Summary: Rupert Chill and Earl team up with Dr Brainstorm after they find out he's after Calvin.

And now the Calvin and Hobbes: The Series Season three premiere!
part one written by Swing123

The episode begins with a shot of Calvin's house.

It lingers for a second, then slowly, it begins to zoom out.

Then, it begins going faster, zooming out of Calvin's neighborhood, then his city, then his entire state.

The camera zooms completely out of the Earth, still moving back.

The moon flies by and disappears, along with the Earth.

As the camera flies over the top of Mars, words fade up onto the screen.

Swing123 and Garfieldodie present...

The words vanish, and the camera zips past Saturn and Jupiter.

As we enter the asteroid belt, a meteor flies by revealing more words.

Calvin and Hobbes in...

The words vanish, again, as the camera flies by Neptune, Uranus and Pluto, and finally out of our galaxy.

More galaxies fly by, and eventually vanish, with the camera still picking up speed.

Starring Pamela Segal Adlon...

Finally, the camera begins entering another galaxy, and more planets and stars zoom by.

Tom Hanks...

The camera then bursts right through a red giant, and continues zooming out.

The red gas from the star swirls around the camera and forms more words.

Ryan Stiles
Andrew Lawrence
Colin Mochrie
Eric Roberts
Tom Kenny
Michael Brandon
and Neil Crone

The words then disperse into gas, again, and vanish from then screen.

The camera continues picking up speed.

A large white comet crashes across the screen, and vanishes from sight.

The ice from it freezes onto the screen into the title.

Dr BrainChill

The title lingers for a second, then, with a blast of fire, and the title immediately melts from the screen.

A large red planet with volcanoes visibly erupting from it, appeared on screen.

The camera suddenly stops its progress, then slowly began zooming in on the planet.

The camera zooms right up to a gigantic black spaceship with a "Z" logo on it, and zooms in on one of the windows.

A tall chrome alien stood in the window, staring out into the black regions of space.

He had a crescent moon shaped head, with yellow compound eyes. Instead of arms, he had two tentacles, as well several tentacles instead of legs. He had a red uniform on with a yellow belt, which had a black "Z" logo on it.

His name was Earl, and he was captain of The Offical Royal Zokian Army Crew. AKA, Lenny, Alex, Dave, and all those other morons.

Earl turned around, and faced his crew, who at the moment were sitting in their chairs at the control panels, operating the buttons and switches.

Or at least they were pretending to.

Earl slithered past them, and up to a door on the other side of the room.


The door electronically shot upward, and Earl walked through it.


The door then flew back down the ground.

The entire crew turned and stared at the door.

There was a moment of silence.

"He's gone!" Erne shouted.

"WHOO HOO!!!!" Everyone screamed, throwing their tentacles into the air.

Zack reached forward, and pushed a button on the panel.

The various screens above them, which were showing X-rays of Zok, its moons, and various direct-cam videos of Calvin and Hobbes went blank.

In its place, every screen acquired a different episode of Seinfeld.

The aliens all slipped on their headphones, and plugged them into the panel.

Earl walked through a dark hallway, and found Rupert Chill, in his human disguise, sitting in a chair, operating some more controls, and staring at a screen in front of him.

"OK." Earl said, walking up to the king. "Earth's current position in its orbit has been locked."

"Excellent." Rupert said. "You set Alfred in charge of tracking the Earth Potentate's location. Has he done that?"

"Supposedly." Earl said. "He says he's at his house. Nothing new, in other words."

"Good." Rupert said.

He stood up from his seat.

"Then if everything is ready tell the crew to start the five minute countdown." He said.

"Very well."

Earl turned around, and slithered back through the door.

Rupert grinned, evilly.

"TURN THAT SCREEN BACK, RIGHT NOW!!!" Earl screamed, narrowing his eyes at the crew.

Frantically, the crew began pushing buttons and taking their headphones off.

"You morons!" Earl shouted. "You haven't been watching the radar, have you?!"

There was a moment of silence.

"Well... maybe."

Earl heaved a deep sigh.

"Bill, turn the radar on, right now." He said, through gritted teeth.

"Sure." Bill said, dully, reaching forward, and pushing a button the panel.

Suddenly, the screen which had Zok on it blanked out and changed.

