"Hak-Hakkai?' Gojyo swallowed thickly.

Hakkai just inched himself closer. "Was that it Gojyo?"

The brunette looked to sexy, emerald eyes half lidded, pink lips looking moist and inviting, and gorgeous body leaning into the tall red head.


Hakkai was so close, all Gojyo had to do was lean forward just a little and he would have had those petal pink lips under his.

"Hey cockroach, I thought Hakkai told you not to be bring your…" The voice trailed of as, the aforementioned brunette turned to look over his shoulder at their new guest.


"Hello, Goku." Hakkai greeted with a smirk, still in Gojyo's personal space.

At that very moment a tall blonde walked into the room. First looking at his smaller companion to see what possible could have rendered him silent. Then violet eyes scanned the last two occupants Gojyo was leaning against the counter and seemed to be having a panic attack, and the white clad brunette who he assumed was Hakkai was leaning in the red heads personal space and had a teasing glint in his eyes.

"While hello to you to, Sanzo."

Sanzo raised a golden eyebrow.

"Hakkai, why are you dressed like that?" Goku asked cocking his head. "And why does are you standing so close to Mr. antennae over there?"

"Gojyo has something in his hair, I was just helping him take it out." Hakkai reached over and ran a pale hand through Gojyo's hair, making sure he rubbed his finger against his scalp.

Sanzo eyebrow shot up even higher, while Goku shrugged and made his way over to the fridge.

"Th-Thank you." Gojyo stuttered out, feeling chills run down his spin at Hakkai's touch.

"No problem, kappa." Hakkai whispered almost seductively.

"So, we heading out?" Hakkai asked pulling away. "your welcomed to come?" Hakkai said turning to look at Gojyo.

Gojyo didn't answer but just rushed out of the kitchen and right into the bathroom before slamming the door shut.

"Fuck." Gojyo moaned against the door. He was rock hard and the fact that Hakkai mentioned the word "come" didn't help anything. "God, now I'm hiding in the bathroom like some virgin." Gojyo sighed and continued to lean against the door.

After a few minutes later of deep breathing and collecting himself he stepped out of the bathroom and entered the small living room. His eyed quickly looked for the frustrating brunette.

"He's in his room." Sanzo answered studying the red head.

Gojyo let out a breath that he didn't know he had been holding in.

Sanzo just let out a snort.

"What?" Gojyo asked annoyed.

"Never thought I see you brought down by a pretty face." Sanzo snorted again.

"What?" Gojyo growled. "What the hell are you talking about?"

"Hakkai!" Sanzo called out.

Hakkai stepped into the living room. Gojyo's eyes quickly devoured the brunette.

"He decided to join us." Sanzo spoke.

"I'll see if Goku's done." Hakkai said smirking then heading into the kitchen.

"Or brought down by a pretty ass." Sanzo smirked to Gojyo.

"W-what?" Gojyo asked confused by the comment.

Sanzo shrugged got up and headed toward the kitchen, Gojyo following behind.

"Don't get dirty. I know how hard it is for you to aim food into your mouth." Sanzo stated to Goku, who had made himself a sandwich.

"I'm not a kid Sanzo." Goku yelled back. "See look, not dirty."

Goku was tall and lithe, honey colored eyes, brown hair. He wore black skinny jeans, studded slanted belt encircled his waist. A honey colored tee that said "Feel free to go ape shit." in black letters with bananas around it. His hair in a loose ponytail bangs falling into his eyes. On his feet he wore black, white, and honey colored high tops.

Sanzo studied the kid for a moment. "Hurry up than."

Goku quickly took a seat and continued to eat. Hakkai leaned against the counter, while Gojyo had not moved from the doorway.

"White Hakkai?" Sanzo asked smirking at the brunette. "Isn't white the color of purity?"

Hakkai smirked back. "I thought it looked good on me, don't you like it Sanzo?"

"Me and you both know your everything but pure Hakkai." Sanzo had a glint in his eye as he glanced over at the red head who seemed to be growing green with jealousy.

"So is that a no?" Hakkai asked.

Sanzo just shrugged and smirked again.

"I like the violet on you, brings out your eyes perfectly." Hakkai said studying the blonde.

Sanzo wore faded blue jeans, a white belt, a tight violet polo, and white sneakers.

Gojyo was growling on the inside all he wanted to walk over and smash Sanzo skull in.

"Sanzo, can we talk?" Gojyo practically growled.

Sanzo looked over at the seething red head, before shrugging and following the red head out.

