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"Raikage-sama" she appeared in front of the old man, crouching on one knee in front of him

Dusk was settling as the last rays of the yellow-orange sun were fading and the silvery wisps of the moon's glow crept in. She had spent the last hour scouring the training ground for signs of her wayward charge. A wasted effort.

It seemed the blond sugar bomb could only be found when he wanted to. Her eyes hardened.

"Raikage-sama" she appeared in front of the old man, crouching on one knee in front of him. "I have lost Uzumaki-san."

The old man's eyes widened. "Where?"

"We were sparring in Training Ground 11. On our way back, I lost track of him."

"You lost track of a little boy?" the Raikage was surprised. "Why didn't you continue looking for him?"

"There lies the problem, Raikage-sama." She paused, choosing her word carefully. "It seems he can't be found unless he wants to."

Yugito's senses twitched and she whirled around, brandishing a kunai in a battle-ready stance. "Who goes there?"

"It's just me!"

Kami I dread that voice . . . she thought ruefully as she recognized the figure. Would have been better if he hadn't shown up. I'd get to hunt him down, then. The young blond stepped out onto the light, his wide grin now visible. He plunged his massive blade on the ground before leaning against it then waved at her.

"Yo! Yu-chan! Kage-sama!"

The Raikage let out a sigh of relief. Now all I have to figure out is where he went.

"Ah, Naruto-kun, I trust your spar with Nii-kun went alright?" he smiled warmly at the youth. Naruto nodded cheerfully in turn before latching onto a surprised Yugito's arm.

"Ne, ne, Yu-chan," the blond grinned. "Teach me those tricks you used, please!"

"Get off me, Uzumaki-san!" Yugito half-yelled back, trying not to raise her voice despite the irritation she was feeling. She tried shaking him off but to no avail. "And don't call them tricks. They're jutsu; ninja techniques. Just like those you were doing."

"Meh, ninja techniques are all just a bunch of tricks!" he stuck his tongue out. "I only know one trick though." He eventually let go and the young woman gave an un-womanly huff. "So, teach me yours!"


"But Yu-chan!" he blinked innocently up at her. "Please?"

By the Shinigami! The puppy-dog eyes!

What awesome power!

"Ahem." The Raikage coughed. Two pairs of eyes snapped towards the old man. "As amusing as this is, I fear these old bones need to retire for the night." He gave an exaggerated sigh before turning. "Nii-kun, you can hand in your report tomorrow. For now, I believe you should help him settle in. Good night, Naruto-kun. Nii-kun."


"Hai, Raikage-sama." She watched the old man as he started walking. "Good night, Raikage-sama." She bowed her head a bit. Naruto stared up at her wonderingly as she kept her head bowed until the Raikage was out of sight. Her eyes shifted as they felt the blond boy's gaze on her.

She did not like the sparkle in those eyes.

"Ne, Yu-chan." The boy grinned. "Are you-"

"Not a word, Naruto-san." Her voice was cold. "Not a word."

The blond merely grinned in return.

"Your decision, Hokage-sama?" a rather portly man, a representative of the merchant guild, to his right questioned respectfully.

The old man looked over the faces of the council, trying to gauge their reactions. Not surprisingly, there were many who looked eager, far more than those that looked on impassively. His wizened gaze fell on Danzo, the old war-hawk. He returned the gaze coolly, and Sarutobi knew he was thinking and meticulously reviewing all the possible ways he could exploit whatever outcome arouse.

"Uchiha Itachi has confirmed the continued existence of the Kyuubi's Jinchuuriki. This is also supported by sightings of the boy in the mountains of Kumo." Hyuuga Hiashi spoke, urging the old Hokage to reach a decision. "It would be . . . beneficial to have the boy return to Konoha."

The rest of the council reacted immediately.

"Let's send an ANBU squad to spy on him!"

"No! I say we just send an ANBU squad to assassinate him!"

"No, having the boy in the village would ensure our strength!"

"Listen to yourself! The boy will not be our strength, he is our downfall!"

"Bringing him back here will do us no good!"

"I agree! Why, he must be in Kumo now as we speak! Plotting against us, selling our secrets! Who knows what sacrilegious words he is spreading about us?! He must be detained! Exterminated!"