The screen turned a bright shade of green, and white circles appeared around a small white square in the center.

Earl studied the radar for a second.

"Good then," He said, straightening up. "Alex, is the ship's hyperdrive turned on?"

Alex's eyes blanked out.

"Uhhh... Sure... Why not?" He said, turning around.

"Fine. Start the five minute countdown, and aim us for Earth's orbital position."

"OK!" Alex said, goofily, pushing some buttons on the panel. "five minute countdown is on!!!"

"Activated." Earl said.



Suddenly, the red lights on the control panel began flashing.

Earl looked over at them.

"What's that?" he demanded.

Alfred turned and stared at the controls.

"Oh, those are lights." He grinned.

"I KNOW what they are!!" Earl growled. "The radar is picking something up! Bring it back on screen!"

Alfred and Bill began pushing some buttons on the panel.

The radar screen came back up.

But all of a sudden, there was a difference in it.

There was at least fifty white dots surrounding the ship.

Earl squinted his eyes at the screen.

There was a large circle around the ship, and it was closing inward.

Earl's eyes popped open.

He stared at the screen with wide eyes

"Erne," He said, calmly.

"Yeah, boss?!" Erne said, cheerfully.

"Turn the electricity on to full power." Earl said. "And turn all the lights on."

There was a pause.

"Why?" Alex asked.

"We're under attack by a pack of Shadowfax." Earl said.

"Hey, that's good!" Dave yelled. "You could write a poem!"

"TURN THE LIGHTS ON!!!!" Earl screamed, at the top of his lungs. Not out of panic or fear, but more out of anger and exhaustion.

The alien crew began pushing buttons on the control panel, again.

Suddenly, all the lights around the ship began coming on, one at a time.

The lights throughout the ship switched on, and shown brightly.

Suddenly, Rupert came into the room.

"Earl, the lights are coming on, what's going on?" He demanded, shielding his eyes.

"We're under attack." Earl said. "Shadowfax. They're right on top of us."

Rupert stared at him.

"What?" He demanded.


Rupert, Earl, and the alien crew all looked up, and stared out the window.

"Wow..." Alex breathed.

The only way the aliens could see the Shadowfax against the background of space, was from the fact that they were blocking out the stars around them.

There was a large blob of pure black around the ship, screeching.

The light was holding them at bay, but they were eyeing the ship, hungrily.

Rupert growled.

"We can't let this happen!" He growled. "We're using too much power on the lights! We're never going to be able to clear our galaxy!"

Earl turned around.

"Dave, get the main weapons ready. Alex, how much time do we have left?"

"Three dot on top of a dot "o" four." Alex said, slowly, squinting at the screen.

"We have three minutes." Earl said, expressionlessly.

Dave turned and stared at the panel.

"Uh... how do we get the weapons ready, again?" He asked, looking up.

Rupert and Earl stared at Dave.

Earl's eyes slammed shut.

For ten seconds, he stood there, gritting his teeth, trying to calm down.

Then his eyes popped open, and he turned to Dave.

He shoved him out of the way, and began pushing some buttons.

The front part of the ship, turned, and faced the group of Shadowfax.

A large laser cannon flipped into sight on the bottom of the ship.

Earl hit a large red button.

The end of the cannon began glowing bright red.

Then, a blast of light shot out, and hurled for the group.



Rupert and Earl grinned, wickedly, as at least fifty of the shadowfax burst into flames.

The remaining shadowfax, however, did want to take that.

They turned to the ship, opened their mouths, revealing glistening sharp teeth, and screeched.

Then, suddenly they scattered.

Considering they were completely black, they quickly vanished from the sights of the aliens.

Rupert and Earl looked around outside.

"Where did they go?" Rupert demanded.

"They left." Earl said. "That's weird. They don't usually give up that easily."

He turned to the timer on the wall.

"Doesn't matter. We're going to be off to Earth at light speed in less than one min..."


Suddenly the ship lurched to the right, throwing Rupert, Earl, and several of the crew members flying from their feet, and into the wall.

"HEY!!!!" Rupert screamed.


Earl looked up.

"They're on top of the ship." He said, quietly.


Suddenly the unmistakable sound of claws scraping against metal rang out through the ship.

"TURN THE LIGHTS OFF!!" Rupert screamed.

