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Chapter 5

After Effects

It's late Thursday morning just after 11:00 am. Hudson Bale is standing at ridged attention in front of Mr. Shirogane's desk in his office. After the chaos that incurred with the crashes three days ago and till yesterday with the massive clean-up and repairs, Jinrai Shirogane couldn't find much time to see Hudson about the Security Server room break in, that is until today. Jinrai has his chair turned to the side parallel to his desk with his arms crossed, his eyes closed and a very stern look on his face. He lets Hudson stand there at attention for a few more seconds before turning his chair around and then looks up at him.

"You can relax now Hudson. I can assure you that you won't be arrested now." says Jinrai. "Y-Yes sir." says Hudson as he finally relaxes his tents muscles. "Normally if someone pulled this kind of stunt they would be facing some sever punishment both academically and militarily. Needless to say you will be facing some punishment later. However before we get on with that I want to know WHY you did it. What made you think of doing a stunt like this?" asks Jinrai. Hudson stands there for a couple of seconds before speaking up.

"Well sir I firmly believed that there were saboteurs on board. All the evidence was pointing away from mass malfunctions and so sabotage was the only other explanation. However none of the command staff nor any of the teachers would listen to my explanations. I tried to bring my findings to you in person but no one would give me permission. As such I felt I needed to take drastic measures to prove my findings. And the only way I was going to be able to do that was get the worker files and start my own investigation." explains Hudson.

"And was your investigation fruitful?" asks Jinrai. "Yes sir it was. I found two men from the maintenance crew with questionable records. It should be all in the report I had made that was sent to you via one of your command staff sir." explains Hudson. "Indeed they were." says Jinrai. "I had security look into these two men and they discovered that they had worked on two of the three launching platforms that failed. They had made it look like the platforms had malfunctioned but upon closer inspection security discovered that the launching platforms were purposely jammed in the lock position. An obvious sign of sabotage. Afterwards I had security investigate their records. They were forged incredibly well. Everything about their records seems legit. It wasn't until the rest of the maintenance crew members were interviewed when it was discovered that they had only been here five months. No one remembers seeing them beyond that time." explains Jinrai.

"But there's a couple of odd things." he adds. "Sir?" asks Hudson. "Their records for one thing. They were so well made that even the security experts couldn't tell them apart from the real ones. It's as if they had hacked into the employment mainframe and created their own fake records." says Jinrai. Hudson thinks for a moment. Hacking the security mainframe of Stellvia II was one thing. But hacking the employment mainframe which covers all of Earth all the space stations, the Foundations, colonies, and other various ships in the fleet would be too much of a feat to pull off. Even with his skills it would be darn near impossible. This could mean only one thing.

"Sir. Do you think it was an inside job?" asks Hudson. "It's a possibility, but that's the oddest thing about this. There's no record of their files being put into the employment mainframe. It could have been erased or someone may have found a way to make counterfeit employment records so perfect that no one can tell. Even the computers. And that could be a very big problem for us." explains Jinrai. Hudson knows exactly what he means. If someone has been able to find a way to make perfect counterfeit employment records, or been able to input fake records without leaving any kind of trail, then there could be even more people out there with fake records working amongst the regular crews just waiting to strike. Question is, who did it and how?

"Sir. What is the other odd thing?" asks Hudson. "It's very weird. There seems to be no record at all of these men before five months ago. We first cheeked the Chicago person's database and there was no record of their faces any where. We then moved out to the North American Continent database, then the entire Earth. And we still got nothing. We've cheeked all the stations and moon colonies, the Martian colonies, and the Jupiter colonies. No one seems to have a record of these men's faces." explains Jinrai. "Do you think they've been surgically altered?" asks Hudson. "Mmm… It's a possibility, but that's another dead end it seems. Even the most advanced facial recognition programs out there can't tell if these men had surgery or not, nor what their faces could have looked like if they had. It's as if they had materialized out of nowhere and began working here." says Jinrai.

Hudson is disturbed of what he's just been told. Someone has either gone to very great lengths to get these two men onto the Stellvia II or there's a conspiracy going on. Either prospect isn't good. "Well for now we'll continue to investigate. You've been given permission to continue your investigation as well Hudson. For now though there is still the matter of your security server room break in and hacking." says Jinrai with a stern voice. Hudson immediately stands back at attention.

