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Sofia stood in front of the door without knowing what to do. She could feel her cheeks burning in embarrassment… talk about an awkward moment! Why didn't she put the damn thing away after she was done using it? Granted, having Nick in her bed had not been in her agenda for today (or any other day in the near future, for that matter) so she had no way of knowing this would happen, but still… the humming coming from the inside continually changed tempo, and Sofia could only guess what the hell did Nick Stokes found so amusing in "surfing" her vibrator's 4 speeds like a maniac…

When Nick had felt something hard digging at his lower back when he had stretched on her bed, he retrieved it thinking it was a bottle of hand lotion or a hairbrush, but he never expected to come face to face with a… a pink version of his anatomy. He wasn't an expert, but he knew enough about this type of things to know that, compared to some of the stuff on display for sale out there, this sleek cylinder was pretty tame, despite the color. He was also aware of the fact that most women over the age of 30 (single or not) had one such toy… knowledge wisely gained from his older sisters (although the exact memory of him wanting to surprise them with an unannounced visit only to barge in the middle of a "vibrator party" being held at Amanda's place was not something he wanted to remember).

So the fact that Sofia had one (a modest one, he reminded himself) was not a big shock, except, maybe, for the color. Nick would have never pegged Sofia Curtis for a pink kind of gal, but that showed him just how much he knew. The question that was running wildly through his mind was the "how" she used it. Were the rumors true, and was she involved with another female and she used this to please her? Or did she simply use it to pleasure herself on those long lonely nights after a hard day of work? Somehow, the second option, albeit more feasible, lacked a certain… uh… Penthouse Forum quality. Unless, of course, he chose to believe that she was doing it while thinking of him…which was a completely logical line of thought for him, given the fact that he got off thinking about her.

Nick had been twisting the base almost non-stop, switching speeds without really stopping to see if there was any real difference between one and the next. He had to admit as to being curious as to what was the appeal of using such a toy. He had slept with enough women to know that most of them enjoyed deep penetration and the sense of being "filled" and he understood, at base level, that fingers only went so far in fulfilling that need. So the shape and girth, that he got. But the vibrating thing? He'd never heard of a guy whose cock could rock or throb at such ultrasonic speed, at least, his didn't, so what was the deal then? Unless they used the vibrating feature for clit stimulation and then turned it off for later purposes?

What was the big deal, anyway? Ever the scientist, he decided it was worth a bit of investigative work. Setting it to the lower speed, he carefully stroked his cock with it. The sensations were different to what he was used to, but pleasurable nonetheless, and it certainly felt a lot better when he applied it on the tip… he moved it down to the base (it tickled) and slowly neared his balls. He was curious, but not enough as to risk damaging the family jewels over some crazy stunt. The sensations were really good… so good, in fact, that he decided to seek the so-called male g-spot and see if it….

Sofia heard his yelp and a thud against the wall and, forgetting her embarrassment, walked into the room. She was greeted by the sight of her pink vibrator lazily rotating on the floor between her bed and the wall and Nick Stokes, erect in all his gloriousness, standing next to it, with a guilty look on his face and turning a shade very similar to the toy he had obviously tossed away. She looked at him, then back to the vibrator and to him once more, before closing her yes and pinching the bridge of her nose.

"I don't want to know…" she mumbled to herself, although a tiny part of her, the most evil one, wanted every single detail to file away and use as reference in the future. Leverage was a valuable thing…

She scooped it up and turned it off before turning to face Nick. She found out it was very hard to actually just face him, as his erect cook proved an interesting sight, one she hadn't had a chance to fully appreciate. But she managed somehow, raising an eyebrow in mute questioning and holding the offending toy up in one hand.

"He started it" Nick said in his defense, sounding pretty much like he had 30 years prior when Mrs. Stokes tried to make sense of the battlefield the family room had turned into.

She snorted at the notion. "Even if he did, which I doubt, I don't like the idea of you tossing it around… we've been close friends for a while now… I've grown fond of him…"

Sofia thought the whole conversation was endearing and ridiculous at the same time. Nick thought it was erotic as hell. His mind did a quick dive into Penthouse mode once again, and he pictured Sofia in bed, showing him how she used the damn thing while he watched…

"Don't even think about it" she warned in a voice that left no room for arguments.

"How do you know what I'm thinking?" he demanded, trying to hide behind feigned indignation the fact that he had been busted.

"You have "porn" written all over your face. I'm not going to show you how to use it… actually; I think you've got a pretty good idea now, don't you?"

