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Sasuke whirled around and caught hold of the girl who was pretending to be Hinata. He shook her violently, glaring into her lilac eyes.

"Who are you?"

The dopplerganger clung to his shirt sobbing dejectedly as she looked up at his face. She started to shout hysterically as she saw how cold he was acting towards her.

"Why do you care about her so much?! What about me?! I thought you loved me Sasuke! What's so special about that tram..."

The sound of his hand connecting to her face resounded through the large hall. All the guest took a step back clearing a circle around them. Sasuke's sharingan was spinning at top speed as he glared at her.

"If you ever speak against her again I'll make you wish for death."

When she turned back to look at him her disguise was dropped. Pink hair hung down her back almost standing on end as she glared up at him, a hand on the red spot he had left on her cheek. Sasuke grimaced in disgust.

"You're that girl. The one who claimed to be a Hyuuga."


She growled and lunged at him. There was a sudden burst of smoke and Kakashi stood before him, blocking her path. Sakura hissed in frustration, as the older man simply smiled at her.

"Sorry princess, can't let you hurt this kid, it'd be a pain to explain how he died."

"You think this is a game! Kabuto!"

Kakashi cursed under his breath as he pulled Sasuke out of the way. Only seconds before they cleared the way, the air filled with falling kunai, sending everyone scattering. In the midst of it stood Sakura cackling, and beside her was the white haired medic nin. Sasuke growled in frustration and tried hard to get to her, only to have his teacher hold him back.


Sakura let out a frustrated scream that silenced all of the noise and commotion in the room. She pointed an accusing finger at the dark haired boy.

"BE QUIET! Hinata! Hinata! Hinata! That's all you talk about, but you were oh so willing to believe a simple disguise. If anything's happened to her, then you're the one to blame Sasuke-kun."

Sasuke went limp in Kakashi's arms at the words, not wanting to admit to their truth. He felt the world spinning around him. A sudden jolt of pain brought him back to his senses. He groaned and stared down at his now bleeding arm. Kakashi, Shino, and Kankuro stood in front of him deflecting weapons as well as moving people to safety.


Kankuro rolled his eyes as he stared over his shoulder at his friend.

"Glad to see you've finally snapped out of it moron. Looks like a shuriken to the arm is a good way of waking you're stupid butt up."

Sasuke still stood immobile as he watched the mayhem around him. Kabuto was no longer alone. Fighting along side him was more than half of the Uchiha elite guard. Sasuke snapped to quickly enough to dodge another projectile aimed at his heart. He stared up in the direction the weapon had come from to see Sakura standing beside Itachi, but smirking cooly. He stood beside his sensei who was smiline while fending off an attacker.

"Glad to see you finally joined us."

"Why are we being attacked by MY guards! Move!"

Shino and Kankuro jumped out of the way minutes before Sasuke finished his handsigns and sent a stream of fire from his mouth at his attackers. While the guards tried to put themselves out Kakashi took the time to explain what had happened while the youngest Uchiha was in lala land.

"It seems that Fugaku is dead, and you're the number one suspect, or so says your brother."

Sasuke growled low in his throat as they were once more set upon by the Anbu.

"I don't have time for this. I have to find out where Hinata is."

"I'll take you."

The dark haired boy was surprised to see the red headed sand user. He looked to Kakashi questioningly.

"Get going, we can handle this pretty easily. We'll catch up when we're done."

He nodded and headed followed Gaara out of the nearest exit. As the night moved on.


The full moon illuminated the lake as they finally neared it. The beautiful sight reminded him of the first night he had met his hime. He stumbled forward wading waist deep into the dark waters.

"Hinata! Hinata!"

There was no reply to his calls, no soft answering splashing in the lake. The waters around him stilled and became almost as solid as glass.The Uchiha lost his footing and slipped to his knees, allowing the water to come up around him. Angry tears burned as they left a trail down his cheeks. He hugged himself and let out a heart wrenching yell. He held hung his head, knowing that it was his fault that his hime was gone. That after coming so far, he had hurt her.

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. Please...Please come back to me. Please."

He continued to mumble this under his breath almost like a mantra.

The air around him suddenly filled with the rushing of wings. He stared up at the night sky as one by one swans landed lightly on the water around him. They each bowed their heads as they stayed motionless on the water. An on looker wouldn't be able to tell the difference between one swan and the next. Sasuke's eyes widened as he looked around him.