"Hudson Bale. Breaking into an off limits security building, hacking into a Foundation class security server, and illegally copying personal records, normally you would get expelled from this school and more than likely you would be arrested and face prison time. However you will receive only two days suspension. With time served for helping with the clean up and repairs." says Jinrai surprisingly. "S-Sir?" says Hudson with amazement. "You got lucky this time Hudson. Your saboteur conclusion was correct. You did everything you could to try and save people's lives. But we of the command staff were too stubborn to listen to you. The deaths of those two students are on our hands. Because of this your disciplinary actions have been reduced. You should be thankful. HOWEVER I do NOT want you to pull another stunt like this ever again. Do I make myself clear?" orders Jinrai.

"YES SIR!" responds Hudson. "Good. The others that were involved in this ploy have received the same punishment." Jinrai stays silent for a couple of seconds before speaking back up. "Personally I'm actually proud of you Hudson. You went above and beyond to try and prevent the loss of life. Even to go as far as risk your own future to do so. Had the roles been switched I probably would have done the same thing. It's that kind of determination and thinking I like to see in a cadet and future solider. It shows great leadership and the ability to think outside the box. With that said, I am proud to have you as a student here." finishes Jinrai. "T-Thank you sir." answers Hudson. "Dismissed." says Jinrai.

Hudson bows and turns to leave the room. Just as he reaches the door- "Oh by the way Hudson." says Jinrai. Hudson turns back. "Sir?" "You know the security server takes two people just to access it. It's amazing that you were able to even access it all alone. Your hacking ability would have to be double that of anyone else. I have trouble believing you did it all by yourself." says Jinrai with a smirk as if he knows something. Hudson senses and realizes that Jinrai suspects he had an accomplice in the hacking and probably knows who it was. "Well sir, you should never underestimate your students." Hudson responds. With that Hudson leaves Jinrai's office.

When the door slides shut behind him Hudson let's out a small sigh and then precedes to go back to his room. It only takes a few minutes for Hudson to reach the dormitory and his room. He quickly enters his room and locks the door behind him after it slides shut. Hudson stands there for a few seconds before he leans back against the door and slides down and sits on the floor. His arms draped over his knees and his head against the door. He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. It's been a grueling three days.

After saving one of the Big Four's lives, Hudson had to help take part in the clean up, and then was subject to several hours of interviews and debriefings. And adding in all the stress of what his fate was going to be with the security server room break in, have all taken its toll. He's beat. The one thing he would like to do right now is lie down in his bed and sleep for 20 hours. Thinking about his bed makes him think about when Rinna slept in it. How she looked so cute when asleep.

He shakes the thought from his head and stands up. He stretches out his arms and then takes one step towards his bed when *DING DONG!* someone rings his door bell. Hudson scratches the back of his head. "Now who could that be?" he asks himself a little annoyed. He unlocks his door and it slides open. To his shock he sees Rinna standing there with a slight blush and Rita right behind her. "R-Rinna. Rita. What are you two doing here?" asks Hudson. "Well um…" begins Rinna. But she stops part way through her sentence and looks slightly away. Rita then speaks up. "Hi Hudson! May we come in?" she asks with some enthusiasm.

"Oh… uhh… umm… S-Sure. Come on in." stutters Hudson as he motions for the two girls to enter. Hudson pushes a button on the small panel beside the door and the lights turn on in his room. As the girls enter Hudson speaks back up again. "I'm sorry but I don't have any tea to fix at the moment." he says. "Oh that's ok. We're not going to be here for very long." says Rita. "Did you leave something here from last time Rinna?" asks Hudson. "Oh uh… no. I came here to…" her voice gets real quiet and she looks away and blushes again.

Rita elbows Rinna a little and whispers to her. "Come on. You can say it." she says. Rinna looks back at Hudson and then takes a deep breath. "It's not easy for me to say this but…I want to… thank you for the other day…" says Rinna calmly. "Thank me?" asks Hudson with some surprise. "Y-Yes. I want to thank you for not implicating me as an accomplice. Everyone else got some kind of punishment for it except me. Rita-chan told me that you told them not to tell the teachers about me. And I want to thank you for it." says Rinna as she bows.

