Breaking Dawn

Finally, it was my wedding day. A day I had dreaded, but recently had been a day I was anxious for. I was finally going to be his. We were going to be together, in an official way, and he was all I wanted. I still had my misgivings about getting married straight out of high school, but I finally decided that it wouldn't be so bad. After I had told Charlie and Renee, neither of whom were happy, the excitement began to hit me. Alice was going way overboard on all the decorations and the planning, but the more she talked to me about the wedding, the more I became excited. It was a wedding after all, and I would be with Edward.

The past month, though, had been hard on me. I hadn't seen Jacob since I told him I couldn't be with him, and I didn't know if I should send him an invitation to the wedding. I had finally decided not too, but I was sure that he would hear about it from Charlie. I hope he wasn't hurt that I didn't send him an invitation. I had hurt him so much, and I had also hurt Edward, too. Both of those things were unforgivable. For some reason, though, Edward had forgiven me, and even Jacob didn't hate me. I still knew I had broken Jacob almost as bad as Edward had broken me.

"Bella!" screamed Alice's excited, beautiful voice, breaking into my thoughts. I was still lying in my bed, looking out the window at the overcast day. I had checked and rechecked the weather all week. I didn't want it to rain, but it also couldn't be sunny. Ha, I laughed to myself, how would Renee react when Edward glittered in the sunlight and what would Charlie say when the whole Cullen family glittered, too? Thankfully, it was overcast out, but the clouds weren't nearly dark enough to even hint at a slight rain fall. I sat up in my bed as Alice suddenly appeared right in front of me. "Are you ready? Are you excited?" she asked, bouncing her slight frame up and down. I grinned at her; her excitement was contagious.

She pulled me out of bed, and dragged me downstairs, while I was still in my pajamas. "Bye, Charlie, see you at the wedding!" she sang as she towed me out of the door. My goodbye to Charlie was lost as Alice slammed the door to the house, and rushed me to the car. She didn't want to pick me up if Charlie was watching, so she just pulled me along at the fastest pace I could go.

As I buckled myself in Alice's shiny, new yellow Porsche, she was talking a mile a minute, going over everything that was going to happened today. I tuned her out for the most part, too excited to listen to her. "… so you will have your own private beach and villa, that way Edward doesn't have to worry about being seen…" my head snapped up.

"What?" I asked incredulously.

Alice grinned at me, a mischievous look in her eyes. "I thought that would catch your attention. Edward decided that he wanted to take you on a honeymoon, and he was afraid you wouldn't let him. So I made all the plans for him and tried to stay away from him as much as possible so that he wouldn't know about them. I rented you guys a private beach and villa to stay at. I figured you might like to spend some time in the sun, because you NEVER get sun in Forks. Edward also won't have to worry about being outside because it's all private, and no one lives around the area. It's an hour and a half drive to get back to the city. So you can both be out in the sun! Isn't that great?!" she asked, her face almost worried. Before I could answer, her face went blank, and then she grinned. "I just happened to see that you will love it! Good! I knew you would." I laughed, and then admitted that the beach did sound pretty good. Then again, anything sounded good as long as Edward was with me.

By this time Alice had already parked the car in the vast garage that the Cullen's had. "Can I see Edward before you start treating me like a Barbie again?" I asked, hopeful, but not too upset about Alice dressing me for my wedding. She would be able to make me look at least decent. Alice's face fell at my question and her eyes narrowed.

"No, you can't. I made him leave so that he can't see you in your wedding dress before the wedding. He promised he wouldn't look in my mind about it and I definitely don't want him to see it on you before the wedding. It's bad luck." Alice glared at me, and grabbed my hand. I let her pull me into her room, and then into her vast bathroom.

Alice set me down into her huge, squishy vanity chair and then proceeded to dance around me, asking questions such as, "What color eye shadow? What about lipstick? Should we use lipstick or lipgloss?" I didn't answer her questions, and eventually she settled down and began to apply whatever she felt like. She had turned the chair away from the huge mirror so that I couldn't see myself, and I was starting to get anxious.

"Bella, you know I love you, right?" Alice said, still putting eye shadow on me. I opened my eyes and glanced at her, curious. That question didn't come without consequences. "Well, I know you already think that I overdid the wedding. You let me have my fun with your dress and the guest list, but," her voice hesitated, "I'm afraid I went a little bit more over board that I told you."

"Alice," I said angrily. "What did you do that you didn't tell me about?" My voice rose in alarm and Alice hushed me. "No, seriously, what didn't you tell me about? I even excepted the honeymoon, which I know cost too much, with good grace. It's my wedding, Alice," I said, starting to pout.

"Bella, it really isn't a big deal." Alice said nervously. I knew she wasn't able to see if I would be okay with whatever she did because I was already counting on the fact that I would hate it. I glared at her, my eyes demanding her to tell me. "I rented a cathedral." Alice said, her words rushing together so I could barely understand them.