Earl stared at his king in shock.

"Rupert, if we do that, we won't have any protection against these things!" He yelled.

"So," Dave said, turning to Erne. "Is something important happening?"

Erne shrugged.

"It doesn't matter!" Rupert yelled standing up. "We're not going to have enough power to get out of this. Lenny turn the lights off!!"

There was a moment of silence, broken only by the shadowfax's screeches and claw scratches.

Lenny and Rupert stared at each other.

"Uuuhh... now?" He asked.

Rupert and Earl stared at Lenny for a long throbbing moment.

"No, you moron, tomorrow. NOW!!!!" Earl shrieked.

Lenny's eyes popped open, he spun around, and started pushing buttons on the panel.

One by one, the lights around the outside of the ship died and the lights inside switched off.

The alien's eyes glowed in the darkness.

Earl turned and stared at one of the screens.

"Twenty seconds." He said.

Trying to ignore the Shadowfax's screeches and attempts to get inside, Rupert and Earl took their seats at the front of the ship, and strapped themselves in.

The crew followed suit.

Outside, the Shadowfax were all piling on top of the ship, scraping their claws against the metal, and trying to get in.

Behind the ship, a hatch opened up, and five steel rockets extended out.

Slowly the engine's humming began getting faster and louder.

The ends of the rockets began glowing bright red.

Rupert looked behind his chair.

The screen started beeping as the timer hit five seconds.



There was a loud explosion of fire behind the ship, and a mighty lurch, the ship roared forward.

Several shadowfax were thrown off with the explosion, and while others hung on, they were soon thrown off as well as the ship began to go faster.

Slowly all the space creatures were tossed off of the ship, as it approached light speed.

Earl turned and looked at a screen before him.

"The ship is cleared. The Shadowfax are gone." he said. "Now setting a one way course to planet Earth."

The ship roared past Zok's moons, and headed off towards the Milky Way.

The camera, positioned in front of the moon, Creak, began moving forward after the ship, picking up speed, once again.

The camera went right over the space ship, and flew forward, passing up planet after planet and star after star, still going even faster.

There was a blast of blue, and suddenly everything fell into darkness, as the camera exited Rupert and Earl's galaxy.

Galaxy after galaxy flew by, until it finally entered the Milky Way.

It passed up Pluto, Uranus and Neptune, went right through the gas planet Jupiter, passed up Saturn, zoomed through the asteroid belt, flew past Mars, and came right up to the planet Earth.

Still going faster, the camera zoomed in on Earth, in on Calvin's state, into Calvin's neighborhood, and finally up to Calvin's house, where it stopped in front of his window, where he was sitting on his bed with Hobbes, reading a comic book.

Calvin looked up, and stared around the room.

"What is it, Calvin?" Hobbes asked, looking up.

"Oh nothing. I just feel like we just missed out on a big action sequence for some reason." He said, turning back to his comic book.

"Huh." Hobbes said.

Suddenly, Socrates ran inside.

"Calvin, Hobbes, Camera that likes zooming in and out of things!!!"

"What do you want, cat?" Calvin demanded, setting his comic book down. "I have better things to do than hide you from whoever you conned, this time."

"No, I haven't done anything!" Socrates yelled, frantically, pointing at the door, and hopping up and down. "It's Andy and Sherman!!!! They're in big trouble!!! Come on!! HURRY!"

Calvin and Hobbes exchanged glances, then, with a tremendous leap, they both rushed off the bed.

The trio ran downstairs, and came to the door.

Socrates silently stepped aside.

Neither Calvin nor Hobbes noticed that he was grinning.

Calvin ripped the door open.



Socrates stood in the doorway, grinning from ear to ear, and staring at Calvin, who was now on the front porch.

He was covered in creamed corn.

Hobbes, however, had managed to vanish into thin air, so nothing came to him.

There was a long moment of silence.

Calvin stood on the doorstep, glaring straight ahead with yellow dripping off his face.

"If it will make you feel better, some experts believe that creamed corn can cure runny noses!" Socrates said.

"No, they don't." Calvin growled, through gritted teeth.

At that very moment, Andy and Sherman came walking down the sidewalk.

They spotted Calvin and Socrates standing there at Calvin's doorstep.

Socrates waved to them.

