Chapter Seven

"Edward!" I yelped, watching the unfamiliar trees rush past the car window. "Where are you taking me?" He only grinned again, still not answering my frantic question. On the road ahead was a sharp turn, and when we rounded that turn I saw two brightly lit trees on the right side of the road.

"What are those?" I asked cautiously as he took a right turn onto the side road. The trees were full of white Christmas lights, just like they had been when Alice threw me that graduation party. Was he taking me to a party? I didn't know where we were though, and I knew where almost everyone in Forks lived. Every few feet a pair of trees had lights on them to illuminate the road in the dense forest surrounding us.

I craned my neck to see around another turn in the road, and gasped when I saw a magnificent white house in a clearing. I almost believed that it was the Cullen's house, but then I started to notice the differences. The white house was smaller than the Cullen's and was three stories tall. The garage off of the house was tiny compared to the Cullen's, but much larger than a regular garage.

Edward smiled crookedly at me as he pulled into the garage. "Bella," he said, parking the car slowly, giving himself time to talk. "I wanted my own house, away from my family, but close enough that you and I could see them often. Selfishly, I decided to build a house, and give it to you as your wedding present. Bella, this house is ours. I knew you wouldn't want something as grand as my…" his voice trailed off, thinking for a second, before correcting himself and continuing. "I mean, my previous home, but I also remembered that you liked the house. So I tried to build you a house that you would love." I glared at him. A house? Was he crazy?

"Edward, I can't accept this! I would have lived happily with you and your family." I sullenly scraped my shoe against the car floor, before grabbing the handle and getting out of the car. "A house is too expensive. I hate when you spend money on me. If I don't want you to pay for a college education, I surely didn't want you to buy a house." Sure, the house was beautiful, and while I hated to admit it, I was in love with it already, I couldn't accept such an expensive gift. I mean, I hadn't gotten him anything. We had agreed not to get each other wedding gifts.

Edward got out of the car and stood beside me, peering worriedly into my eyes. His fingers traced a pattern over my cheeks, trying to calm me down. "Bella, please, my love. If you prefer, this was really a gift to myself. It was a way that I could get away from my family and spend more time with you, my angel." I smiled at that, liking the idea that it was for him, and not for me. I could accept that. He saw me smile, and then mischievously put his hand over my eyes and led me to the other side of his garage. When he took his hand away he said, "This, Bella, is for you, though."

In the corner of his garage stood his silver motorcycle, with a red one next to it, which I could only assume was for me. Parked next to the motorcycles was my beautiful old car, looking huge next to the small motorcycles and a new black car I hadn't seen before. It was sleek and low to the ground, practically screaming how fast it could go and how expensive it had been.

"What?" I asked stupidly, trying to comprehend who the black car was for.

"Bella, when I turn you I bet you will want something faster than your car," Edward said hurriedly, trying to placate me. I glared at him and stomped towards the door leading into the house. He quickly caught up with me. "I'm sorry, Bella. I can take it back."

I thought about it for a moment, and then said, "No, I'll keep it, and even drive it, if you turn me before my 19th birthday." I saw his expression turn furious.

"No, absolutely not. That's only in two weeks. We are taking that car back tonight." A low growl emanated from his chest as he opened the door for me. I glared at him. Either he would change me soon, or he was taking the car back.

"I love the car, Edward," I lied, just wanting him to promise to change me soon. "I want to keep it!"

He only laughed and shook his head, but the laughter didn't reach his eyes. "Bella, you're a horrible liar. I'll take the car back later. Let's look at the house." I could tell he was still mad that I demanded he change me soon. We had managed not to fight about it over our honey moon, but I didn't want to wait any longer. I brushed past him, walking into the house.

The room I walked into was a small room, off of the kitchen. It held a laundry machine, something that I never once thought a vampire would need. Did they wash clothing? I supposed they did. The walls were a simple cream color, with white appliances and cabinets. I could see into the kitchen, which was more furnished that the Cullen's. It had all of the normal appliances in it, all stainless steal, with dark wood cabinets and a tiled floor.

As we walked through the rest of the house I could see the huge windows facing the lake, and the large T.V. in the living room. I could see the Cullen's house across the wide, vast lake. I was most interested in the bedrooms, though, which were located on the third floor. The second floor contained miscellaneous rooms, such as a small library and study, holding all of the things Edward had collected over the many years. When we finally reached the third floor Edward showed me the three guest rooms and I waited patiently until he was ready to show me our room.

He smiled at me before placing a gentle hand over my eyes. "Here, my love," he whispered into my ear, his breath tickling my skin. "I hope you like it," he said while pushing me forward into our room. He took his hand away, and I gasped.

The room was a golden color, the color of his eyes. As if he could read my mind, he said, "I remember you saying that you liked topaz. I picked out the color closest to it." The walls were the exact color of his eyes, and that was a color I would always admire. "I even painted the master bathroom the color green, the color my eyes were when I was human," Edward said, trying to steer me towards the bathroom. "Carlisle helped me pick out the green because he has the memory of my green eyes. I thought you would appreciate that." I smiled up at him, excited to see the colors his eyes once were.