"Ok, fine I'm attracted to him." Gojyo ground out.

"Figured that." Sanzo smirked.

"What the fuck am I suppose to do?" Gojyo said frustration clearly shown.

"Doesn't look like you have to do much, if what I saw was any indication." Sanzo answered back.

Gojyo sighed.

"But I suggest you better be sure." said seriously. "Hakkai isn't one of your females."

"I know." Gojyo said small smirk appearing as he unconsciously rubbed the sort where Hakkai had punched him.

"You obviously lust after him, not that I blame you." Sanzo trailed off before hearing a growl. "Just remember he'll be here the next day, and the day after. Don't do something that you'll regret because you can't keep your dick in your pants."

"I know that." Gojyo said softly.

"Then think about this, will you still want him if he changes back to who he use to be? Conservative, OCD, baggy close wearing Hakkai." Sanzo asked studying the red head.

"I don't know." Gojyo answered honestly.

"Than I suggest that you leave him be until your able to answer that."

That sat around the table. All three of them nursing drinks, while Goku seemed to be devouring all the peanuts available.

It was a small bar that they had visited a few times before. The drinks we're the best and the atmosphere wasn't as suffocating as some of the other places. Music played in the background, some people dancing, while other watched, drunk or played cards like a group in the back we're doing.

The song changed again and this time Hakkai got up. "I'm gonna go dance."

The remaining three just sat there and stared at each other.

"I didn't know Hakkai danced." Goku stated before shoving down a handful of peanut.

Gojyo glanced at Sanzo before his eyes fell back on the brunette that was a few feet from the table, and who had already began to move to the beat.

"I love you,

But I gotta stay true

My morals got me on my knees

I'm begging please

Stop playing games"

Gojyo watched as Hakkai moved smoothly, and fluidly. His eyes closed, a pale hand running through soft brown hair and touched his long swan like neck.

"I don't know what this is

But you got me good

Just like I knew you would

I don't know what you do

But you do well

I'm under your spell"

Gojyo was under Hakkai's spell as he followed every movement of Hakkai's body. The way those delicious hips moved and swayed.

"You got me begging you for mercy

Why won't you release me

You got me begging you for mercy

Why won't you release me

I said you better release me"

Gojyo continued to stare, when Hakkai opened emerald eyes and looked directly at him. Eyes locked but Hakkai continued to move and touch himself. He felt like Hakkai was dancing just for him.

"Now you think that I

Will be something on the side

But you got to understand

That I need a man

Who can take my hand, yes I do"

"Then think about this, will you still want him if he changes back to who he use to be? Conservative, OCD, baggy close wearing Hakkai." Sanzo's words ran through his head.

"I don't know what this is

But you got me good

Just like I knew you would

I don't know what you do

But you do well

I'm under your spell"

Gojyo wanted so much to get up and walk over to the brunette and beg for mercy, show him exactly what the gorgeous brunette had been doing to him, since his change. But Sanzo words had stopped him.

"Than I suggest that you leave him be until your able to answer that."

"You got me begging you for mercy

Why won't you release me

You got me begging you for mercy

Why won't you release me

I said you better release me"

The songs trailed after him as he got up and walked our of the bar.

Gojyo lit a cigarette and leaned up against the brick building. "Fuck!" He yelled at himself. "I want him so bad but I don't want to hurt him…he's Hakkai." Gojyo inhaled, trying to calm his nerves. "He's always taken care of me, when I was sick, lazy, a jerk…he never complained and did it all with a smile." Gojyo licked his lips before placing the cigarette back on his lips. "I mean Hakkai's always been pretty, monocle, clothes, and all. Reminded me of a sexy librarian." Gojyo had to chuckle at that.

"Your thinking too much."

Gojyo jumped at the voice, his eyes settling quickly on Hakkai as he walked closer.

"When you think to much, you tend to make yourself laugh." Hakkai said smirking.

"Yeah guess I do." Gojyo said reluctantly pulling his eyes away.

"Your also an idiot." Hakkai stated.

"Yeah, guess I'm that too." Gojyo answered with a smirk. "can I ask you something?"

"Sure." The brunette answered.

"Why the change?"

After a few minutes of silence Hakkai spoke.

"Haven't you ever looked in the mirror and decided you just tired of being the same? Even when I died and came back there was nothing different about me, except for my name." Hakkai let out a sigh. "I wanted people to see that I wasn't just a well mannered-clean freak."

Gojyo chuckled. "I liked the well mannered clean freak."