"A cathedral?" I almost shouted. "You didn't!"

"Bella, you promised me my fun. You'll thank me one day. I know you will just love the church." Before I could respond again Alice said, "There, done!" I turned in my seat to see my reflection in the mirror, but Alice grabbed my arm, her grip as strong as iron, but still gentle. "No! You can't see yourself until you're completely ready." She turned off the bright lights in her bathroom to ensure that I wouldn't sneak a glance at myself, and led me into her walk-in closet. There weren't any mirrors in here, so she turned on the light, and led me to the very back of the closet. There was a large bag that I knew held my dress. She unzipped the protective bag, and I striped down. Alice helped me into my dress, picked up the shoes that went with it, and held the train up as I walked to her full-length mirror.

"Wait," Alice said, putting my back to the mirror. "Put your shoe's on, it will complete the look." I glanced at the shoes she was carrying for me. High-heels.

"Alice…" I began cautiously, "Are you aware that I can barely walk in gym shoes, much less high heels? Remember the fit I threw over wearing high-heels to prom? I'm not wearing those." She only glared at me, and continued to hold the beautiful shoes out to me. I knew she wasn't going to forgive me if I didn't wear the shoes. She was right, I had practically given her free reign.

"Fine," I sighed, and pulled up my dress so she could slip the shoes onto my feet. I slowly turned in them, relieved that I had managed to keep my balance. With Alice dressing me up like this all the time, I was beginning to walk better in high heels. Maybe they wouldn't be the death of me after all.

I peered into the mirror and gasped. Had I not known I was still human, I could almost count myself as being almost as beautiful as Alice. My face looked flawless and my skin radiant against the old-fashioned white gown. My hair was in a simple up-do, but looked perfect with the veil, and I had just enough make-up on to look complete.

"Oh, Alice," I sighed, tears beginning to form in the corners of my eyes. "I look pretty." I was afraid she would have overdone everything, but she hadn't. Alice had known exactly what I wanted to look like, and had exceeded my expectations. I didn't know I could look like this. Perhaps today I wouldn't look so plain next to Edward.

"No," she said, "You look beautiful. Don't thank me; I just enhanced your beauty. Bella, don't cry, though. You have make-up on!" She sounded outraged when she saw the tears forming, and her tone made me laugh. She glared at me a little longer, before turning around and saying, "I'll be back in a minute."

While I admired myself in the mirror I listened to Alice ruffle through her closet, and shut her bathroom door. Before I could even turn around to look at the back of my dress, Alice was back, holding my train up for me. She looked stunning in her maid-of-honor dress. It was a deep blue dress with a plunging back, which played up her flawless skin and her black hair.

"Wow, Alice," I breathed. "You're gorgeous."

"I'm not nearly as gorgeous as the bride, though. Oh, Bella!" Alice suddenly cried, lightly throwing her arms around me, "I'm so glad you are marrying him! You are part of the family, whether you're a vampire or not." I smiled again, knowing this was true, and felt small tears creep up into my eyes. I struggled not to let them fall as I hugged her back.

"Come on," she said, pulling back. "It's time to go!" She tugged my hand eagerly and when I walked forward, she picked up the bottom of my dress. I walked slowly to her bedroom door which led to the hallway. Alice sighed, set down the train of my dress, and picked me up, making sure not to mess up the dress. I wondered why we hadn't just changed in the church. She flew downstairs and into the kitchen, where Esme helped carry the train of my dress. They set me into a limo, which was something I had not wanted, but had been forced into, and then slid in next to me.

"Bella, honey," Esme said, "Rose, Emmet, Jasper, Carlisle, and Edward are already at the church. When we get there, Alice will make sure our path is clear, and then I'll carry you into the bridal room. We can't let Edward see you!" She smiled at me in a motherly way and squeezed my hand. I squeezed back, happy to join such a wonderful family.

As Alice danced off to see where the rest of her family was, I turned to Esme. "Shouldn't we have just put the dress on in the church? Isn't that what usually happens?"

"Yes, sweetheart" said Esme, "but Alice wanted to spend some alone time with you, She squeezed my hand again. "And," Esme continued, "Alice wanted to tell you about the cathedral before showing it to you so that you wouldn't be so mad. She didn't tell you earlier because she didn't want to change the location."

"Why did Alice want to spend time with me?" I asked, confused. Alice and I spend a good amount of time with each other. Whenever I'm not with Edward, I was with her.

"Bella, honey, Alice is afraid you'll really forget about her when your married to Edward. She sees visions of you two moving far away from us. I know Edward is planning on taking you away when he turns you. That will keep you from endangering anyone, but we will miss you while you're gone. I don't know how long you will be gone for."

"Oh, Esme, I could never forget all of you! I love you too much!" I cried and threw my arms around her. She hugged me back, before getting out, and opening my door. Alice had come back, and was scanning the surroundings to make sure I was able to get in the church and into the Bridal Room before anyone saw.

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