"No problem. I knew that one of us needed to be clear to continue the investigation." says Hudson. "But I just wanted to ask you… Why did you do it? Why did you risk your own career and future just to protect me?" asks Rinna. "Well because I didn't want you to have your career ruined either. I mean think about what the tabloids would say. 'Famed Heroes' daughter arrested for breaking and entering.' Not only would you have been arrested but you would have ruined you family's reputation as well." explains Hudson.

Rinna lowers her head. This wasn't exactly the response she was expecting. "But the main reason is… Is because you're a friend. I couldn't let you take the fall with me. You're too important to me and everyone else. We had to do it." Hudson adds. Rinna can feel her cheeks warm as she blushes again. His eyes had gone soft again, the softest she's seen them go yet, so she knows he meant every word. As Rinna blushes Rita slips up beside the two with a cat like smile.

"Hmmmmmmmmm!" she hums with glee. Instantly Rinna snap back. "R-Rita-chan!" she yelps in surprise. "Hmmmmm me thinks you like him!" says Rita with a sly tone. Rinna blushes as bright as a cherry. "RITA-CHAN CUT IT OUT!!!!" Rinna yells out loud. "Don't say such weird things like that! Especially in front of Hudson!" orders Rinna more. "Heh heh. But you don't hate him anymore now do ya?" says Rita with a wink. Again Rinna is taken-a-back by Rita's comment. This time not as much in an embarrassed way though. Rinna stays quiet for a few seconds. She glances back at Hudson and then looks back down at the floor.

"Yeah… you're right. I don't hate him anymore." says Rinna softly as she gives a small grin. "I've discovered he's actually a kind hearted and loyal young man." she adds as she looks back at Hudson. This time it's Hudson's turn to slightly blush. Rinna then looks back at Rita with a stern look and points her finger in Rita's face. "But don't get the wrong idea! OK! We are just friends! Nothing more! I don't like him in THAT way." says Rinna forcefully. Rita just shrugs. "Whatever you say." she says in a carefree way. "Riiittaaa-chhhaaannnn!" says Rinna with a growl in her voice. "Oh-who! Scary!" says Rita again with a bit of fake fright.

Hudson gives a smile and forced laugh at the antics of the two girls when suddenly *DING DONG!* his doorbell rings again. "Wow sure is busy today, who could it be now?" he asks. He walks over to his door, pushes a button on the small control panel and his door slides open. Hudson receives a shock when he sees a young blond haired young man standing in his doorway. He instantly recognized the young man. "M-M-Michel Austin!" Hudson says with surprise. Rinna and Rita peek from around the corner of Hudson's bar. "Whoa! What's one of the Big Four doing here?" asks Rita with surprise.

"Hudson Bale right?" asks Michel calmly. "Y-Yes." answers Hudson. "Ah. Well then it's a pleasure to meet you." says Michel as he extends his hand. "Oh uh. L-Likewise." says Hudson as he takes Michel's hand and shakes it. "To what do I owe the honor of your visit?" asks Hudson. "Well I've come to thank you for the other day. I heard it was you who saved one of my fellow Big Four members." says Michel. "Well. Yes. But I just happened to be there at the right time. I did what anyone else would have done. Really it was nothing." says Hudson. "Indeed. But that doesn't change the fact that you were the one there to save her life. And you have my deepest thanks." says Michel with a smile. Hudson scratches the back of his head with some embarrassment.

"Now I was wondering if you could come with me for a few minutes. There are a few other people who would like to thank you also." says Michel. "W-Who?" asks Hudson. "You'll see. The girls can come along too." says Michel. Hudson stands there for a few seconds wondering who else would want to see him. "Ok I guess. May I ask where we'll be going?" asks Hudson. "You'll see." says Michel with a grin. Hudson looks back at the girls. Both have curious looks on their faces also. "We'll come too!" says Rita with a grin of her own. "Well alright. Lead the way Michel." says Hudson. With that Hudson and the girls follow Michel.

