Red Tide

Chapter 1: An Unexpected Surprise

It was just another simple day at Casper High School for a certain group of four ghost hunters. As Jazz, Tucker, Sam and Danny were doing their usual routines at their school, there was a sudden announcement was called throughout the speakers placed in the school.

"Would Jazz, Danny Fenton along with Tucker Foley and Sam Manson please come to my office" said Mr. Launcer on the other line.

"Say Fenturd, looks like you're in trouble again" laughed Dash as Danny, Jazz and his two friends were heading to Mr. Launcer's office.

"Just back off Dash" barked Danny as he was led away by his two friends who didn't want him to get into a fight with Dash.

As the four arrived on the scene in Mr. Launcer's Office, they were quite shocked to see Mayor Vlad Masters waiting beside Mr. Launcer.

"Tell me we're not in trouble again" sighed Sam.

"Relax children" said Vlad as he invited the four to sit down, "there's nothing that you should worry about."

"You four should be surprised" said Mr. Launcer, "because the Mayor has given a full scholarship to all four of you for your education."

"Okay, what's the catch here?" asked Tucker.

"The only catch" replied Vlad, "is that I require you to at least spend three days in Russia. If you can spend three days living there, I'll give you the reward."

"Why Russia?" asked Jazz.

"Uh, for your, er, educational and cultural purposes of course" replied Vlad as he gave an evil grin as he made up a lie.

"Well kids" said Mr. Launcer, "it seems you'll have quite a fun time there, in spite of our current policies giving each of the two countries' cold shoulders."

"So when do we leave?" asked Danny.

"Immediately" replied Vlad as he signaled two of his bodyguards to escort them to a private plane he had provided, "and don't worry Daniel, I'll notify your family along with your two friends' families as well."

As the four were escorted out of the scene by Vlad's bodyguards, Danny was quite concern about why he along with Jazz, Tucker and Sam being sent to Russia for three days.

"Just what the heck is this all about?" asked Danny, "I'm not much of an education nut as much as Jazz is."

"Yea, and I usually get bored of any culturally experience, even the ones we have here" added Tucker.

"Somehow I'm pretty sure Vlad might have hired some locals within the government to hunt us down or something like that again" said Sam who was also quite concern.

"Oh please, let's just enjoy this free three day vacation Vlad provided for us" replied Jazz.

"Yea, maybe you're right" added Danny as they were being escorted into a limo which was ordered to head toward the airport.

Meanwhile, back at the Mayor's Office, Vlad had ordered everybody out of sight and turned on the computer screen of some sort of Russian man on the screen who was wearing a red suit quite similar to how the Guys in White wear their suits.

"Alright comrade, it's about time you called, we've been waiting to deal with your problem" said the man on the screen.

"I know your organization is quite vast throughout modern history, perhaps even having one of the best intelligence networks besides my own" said Vlad.

"But why would an American like you want to hire a group known as the Guys in Red?" asked the man on the screen.

"Because I'm having some trouble eliminating this town's ghost problems, namely the ones caused by the likes of Danny Phantom" replied Vlad, "and your American counterparts known as the Guys in White are not doing such a bang up job."

"Hmm, an intelligence failure by our American counterparts?" laughed the man on the screen, "That's great, are you going to make us hunt down that ghost boy?"

"Can you do a better job at it than your American counterparts can?" asked Vlad.

"Why certainly, anyone who fights against ghosts is a comrade of ours" replied the man on the screen.

"That's all I need to hear" said Vlad as he turned off the computer screen and lowered it down, "yes, too easy indeed."

The scene then goes back to the private plane heading to Moscow, where Danny was getting the shivers, even more than usual.

"Danny, just what the heck is up with you?" asked Sam.

"Yea, I know Russia's a cold place, but this is ridiculous" added Tucker.

"I sort of get the feeling Vlad is up to something, we didn't receive this free three day vacation for nothing, there's got to be some sort of a catch" replied Danny.

"But what sort of a catch is Vlad pulling?" asked Jazz, "If Vlad is up to something big."

"I don't know" replied Danny as he noticed some people outside with jetpacks following the private plane, "but I bet it has something to do with those guys."

Back outside the plane, the Guys in Red were right on the trial of Danny Phantom.

"We're catching up to the private plane that Mayor Vlad Masters has detailed the notorious Amity Park ghost known as Danny Phantom is in sight" said the head of the group.

"Look comrade, here he comes!" shouted one of the agents as he noticed Danny Phantom flying right out of the plane.

"Fire at will!" ordered the head of the group.

As members of the Guys in Red attempted to fire at Danny, Danny dodged the various red lasers that were heading his way. He used his ice powers and froze the tips of the blasters that were firing at him. The head of the group then decided to use his Judo skills he had acquired. He raced toward Danny by the boaster of his jetpack and gave Danny a good punch and kicked him right up in the air.

"Ha, the Americans must be lousy ghost hunters, this ghost boy is a weakling!" laughed the head of the group.

"Don't count on that" replied Danny as he recovered from the attack and raced toward the head agent of the group and gave him a good punch sending him flying a bit off, but the agent recovered from the attack.

"Is that the best you can do ghost boy?" laughed the head agent of the group who recovered quite quickly from the attack from Danny.

"I don't think you folks have heard of my ghostly wail?" replied Danny, "And addition, I'll add my ice powers to it."

"Bring it on ghost boy" said the head agent.

"Very well" said Danny as he held his breath.

As Danny held his breath, he then combined his ghostly wail with his ice powers. The ice froze the jetpacks of what the members of the Guys in Red were wearing.

"Say bye, bye, and oh, say hello to your counterparts in the Guys in White, maybe you'll learn a thing or two from their mistakes" said Danny as he laughed and headed back into the private jet and changed back into his normal human self.

"This doesn't look so good" sighed the head agent of the group as members of his group and himself were falling until they released their parachutes.