"It's useless. She won't answer you little Uchiha."

Sasuke's head snapped to the direction the voice had come from. A tall pale man with snake like eyes sat at the edge of the water, calmly running his hand through the water as he cooed at his own reflection.

"You broke the poor little Hyuuga's heart. Now even I can't break the curse on them. You should've just died and helped her when you could."

"Shut up!"

The dark haired boy ignored him and turned back towards the swans, moving among them. As he looked the white feathers almost seemed to blur one swan into another. The other male shouted after him slight amusment in his voice.

"You should give this up Uchiha-kun. There is no way it's good for your health. Why not forget her and come with me. I can always use another test subject and pawn. You would make a lovely dog, or maybe a reptile of some sort."

Sasuke no longer bothered to listen to the nonsense that the older man was spouting. He was starting to feel hopeless. He stopped in his tracks suddenly feeling as if something was calling to him. He made his way easily past the other birds to just one of the pristine white creatures. He gently ran his fingers down the swans long neck.

"You're wrong. It must hurt her to see that her love can't even find her."

The Uchiha ruffled the feathers of the swan and gently kissed its head, before wrapping his arms around it. He closed his eyes and whispered soothingly to the swan.

"I'm so sorry. I was an idiot. I do love truly love you Hinata-hime. You're the one I want, the only one I'll ever want."

He heard a soft sigh. Arms slowly wrapped around his neck pulling him closer. He opened his eyes to see his Hinata clinging to him and burying her head into his chest. He lifted her head up to his. She cried shaking slightly as she tried not to show it in her voice.

"I...I lo...love you too Sasuke-kun. I love you."

Sasuke leaned down and captured her lips in a brusing kiss, running his hands down her back when he felt her respond to him. Their lovers embrace was broken abruptly when Sasuke was sent flying through the air.



Orochimaru lifted the half concious boy out of the water glaring at him with pure hatred.

"You just had to get involved didn't you. You and your childish whims. I will not let you interfere any further."

The snake tightened his grip on the the dark haired boy. The Uchiha scratched at the man's hand as he felt the air leaving his lungs. There was a blur to his side and he watched as the older man easily grabbed onto the male Hyuuga. Neji was obviously wounded, and had probably been that way for a good while. Now he was clutched in the black haired man's mericless grip.

"I suppose next time I should get rid of problem children as soon as possible."

Sasuke's wandering eyes noticed all of the people around him dizzily. His friends and what he was sure were the swan folk all stood around at a distance as Orochimaru chocked them. Naruto and Hanabi stepped forward at the same time, but stopped instantly when Orochimaru's cold golden eyes turned on them.

"Not another step, or I won't just snap their pretty little necks, I'll drown them."

He held the two struggling teens above his head to demonstrate his threat. Black spots appeared and disappered before Sasuke's fading vision as he forced himself to look for her. He was dropped suddenly, and air rushed back into his body. He nearly gagged as he swallowed a mixture of oxygen and water.Hinata stood in front of him braced in a defense position, veins pulsing in her eyes as she used her byakugan. Orochimaru lay on the ground glaring up at the young girl. The others took this time to surround him, each baring a weapon, or in a defensive position, ready for almost any move the wizard would use.

"I...I won't let you hurt Sasuke!"

The sound that came from Orochimaru started as a soft chuckle and grew into something more, something sinister. He forced himself to his feet towering over the Hyuuga girl and her hurt comrades. He bit into his finger until it started to bleed, and then quickly made a handsign. There was an unearthly silence. Suddenly the ground started to shake. There was a thundereous crashing as something knocked through the trees coming towards them. Naruto was the first to speak any form of warning.


A giant white snake reared back, towering over the trees.


Temari shouldered Neji while Hinata helped Sasuke to his feet. They split up and ran in any direction that seemed safe. It didn't take long for Hinata to get lost, and lose sight of the others. She ran blindly half helping and half carrying the barely concious Uchiha on her shoulder. His wound had re-opened and the blood was starting to stain her kimono. She lost her footing and tripped. She cringed and bit down hard on her bottom lip. When she opened her eyes she was staring down into the darkness of a almost endless drop. Hinata moved away from the ledge pulling Sasuke with her.



Hinata clung to Sasuke's neck as he sat up, holding a hand to his head. She stood up and helped him to his feet.

"W...we have...have to go now. He...He'll catch up soon."

"I'm already here darling."