After a few minutes of following Michel, it doesn't take long before Hudson and the girls know where he's taking them. They realize he's taking them to the infirmary. Once in the infirmary Michel takes them to a room in the back with the door closed. He lightly knocks on the door. "Come in!" comes a girl's voice from the other side. Michel opens the door and walks in with Hudson and the girls in tow. "Hey! I brought him like you asked." says Michel with a smile. Hudson and the girls see a long blonde haired young girl in a hospital bed with a cast on her left arm and some bandages wrapped around her head. Along beside her are a purple haired girl and a light blue-green haired young man wearing a mouth bandana.

"Thank you Michel. I appreciate it." says the blond haired girl. Michel turns towards Hudson's group. "Guys. May I introduce you to Karl Shoujin…" says Michel as he gestures towards the light blue-green haired young man leaning against the wall. Karl calmly raises his hand to the group. "… Miss Motoko Machida…." Motoko waves with a smile. "… And Miss-" "SUSIE!!!" yells Rita interrupting Michel. Rita starts running to the blond haired girl. "Rita-chan? Is that you!?" says the blonde haired girl, who's name seems to be Susie, with surprise. Rita runs up and gives the girl a great big hug; which the girl returns with her one good arm.

"It's so good to see you! It's been a while!" says Rita. "Yes it has! But why haven't you come to see me since you came on board?" asks Susie. "Well you know. I've been busy. You know with school and the sabotage thing. Also the seniors' schedules are different from the prepitory students' so it's been hard to find any time to come and see you." says Rita. "Well that's true enough. I tried a couple times myself." says Susie. "So you were the one that Hudson saved. How are you feeling?" asks Rita. "Yeah. I got a bit banged up. A concussion and cut on the head. I broke my left arm when I impacted the front of my command pod, and bruised a few ribs when my harness broke and I grazed my control panel. Doctor says I'll be ok and will be able to leave in about a week though. But I won't be able to fly for a couple more weeks so I can heal." says Susie.

*Ahem!* coughs Michel. The two girls stop their yapping when they realize they just left everyone behind in their conversation. "Oh uh, sorry Michel. Guess I got carried away." says Susie. "Well as I was saying..." as he looks back at Hudson and Rinna. "This is Susie Hunter, our newest member of the Big Four. And Susie, this is Hudson Bale, the young man who saved your life." completes Michel as he gestures toward Hudson. Hudson takes a couple of steps forward. He notices Susie look a little apprehensive and stops. Rita notices too. "You don't have to be afraid of him Susie. I know he looks a bit scary at first, but he's actually a pretty nice guy once you get to know him." says Rita.

"Oh. Sorry. I did it again didn't I?" says Susie to Rita. "Scary?" Hudson thinks to himself. "Heh heh. I thought he looked a bit scary also when I first met him." says Rinna to herself. "I'm sorry Hudson Bale. Um…. It's nice to meet you. Thank you for saving my life the other day." says Susie as she extends her hand out. Hudson takes a step forward and takes her hand and shakes it. "No problem. It was nothing. I mean I only did what anyone else would have done then." says Hudson humbly so not to appear threatening. Susie gives a soft smile. "I mean it. I really thought I was going to die. I blacked out and woke up later in the infirmary. It wasn't until later that I was told who saved my life and how….. Thank you." says Susie with an even kinder sincere smile.

Hudson scratches the back of his head again. He's feeling a little overwhelmed with all the thank yous he's getting. All he can do is smile back kindly. Susie then looks over and sees Rinna behind Hudson. "Oh! Is this your girlfriend?" she asks. "Girlfriend?" asks Hudson. He turns and only sees Rinna behind him. Both he and Rinna blush. "Oh No! No! No! She's not my girlfriend!" Hudson blurts out in a bit of a panic. "That's right! He's just my classmate and friend! We have no relationship going what so ever!" blurts out Rinna with the same amount of panic in her voice. Susie blinks her eyes in surprise at their reactions. "Oh I'm terribly sorry. It's just you two look like you'd make a cute couple." says Susie with another smile. Hudson and Rinna blush even further.

