Summary: A mysterious force brings Calvin, Hobbes, Socrates, Andy, Sherman, Calvin's inventions, alter egos, and Holographic Retro to a deadly alternate universe.

And now the fifth Calvin and Hobbes: The Series TV movie
Part one written by garfieldodie

The screen is completely gray.

An outer-spacey music plays in the background.

Now a black and white Calvin enters the still blank screen. His hair is slicked back, and he's wearing a smart suit. He faces the audience.

He clears his throat and speaks.

"One day, I shall come back. Yes, I shall come back. Until then, there must be no regrets. No tears, no anxieties… Just go forward in all your beliefs, and prove to me that I am not mistaken in mine."

(Cut to Doctor Who theme song during Peter Davison-era. The music plays over past clips from C&H: the Series.)

The Five Calvins

Calvin was spending his Tuesday quite normally for once.

He was at school doing his usual routine. He was flunking tests, annoying Susie, visiting Mr Spittle, getting sprayed by the water fountain, waiting for the swing and being beat up by Moe.

It was an average day.

It had been a good week, actually.

There had been no new inventions, no villains, and no incredible mishaps.

Calvin thought of it as a bit of a vacation.

So yes, things had been rather quiet.

Rupert had not been seen. There was no sign of Holographic Retro. Dr Brainstorm had kept to himself.

Pretty boring, really.

But no one was complaining.

Speaking of complaints, Hobbes was rather content as well.

He was currently catching a doze in a sunbeam. He was dreaming of the great chase, rolling around on his back and growling slightly. You know how cats are.

All over town, things were the quite normal.

Socrates was drifting in his inner tube in his mansion's pool.

Andy and Sherman were down in the lab, where Andy was unwillingly helping Sherman with his latest project.

But our story begins at the elementary school, so we shall return there.

Calvin was at recess, recovering from being beaten by Moe. He was beaten and bruised, so he was sitting on top of the jungle gym out of his reach.

It seemed like the perfect day, despite that one little drawback.

Another drawback was brewing many light-years away from our universe.

A black-cloaked figure was holding a strange object. It looked like a lemon wedge stuck to the end of a stick, but it was more like a scoop.

It reached into a bowl-like object.

The intrepid Spaceman Spiff was soaring about the cosmos.

He was being followed by several bigger spaceships.

"This is Spaceman Spiff calling for backup!" Spiff shouted into a headset. "I'm being perused by Galgork Space Warriors! There're roughly fifty of them! Someone get me out of here!"

Just then, a giant twister came out of space and chased after him.

"Whoa! That was a prompt response," he commented.

Suddenly, he realized the twister was dragging him towards it.

"Hey! Help! Make it stop! My thrusters aren't responding! HELP!"

But Spiff was dragged into the twister.

The Galgorks watched as it disappeared into the distance.

The mysterious figure turned towards a white window.

A figurine of Spiff appeared on the edge of it.

The figure used the scoop to pick it up, and he gently placed it into another bowl.

The area that the Spiff figurine rested on lit up.

In the playground, Calvin was climbing down from the jungle gym.

Suddenly, something happened inside him.

"GGGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!" he screamed, clutching his chest.

Everyone stared at him.

Then they went back to what they were doing. They had learnt that Calvin was always melodramatic at times, so they ignored it.

Calvin, however, was confused.

"What the heck was that?" he wondered.

In a bar in an unknown city, detective Tracer Bullet was sitting on a stool.

"It was a rainy, boring day in the big city. I was sitting in the local tavern, throwing back rusty dirt water, and I was looking for my lighter. I was getting a bit testy, as the barkeeper was reminding me. I knew I had been a pain in the side, but what can I do? I'm flawed, pretty much."

Just then, there was a lot of commotion from outside the bar.

Tracer arched an eyebrow and went outside.

"I exited the establishment and noticed something rather strange making its way down the street. It looked like tornado, but it was too small. More like a dust devil. But then it couldn't be. Nothing was being sucked up into it. Something strange was happening."

And it was. Now the little tornado was heading straight for Tracer!

"This thing was obviously hired by someone or something to off me! I pulled my 45 and started firing."

Tracer immediately fired his gun at the strange twister, but alas, he was sucked into it, and it whisked him into the sky and out of sight.

Once again, in the white window, a new figurine of Tracer appeared on the edge.

The figure did the same, but he put this figurine on another section of the platform.

Once again, this spot lit up.

Calvin was walking across the blacktop towards the school, when he got the same pain again.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACCCKK!!" he howled, grabbing his chest again in agony.

Everyone looked again.

Calvin was doubled over in pain and moaning.

Susie approached Calvin.

"Calvin, what the heck are you doing?" she demanded.

"I…I don't know," Calvin stammered. "It feels like I'm being torn away at piece by piece!"

In a normal metropolitan city, Stupendous Man was soaring proudly across the skies.

It was a routine day for him as he explored and checked that all was well before he headed home.

However, as he turned around a building, he was shocked to see that another one of those tornados was coming down from the sky to pick him up.

"WHOA!" he cried.

He altered course and zoomed away.

He checked over his shoulder.

The twister was sailing quietly towards him.

He quickly flew as quickly as he could to get away. He zigzagged around buildings and streets until he'd flown straight out of the city.