Orochimaru stood on top of the giant snakes head gloating slightly at the way he had them cornered. The Uchiha boy stood infront of his love, trying and failing to look fierce while holding his wounded arm. The snake user threw back his head and laughed, forgetting his normal grace.

"Do you really think it'll be that easy?"

Orochimaru reached out his hand towards them beckoning to Hinata.

"Come to me, and leave him behind. It's the only way you'll survive this and remain human. This is the last and only thing he could ever do for you."

Sasuke stepped back towards the narrow edge, protecting Hinata as much as he could. The snake followed close behind him. Sasuke could see what was sure to happen and turned towards Hinata wrapping his arms around her and whispering softly into her ear.

"Do you trust me Hina-hime?"

She nodded, smiling as tears blurred her vision.

"Will you do as I ask you?"

The dark haired girl paused for a moment before placing her ear to his heart sighing softly.

"I won't."

He chuckled and ran his hand through her hair.

"I should've known as much."

He pulled her close and kissed her with all that he was worth. He turned towards the snake and took in a deep breath, his hands moving at full speed as he prepared himself. With the last of his energy he spewed a stream of fire from his mouth, setting the snake aflame. The white snake thrashed as it burned slamming its tail into the ground, cracking the rock. The ledge started to crumble under they're feet. Holding each other closely and smiling lightly Hinata and Sasuke waited for the inevitable. The cliff finally gave way.


Hinata and Sasuke looked up for the last time to see Naruto being held back by Neji at the avalanced edge of the cliff. Naruto slammed his fist into the ground crying, the eldest Hyuuga stood behind him fingers clenched into a tight ball.

"We...we could've saved them. We...we..."

"There was nothing we could've done, but die with them. This is fate."

Naruto was on his feet instantly, grabbing hold of Neji's shirt and yelling in his face.


Neji bowed his head not bothering to look at him.

"Stop this. Do you honestly think I want to accept this? If you want to die with them now do so, but we have a duty to do for them."


"We have to make sure that they have another chance at love in the future. Make sure the Uchiha and the Hyuuga clan continues on, so that some day...some day they will get the chance they weren't allowed in this life time."

Naruto let go of him, slumping his shoulders in defeat. He rubbed at his tear stained face and sniffed. Feeling the first pains of adulthood being forced onto him.

"How do you know Neji? How do you know they'll get another chance."

Neji placed a hand on the younger males shoulder and pointed out into the night air. Two pristine white feathers floated lightly in the breeze almost glowing as they danced around each other.

"Because love that strong is able to defy even the strong pull of fate and destiny."

They watched silently as the feathers continued to float skyward.

Three Hundred Years Later

The small dark haired boy frowned as he heard the bawling of another child. He looked around a large stone ruin staring at the girl who was doubled over crying. Finally summoning up the little courage he had he walked up to her and crossed his arms, glaring fiercely at her.

"You shouldn't be here. This is part of the Uchiha clan's property. If you're twespassing you should weave now!"

The girl sniffled and went wide eyed. She held onto her self and moved away from him, whimpering slightly.

"I..I'm so..sorry. There...There was a...a bird, and...and I followed it and...and.."

He could easily see that the girl was struggling to even speak at this point. He sighed and kneeled down beside her.

"Stop cwying!"

This seemed to make it worse as she her light colored eyes became wider and more tears started to flow. Getting sick of it he decided to do what he saw his father do everytime his mother started to cry. He wrapped his arms around the girl and spoke softly while rubbing her back.

"Pwease stop cwying hime. It'll be alwight."

This seemed to help as the girl wiped at her eye and nodded softly on his shoulder. He pulled back and patted her head.

"Why were you cwying?"

"I...I fell an...and skinned my...my knee."

She held up her knee showing the place where she was bleeding. He stood up and offerered his hand to her. Blushing the little girl took his hand and stood up. This made the dark haired boy blush in answer and look away.

"My mom probably has some stickies. You can come back with me. She made cookies too."

The girl nodded and continued to hold their hands as they walked together back to his home.

"Th...thank you very mu..much...um..."


"Thank you very much Sasuke-kun."

He mumbled something under his breath. The light eyed girl leaned in closer to him looking at him curiously. Turning bright red, Sasuke repeated himself, practically shouting.

"What's your name!?"

Bringing her hand to her face to cover her smile, she blushed and stared away from him.

"Hi...Hinata...Hyuuga Hinata."


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