"Yeah! Kill him!"

"SILENCE!" Sarutobi slammed his hand on the desk, getting everyone's attention. The old man then turned to his side, adressing a quiet figure. "Shikaku-dono, what do you make of this situation?"

The Nara clan head looked up and glared at the council for not being able to settle a simple matter such as this by themselves before stifling a yawn. "Hm . . . this is so troublesome. Think clearly for once." He stared down the angry faces of the civilian council then sighed. "Look, Itachi says that the boy is alive. Itachi says there's another 'Kyuubi' out there. Itachi also says that the boy may play a key role in the new Kyuubi's defeat. So, get the boy and lock him up. Train him, and sick the boy on the new Kyuubi." He sighed. "Who knows, the two might just kill each other and then we're free of our problems. Che. Troublesome lot."

Danzo's demeanor relaxed, accepting Shikaku's wise and effective decision. Sarutobi, however, frowned as the rest of the council nodded amongst to each other, most likely liking the idea of this simple solution of how to strike these two birds with one stone. The Hokage sighed, slightly put off by the Nara's apathetic attitude. He trusted that the Nara Head would be able to think of a solution of bringing Naruto back to Konoha without harm, due to the Nara's neutrality towards the boy. Shikaku's neutrality, however, worked both ways; not caring for the boy's misery and not caring for the boy's happiness.

"Of course," the mumbling ceased as Shikaku opened a bored eye at them. "There's still the troublesome problem of him being in Kumogakure no Sato." Everyone watched in expectancy at what the Nara was thinking as he closed his eyes. A period of silence fell on them as they waited. Finally, the Nara head's eyes opened and he spoke. "I'll leave that all up to you."

The reactions were instantaneous.


Inoichi slapped a hand against his forehead. Trust his ex-teammate to leave the more troublesome aspects of a mission to other people. Chouza hid a smile behind a bag of chips. The Hokage resisted the urge to slam his head on the table.

And Danzo?

. . .

Who knows what he's plotting now?

Yugito blinked as she stared at her apartment. Everything changed, from the dilapidated table that served as a dining table to the speck of dust on the curtains. Heck, the curtains themselves changed! She had to check and recheck if she got the right door since her room was never this clean.

And her curtains were never this bad.

"Ponies?" the blond by sniggered. "Why, Yu-chan, I never knew. I thought you were more of a catty person!"

Yes Yu-chan. I'm hurt.

"Shut up." She huffed as she closed the door behind her. She was still taking in the changes in her room (she did a quick genjutsu scan). Why, she could literally see the room sparkling! And it was nighttime already! Of course, her rational side finally kicked in.

Raikage-sama must have sent a genin team to clean up my room. She approached the dining table and ran a finger across its surface, checking for any sign of dust. This must be for Uzumaki-san's sake. Her eyes narrowed. She didn't understand why the idiotic blond got special treatment. She didn't understand what he did to deserve special treatment. She was far more useful; far stronger and had far more experience than the idiot child. Brat.

"Yu-chan?" her musings were cut off and she glared at the ten-year old. He had taken off his orange vest and was now clad in his black shirt and orange pants. He held the hilt of his sword in one hand. He was looking at her wonderingly and she couldn't help but notice that his cheery eyes disappeared . . . for a brief second. "Ne, ne, where am I gonna sleep? I only saw one bed here so do we get to sleep on the same bed?"

Hell "No." She glared. "You are to sleep on the couch. I only have one bed and it is mine." She saw him pout. "It was you who insisted to stay in my residence, Uzumaki-san. It is only fair that I retain my right of claim of the bed while you rest on the couch."

"B-b-but! I'm only a kid!" he stammered. "It's not wrong for a kid and a teen to share the same bed!" he whined.

"This is not about what is right and wrong, Uzumaki-san." She briefly wondered if she'll ever understand the way the other Jinchuuriki's mind work. Something clicked. "Uzumaki-san, weren't you just complaining a while ago about me being a pedophile?"

"You're agreeing?"

