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Basically since the creator of Stellvia, Tatsuo Sato, canceled the Stellvia sequel "Stellvia II," I decided to make my own version of what it would have been.

Story Outline:

25 years have past since the last crisis threatened the Solar System. It is now the year 2384. The five Foundations that were destroyed during the Genesis Mission have since been rebuilt. Mankind, after facing and overcoming four different major crises, is now preparing to start exploring the galaxy. And a new generation of students will be ready to take on that role. Spurred on by the heroism and opportunity opened up by previous generations, they will strive to make humanity's future a bright one as they carry it to the stars.

In order to do this, for the past 20 years Humanity has been building a giant colony ship, about 5 times larger than a Foundation space station, to take the first group of many humans into space. "The Ark." Its mission is to take 10,000 humans into space to eventually colonize the first inhabitable planet they come across. The Mission is called "The Ark Mission;" in which the ship is named after. The ship is but the first of many more ships to come.

However a new danger, even more threatening than the other crises, looms near. And what exactly caused the cosmic fracture and the devastating waves will slowly be revealed. Can the new generation of students along with the old overcome this new threat? New ships, friends, and some unlikely allies will help in this endeavor.

Old heroes will be called upon again, new heroes will be made, lives will be lost, and Humanity will once again be united against the most dangerous threat the solar system has ever known.

Main Characters:

Hudson Bale

Age: 16

Background: He is brash, bold, hardheaded, stubborn, and the best pilot of all the new and upperclassmen, and even the teachers, and he knows it. He talks back to authority if they get in his way and isn't afraid to speak his mind and likes to do things his own way; which gets him into a lot of trouble with the teachers. He has a mean streak in him that noone wants to see, even himself and sometimes loses himself in his anger. But despite his hard attitude and rouge actions, he is a very kind person in heart. Deep down he knows what is best for everyone and thus sometimes acts like a snob without realizing it. However he knows when to back down when the time comes. He is loyal and very friendly to the few friends he does make and will do everything he can to protect them. He is smart, adapts quickly, and is also quite handsome and his loner attitude attracts many of the girls. The eldest son of Dr. Dennis Bale, the man who developed an improved version of the gravity drive systems for the Ora-avise spacecraft which doubled their speed and maneuverability (and size) leading to the development of the Katie Mark II's and the Bianca Mark II's. Literally raised with simulators he is bread to be a top pilot and even out did most of the best flight instructors on Earth by the time he was seven. He has a younger brother who is in flight school back on Earth and is also very good although not quite as good as he is. He also has two older sisters. One was married and has 3 kids but has since divorced and the other is unmarried. He has short brown hair with dark brown eyes. He has no roommate on the Stellvia II.

Rinna Atoyama

Age: 15

Background: The eldest Daughter of Kouta and Shima. Like her mother she is shy and reclusive. Despite being raised more by her grandmother and grandfather on Earth than by her parents due to their work for the Ark Mission, she still loves her parents dearly and knows they love her with all their heart. She has a five year old sister that she leaves behind on Earth. They are very close and keep in contact while she is on the station. Like her mother and father she is very smart and has exceptional piloting skills and is almost Hudson's equal. She has her mother's eyes and a hair style similar to hers but her face and hair color are more like her father Kouta's. She is also very emotionally affected by her surroundings much like her mother was. But she is also determined. Raised in the public eye due to her famous parents she's not as afraid about talking in public like her mother once was. Both her parents are working on "The Ark" which is being built around the orbit of Pluto near the Vision Shipyards so it's tough talking to her parents, but they do send her and her sister a video letter every week which she always looks forward too. She is room mates with her longtime best friend Rita.

Rita Takia

Age: 15

Background: The only daughter of Rinna and Pierre Takia. She is as hyper and cheerful as her mother and has the same great body and she knows how to flaunt it. A trait inherited from her father no doubt. She has spent most of her life on the Ultima along with her two little brothers but once spent four years living with Rinna and her family on Earth. They had become fast friends and soon the best of friends. They constantly sent video letters to each other for the next few years before both joining the Stellvia II. She has the same hair color as her father and a similar hairstyle to her mother's. She looks almost exactly like her mother. She, like Hudson, was raised with simulators and is one of the best pilots in the beginning class. She is loyal to her friends and has been known to put herself in danger to help them. She is roommates with Rinna.

