lee. Gaara, Kankuro?"

The Kankuro raised a hand and smiled through his heavy make up, while Gaara looked on unfazed. The red shirt that matched his hair blew in the wind.

"I guess that's everyone. now let's get moving. Those...people...inside made me feel like killing something."

There was a brief moment of silence before the entire group bursted into cheers. They were going hunting! Sasuke raised an eyebrow in mock confusion at their glee.

'Why do I hang out with these freaks?'


He looked up at the window and saw about thirty girls waving to him from a window, and Ino standing at the forefront. His eyes widened and a shiver went down his spine. Before they could figure out a way down, he started for the forest.

"Let's go. Let's go NOW!"


"Back off dog breath!"

"What'd you call me you ramen slurping baka!"

"I called you dog breath! Obviously akamaru ain't the only one who drinks out of the toliet."

"I have to agree with you there judging by the stink on your breath!"

"Say that again flea bag!"

"Say what? That your breath smells like the bad end of a garbage truck?"

"Why you!"

Sasuke watched as Naruto and Kiba went at each other. Twenty Naruto's jumped the dog boy, while Akamaru bite at one of the clones. Sasuke sighed and continued to walk ahead alone.

"I had to pick those two idiots. Couldn't say Gaara and Shino. No...It had to be the one with the dog on my team."

The boys had decided to make a contest out of their little hunting expedition. They had split up in groups, each boasting that they'd catch the coolest prey. Sasuke had been sure with Kiba and Naruto he'd get something good, but he had over looked the fact that both of them had the common sense of five year olds. He jumped up onto a low branch and silently ran through the tree tops.

'Finally some peace.'

It was moments like these which almost made him forget about his father trying to force him to marry, and his brother trying hard to make sure he did so that he was sure to inherit the Uchiha clan.


Eleven year old Sasuke stood by his father's bedside. He hated the man before him, and learned long ago that he could never love him.

"You wanted me Fugaku-san."

His father's brow furrowed at his sons clear disrespect for him.

"Sasuke. You will address me in a way that shows proper respect."

Sasuke sneered at him, and furrowed his own brow in disgust.

"When you give me something to respect."

Fugaku sat up and hit the boy. Sasuke fell to the floor holding the side of his face where a red welt was quickly starting to throb. Fugaku sat back on his bed, and the two glared at each other.

"You. You will be married before I die, and will take over her kingdom."

Sasuke clenched his fist in hate.

"No. I will inherit our clan. Get Itachi to..."

"Itachi, unlike yourself, has proven himself to be stronger than YOU, and far better suited to led then you will ever be."

The young Uchiha's eyes turned crimson and started to spin.

"Old man, watch what you say. I'm not some little child anymore. I don't just jump because you tell me to, and I promise you I am anything but weak."

His father rolled his own blessed eyes and made a face that looked eeirly like Sasuke's own bored expression.

"You have until your seventeenth birthday. After that you will either be disowned, or forced to marry someone of my choosing."

Sasuke turned around on his heels and stomped out of the room. He slammed his father's heavy door and marched passed his smirking brother who leaned agaisnt the wall beside it.

--------------------------------------------------End Flashback-----------------------------------------------

Sasuke growled to himself as he saw the sun begin to set on the horizon.

'Those two morons set me back. If I don't hurry up and find something I'm going to lose.'

He sped up his pace, moving through the leaves with ease. Finally he came to a small lake. There in the center was a lone beautiful swan. He stopped in his tracks and watched as the white creature gracefully made its way across the lake, barely causing a ripple.

'It's...perfect. It'll make the best prize.'

He pulled out a kunai and waited patiently. He prepared to throw it, just as the sun left the sky. There was a glimmer of light and the swan was surrounded by swirling purple smoke. The smoke expanded, and completely hid the swan from view. Sasuke watched in wonder.

'What the hell is going on here?'

As suddenly as it came, the smoke disappeared. On top of the lake stood a beautiful girl in a thin lilac dress. Her purple/black hair hung down to her shoulders swishing as she moved. The starlight above her made her large pale lavander eyes almost glow. Sasuke unconciously moved forward. The girl on the lake didn't notice him at all. Giving a sad smile to the sky she began to dance upon the lake. Sasuke gazed on mesmerized.


He left the forest and walked out into the open. The girl stopped mid-step and turned to him. She turned to him in utter shock and fear. He walked forward with both his hands out as a way of showing he was not dangereous. He walked on top of the lake to her. She stayed frozen to her spot as he got closer. Finally, just as he was within arms length of her a loud voice brought him out of his own little world.

"HEY! Sasuke-teme! Where are you?"

Naruto's loud obnoxious voice filled the forest. This was enough to awaken the frightened girl. She ran away as fast as she could. Sasuke never had a chance of catching her.

"Wait! Comeback!"

Something snagged him from behind. He turned to see a boy with long flowing hair and the same eyes as his girl holding onto his collar. The new boy sneered at him and threw him at a nearby tree with all his strength.


"S sk e. W ke p."

Sasuke's opened his eyes and saw three swirling Naruto's above him.



Naruto and Kiba shake Sasuke back and forth. Sasuke reaches up and knocks their hands together.

"Ow! What was that for?"

Sasuke looked around him for any sign of the beautiful girl or the raven haired boy. When he didn't find anything he brought a hand up to his head.

'Could it have...all been a dream.'

He looked down at his other hand and saw a pure white feather in his hand.


Ryter: Well that was...

Harpie: Boring.


Sasuke: And it was boring. Who taught you how to write? Jariya?

Naruto: Wait, if Jariya taught her how to write, does that mean that I'll get to see Hinata...

Ryter/Saku/Ino: You PERV!

Kiba: That's a no

Hinata: (Looking shy) Um...Would you...pl-please review for Ryter-chan and Harpie-san.

Lee: (wrapping his arms around Hinata.) You're so adorable Hinata-chan. Especially when you stutter. (Hinata blushes and smiles.)

Neji: (Grabbing Lee from behind and beating him to a pulp) Stay away from my cousin.

Sasuke: (Taking Lee's place.) Yeah. I'm the only one who gets to hug my hime

Neji: (rolling up his sleeves.) Wanna try that again Uchiha.

Harpie: Okay. That's it for now folks. remember to do what hinata said.

Ryter: (crying) Or the swans will die.