"No!" she quickly composed herself. "What I'm saying is, why do you insist on us sleeping on the same bed? Aren't you afraid that I might just be a pedophile?"

"So you are admitting it!"

"NO!" she shouted a bit louder than previously.

"Then I've got no worries sleeping on the same bed as you!" he chirped. "Besides, if anyone asks, you can just say I am your son!"

"I'm seventeen, Uzumaki-san!" she was appalled by the boy's suggestion. "I can not possibly have a ten-year-old son at this age!"

"Well, I don't want you to be my mom, anyways." The blond shrugged. "So, can I sleep on the bed?"


"Well, if you don't want to sleep on the same bed then you can take the couch."

"Need I remind you, Uzumaki-san, that you are an uninvited guest in ­­my apartment?"

"Hmm . . ." the blond seemed to ponder over something. Yugito, too, started to think of how she could convince the blond without resorting to anything too . . . drastic. "Fine." Naruto decided. "I'll take the couch and you can take your bed."

She was a bit puzzled at how he nonchalantly dropped the subject, given how adamant he was about it before. Her slanted eyes narrowed. "You can't guilt me, Uzumaki-san."

"I'm not trying to." He grinned back at her. "Now, what's there to eat? Is there anything tasty?"

She, too, wondered if there was anything tasty to eat. After all, if Raikage-sama sent a genin team in preparation for Uzumaki-san's stay, then surely he restocked her refrigerator, right?

She approached and opened said appliance and the Nibi gasped.

Salmon! Yu-chan, look! Salmon!

Salmon! She felt lightheaded. Salmon was very rare – and expensive - in this part of Lighting Country! Of course, now that she thought about it, this must have been just a one-time thing. Surely, this was just to celebrate Uzumaki-san's stay and to make him feel welcome.

Ignoring the dull ache in her heart (for which she didn't know the cause) she took out the tray of fish and turned, forcing a smile (she didn't know how she looked like, smiling, but she had to, anyway) at the youth. "Looks like we're having salmon tonight, Uzumaki-san, in celebration of your stay here in Kumogakure no Sato."

Oddly enough, that same, non-cheery looked flashed briefly before the blonde's expression turned cheerful again. "Waaai! Thanks, Yu-chan!" He leaned his blade against a wall and approached her. "Do you want me to cook it? I know how to cook!"

"I don't think frying fish against an open fire is considered cooking." She shot back. Naruto pouted. "At least, not for this type of fish, Uzumaki-san." She turned. "I suggest you get settled in. Change. Take a bath. Freshen up. Whatever. I'll go cook this in the meantime."

Yugito noticed the boy wasn't moving. Something then dawned to her. "You don't have a change of clothes, do you?"

Naruto grinned back and shook his head in response. The blonde teen cursed under her breath. Not only was the child an idiot with a lucky streak, he was also filthy (in the literal sense, of course). She set the tray on the table and closed her eyes, folding her arms.

Silence dawned on the duo as Yugito thought of her options and Naruto . . . well, Naruto was thinking of what to do next. Finally, Yugito's eyes opened, just in time to see the young blond about to sneak off. Her hand immediately latched onto his dark blue shirt's collar and dragged him towards her bedroom.

" . . . I am telling you in advance, do not complain, Uzumaki-san." She had no choice. She really did. So, with that in mind, she reluctantly had to lend him something to wear. She didn't have much female clothing since she never really had time to be a girl, except for certain missions that asked for the use of her gender. She had, at most, maybe two dresses and one pair of stilettos to comprise her feminine wardrobe. That, and her undergarments, of course. But even then, they were nothing special. So, the rest of her wardrobe consisted of either shinobi gear or shirts and trousers. Neither of which she felt comfortable lending the boy. "I am also uncomfortable with what I am about to do."

Naruto looked up curiously as he was let go. Yugito opened her drawers, looking for something that the young boy could use. Her mind continued to think of the implications of his not having a change of clothes until it came to a startling thought.

Did he even have a spare change of underwear?

That she could not lend him. And if he didn't, then it will be in full contact with her clothing. And, despite the fact that he was still a ten year old boy, that still wasn't a very comfortable thought. She repressed the shudder that went through her.

