Hey, it's my first Saiyuki fic so I home you enjoy it. I'm tired of reading stories that always portray as Hakkai being jealous of the women Gojyo's always with and always being the one waiting to get noticed. So I decided to make Gojyo the jealous one in this fic, and a way for Hakkai to show Gojyo how desirable he can be…

He walked into the house completely steamed.

"Same old Hakkai, good old Hakkai, typical Hakkai…" He continued to mumble under his breath.

Simply put he was fed up. He was tired of looking the same, acting the same, he was tired of people looking at him the same. All they saw when they looked at him was the nice, helpful, considerate young man they had always thought him to be.

Not that he had a problem being helpful, considerate, and thoughtful. But it came to the point that people just expected it, he felt that had grown predictable and for some reason it irked him to no end.

Even his roommate had forgotten what he really was. Gojyo just walked around treating Hakkai like the house maid he was, while drinking, smoking and gambling away his own time. Hakkai was over it, he watch as Gojyo spent his time charming and bedding women while Hakkai sat at home reading a good book and making sure house was spotless and Gojyo always had something warm to eat.

"Not anymore." Hakkai stated with determination into the empty room. His emerald eyes scanned the small living place noticing it was all in disarray he notice the sofa couch still pulled out, covers thrown half-hazard around, while glasses of water were filled with cigarettes and soot

"Gojyo must have had a busy night" Hakkai stated distastefully. He reached down about to pick up a glass cup, when he stopped himself.

"Gojyo can clean up this mess himself." Hakkai said out loud. He then turned and headed for the bathroom.

He walked into the house unlit cigarette dangling from his lips today couldn't get any better. He had played an early poker game and took home a pretty good winning, he had a date tonight with the new waitress at one of his favorite bar, and lets just say he was excited just thinking about it.

"Hey Hakkai, you here?" he called into the seemingly empty house.

Closing the door behind him he headed past the living room and into the kitchen. He stood in the kitchen for a few minutes.

"There's something missing…" He thought out loud. His blood red eyes looked around trying to put his finger on what was wrong with the picture he was looking at.

Little by little he notice that everything looked exactly the same as when he left. The dirty dishes were still in the sink, there were plates from last night still on the table and there were no glasses in the cabinets. He popped his head into the living room and finally notices that the sofa coach had not been made, the cups of water and cigarette still sat there, and cans of beer littered the floor.

"Hakkai!" Gojyo called again a little nervous that the house was the same, knowing Hakkai was obsessive over how clean the house was.

Gojyo thought for a second. He moved over toward "Hakkai's" room, but as he looked there was no Hakkai and it was the same scene as every other room throughout the house.

"Hakkai!" He called again.

Finally he had heard a muffled answer come from the other side of the bathroom door. For some reason he had not heard the shower.

"The doors open Gojyo." Hakkai answered.

Gojyo thought that was weird because Hakkai was such a private person, and had completely freaked out once when Gojyo had walked in on him in the bathroom, the thing that made Gojyo laugh the most was that Hakkai was only brushing his teeth. Shrugging his shoulder Gojyo walked into the bathroom, his vision was obscured for a moment from the steam that overwhelmed the bathroom.

"Hey Hakkai, did you just get home or something?" He asked cigarette still dangling from his lips. He looked down to make sure the toilet seat lid was closed before sitting on it.

"Why no Gojyo, why do you ask?" Hakkai answered from behind the glass shower door.

Gojyo still sat his eyes searching toward where he knew that the shower was.

"Hey Hakkai can you ease up on the hot water I feel like I can't breathe." Gojyo stated.

A few minutes later the room began to clear up and the shower could clearly be seen, so was the dripping wet body of the brunette. Gojyo for some reason had to swallow hard at the sight of his best friend's body on display for him to see.

"Was there something you wanted Gojyo?" Hakkai asked in a voice of too innocent.

"We'll I just figured you weren't here. Are you feeling o.k.?" Gojyo asked.

"Why yes Gojyo, thank you for asking." Hakkai answered politely. "Why would you also ask that?" Hakkai asked after.

A few seconds later a pleasing aroma spread through the bathroom.

"What's that smell?" Gojyo asked.

"It's my new body wash Gojyo, Cherry scented." Hakkai answered, unknown to Gojyo there was a smirk on his lips when he answered the red headed kappa. "Does the smell please you?" Hakkai asked.

"Um yeah, it smells really good." Gojyo answered slowly.

"So you haven't answered me, Gojyo…" Hakkai stated waiting for a reply.

"Oh yeah, I just figured since the house is such a mess your were sick or had an emergency and you didn't have time to get to it or something." Gojyo answered still a little distracted by the smell and the body across from him.