I stared around the room, trying to take it all in. Edward had finally stopped trying to show me around, and let me look at the room. The same bed that had been in Edward's room was now in this one, and the wall facing the lake was all glass, just like the Cullen's. His stereo was taking up almost a whole wall, only leaving room for his multiple CD racks, and my puny, half-filled one. The walk-in closet didn't have a door to it, but instead seemed like a continuation of the room. My clothing already filled the racks, along with new clothing Alice had bought me. Edward had also bought me a brand-new computer, which was sitting on the desk that had been in my room at Charlie's house.

"Did Alice bring my stuff over?" I asked in a daze, pointing towards the closet that was filled with more clothing than I had ever owned in my life.

"Yes," Edward said, taking my hand. "Actually, my whole family built this house while we were gone according to my instructions. Alice brought all of your things over, but the rest of my family helped built and decorate the house."

"Wow," I breathed, my anger at the cost of everything had completely faded. I was in awe; I had never seen such a beautiful house. I turned towards the archway that led to the master bathroom. The carpeted floor gave way to a beautiful tile. Snuggled into a corner was a large Jacuzzi bathtub with a window that overlooked the forest. I wasn't much of a bath person, but that could change with such a wonderful view. The tiling on the floor led up the walls into a mosaic pattern that formed the walls of the shower. A sliding glass door separated the shower from the rest of the bathroom. "Edward, it's so beautiful."

"Bella, my love," he said, kissing my neck. "It holds nothing compared to you." I giggled and then he growled, playfully holding me inside his embrace. I struggled and broke free, then turned and ran towards the bed. As I jumped into the air he caught me and jumped onto the bed, bringing me with him. He pressed his cool lips gently against mine before sitting me up on the side of the bed. "Have I ever shown you my collection of books?" He asked eagerly.

"No," I said. He grabbed my hand and pulled me up. He lifted me effortlessly into arms and left the bedroom, and went down one flight of stairs. "Here," he said, setting me down in front of a wooden door. He had told me it was the library, but we hadn't gone in. I had been too excited to see our bedroom. I opened the heavy door and stepped inside the room. It seemed as if the room came from another period of time. Stained wooden bookshelves reached from the floor to the ceiling, sagging with old age. The bookcases filled every wall and matching tables were placed throughout the room. Each table was decorated with candles and wrought iron candle holders. Besides the candles and the natural sunlight, there wasn't any other form of light in the room. One wall had a large wall-length window placed between two bookshelves, and that was the only window in the room.

"Wow," I sighed. I ran my hand along a table and stared at the massive amount of books in the room. The bookshelves looked as if they came from another century, and the tables themselves told a story of their past. I could see original editions of books that were published in the early 1700's, and even some earlier. The covers of the books were flaking off, and some books even looked handwritten. I slowly made my way over to a bookshelf in the corner of the room.

I pulled a dusty book off of the shelf and gaped at the cover, which was not written in English. "It's Latin," Edward said, scaring me. I hadn't heard him come up behind me. I should be used to that. "It was written in the early 1600's, even before Carlisle was born. It was his father's book, and Carlisle gave it to me when I showed interest in it."

"What does the title mean?" I asked, brushing my hands against the golden words etched into the cover. I opened the book, gasping as I saw hand written words.

"It means The Vampyre Hunter and is a book on how to recognize and kill vampires," Edward said, laughing. I was shocked at his blunt answer. "Look," he said, gently turning the old pages. "It's so old that it is hand written. There are only two copies in the world. One was owned by Carlisle's father, and the other by the Volturi." I glanced up at him as he said that, but he motioned back to the book. I looked down. He had opened book onto a page with a drawing on it. "This drawing is hand drawn," he said, fascinated, slightly tracing the lines with his fingers. I looked at the drawing, which I recognized as a vampire. After a second glance I choked on my breath, realizing it was a drawing of Aro. I gasped, surprised.

"Edward," I whispered, entranced by the book, the drawing, and the whole room. He laughed, turning the mood from a hushed one, to a lighter one.

"Oh, Bella, darling," He said, "I love you so much." I winked at him, playfully. I couldn't remember ever being so happy in my life. "Now, love, Renee and Charlie are coming over in a bit. Alice, Carlisle, and Esme are coming over, too. They all wanted to give us a house welcoming. Come, let's change. You mentioned on the way here that you wanted to take a shower." I grabbed his hand and squeezed as he led me out of the library, and back into our gorgeous room.

"Bella?" I heard Edward sing to me as I stepped out of the hot shower. It was so weird to think that he was standing right outside of the door. I mean, I wouldn't be going home tonight; I would be staying with him. Edward used to sneak into my room every night, but it was nothing compared to the fact that we would be sleeping in our own room. It isn't my room, with my old computer, or his room with the huge stereo system, but a combination of both. "Bella, my angel," Edward continued, "They are going to be here in ten minutes." I could hear him humming outside of the bathroom door in tune with an oldie he had on.

"Okay," I shouted to him, grabbing my clothing and trying to force them over my damp body. I quickly dressed and threw open the door, anxious to see my savior. He was lying on the bed, face-up, singing the words to the song. His eyes were closed, and he pretended not to even notice me as I climbed on the bed with him, laying myself on top of him. He was so beautiful, so handsome, and too good for me. "I love you," I whispered, content to just stay there with him forever.

"Oh, Bella," I heard a discontent sigh from across the room. "You're not planning on wearing that are you? You can see you tan lines!" I heard Alice giggled as I groaned. I pulled myself off of Edward, who was smirking to himself.

"I'm your mannequin, Alice," I said, following her back into the bathroom.

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