Nick blushed once more. This was quickly turning into the most surreal sexual encounter he'd ever had: there they were, completely naked, and they were discussing pornography and sexual toys.

"Come here" he growled, and pulled her close to his body. "I'm not going to let you make me jealous of a plastic object…"

"Feeling inadequate?" she asked huskily, stroking his whole length, sending shivers down both their spines. "No need to. You more than compensate for it…"

Nick cut her off with a kiss. And then another. And another. He slowly moved them back towards her bed, and once there, he managed to lay them both down with a certain degree of finesse and without loosing much mouth to mouth contact.

Once they were both lying down, he began exploring her body with both mouth and hands, leaving no nuance or crevice untouched. Whenever Sofia tried to reciprocate or pull him upwards, he simply pinned her hands to the sides and continued his discovery journey.

Nick was elated to discover that her breasts were full and firm and the perfect size for his hands. That her nipples were very responsive to his touch and that they tasted like a piece of heaven. That the flesh on her belly rippled in laughter when he tickled and tightened in anticipation when he teased. That her legs were strong enough to hold him down yet parted willingly to allow him to move as he pleased within them when he asked.

He also found out that she tasted like ambrosia and honey dew and that her clit was not so shy once he'd coax it out with his tongue. That she preferred long, languorous licks from top to bottom to piercing strokes with just the tip of his tongue. That she liked to be sucked on, but not nibbled on and that he was better off not using his teeth anywhere near her. He found out that his tongue was good, but his tongue and his fingers working the whole area together were even better. And last, but not least, he soon discovered that she preferred cursing ("Fuck, oh fuck, yessss!!!") to praying ("Oh god, oh god, oh god") when she was close to coming and that his name falling from her lips as she came was the most erotic and beautiful thing he'd ever heard.

"Come 're"

It was she who growled this time, impatiently, needing to feel his body next to hers, on top of her, surrounding her… filling her; and she made those needs known without saying one single word. Not that it mattered to Nick, who understood what she wanted and gave it to her willingly…

Fuck… it felt so damn good to be inside of her!

Nick tried to take things as slowly as possible, to stretch the moment to the maximum of his capacities, but Sofia was having none of that.

"Ain't you impatient…" he huffed, trying to pin her hips down in order to slow their lovemaking down a bit.

"Ain't you the torturing type…" she huffed back, running her nails al over his back, trying to grab hold of his ass and make him go faster.

Grabbing her hands with his, and using his body to hold her still, Nick withdrew until he was virtually outside of her. Sofia growled in frustration: this was the first time she was having sex… no, scratch that, making love… in such a long time she needed this more than air itself. She was still riding the tremors of her first orgasm, as she knew that if Nick entered her just… just "there"… she'll be getting a second and probably a third one and she wasn't in the mood for waiting… not after she had waited this long to feel like this again.

Nick pushed back in, perhaps a quarter on an inch before stopping again. "Is this what you want?" he asked, rocking his hips against her, knowing full well by the way her inner muscles clenched around him, trying to pull him in, what the answer was.

"Yes…" she moaned, both in frustration and excitement.

He pushed forward another inch and stilled again. "Are you sure this is really what you want?" He asked again, doing the up-down motion he had learned from his older sister's best friend. Sofia moaned her answer once more, desperately trying to move beneath him, to get him deeper.

He pushed in again, half length this time. "Are you sure this is what you want, Fi? Wouldn't you rather… oh, I don't know… it were your buddy over there?" Nick would never confess how much that question was to torture her and how much it was to ease his mind…

But Sofia had his number down, whether he liked to admit it or not, and she called his bluff to his face.

"I can't believe you're jealous of Pika…." She murmured

"I'm jealous of … whom?" Nick asked, stopping all movement, confusion written on his face.

Fuck. "Ah… uh… Pika? My… hmm… buddy… over there?"

"Sofia! You named your vibrator after a Pokemon?"

"Well, he is electrical… sort of…" she defended herself

"But entirely the wrong color… Pikachu was yellow and buddy over there, in case you haven't noticed, is pink…"

"I requested the yellow one but they sent him instead…" Sofia mumbled, wondering how they had ended up discussing cartoons and vibrators sold on-line while mid sex.

Nick began laughing. "You ordered it from a catalogue? What was it? The adult version of Toys "R" Us?"

Sofia struck back. "Look who's talking, the resident Pokemor expert!"

"It's Pokemon, not Pokemor, and I happen to be the coolest uncle this side of the Rockies, ok?"