"Come on Susie, that's enough picking on them." says Rita with a slight giggle. "Ok. Ok." says Susie with a smile. Rinna finally snaps out of her embarrassment. "Oh. Uh. Rita-chan, you know Susie?" she asks. "Yeah! Me and Susie have been friends for a long time! My mother and her mother are both colleagues and friends. So we got to play with each other a lot onboard the Ultima II. We would play against each other on the simulators a lot. And each time we would try and out do the other, though she would almost always win since she is two years older than I am. You could say we helped each other get as good as we are today! That was until two years ago when she left the Ultima II to enroll in the Stellvia II Academy." describes Rita with a big smile. "And don't forget those four years you spent on Earth." adds Susie. "Yeah that too." says Rita with another giggle.

Michel then claps his hands to get everyone's attention. He looks at the other three Big Four members and they all nod their heads. "Well now that all the introductions and thank yous are over with, we have a surprise for you Hudson." he says. "A surprise?" asks Hudson. "You're customization classes are coming up in a few weeks right? asks Michel. "Uh Yeah." answers Hudson. Michel then walks over and shakes Hudson's right hand. "Well better make it good because, congratulations Hudson Bale, for showing bravery and skill above all others the other day when you saved Susie, we've decided to choose you to be one of the three Bianca MK-II players for our Astro Bowl team in this year's mini Olympics in a couple of months." says Michel.

Hudson, Rita, and Rinna all stand there in silence for a second. Hudson has a bit of a shocked look on his face the most. "R-Really?" he says in surprise. "Yup. But the truth is that we were more than likely going to choose you anyway because we heard how good of a pilot you were on Earth and how you piloted your crippled Bianca MK-II back into its hanger. No easy feat to do with a broken Y yaw axis stabilizer. But saving Susie put you over the top. Welcome to the team Hudson." says Michel. Hudson is still a bit surprised. "I'm sure you'll do your best." says Motoko. "We're counting on you." adds Karl. "T-Thank you." Hudson finally says weakly.

Rita pumps her fist into the air. "Yeah! Congratulations Hudson! You're going to be in this year's Astro Bowl! I can't wait to see you play!" she yells in excitement. Hudson gives a hesitant smile. "Y-Yeah. Should be… fun." he says. Rita notices something in Hudson's response. Something sad in his eyes. "That's the spirit Hudson. Be sure to customize you Bianca MK-II and get in a lot of practice from now until then. This year we'll be able to get revenge on the Odyssey II team for beating us last year. I can feel it!" says Michel. "Yeah it was embarrassing last year. I remember watching the game on the Ultima II with last year's Big Four. One of the members crashed into one of the obstacle beacons and was thrown out in the final game. The others just couldn't keep up with one missing man and lost, what was it? 5 to 1?" asks Rita. "Actually it was 6 to 1." says Susie. "Oh yeah." adds Rita.

"We'll that should all change with Hudson on board. And when we select our final two Bianca MK-II pilots nothing should be able to stop us." says Motoko. Hudson gives a forced smile. Suddenly there's a knock at the door. "Come in!" says Susie. The door to the room slides open and in walks an older looking redheaded nurse and a younger green haired nurse. "Hello again Miss Hunter. It's time to switch out your medication." says the older nurse. "Ok. Thank you Mrs. Shirogane." says Susie. "Leeann would you mind helping me with the bed?" says Mrs. Shirogane. "Yes mother." says the younger nurse.

"Mother?" says Rinna curiously. Hudson leans over towards Rinna. "Yes mother. You see the older nurse there is Jinrai Shirogane's wife Ren. And the younger nurse is his oldest daughter Leeann." says Hudson. "Wow. I didn't know the dean was married and had children." says Rinna. Hudson then turns to Michel. "We'll if that's all you'll be needing; I need to get back now. If that's ok with you all." says Hudson. "Sure go ahead. And remember. We're all counting on you Hudson." says Michel. "Ok Susie. I'll see you later! Get well soon!" says Rita with a smile. "Thanks! You too." says Susie as she waves goodbye. Hudson and the two girls bow and leave the room.