Joseph Jones

Age: 15

Background: The older of the two Jones twins. Son of Joe and Akira Jones, he and his sister act very much like their father; with some small differences. Both are not very good academically like there father was but both are very good pilots. Joseph is a bit more laid back and takes what life dishes out with stride. He's also been known to be a bit of a trouble maker but he's never done anything serious. He makes friends fast but tends to annoy them at the same time. He has green hair and looks a lot like his mother. He is roommates with Ituko.

Joanne Jones

Age: 15

Background: The younger of the two Jones twins, she is the daughter of Joe and Akira Jones. Although she acts like her father most of the time, she is known to have a fiery temper like her mother does from time to time. It only happens when she get seriously pissed off. She does try hard to study but gets easily distracted and consequently her grades suffer. She is also very friendly, but don't get on her bad side. She is a good pilot and strives to better herself. She looks a bit like her mother but looks more like her father. She has long blue hair. She is roommates with Dianna.

Ituko Odawara

Age: 16

Background: Son of Arisa and Dai Odawara. He is about as cheerful has his mother but is also very calculative like his father. He likes to think things through first before starting a plan, despite his Arisaesque tendencies. Very friendly and helpful, he is normally the one to show both compassion and sternness in a difficult situation and tries to find the best solution to the situation. Whether it be him or someone else in that situation. His grades are good and his piloting skills are decent, but he's an engineer first and foremost. He has short blue hair with bright red highlights along the side of his head. He looks more like his mother. He is room mates with Joseph.

Dianna Machida

Age: 16

Background: The youngest adopted daughter of Yayoi Fugisawa and Ayaka Machida. Adopted at the age of three she and her older adopted sister have grown up under the care of two of the best pilots Stellvia has ever seen. As such she and her sister have become exceptional pilots themselves. Her sister is already apart of the Big Four and she hopes to be one of them too someday. Very loving and mother like she acts a lot like Yayoi. Although she doesn't wear glasses she has red hair made up into the hairstyle of her adopted mother Yayoi.

Motoko Machida

Age: 18

Background: The first of the Big Four and the older of the two adopted daughters of Yayoi Fuiisawa and Ayaka Machida. Although she lacks the superiority complex like Ayaka has, she does have the same stern and strict personality and doesn't take any crap from anyone. If she doesn't get something right the first time she methodically goes over everything she did wrong and tries again until she gets it right. This has transferred over to her piloting and is what got her to the Big Four. She admires Hudson because he has about the same personality as her. She has short purple hair.

Michel Austin:

Age: 18

Background: The only child of Kent and Nagemia Austin. His father Kent was killed in a test piloting accident shortly after his birth and it has worn on him for many years He has since gotten over most of it but it does come back to haunt him from time to time. Despite that he has inherited his father's excellent piloting skills which have earned him the same place has his father in the Big Four. And like his mother he has a love of literature, but doesn't go spouting random poems like his mother. His mother never remarried and lives in the Stellvia II as a teacher of English literature. His personality is about the same as his father's although he is a bit more reserved. He has blonde hair that is parted to one side. He eyes are his mother's but the rest is a carbon copy of his father.

Karl Shoujin

Age: 18

Background: The eldest of four sons of Ritsuo and one of the girls from Shima's class. Like his father he is reserved and only speaks either when spoken to, or has something very important to say. He also has practiced his father Ninja style and wears a mouth mask like his father did during his time as a student aboard the original Stellvia. His hair is a lighter bluish-green than his fathers.

Susie Hunter

Age: 18

Background: The newest member of the Big Four, but she has more than earned it. Her piloting skills exceeded many expectations. Upbeat and friendly she also seems to be romantically involved with Michel. Her family is good friends with the Kazamatsuris on the Ultima II so she knows Rita too. She grew up without a father since he left her mother shortly after finding out she was pregnant. This has caused her to have a slight distrust in men, and this tends to get between her relationship with Michel every so often. But she tries hard to get through it. She has long blonde hair and light blue eyes.

