Not a Chance

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The graduation ceremony was held in the Great Hall on a spectacularly sunny day. Dumbledore held court and gave a rather long-winded speech that even the most diligent of students found hard to keep up with. But toward the end, he smiled kindly, and everyone seemed to rouse from his or her semi-consciousness when he spoke next.

"The world is changing, as it always has and always will. But I would send caution to each and every one of you as you leave the ground of Hogwarts for the last time. An evil darkness is growing," Sirius looked across at Narcissa, who sat whispering to Lucius, and plainly ignoring Dumbledore as James glared at the back of Severus' head, "and unless we are all very careful, it will consume that which we hold most dear. It is not for me to tell you what to do or not do, as you are all adults now, each on the paths of your own lives. However, I will say this; friendships that you have made here, and love that you may have found will be your greatest gifts and give you strength when weariness and toil burden you. Now I give leave to our Head Girl and Boy, who will say a few words."

James looked horrified at Lily, never having been aware that he had been expected to write and perform a speech, but she merely waved a folded piece of parchment at him, and tucked it into his hand as they made their way up to the front of the Great Hall. James smiled and murmured softly to her, "Whatever would I do without you?"

Lily grinned. "Make a fool of yourself. Kind of like you did before you had me." She unfolded her parchment as she and James made it up to the little podium thing.

"Ladies first," he said, motioning for her to step up first. The prat. She spread her parchment on the podium and skimmed over it quickly and then caught James reading what she had written for him hurriedly and smiled. "Fellow students, we are gathered on this monumental day of our educational journeys…"


After all the pomp and circumstance of the graduation, and everyone had thrown their dreadful pointed Hogwarts hats into the air, and Sirius had kissed a blushing Remus full out in front of every one of his teachers, the students slowly made their way out to the Entrance Hall, where groups of people were hugging each other before they had to leave on the train ride home, and talking to members of other houses they had befriended.

The Marauders and Lily were chatting easily off to one side when Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall came up to them. "So, the day has finally come when we say farewell forever to the infamous Marauders," McGonagall said rather sternly, but there was a glint of amusement in her eyes.

Sirius sighed dramatically as he was wont to do. "Ah, indeed Minerva. May I call you Minerva?" He didn't wait for a response, but continued. "Who will you shout at in your classes and give detentions to now we won't be coming back?"

Dumbledore chuckled as Remus looked mortified. Sirius had just called his former Head of House by her fist name and was being completely blasé about it. Lovely. For her part, McGonagall only raised an eyebrow. "Well seeing as this is still technically part of the term, no you may not address me as Minerva. And I'm sure I will still have plenty of nuisance troublemakers in my classes to keep my from grieving too ferociously over my loss." Sirius chuckled.

"On a separate note," Dumbledore said, smiling kindly, I have a small matter to discuss with you Mr. Black, and you as well Mr. Potter." Lily and Remus looked at their respective boyfriends, wondering what end-of-term prank they could have pulled, but for once, the two actually looked completely innocent.

"I know this sounds mad," said James imploringly, "but whatever happened I swear we didn't do it. Really. And I'm not just lying this time." Dumbledore laughed openly.

"I have no doubts in your honesty, but still, I must discuss something with you. Please come this way." He waved his arm to indicate they should remove themselves from the other group, and further into one of the corners. "Now, prior to the beginning of the spring term, you expressed interest in becoming member of the Order of the Phoenix, no?" Both boys nodded heartily. "And I assume you mentioned this fact to Miss Evans and Mr. Lupin already?" Another pair of nods.

"And…well, we sort of told Peter, Peter Pettigrew too, but he's one of out best mates, so it would have been really unfair not to tell him…" James added. Dumbledore smiled.

"Alright, that's fine. And have they also expressed an interest in joining the cause?"


"Alright. Well then, on the third of July, come to the Hog's Head in Hogsmeade at, say, two pm. Is that acceptable?"

"Yeah, sounds good," Sirius agreed, and James nodded.

"Very well. It will be the first assembled meeting, and be sure to bring along any trustworthy friends you can. If Voldemort is raising an army, we must do the same." He winked and then moved away and Sirius and James looked at one another.

"This is for real," Sirius said softly, his voice full of awe. James nodded and he felt a great sense of excitement mounting in him. They were going to fight evil and save the wizarding world… "Let's go tell Mooney and the others!"


It was just before the departure feast, and the Marauders decided to go out into the sunlight ground, and walk, talk, and remember all the jolly times they had over the years of their long and distinguished school careers.

"You guys remember the first time we turned into our Animagus forms?" Peter asked as they passed the spot, just in front of the Willow where they had done it.

James laughed. "Oh yeah. Sirius got stuck as Padfoot for a good ten minutes before he could turn back, and the look on your face, Peter, was priceless."

"I wasn't stuck," said Sirius said resolutely, looking at Remus who snickered traitorously. "I was just experiencing it to the fullest extent."

"He was stuck," Peter murmured into Remus' ear and the lycan giggled.

"My favourite was when Lily shoved me up against the wall of the Entrance Hall and snogged me," James said, grinning lecherously. The others rolled their eyes, not even bothering to comment.

"I liked when Marissa Conde told Sirius things wouldn't work out because he wasn't pretty enough for her," Remus said, hugging his boyfriend close. "Closely followed by when you lot told me about being Animagi. I still don't think you all know how much it meant, and still means, to me."

James smiled confidently across at Remus. "We know, mate," he said softly. He looked over his shoulder at the edge of the Forbidden Forest, dark and ominous, already swathed in the night. "I'm going to miss running around on full moons." They collectively 'mmm'ed their agreement.

"Best one was when we found out Remus was a Prefect," said Sirius reminiscently. "And to think, he actually managed to keep it from us for a whole month."

"Do you guys think you will ever let that go?" asked Remus wearily.

Padfoot snorted. "Fuck no. That's like saying, lads, will you ever stop loving the unequivocal me? Of course not!"

"Not as long as you're still breathing and telling us to love you, anyway," James teased and they laughed at Sirius, who pouted.

There was a light silence. Then Peter voiced the words they had all been secretly thinking. "Do you guys think this will change? Like…will we ever not be friends?"

There was a longer silence now, so pregnant with anticipation it almost hurt. Then James smiled, and clapped a hand on Peter's shoulder.

"We're the Marauders."

"That doesn't answer the question," Remus argued.

But Padfoot was grinning. "It does too."


"We are the Marauders. Will we ever not be best mates like we are now? Not a chance in hell, dear Mooney. Not a chance."

The End


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