As they begin to walk down the hallway leading out of the infirmary Rinna goes to speak something. "Um.." "So Rita. May I ask you something?" asks Hudson interrupting Rinna. Rinna backs off a little. "Sure." says Rita. "Um… I noticed Susie looked… scared of me. Well more like wary of me. I was wondering…" says Hudson. "Why she acted like that." Rita finishes Hudson's question. "Yeah I'm sorry about that. But… she has a slight distrust in men." says Rita as she looks away sadly. "She distrusts men?" says Rinna. "Yeah. She's had it since she was very little. You see her father and mother were from the same town on Earth and they both moved to the Ultima II for jobs and for each other. Her father had told her mother that he wanted to love her always, but he didn't want to settle down just yet." says Rita.

"Oh no. I think I see where this is going." says Hudson. "Her mother was fine with that. She was willing to let their relationship grow bit by bit until he was ready. But then one day she found out she was pregnant. She told him that she was pregnant and for the good of the baby that it would be a good time to get married. But that night after she had told him…. he left in the middle of the night for Earth and never came back. She was heart broken. Later in her pregnancy she got a message from her sister on Earth that he had moved back to their home town. Her sister asked him why he didn't stay with her for the baby…." Rita stops for a second a little hesitant to continue the story.

"Her father then said that he had no intention of ever going back to that whore. He only kept her around for his own pleasure. He said that he didn't want anything to do with that fetus. This news devastated Susie's mother. She never heard from him nor received any word about him ever again. Susie's mother decided to have the child anyway. She had her and raised her all alone, though my mother was there to help since they were friends. But Susie's mother never forgot about what her father had done. She taught Susie from a very young age to be careful around men. They could whined up breaking her heart. Unfortunately Susie took this to heart and has had a distrust in men ever since." explains Rita.

"How disgusting. I can't believe that in this day and age there are men still like that." says Hudson. "Yeah. Men like that should never be in relationships." says Rinna. "But you know my mother liked taking care of Susie so much when she was a baby that she and my dad decided to have one. That ended up being me." says Rita. "So I guess you could say that Susie was your 'Big sister' in a way right?" says Hudson. "Yeah. I guess I do think of her as one sometimes." says Rita.

"By the way Hudson. What would you have done?" asks Rita. "Huh?" asks Hudson. "What would you have done if you suddenly found out that your girlfriend had become pregnant with your child?" asks Rita. "That's easy. I would have stuck around to care for her and the baby. Unlike that spineless wimp, I want to have a family someday. I want to have a wife and children." says Hudson. Rinna smiles a bit. She thinks it's sweet that he wants a family.

She's thought about having one when she's older too. Suddenly an image pops into her head. It's of her holding a new born baby while Hudson is playing with two young children. THEIR CHILDREN. A boy and a girl. Rinna suddenly realizes where her brain is going. "WHAT THE $&% AM I THINKING!!!!?????" she screams in her head as she turns a bright red. Thankfully she's a bit behind the other two so neither one sees her blush.

"But you know. Susie has been working hard to get over her distrust. She realized in middle school that not all boys and men are distrusting. But even then her habit and being raised to be wary of men still affected her. It wasn't until she got here at the Academy and met Michel that she finally stared making progress." says Rita. "You mean Susie and Michel are a couple?" asks Hudson. "Well… no. Not exactly. Even though Michel has made tried a couple of times to become a couple with her she still isn't ready to do so yet. But they are very close… more so than friends. So I suspect that one day they will be." says Rita. "Hmm. Brave man that Michel." says Hudson.

"Yeah he is. But I think you've helped too Hudson. You going out of your way to save her life did a lot I can tell. When she learned that a man went out of his way to save her really shocked her. You may have well done more for her by doing that than anyone else has." says Rita with a smile. "You think so?" asks Hudson. "Yeah! She agreeing with the other Big Four to chose you to be apart of their Astro Bowl team is proof enough! I can't want to see you play!" says Rita with another smile. Hudson turns away slightly and has a slightly sadden look on his face. "Y… Yeah. Should be quite a show." he says calmly.

"L-Listen I've got something to do back at my place so I'm going to go on ahead." says Hudson. He doesn't give the girls time to respond before he begins to jog away. "Ah! Hudson!" says Rita as she extends her hand out. Be he doesn't stop nor look back. "What's wrong with him?" asks Rita. Rinna can sense it too. Something's wrong with Hudson and she wonders what it could be.

End of Chapter 5

To be continued in Chapter 6: Apprehension.

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