"But you never looked at me like you do now." Hakkai spoke again.

Gojyo's head shot up and looked at Hakkai.

"I saw the way you looked at me Gojyo, felt the heat from your eyes all over my body every time I was around you." Hakkai stepped closer to Gojyo. "You look at me like if you want me."

Gojyo dropped the cigarette as the sexy brunette continued to step closer.

"I wanted you to look at me like that, look at me like you look at all those other women, desire me like you desire all those other women." Hakkai was whispering.

"You did this for me?" Gojyo croaked out.

"I wanted you to see that I can be just as sexy as the women you bed day in and day out." Hakkai answered.

"Hakkai your not as sexy as those women, your not even a women." Gojyo spoke back softly. Hakkai pulled back, but Gojyo grabbed him by his arm and crushed the brunette to him.

"Let go." Hakkai struggled.

"You don't have to be as sexy, you don't have to be a women, you don't have to be any of those things." Gojyo spoke into Hakkai's ear. "All I want you to be is Hakkai, the most beautiful person I have ever met…Inside and out."

Hakkai stiffened in Gojyo's arms.

"I won't ask you for Lo…" Hakkai didn't finish.

"You don't have to ask me, you already have it."

Hakkai's head shot up to stare into ruby eyes. But before Hakkai could say anything Gojyo leaned in and did what they both had be craving. When Gojyo's lips touched Hakkai's he felt electricity. Those soft moist lips where finally under his and responding to every lick and suck he gave them.

Gojyo buried his hand into soft brown hair while the other was on a slim waist. Hakkai had both hands pulling Gojyo's half opened black buttoned down shirt to keep him close.

"Shit he can kiss, I feel like he's gonna tie my tongue in a knot…just like he did with the cherry stem."

They finally broke away when neither could breathe.

"Fuck, Hakkai." Gojyo gasped. "I've been dieing to do that."

Hakkai leaned against Gojyo. Face pushed into Gojyo half opened shirt, Gojyo smooth chest exposed.

"Anything else you've been dieing to do?" Hakkai asked chuckling. Instead of answering with words, Gojyo ran his hands all the way down Hakkai's body until he was cupping Hakkai's perfect ass.

At the touch Hakkai moaned and pressed himself closer to the hands grabbing him, all the while he began to lick up Gojyo's chest to the strong throat exposed for him.

"Shit Hakkai." Gojyo moaned, his hands gripped Hakkai even tighter.

Hakkai whimpered and Gojyo bent down again to kiss the sexy brunette, moaning even louder as the brunette began to bite and pull on his lips.

"Fuck, we need to get home or I'm gonna fuck you right here." Gojyo pulled away from the wall and began to drag the brunette down the street.

"So Keiske?" Gojyo asked.

"To make you jealous." Hakkai answered.

"The shopping trip?" Gojyo asked again. All Gojyo saw was Hakkai's smirk from the corner of his eye.

"You know you didn't have to do all this, the clothes and stuff." Gojyo said softly.

"Your just saying that cause you don't want people looking at me." Hakkai laughed.

Gojyo growled in jealousy.

"If you want I'll get rid of the clothes, even those shorts you like so much." Hakkai spoke teasingly.

"Fuck no, you wearing those when we get home." Gojyo still dragging the brunette.

"But I thought…"

"We'll fuck after I peel you out of those tiny shorts." Gojyo said hurriedly.

"Gojyo." Hakkai stopped.

"What, what's wrong?" Gojyo asked concerned.

"You don't have to ask for it either, you already have it." Hakkai said leaning up and kissing Gojyo softly.

"I know." Gojyo answered before grabbing Hakkai by the arm and dragging him down the street.

"I get the feeling we're forgetting something." Hakkai said as they reached the door.

"Who cares?" Gojyo shrugged it off.

"Get your hand off my ass for a minute, I can't think with you groping me." Hakkai complained.

"What's to think about just stick the key in the hole." Gojyo whined moving his hand from Hakkai's ass.

"I hope that's not your philosophy with sex too." Hakkai smiled finally pushing the door open.

Gojyo quickly pushed the brunette inside and slammed the door.

After a few minutes moans could be heard from inside…

"Oh, FUCK!" Gojyo screamed.

Followed by Hakkai's laughter.

"Stop laughing and get this damn rat off my head!" Gojyo wailed. "He's pulling the hair from it's root!"

"Those assholes really left us." Sanzo growled as he looked at Goku who had his mouth full of peanuts and 6 empty bowls piled in front of him.

The End.

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