"U-Uzumaki-san . . ." her voice hitched. How in Kami's name was she supposed to ask him if he had a spare change of undergarments? "D-do y-you . . ." Maybe that's why he was so reluctant to change into ANBU gear and why he kept accusing her of being a pedophile. "You know. Do you have an extra . . . you know? It . . ."

The blond boy tilted his head.

"What I mean is, you do have an extra one . . . right?" Her face was already red and she kept fighting down her embarrassment. She eyed that part of him, trying to see if there was anything holding it.

Naruto's blue eyes followed her gaze. Both their eyes widened in horror. "Y-Yu-chan!" he covered himself with one hand and pointed an accusing finger at her with the other. Yugito took a step back as if struck. "I knew it!"


"You are . . ."

"Don't say it!"

". . . a pedophile!"

"It wasn't supposed to look like that!"

"What was it supposed to look like, then?!"

"I was examining it!"


"NO! I didn't mean it that way!"

"Pedophile! I feel like I just got raped!"

"How in Kami's name can you think of these things?!"

"It doesn't matter, you're a pedophile!"

"L-let me explain!"

"I trusted you!"

"Listen to me!"

"I trusted you, Yu-chan!"

"Why don't you just shut up and listen to me!?" she shouted as she started pulling at her own hair to keep herself from strangling the boy. She relaxed when no reply come from the boy. He was squinting at her, as if deciding if he should trust her again or not.

She thanked Kami for finally letting the boy listen. "Look, I was just checking it out-"


Yugito cursed her poor choice of words.

This is going to be a long night, ne Yu-chan?

Kisame glared as a familiar figure sat on the stool beside him. "I told you guys to give me more time."

The figure game him a look before calling the barkeep and placing an order. "Your strength is needed, Kisame."

"Feh." The shark-man grumbled. "If it is needed, then wait."

"This is unlike you, Kisame." The figure took a sip from the glass. "The Kisame I knew would bare his fangs at a challenge, not drink his sorrows away."

He snorted. "Well, they're not away so I need to drink more."

"Kisame . . ."

"Look, I know you were there." He downed the cup in front of him. "I know you also felt the terror that that thing unleashed." He found his cup filled with sake again, courtesy of the figure beside him. He glared at the figure before downing the sake once more. "Why do you still insist on fighting that monster?"

"Because it is what the leader would have wanted." Sorrow seemed to creep in the smaller figure's blank eyes. "We unleashed a horror. It is our responsibility to stop it."

The blue-skinned man glared. "Oh, and so having Deidara bait it to battle the Tsuchikage was the responsible way of dealing with that abomination." He chugged down another shot, slamming the cup against the table, shattering it.

"Damn it, Kisame! You're cleaning that one!" the barkeep shouted from the other side of the bar.

"You've changed, Kisame." The figure commented.

"Yeah well, when you're half-dead, with your body halved, and your trusty partner shattered to shards because the difference in power was just that great, you tend to get disillusioned." He flicked the shards into the bin in front of him with great accuracy. Mere child's play for a ninja of his caliber, of course.

"So this is about your pride?"

"This is about my life!" he growled at the figure. "I almost died, out there, thinking I could take that monster on. Never in my life had I been so outclassed. The mere impact of my blade against that monster's skin shattered my partner, my Samehada! Even that sneaky bastard, Tobi or Madara or whatever the fuck his name was, died! This is not about pride anymore. This is about my honour!"

"This is still about your pride, Kisame." The figure stated, unaffected by the killer intent the other nuke-nin sent. The smaller figure took a sip from the cup, emptying its contents. "If you will not fight to save, then fight to regain your pride."

The figure stood up and brought forth a scroll, placing it in front of the ex-shinobi of Kirigakure no Sato. "When you are ready, open that scroll." The figure started walking towards the door. Kisame glared at the figure's back.

"What will I do with it, then?"

The cloaked figure looked back, giving him a blank stare. "You will know."

He eyed the swirl of paper that signified her departure. "You sure are one crazy bitch, aren'tcha?"

"Didn't I tell you not to follow me?" the silver-eyed warrior stared at the swaying blond several steps behind her, approaching her slowly. "You're very persistent for a brat."