"Hi, Andy!" He yelled.


Calvin leaped from his position, and pinned Socrates to the floor.

Andy rolled his eyes, as he and Sherman came up.

"Hello, Calvin. Socrates." Andy said. "Normal day?"

"Yes, why do you ask?" Calvin asked, pausing from attacking Socrates.

Socrates leaped to his feet, and pounced.




Andy peeked inside the house.

"Uhh... Calvin?" He asked.

"Just come on in, Andy." Calvin's muffled reply came.

Andy walked into the house.

"Uh, Sherman and I wanted to know..."

"You wanted to know." Sherman growled. "I was perfectly happy in my lab."

"Right." Andy said. "I wanted to know if you, Hobbes, and Socrates wanted to go down to the museum. They were supposed to have this new American Indian stand, that was supposed to be interesting. Where is Hobbes, anyway?"

"You're guess is as good as mine." Calvin grumbled, standing up, and brushing himself off.

"I'm here." Came a voice.

Calvin, Socrates, Andy and Sherman looked up, and watched Hobbes walking down the stairs.

Calvin glared at him.

"Congrats, Hobbes! You've managed, once again, to sneak off to save your own unworthy skin. What do you have to say for yourself?!"

There was a moment of silence.

"No, I don't really have anything." He said, finally.

Calvin growled.

"Anyway..." Andy said. "Are you interested in going?"

"Going?" Hobbes asked. "Where are we going?"

"To the museum." Andy said. "They have some new displays up that might be interesting."

Calvin glared at the two tigers before him.

"Fine, I'll go." He growled. "But I'd like to see these two go, too."

"Sure, that might be fun." Socrates grinned.

"Uhhh... OK..." Hobbes began.

"Great, let's go." Sherman said, impatiently. "I have things to do, ya know!"

"Be quiet, Shermie." Andy said.

"Whatever..." Sherman growled.

Calvin, Hobbes, and Socrates stared at Andy for a moment.

"How do you DO that?!" Socrates demanded.

Andy rolled his eyes.

Meanwhile, several hundred miles away, in Yellowstone, another important event was occurring.

"I'VE DONE IT!!!" Brainstorm yelled, leaping from his seat. "I'VE FINALLY DONE IT!! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!! JACK, DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS?!?"

Brainstorm turned and looked around.

Jack was nowhere in sight.

Brainstorm's eyes narrowed to slits.


There was a moment of silence, then one of the doors opened, and a tall silver robot walked inside, carrying a Pepsi in his hand.

"Yes, Frank?" He said, sitting down in a chair.

"DR BRAINSTORM!!!! And I wanted to tell you that I've discovered the discovery of the year! Get rid of that soda, and listen to me! Don't you know that stuff is bad for you?!"

"It would only be bad for me if I was a human." Jack yawned, setting the bottle down. "I don't have a stomach for it to burn a hole through."

"Whatever." Brainstorm turned back to the screen before him. "Jack, I've been monitoring our galaxy for some form of intelligent alien life form that can help me take over the world!!"

"Uh huh." Jack replied, yawning.

"Just a few minutes ago, my amazing technology picked up signs of some alien presence entering our galaxy from BEYOND!!!"

"Sure." Jack said. "What is this, the fifth or sixth time today you've said that? It's not another asteroid?"

"Of course it's not an asteroid!!" Brainstorm shouted. "I'm positive I'm right this time! This UFO is making a straight B-line to Earth as fast as the speed of light! IF NOT FASTER!!!"

"Faster than the speed of light, huh?" Jack said, skeptically. "When did this show move to the Scifi Channel?"

"Oh, shut up!!" Brainstorm spat. "I'm telling you aliens are coming!! And with each passing second they're getting even closer!! And as soon as they get in range, I'm sending them my auto transmission to see if they respond!! THIS COULD FINALLY BE MY CHANCE TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!"

"Uh huh." Jack said, dully, losing interest in Brainstorm's speech. "And the chances are is that you're going to be sending it to another giant asteroid."

"You're just jealous of my genius!!!!" Brainstorm screamed, frantically. "Now..."

He turned and looked down at the screen on his panel.

"They're in range now, go send the auto transmission!!!"

"Right. Another goofy greeting being sent off to another big rock."

"SHUT UP!!!"