They looked at each other for a moment, uncertain as to what to say next. For lack of a better argument, Nick slid all the way in, making Sofia hiss at the motion, before wrapping her legs around him, bringing him even deeper inside of her. Her arms snaked behind his back, as well, pulling him closer. Nick found himself craving this full body contact, this sense of belonging, of… completion. Careful no to crush her, he placed his arms next to her, sliding his hands below her shoulder blades, pulling her towards him, until he felt her breasts fully pressing against his chest. There was only one thing missing to come full circuit, and Nick covered her mouth with his, sealing them together as one.

She had cooled down enough to allow him to lead her at his own speed. He had grown comfortable enough within her to allow her internal rhythms to show him where to go. Flow and ebb, day and night, dark and light… Passion and desire took over quickly enough, and they bumped and ground searching for release. Nick framed her face with his hands to keep her looking at him, and when they both came, not simultaneously although it felt that way, they did so looking deeply into each others eyes.

Nick moved sideways, bringing her with him, not wanting to break the precious contact, and he thought he'd die a happy man if he could spend the rest of his life falling asleep while still inside of her. Nick knew dark alleys and back seats were over for him, unless she was with him. What he had been searching all along, that thing that made him feel whole again, had been standing right in front of him for the past two years and he had been too angry to see it. Getting thrown into a confined space once more had closed a cycle for him and shown him the door to a brilliant, better future, should he chose to follow it. He could also choose to stay trapped in the dark and rot in there, but looking at those blue eyes looking back at him, he thought only a fool would choose to stay behind.

All those emotions brewing inside of him had reached boiling point, and he had to acknowledge them orally, somehow, before they burst inside of him and got lost forever, and Nick racked his brains for the correct words to express what he wanted, what he was feeling but he couldn't come up with anything, so instead he just opened his mouth and blurted out without really thinking.

"I love you Fi"

The moment he heard it out in the open he knew it was true. He did. He marveled at the fact, he saw her eyes shimmer with moisture and he kissed each one of them, and then her face, repeating again and again "I love you" until he was certain she had gotten the message and believed it. He didn't care if she didn't say it back just then… it was really asking for too much to do so, but he was willing to wait until she was ready to say so. In the meantime, he'll just make sure to remind her of it every single day of the rest of their lives… or for as long as she'd keep him around.

"You needn't be jealous of Pika, you know," she whispered after a while and he raised his head so he was staring into her eyes.

"He doesn't fill me up like this." She demonstrated by clenching her inner muscles around his semi-soft cock still inside her.

"He doesn't keep me warm like this." She ran her hand down his chest, still shiny from the sweat they had broken into.

"He doesn't hold me in his arms like this." She shifted between his arms, pulling him a bit closer to her using her own,

"He doesn't kiss me like this" She raised her head barely enough to give him a soft, tender peck on the lips.

"He's never told me he loves me" Nick smiled at this. "And I've never told him, either."

Sofia was silent for a moment, and then reached with her hand to cup his face. "I love you, Nick Stokes…"

They held their eyes for a moment or two before the tears began. And they sobbed, holding each other, letting every single emotion that had been bottled inside of them loose, cleansing them. Once the tears were gone, the slow dance of mouth on mouth and hand on skin began again… searching, discovering, pleasing…

The rude beeping from both cell phones broke the moment. "Hold that thought" Nick told her, as he jumped out of bed and started a maniac search through their scattered clothes on the living room floor. He returned a couple of minutes later, tossing Sofia hers as he checked his own.

"That was Jim telling me I have to get back to work tomorrow at noon, but I'm having the weekend off… I really should get into dangerous situations more often…" joked Sofia, earning a swat and a don't-even-think-about-it look from Nick.

"That was Catherine. My shift starts tomorrow at 9, but she's reminding me to stop by her office se we can finish our… talk"


"Yeah…" he answered as he got comfortable spooning against Sofia once more, "We sort of talked about… about what I said what happened and she told me to get my shit together and come back when I had my facts straight…"

"And do you?"

"Yep. Now I can confidently tell Catherine what happened back in the desert."

Sofia looked at him, waiting for him to go on. She also wanted to know what conclusion he had reached.

"I'm going to tell Catherine that it was Pika who raped me…" he said, trying to keep a straight face, but failing miserably.

Sofia shoved him playfully, and seized the moment to move on top and straddle him. It was high time she got a chance to play, and she began by kissing him along the jaw and the neck and down his chest, trailing her hair behind her.

"You know" she murmured as she nibbled on his earlobe, "the catalogue had a nice his-n-her set in neon blue…"


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