Leeann Shirogane

Age: 24

Background: The eldest daughter of Jinrai and Ren Shirogane. She is as cheerful and kind as her mother and is the head nurse's assistant aboard the Stellvia II, which happens to still be her mother. Her father is the Dean of the Stellvia II. She knows how to treat everything from a scratch to major surgery. She has inherited her mother's shapely body and her father's dark green hair.

Old Characters: Mostly as secondary roles

Shima Atoyama

Age: 42

Continued Background: Formally Shima Katase. After graduating from the Stellvia II with honors she went on to become one of the programming teachers aboard the Stellvia II. Shortly afterward she got married to Kouta and soon gave birth to Rinna and her little sister Tsubasa. Her teaching carrier was cut short when she was promoted to Captain and became co-captains with her husband Kouta of The Ark. The Ark is so large it needs two captains to run it. She helped design and build The Ark and is head of engineering and power regulation on The Ark. Given that she and Kouta would be spending long periods of time in the Vision Shipyards she and Kouta decided to send their daughters to live with Shima's parents back on Earth. She along with Kouta will be aboard The Ark when it embarks into the stars.

Kouta Atoyama

Age: 43

Continued Background: After graduating from the Stellvia II also with honors he went on to become the flight instructor of the Senior class. He married Shima and they had two daughters. Shortly afterward he was also promoted to captain and became the other co-captain of The Ark. Although he didn't help design and build it like his wife, his leadership skills and piloting skills were perfect for becoming the head captain of the ship. He and Shima both agreed to send their daughters to live with Shima's parents back on Earth.

Rinna Takia

Age: 39

Continued Background: Formally Rinna Kazumatsuri, became one of the youngest ever to graduate from Stellvia II. She started dating Pierre shortly afterward. She and Pierre moved to the Ultima II and eventually got married. Rinna went on to become the youngest dean of the Ultima II Academy. She had three children. Rita the oldest and only daughter at 15, Shin the oldest son at 12, and Yuichi the youngest son at 6. She managed to keep her good looks and sexily shaped body even though she's almost 40 and has given birth to 3 kids! She still has that carefree personality and loves just about everyone.

Pierre Takia

Age: 43

Continued Background: After graduating from the Stellvia II as one of the Big Four he went on to start courting Yayoi. But he failed after she decided to become a couple with Ayaka. Soon afterward he started dating Rinna and they eventually got engaged and moved to the Ultima II where they were married and started a family, eventually having three children. (see above) He teaches a World Culture class. Although he still tends to be a bit of a flirt, he loves Rinna and his children dearly.

Arisa Odawara

Age: 43

Continued Background: Formally Arisa Glenmore, she graduated at the top of her engineering class. She indeed became the apprentice of Juno Mayor and became one of the best multi-manipulator pilots in the fleet. She eventually started dating Dai and soon afterward got married. Both of them live onboard the El Santo II where she teaches an engineering class. She and Dai had two children. Ituko the oldest and only son, and Mei the daughter at 7 years old who still lives with them. She still has her hyper attitude and it tends to show up more then need be. But she is called one of the best and most fun teachers in the El Santo II Academy.

Dai Odawara

Age: 43

Continued Background: Also graduating near the top of his class Dai became a teacher of Philosophy. He soon started dating and eventually married Arisa. They moved to the El Santo when they were both offered good teaching jobs there. There they had two children. (see above) He's a little wiser now than when he was younger and he is well on his way to becoming dean of the El Santo II Academy.

Akira Jones

Age: 42

Continued Background: Formally Akira Kayama. Shortly after graduating from the Stellvia II, she and Joe got engaged and were married two years later. They soon settled back on Earth to start a family. She had trouble getting pregnant at first but after taking some fertility drugs they soon had faternal twins. A boy Joseph and a girl Joanne. She miscarried with another child 3 years later and was forced to have a hysterectomy, which was a big blow to both her and Joe, but they were both thankful they were able to have children of their own. She is still able to have sex. She is now a homemaker and sometimes works from home with a small cell phone repair business.