"Meh . . ." the blond winced as he neared the figure. "Can't I just come with you?"

"No." she turned around and started walking again. She heard the heavy footsteps of the boy as he struggled to keep up. "How long have you been following me? Since yesterday, wasn't it?" she spoke without looking back.

"Y-yeah . . ." the blond huffed as he quickened his pace, leaning forward and reaching out to try and grab the end of her midnight-blue cloak to help himself walk. The woman, noticing the blonde boy's hand reach out for her cloak, immediately drew it back and started to walk faster. The blond let out a distressed cry as he stuggled to maintain his balance. "A-ah!"

"You have not eaten anything since last night, haven't you?" the woman questioned, rather, stated. She could feel the young boy's fatigue and his passive chakra emission was very low. She knew that the blond boy would collapse any moment now. "Give up. You won't last. The sun is about to set."

"T-Tenshi-chan . . ." the blond swayed again, this time hitting the ground hard as he could no longer keep himself up. He looked up at her armor-clad figure, her dark blue cloak dancing with the wind as she eyed him with her lone silver eye.

"You have proven your persistence. It is time for you to stop." she saw him claw at the ground, crawling towards her. Her eye narrowed at the blonde's action. "I was mistaken. You are not persistent. You are foolish." She looked around for signs of a near by village. She was disappointed to find none. "No matter, this is still the end of your little escapade."

She spotted the end of the forest and started walking towards it. The little blond pushed himself up and steadied himself. He willed his legs to move as he wobbled after her.

"T-Tenshi . . . chan . . ." he weakly called after her. She stopped and turned around, as if waiting for him. He smiled as he saw her stop, hope suddenly filling him with energy. His footsteps became faster as he approached her with happy anticipation. He smiled wider. "T-Tenshi-chan!"

The cloaked warrior watched uncaringly as he neared. She then jumped backwards, turning around in mid-air as she descended down the cliff, jumping from one protrusion to the next. The blonde's eyes widened as he saw her fall. His heart pumped painfully as his hope was suddenly shattered. He collapsed once more and clawed his way to the edge of the cliff. Tears welled up in his eyes as he made out an outline of her form staring up at him from the bottom of the cliff through his blurry vision. The blond angrily wiped his tears before he steeled himself.

The silver-eyed woman's eye widened as she realised what the blond boy intended to do. "Stop!"

Naruto flung himself off the cliff, landing painfully on the rock protrusions and rolling off them, ignoring the searing pain that shot through his body with each painful landing. He eventually hit the bottom, landing right before her feet, his back flat on the ground. His head was throbbing and it felt very painful to breath . . . but it didn't matter.

He grinned up at her as he extended his sore arm - painfully - to grab her leg. Her silver eye narrowed suddenly before she kicked him away.

"You idiot." She spoke angrily, no longer in that dull, even tone of hers. "You could have died. No, you should have died." She glared at the blond who didn't even yelp as his face contorted in pain from the kick. He curled his body in an instinctive response to soothe his aches. He stared up at her, grinning despite the pain tearing through his limbs.

"I . . . caught up . . ." he coughed out through his pain. "I ca-ught . . . up . . . Ten . . . Tenshi-chan . . ."

"You should be dead." She looked up, eyeing the fall the blond went through. Her gaze returned to the blond, leveling him with a glare. "You are dead." She spoke suddenly, devoid of anger.

Naruto's blue eyes widened as the cloaked warrior scaled the cliff.

"W-wait . . . Tenshi . . . chan!" he tried to shout out. He wasn't sure if she heard him. Or maybe she did but she just ignored his plea.

Like everyone else did.

His blue eyes hardened. As he pushed himself up and approached the side of the cliff, holding his side which shot painful lances through his body with each step. He braced himself against the side of the cliff before slowly pulling himself up the protrusions.

"W-wait for-r . . . me . . . Tenshi . . ." black spots filled his vision before he shook his head, wincing at the pain that accompanied it, before willing his sight to clear. He had to stay focused; he had to stay awake and strong or else he will never be able to stay with her. "Wait for me, Tenshi-chan . . ."

He painfully pulled himself up.

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