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Hinata's thoughts.

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Sunlight streamed in the room,stirring a girl up. White lavender eyes fluttered open as her pink rosy lips parted to let out a barely audible yawn. She sat up tiredly and rubbed her eyes like a child. "Morning already?",her soft melodious voice groaned. She looked over at the clock to see it was 5:38 am. Her eyes widened as she let out a squeak. "I'm going to be late for Tsunade-sama's training!", she jumped out off the bed but tripped over her blanket,landing on her face. "Ow...",she softly whined as she rubbed her face before bolting in the bathroom to get ready.

Hinata raced through the streets,trying not to bump into people as she hurriedly tied her hair in a high pony tail. THUMP! She nearly fell flat on her but but swiftly twisted her body in a circular movement the gained her balance. "G-G-Gomenasai!",she stuttered then she finally looked up to see who she had bumped into. It had to be him of all people. Hiashi. Looking at him reminded her the time she was disowned. It had hurt. It still did.

Flash Back

Hinata gave a small cry as she fell out of the doors,after being roughly shoved by a servant. Her bags were carelessly flung at her like she meant nothing. Hiashi blankly stared down at her. "You are 12, Hinata. Yet you are still beaten by your little sister Hinabi ,countless of times. You are nothing but a disgrace to our family! A weakling! From now on,you are no longer a Hyuuga!",he shouted before slamming the doors in her face.

Hinata bit her lip to stop from crying. She knew it was coming but for some reason she still treated them and felt them like a family,no matter how cold they were to her. "This can't get any worse.",she sighed heavily as she reached for her bags. Then thunder and lightning boomed overhead. "...me and my big mouth.",she groaned when she felt rain thunder done on her. Her pale lavender eyes glistened as unshed tears threatened to fall.

"Hinata-sama?",a familiar voice asked behind her. Without turning back she replied, "Iie. I'm no longer Hinata-sama. Just Hinata." "What do you mean?",another voice asked. This time she turned around to see who they were. "Shizune-san? Tsunade-sama?", Hinata blinked. They looked at her sadly a sad smile on their face.

End of Flash Back

Ever since then, Tsunade and Shizune took care of her. In fact they adopted her.It was 3 months ago and she had just recently begun training with them. Her hair slightly grew to her shoulders in such a short time and her pale lavender eyes grown a shade of violet. Not to mention her hair had grown some weird streaks of icy blue and purple. They would hardly recognize her. The man narrowed his eyes at the girl before him,something was familiar about her. She hastiedly bowed before bolting off to the hokage's towers. He shrugged it off then continued walking off to his house.

Hinata blinked back the tears in her eyes. He treated her like dirt. He only favored Hinabi and Neji. He never cared of her. So why did it hurt so much when it was suppose to make her relieved from his torture and choking hold on her? It wasn't like this...in the past when her real mom was alive,everything was so different. They had been one happy family. But it all fell apart...was it because of her? Was that why he hated her? She found it difficult to breathe soon from all the running. She collasped on the floor, paanting heavily. Her throat burned and her feet felt numb. And her heart...it was broken.

Tsunade was impatiently waiting at the training grounds while Shizune just gazed into the sky. "Wheres that girl?", Tsunade yelled as she paced around in a circle. "Don't worry,it's not even time to train yet. She usually arrives...right about...Now.",Shizune smiled as a girl ran up in view. "Tsunade-sama, Shizune-san! Konnaichiwa!", Hinata chirped as she bowed. She somehow never got nervous around them anymore so she doesn't stutter around them. In fact since shes been disowned most weight had lifted off and her stuttering almost went away.

"Ah, Hinata-chan. Right on time.", Shizune smiled. Tsunade just rolled her eyes before letting out a grin. "Let's just get this thing started!",the woman laughed as she lightly punched the ground,creating a tremor,making the other two lose their balance. "Tsunade-sama!",the two yelled, indignantly. It was like that until 4 months later,it was Hinata's birthday and the three were having a mini party to celebrate it.

Tsunade grinned evilly as she snuck a bottle of sake from under her desk. Shizune was busily making food and preparing the surprise. And Hinata was...well sleeping at her apartment. The girl liked some privacy so she didn't live with them.They only had 30 more minutes to finish off the party and Shizune was too busy to notice the Hokage about to drank down the whole bottle of sake. She silently cackled evilly as she put her lips on the tip but then a BAM!

The doors were flung open to reveal a girl around 13 or 12 panting heavily like she was previously running. Her sparkling violet eyes were slightly glazing a icy blue color as her silverish hair,tinted with midnight blue with icy blue streaks and glowing lavender streaks, flow around her figure in a mess. She looked distressed as she eyed the hokage and the assistant with alerted eyes. "What are you guys doing?",she blinked as she looked from one to the other.

"I-Is that you Hinata-chan?", Shizune gasped,holding a bottle of soda. Tsunade coughed. "WHAT??",she yelled,eying the girl like she was an alien. Then girl nodded then quickly closed the doors behind her. "Look at me!",she yelled worriedly. "What happened to me?!",she fretted again as she ran to Tsunade's desk. "My hair! My eyes-Tsunade-sama! You know you're not allowed to drink!", she cut herself off to lecture the woman and snatch the bottle away.

