(AN: This is just a little bit of randomness that came to me a while ago and I figured, "Why not?" It seemed like a good idea at the time…we'll see what I think when I'm done with it I suppose… WARNING Spoilers for Final Fantasy X if you haven't beaten it, or don't know how it ends…ONWARD!!!)

Vincent was slightly intrigued by Yuffie's antics. Only slightly though…at least, that's what he told himself. The small ninja had received a PS2 for her birthday and was now feverishly trying to play a game titled "Final Fantasy X". She had just purchased the game the day before, and Vincent couldn't remember her leaving the plaid couch in front of the big screen TV in Tifa's bar since. The bags under her eyes confirmed his theories, as did the Red Bull cans scattered around the couch and the gum wrappers strewn in her lap. Still her fingers moved melodically along the buttons and joysticks on the black controller. A cut scene came on and Yuffie relaxed, watching as the brunette girl and the blonde boy made eye contact for the first time; while behind Yuffie, Vincent sighed. He could predict the rest of the game from here, the guy and girl fall in love while trying to save the world, nothing seriously bad happens to either of them, they go on to save the world together, and it is assumed that following the games conclusion, they get married and have lots of sex and babies. With a swish of his cape, he left the room, not noticing how Yuffie followed his movements out of the corners of her eyes.

The next day, as Vincent was passing by the TV room to exit the bar, planning on going out for a walk, he heard Yuffie's high pitched voice came screeching from her makeshift home on the couch.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! HOW COULD THEY DO THAT? UGH HOW CAN SHE KISS SEYMOUR, HE'S MORE WOMANLY THAN I AM!! Not that that's exactly saying much…he probably has bigger boobs but…HE'S MORE WOMANLY THAN TIFA!!!!! Okay…maybe not….but STILL!!!" Now Vincent was interested. He silently entered the room where Yuffie had set up camp for the past few days and watched as the brunette girl from earlier seemingly got married to the…wait a minute…that wasn't the blonde guy…

Now the pseudo-vampire had to admit, this was a twist he hadn't expected. He focused his crimson eyes on the screen as the wedding proceeded, there was some fighting in between, and then the girl threw herself off a cliff, only to be caught by some birdlike creature. Yuffie slammed her body into the back of the couch and pouted.

"Is something the matter?"

"Vinnie, how could Square do that to poor Yunie and Tidus? It's obvious they're in love, and they just forced her to marry stupid Seymour, who's ugly and more womanly than me and Tifa combined, and yeah!"

Vincent blinked. He didn't understand how Yuffie could be so emotional and not physically explode. If he had that many emotions, he was sure his brain would be leaking out his ears. By now Yuffie had grabbed Vincent's shoulders and was trying her hardest to shake him.

"And…AND! HE'S LIKE SOME FREAKISH UNDEAD THING! I mean, nothing against undead Vampires or anything, but I mean, you don't have a blue veiny face and weird blue hair, and creepy crawly tattoos that look like armpit hair on your chest! You're at least hot!" Realizing that she had thrown that last bit in, Yuffie released Vincent, clapped a hand to her mouth, turned back to the TV and ran the pixilated character in a circle. "Oh, look at that! A random encounter! Heh, heh, nothing out of the ordinary here!" Her blush matched Vincent's cloak.

"Yuffie, for the last time, I am NOT a vampire." Vincent turned and went out for his walk. After his exit, the shin obi wiped her brow with a slight "phew."

One specific night stood out to Vincent however. Always a light sleeper, he got up in the middle of the night to get a drink of water. As he was exiting the kitchen, he heard Yuffie sigh contentedly from the next room. For some reason unbeknownst to him, Vincent found his legs taking him towards the music from the game, and seating him on the couch next to the ninja. He regarded the TV as the two main teenagers had a conversation, which of course ended in a kiss. Yuffie smiled in a bittersweet way.

"See Vinnie? That's what I want someday…a guy who loves me enough to try and save my life…that's true love right there…" As Vincent watched her face illuminated by the bluish light from the television, for the first time in a while, the subject of love didn't bring Lucrecia into his mind.

However, the most memorable night during Yuffie's videogame/insomnia stint was the night she beat the game. He heard her anguished sobs from upstairs. In fact, it could probably be heard from all over town. Walking into her "room" he found her curled on the couch, crying her eyes out. When he made his presence known, she immediately latched onto him with her death grip, burying her head in his cape. Not really knowing what to do, Vincent patted her back a little awkwardly. He had never been one for displays of affection, after all.

"Vinnie! They saved the world, they saved Yunie and then he left! He just…disappeared! They got their happy ending, for like two seconds and then he left her! He just…faded away…and they were in love…and he's gone…and…he didn't even say he loved her too!"

"Well, I suppose love isn't something that endures easily…"

Yuffie snorted bitterly. "Tell me something I don't know…" the gunslinger raised and eyebrow at this.

"…You're in love with someone…?"

"Yeah…I am…have been for a while now. He'll never noticed though…but…as long as I can be there for him, then I can be happy." She walked away from him then, and if Vincent's guess was correct, the tears she wiped away weren't solely for the ending of the game.

Yuffie went into mourning for a week. Literally. She took to humming the Hymn of the Fayth almost constantly while sitting in her room, surrounded by burning candles, and she wore a black veil all the time. But when she finally did come out of her room, she brushed past everyone in the house, and went out to "get a little something." When she returned, she was in much better spirits.

"VINNIE!!! LOOK!!!" She was waving something in his face, a grin the size of Midgar splashed across her face.

Vincent carefully took the box from her and read the title. Final Fantasy X-2. It was going to be another long week.

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