Joe Jones

Age: 42

Continued Background: A couple of weeks after Graduating from the Stellvia II Joe asked Akira to marry him. She said yes, but they waited two years before getting married. They settled down back on Earth where he became the head controller of the spaceport in Paru. He was excited when Akira finally was able to get pregnant and twins at that. (see above) Although he was happy when he learned that she had gotten pregnant again three years later, he fell into a depression after she miscarried and had a hysterectomy. It took him two years to get out of it. He is a little more reserved now than he used to be and is also less hyper now.

Yayoi Fujisawa

Age: 45

Continued Background: After graduating from the Stellvia II as the Halcyon's pilot she was shortly courted by Pierre. She refused him and started dating Ayaka. They now live together onboard the Stellvia II. They eventually adopted two daughters. Motoko and Dianna. Both of which have become excellent pilots. Yayoi still pilots the original Halcyon when needed but she is now the second in command of the Stellvia II after Jinrai Shirogane making her very busy.

Ayaka Machida

Age: 45

Continued Background: She is still the flight instructor for one of the beginning classes and still works her students hard. She became romantically evolved with Yayoi and they still live together. Although gay marriages are illegal do to the fact that the human population still needs to grow even 200 years after the first wave. They don't mind though. After adopting two daughters Ayaka become less aggressive and more motherly.

Ritsuo Shoujin

Age: 45

Continued Background: After becoming one of the senior class flight instructors, he eventually started dating one of the girls from Shima's graduating class (The one from Episode 11 who went out of control and was rescued by Ayaka and Najima. the one with blue hair, her name is not given.) and they eventually got married. They eventually had four sons. Karl, the oldest, is now one of the Big Four on the Stellvia II. There other sons Mark, Kyon, and Satoshi are also well on their way to becoming excellent pilots. He no longer wears his mouth mask but all four of his boys still do.

Najima Austin

Age: 45

Continued Background: Formally Najima Gable. She started dating Kent a year after they graduated. They eventually got married and she became an English Literary teacher. Kent went on to become a renown test pilot. They had one son Michel. Soon after his birth though, Kent was tragically killed while testing the new Gravity Drive system developed by Dr. Dennis Bale. She has never remarried and raised Michel alone; although many relatives did help. She still remains on the Stellvia II as an English Literature teacher.

Leila Barthes

Age: 56

Continued Background: Although she never married and has no children she is still one of the first year flight instructors and still has a harsh attitude. She was shortly romantically evolved with a fellow teacher but it never went anywhere. She is basically unchanged from the first Stellvia series.

Jinrai Shirogane

Age: 57

Continued Background: Is now the Dean of the Stellvia II and in command. Shortly after the last episode of the first series of Stellvia, he married Ren and had 2 daughters. Leeann ,the oldest, works as the assistant nurse on the Stellvia II along side her mother. His younger daughter Betty lives on Earth and is currently training to become a teacher like himself. He is still the brash and brave man from the first Stellvia series.

Ren Shirogane

Age: 56

Continued Background: Formally Ren Renaka. She is still the head nurse of Stellvia II and her eldest daughter assists her in her work. She married Jinrai shortly after the end of the first Stellvia series and had two daughters. She is still the kind and caring nurse that she has always been. She also teaches some of the medical classes too.

Masito Katase

Age: 40

Continued Background: Although not the natural genius as his sister he did excel in his piloting even earning a place in the Big Four. After graduation he shortly became a flight instructor for the Stellvia II before being called to be the head flight instructor for the Japanese National flight school. He went on to marry Mai Glenmore and have two children with her. Nodoka age 11 and Shiori age 8. He also helped raise both Rinna and Tsubasa, his two nieces.

Mai Katase

Age: 40

Continued Background: Formally Mai Glenmore. While in school her Bianca, and later her Katie were specially modified for her handicap. Since both her arms and one of her legs were artificial. She was a decent pilot and mechanic because of it. After graduating she became a flight instructor along with Masito for the handicapped like herself. She went on to marry Masito. Due to her weaken body she did have some difficulty while being pregnant with Nodoka and Shiori and also had trouble when giving birth. But both she and her two daughters came out of it just fine.

Author Note: Please look forward to this story as it's the first Stellvia fanfic on the site!