Jack stood up, and walked over to the control panel.

He started pushing buttons, pausing to taking sips from his soda.

Finally, he pushed a button marked SEND, and a envelope popped up on screen.

"YOUR MESSAGE HAS BE SENT." An electronic voice said.

"EXCELLENT!!!" Brainstorm yelled, throwing his arms to the sky. "Now all that's left is to wait for their response!!!"


"Earl!!!" Zack whined, rushing into the main room. "Dave won't give me my VVV player back! Tell him it's MY turn!!!"

"Beat it." Earl growled.

Zack whined and cried, but ended up leaving all the same.

"Well, another day another dollar." Rupert said, leaning back into his chair. "What should we do to attempt to get rid of Calvin, today?"

"I dunno." Earl said. "Let's wing it. What's the worse that can happen?"

At that very moment, that same red light began flashing on Earl's keyboard and beeper went off.

Rupert and Earl looked up.

"What's that?" Rupert asked.

"Somebody's sending us a transmission." Earl said, raising an eyebrow. "Who the heck would be sending us a transmission in the middle our important errand?"

"It better not be another one of those salespeople." Rupert grumbled. "I'll scream."

"On screen." Earl said.

Suddenly, Jupiter, which was right in front of them, disappeared, and in its place, was a giant white... well, blankness.

Rupert and Earl stared at it, blankly.

Suddenly, words appeared on the white screen.

A Dr Brainstorm presentation...

Rupert and Earl stared.

"Right." Earl said.

Suddenly, Brainstorm's face appeared on screen.

"GREETINGS ALIEN LIFEFORMS!!!" He screamed. "My name is Dr Brainstorm!!! And this is my robot assistant, JACK!!!"

Brainstorm stepped aside, and revealed Jack.

He was sitting on the couch, reading a magazine.

"Yo," he said, holding a hand up.

Rupert blinked.

Brainstorm then stepped back in front of him.

"Anyway, I suppose you want to know why I'm sending you this prerecorded message!!! DON'T YOU!!!!!" he shouted

"No." Rupert said.

"Of course you do!!!" Brainstorm shouted. "I'm contacting you to recruit you to my cause!!! I am on a mission determined by fate to TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!"

He threw his head back and laughed, insanely.

"Well, he's not as bad as the crew." Earl said.

Brainstorm stopped laughing, and suddenly acquired a serious face.

"However, I can't do it without YOUR help! That's right, even as much as a genius I am, I can not defeat my greatest enemies!!"

Earl yawned, and Rupert's attention began to wander

"That's right, already I have acquired enemies to rule the world! One is out to overthrow me and the other is a robot!! A ROBOT!!!!"

"He's not a robot!!!" Jack shouted, off screen.

"Whatever." Brainstorm said. "Anyway, their names are Calvin and Hobbes, and I need help defeating them."

Suddenly, Rupert's head jerked back to the screen and Earl snapped to attention.

"CALVIN AND HOBBES?!?!?" They both screamed.

"If you are interested in teaming up, please contact me, immediately!!" Brainstorm yelled.

There was a pause.

"OK, I think I've covered everything. Hope to hear from you soon!"

"Real smooth, Frank."


The screen then went blank.

Rupert and Earl sat in their seats, staring at the monitor with wide, unblinking eyes.

"Wow, Planet Potentates sure do make a lot of enemies, don't they?" Earl asked.

"Oh, that's common among them." Rupert nodded.

There was a pause.

"Shall we contact him?" Earl asked.


Rupert and Earl began laughing evilly, and Earl started pushing some buttons.

Brainstorm paced back and forth across his lab from one end to the other.

Jack was sitting in his chair, reading his magazine, and not paying attention to him.

"When are they going to call!!" Brainstorm demanded. "I've been waiting for minutes now!!!"

"Frank when are you going to accept that even if there were any aliens coming to Earth, they would ignore anything you'd send them?"

"DR BRAINSTORM!!!!" Brainstorm shouted. "And I'll have you know that aliens are coming to Earth!! My radar picked it up, and if you don't want to believe me then you can just...


Brainstorm and Jack turned and stared at the panel.

Brainstorm grinned, widely.

"Guess who!!!" He screamed.

He rushed over, and pushed the button.