"Well,you're still the same old Hinata!...unfortunately.",Tsunade sighed. Hinata blinked then pouted. "Do you know what happened to me? I woke up like this and ran straight here!",she looked around the room then paused. "Hey...whose birthday is it?",she asked,a cute innocent look on her face. Tsunade's eyes twitched. "Yours idiot!",she hit her student on the head. "Ow!Mom!",she softly cried out. She was now use to calling them mom after they adopted her. Shizune shook her head then looked at Hinata closely. "You have been changing recently. But you suddenly change all the sudden. Weird...", Shizune muttered as she studied Hinata's face.

"Now that you say it...thats true. In fact...you look completely different from all the Hyuugas. Wait,I heard that your mom wasn't really a Hyuuga right?", Tsunade,asked,now serious. Hinata nodded. "Well all of this could've came from your mother.", Shizune concluded. Hinata frowned, "But I can also control elements like water and fire! Watch." Hinata stepped away from them then held out her hand,then a small spark flickered in her hand. Then it grew into a small flame,playfully flickering in her pale palm.

Tsunade and Shizune blinked. "Without any chakra?", Tsunade asked. Hinata brows knitted together as a thoughtful expression form on her face. "It's more like I use it's chakra.",Hinata explained. "Interesting.", Tsunade thought aloud as a serious smile formed on her face. "We will have to help you control that after you're done with our lessons,no?",the hokage grinned. Hinata faltered,she didn't like that look. But if she could learn this crazy thing then it has to be done. "First...Happy Birthday Hinata-chan!",the two yelled happily as they threw streamers and candy everywhere. Hinata blinked then smiled brightly. "Thanks guys!",she giggled.

9 months later.

Kunais whizzed past her as she twirled to dodge it. Her icy blue eyes scanned her foes. One of them was on top a boulder,the other is on a tree. I got it! Her right hand glowed a rainbowish color, as she pointed her finger at the boulder then at the tree where the other person was at.

The boulder heaved up into the air with a rumble as the woman on it struggle to maintain balance. "H-Hey!",she yelled as she jumped off barely in time when the boulder was thrown into the tree by an invisible force. "Ah!",the woman on the tree jumped off,just barely avoiding the boulder. Tsunade scowled, "Play nice with your moms!" The blond ran up then pounded the floor,creating a earthquake and cracking the floor into uneven heaps.

The girl with icy blue eyes smiled as she pointed to the ground,it glowed dimly as the earthquake passed through,not being affected by it. The ground where she was standing was smooth and untouched...like her. Shizune gritted her teeth,' Shes good'. She made a couple of hand signs then heaved up a large cloud of purple gas,poisonous gas actually, at the girl.

The girl tightly frowned as she spun rapidly on her heel, the air around her dimly glowing then suddenly the gas and the air around her was blown back at the other two woman. "Oh no.", Shizune and Tsunade squeaked as they jumped out of the way. "Alright! You win!", Tsunade fumed. Shizune looked upset also but in their eyes,there was a proud twinkle in them.

"Yes!",the girl jumped up and down happily. "I beat mama and momi!",she giggled. She softly smiled at them as her icy blue eyes turned back to sparkling violet orbs. "I still can't get over how your eyes turn to icy blue and violet again.", Tsunade chuckled as she ruffled Hinata's hair. Hinata softly smiled back. "You've even master super strength and everything else...you're a fast learner.", Shizune smiled proudly.

"It almost took me a year!", Hinata raised an eyebrow. "Thats pretty fast! Even with the healing lessons.",Tsunade glared at the pre-teen. Hinata laughed then hugged them, "That's just because you guys are the best!" The three laughed then hugged each other. "You do know that Naruto is leaving today,right?", Shizune asked. Hinata slightly blushed then nodded,a sad smile on her creamy face.

"Then why won't you-", Tsunade was about to hit some sense into her daughter until her daughter looked at her seriously. "Momi...mama,I want to go too.",she said pleadingly. "What?",they yelled. "If Naruto-kun can go...why can't I?", Hinata looked at them her violet eyes now a lavenderish color,with unshed tears in them. "Please? 3 years to prove to them that I can survive and that I am not weak!",she looked at them earnestly,her eyes pleading for a yes. They sighed. "Fine."

She glanced back at her moms. They were trying not to break down. She knew that. Her eyes...they could suddenly see through people...like their souls. It was starting to get stronger each day. But she didn't need to use her eyes to tell whether or not they were gonna cry. She spent time long enough with them to read them like a book. "Bye baby. I'll miss you.", Shizune hugged her,although they were not biologically connected,they still had a strong bond like they were a real family;the three of them. Hinata hugged back, "I'll miss you too mama." Then she slowly let go to look at Tsunade.

The woman gave her a tearful look before abruptly pulling the girl into a hug. "I'll miss you hime. Be careful princess.", Tsunade sadly smiled. Hinata hugged back, "I'll miss you momi. You two be careful too,when I'm gone okay?" They slowly let go then stepped back for the doors to close. It was sunset and time to close the gates. "I love you.",the three whispered as the door closed to a huge boom. Hinata smiled then looked ahead, "I will show them how much this weakling can do." She tucked a silver strand of hair behind her ear then walked off confidently. I will not lose this time. I will not run. This I promise. Believe it!

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