"I'm sorry Gojyo…" Hakkai began, but Gojyo quickly interrupted.

"No it's o.k. you'll get to cleaning the house when ever your done, don 't worry about." Gojyo stated, while his eyes moved over the wet soaked, pale body on the other side.

All of a sudden the glass door was pushed aside revealing a very wet and angry looking brunette.

"What?" Hakkai asked glaring at the sitting youkai, who seemed to be frozen in place at the sight his friends nude body.

"Um, you'll get to it eventually…so don't sweat it…"Gojyo trailed off.

"I wasn't apologizing for the house, I was going to tell you that from now on you'll clean up after yourself, I refuse to clean up after you anymore." Hakkai stated, while finally moving toward a hanging towel and wrapping it around himself. "I'm not your wife or your mother, you are a grown man and you will do it yourself."

Hakkai passed by Gojyo but stopped and snatched the unlit cigarette dangling from his lips. "And stop smoking in here." With one final outburst Hakkai walked over to "his" room and slammed the door.

"What the hell was that about?" Gojyo asked himself in completely in shock.

A few hours later He had heard the door of the room and heard the bathroom door close again.

He looked around and the apartment it still had not changed.

Maybe I should clean up a little, I have been kinda letting him do all the house work." He thought to himself. "Just got lazy since he's been around."

He heard the bathroom door open and close, then the door of the bedroom do the same. With a sigh he stood up and began to gather the glasses and emptying them out before placing them into the sink. After he went back into the living room and began to gather the cans and placed them in a blue container near the trash, that Hakkai had insisted they used in order to recycle. Moving toward the Sofa couch he made the bed as best as he could before pushing it back in back in place and fixing the couch before heading into the kitchen.

" Damn, how does Hakkai do this everyday?" Gojyo asked himself as he took in the sight of the plate filled table and the full sink.

After a few sighs he begins to clean up until all was spotless. He red eyes looked over at the time, he figured it was almost time for his date, but he didn't want to leave with Hakkai still mad at him. Walking over to "Hakkai's" room and knocked softly.

"Hey Hakkai, can we talk?" He asked leaning against the wall, waiting for an answer.

"What is it Gojyo?" Hakkai answers from the other side of the door.

"Listen, I wanted to apologize, it's that I've gotten so use to you doing everything around here that I forgot that you need a break. I just forgot and I'm sorry for taking advantage of you and all…" Gojyo trailed off, waiting for Hakkai to answer.

"It's o.k. Gojyo, I shouldn't have yelled at you…I'm also sorry." Hakkai said from the other side, not wanting to open the door.

"Hey are you going to be home all night?" Gojyo asked, wondering why Hakkai had not opened the door.

"Um, actually I was thinking of going to the bar tonight, You?" Hakkai asked.

"Well I have a date tonight so I'll be there for a while." Gojyo trailed off again.

"Oh…" Hakkai also trailed off for a minute.

"Come by anyway, you haven't played a game of cards with us in a while." Gojyo stated smiling to himself. "If you want we can get out of here together?"

"No-no that's fine. I'll meet you there." Hakkai said quickly. "I have a couple of things to take of before I go out tonight."

"O.k. so I'll see you there?" Gojyo asked again.

"Yes." Hakkai answered.

"Alright I'll see you later." With a final look at the door, the red haired youkai headed out.

Hearing the door close he popped his head out into the hall making sure that Gojyo was truly gone. When the coast was clear he headed into the bathroom to look at himself over the mirror. He looked like a completely different person to himself.

He wore black kun-fu looking shoes, with skin tight black pants that hugged every curve of his body. He wore a black sleeveless skintight turtle neck with a pair of matching black fuck-me sleeves that looped around his middle fingers. (Something he had barrowed from Sanzo.) His hair had a tousled " I just got fucked" look to it. He wore no monocle so that both his emerald eyes could be seen without a lens covering the other one. Glittered could be seen in the places black material didn't cover like around the upper parts of his arms and shoulder and certain parts of his face like his eyes and cheeks. His hand pulled out the tube of cherry flavored lip gloss and brush it over plump lips giving it a red tint. Finally he grabbed a bottle of cherry scented body spray and sprayed some on his body.

Hakkai looked at himself again. "I guess the point was that I wouldn't be able to recognize myself either." He stated. Shutting off the light of the bathroom he left and made his way into the living room when he noticed how clean everything was.

Hakkai had to smile to himself. One final look around and he left the apartment and headed toward the bar.

Hoping for once and for all to be the person no one expected him to be.

Hope you enjoyed it!!!