However, instead of Rupert and Earl appearing, only text revealed itself before Brainstorm and Jack on the screen.

Meet us in the forest in Yellowstone. Away from all the tourists.

There was a moment of silence.

Then, Brainstorm grinned from ear to ear.

"Look at that, Jack! They want to meet us!!! Isn't that great?"

"Oh sure. Don't suspect anything, now." Jack said.

"You're just upset because you were wrong!" Brainstorm sniffed. "I told you aliens are here, and now they want to meet us!! Calvin and his robot are GOING DOWN!!!!"

"Uh huh." Jack said, standing up. "Well, I suppose you're gonna want me to come, now, right?"

"Get in the rocket." Brainstorm ordered.

"I knew it."

"And here we see Old Faithful." A tour guide said, leading a group to the edge of the pavement, where it was fenced off. "One of our most famous attractions. And in fact, the geyser is predicted to blow any second, now."

The tour guide and the group turned and stared at the geyser.

There was a moment of silence.

Then, suddenly.


Suddenly, a boulder next to Old Faithful crashed onto its side, and a rocket exploded out.

"AH HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!" Brainstorm screamed, as the rocket flew straight upward, and behind the clouds.

There was a moment of silence.

Everyone stared at the geyser with wide eyes.

"Uhhhhh... right. Well, moving on, we have the gift shop." The tour guide said, turning around.

Brainstorm looked over his shoulder, and peered through the clouds down to the ground.

"Nobody saw me, right?!" He yelled, frantically.

"Oh no, we left totally unnoticeably." Jack said, sarcastically.

"Good!" Brainstorm yelled, whirling back around. "NEXT STOP: THE FOREST!!!!"

"Uh huh."

Brainstorm pulled a lever on his jet, and they roared off, to wait patiently for Rupert and Earl's arrival.

"WHERE ARE THEY!!!!" Brainstorm screamed, hysterically, as he and Jack entered their third hour of waiting.

Jack, who had been sleeping on a rock for a while, sat up at Brainstorm's outburst, stretched his arms, and yawned.

"Are we starting to get a little impatient?" He asked, turning around.

"Oh be quiet!!!" Brainstorm shouted. "I'll have you know I'm the PICTURE OF PATIENCE!!!!"

Brainstorm threw his arms upwards, and his eye twitched.

Jack stared at him.

"Right." He said, rolling his eyes. "How do you know they're even coming? They could have just sent that back to get rid of you."

"Aliens don't lie!" Brainstorm shouted.

There was a pause.

"I don't think."

Jack heaved a sigh.

"Look, Frank, why don't we just go back to the lab, and you can continue messing up. How does that sound?"

Brainstorm glared at him.

"No, I am not going back to the lab!! I am waiting RIGHT here until the aliens find me!!" He shrieked.

There was another pause.


Jack sighed.

"Well, if it's all the same to you, I'm just going to take the rocket back to the lab. I'll come check in on you in late January."

Just as Jack was standing up, he and Brainstorm noticed that the wind was starting to pick up.

Brainstorm looked upward, his hair being blown to one side.

A wide grin spread across his face.

Jack squinted his eyes into the sunlight and watched as the clouds started getting darker.

"They're here!!" He yelled. "Finally! Someone who will OBEY everything I tell him to do!! LIFE ROCKS!!!!"

Jack rolled his eyes.

Then, the clouds all parted as a gigantic black spaceship cut through them, and prepared for a landing.

Brainstorm and Jack took some steps back.

Except Jack was just backing up so he'd have a tree to lean into.


The ground shook as the space ship and the Earth made contact.

Gee, you'd think someone would investigate this, wouldn't you?

Brainstorm grinned, insanely, and started jumping up and down.

"This is it, Jack! The moment of truth!! Behind those doors lurks the key to me TAKING OVER THE WORLD!!!"

He threw his head back and laughed like a lunatic.

"Right, except you'll be sharing it with an entire alien race." Jack said, expressionlessly.

Brainstorm apparently didn't hear him, because he turned back to the ship, and grinned, again.



Suddenly, a grey cloud hissed out of the ships engines, then, the door slid open.

A long escalator slid out of the ship, and hit the ground.

Brainstorm's eyes widened with glee.

Jack yawned.

Rupert and Earl were coming out.

To Be Continued...