"HA! I showed it!"

Stupendous Man took a glance over his shoulder to see where it was.

He didn't realize it was now in front of him until it was too late.

He was sucked into the tornado and taken away.

Once again, a figurine of Stupendous Man appeared in the white window.

The figure picked it up with the scoop and set it down on the platform.

A light was lit as well.

Calvin and Susie were about to enter the building, but Calvin had another spasm.

"DDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGHH!" he shrieked, once again holding his chest.

This time, he fell to the ground.

Susie stared at him.

Calvin was lying on his back, squirming in pain, clutching his chest, and his head was soaked with nervous sweat.

Susie gulped and ran.

"Miss Wormwood! Miss Wormwood!" she cried, running up to her teacher. "Something's wrong with Calvin."

"Something's always wrong with Calvin," Miss Wormwood sighed.

"No, for real this time! He's having some weird chest pains, and he can't stand up!"

Miss Wormwood sighed and followed Susie to Calvin, who by now had attracted a crowd.

Calvin didn't seem to notice them. Too many things were running through his head.

"Calvin, what's wrong?" asked Miss Wormwood, examining him.

Calvin didn't reply. He just looked very uncomfortable.

Miss Wormwood gently picked him up and took him to the nurse.

Back at home, Andy was just departing from his house, feeling very agitated.

"That hamster of mine…," he was muttering to himself.

Just then, one of the tornados came out of the sky.

Andy didn't notice it as he was walking along, and he was picked up by it.

Down in the lab, Sherman was angrily put test tubes away.

"That kid of mine…," he was muttering to himself.

And then, another smaller tornado snuck up and picked him up as well!

Down at the mansion, Socrates was snoozing in the pool, so he didn't notice when he was sucked up as well.
Hobbes was last. He too was asleep, so he also was unaware of his capture.
At school, many people were gathered around Calvin.

The nurse was examining him.

"Well, according to everything that could tell us, he's fine. He's just had a bad shock," she said at last.

Then a kid pointed at him.

"Look!" he cried.

Everyone stared.

Calvin was slowly fading. It was like he was a ghost you could see through. He was slowly coming and going.

"Calvin, are you okay?" asked Miss Wormwood.

Then Calvin said in a firm voice, "A man is the sum of his memories, you know? And I'm not even more so."

Everyone stared.

"What the heck does that mean?" demanded Moe.

Just then, Mom and Dad came in.

"We came as soon as you called," said Mom. "What's wrong?"

"We don't know," said the nurse. "Take a look."

Mom and Dad gasped at Calvin's current state.

"What the heck…?" asked Dad.

"Hey, what's that?" asked Susie.

Everyone turned around and looked.

It was one of the tornados. It had come for the last piece.

The moment Calvin solidified again, the tornado engulfed him and took him away.

"IT'S TAKING CALVIN!" shrieked Mom.

Everyone ran after it, but the strange thing took to the sky and took Calvin away.

Meanwhile, the cloaked figure had just received many more figurines.

They were Andy, Sherman, Socrates, Hobbes, and now materializing, Calvin.

He took them up in the scoop, and began to gently place them in different places on the platform.

Andy was placed next to the Tracer Bullet figurine.

Sherman was placed next to Spaceman Spiff.

Socrates was placed next to Stupendous Man.

And Calvin and Hobbes got their very own section.

Once they were placed together, the platform lit up.

In a dark room, a figure was tied to a chair.

It was the Holographic Retro.


"SILENCE!!!!" a voice boomed.

The ground shook, causing Retro to tip over.

"Okay, we got that out of the way," he said sheepishly. "So, er, what can I do for you?"

The voice spoke again.

"You are one of the most evil and corrupt beings ever known to the human race. It's not saying much, mainly because the human race doesn't know you exist."

Retro nodded.

"Your crimes are outnumbered, and your tyranny is without question."

Retro smirked proudly.

"However, as of now, I am bestowing a task upon you, and if you can succeed at it, you shall be rewarded."

Retro managed to get his chair upright again.

"Hey, I don't do favors for anyone!" he shouted. "I'm my own man!"

Suddenly, a mirror appeared before him, and showed him his reflection.

"What now?" Retro demanded.

All lights turned off, with the exception of a tiny spotlight that touched the giant silver H that was on his forehead.

"Oh, right."

The lights came back on, and the mirror disappeared.

"Indeed," said the voice. "You are merely a hardlight hologram. You are composed entirely of light and controlled by computer intelligence software. You are working for your human self, and now, temporarily, you shall work for me."

Retro thought.

"What's my reward?" he asked.

"You shall be given total control over the planet."

Retro gawked.

"Is…is that possible? You can give me that?"

"Indeed I can," said the voice. "Just perform the task, and it's yours."

Retro grinned.

"All right, what do you need?"

"I need you to save your enemies: Calvin and Hobbes."

Silence greeted these words as Retro stared into the nothingness of the room.

In a rocky wasteland, several little tornados were coming in for a landing.

Two of them landed on a brick wall, leaving behind Stupendous Man and Socrates.

Two landed in a hall of mirrors, leaving behind Spiff and Sherman.

The single one landed Tracer on a country road.

Another landed Andy at the bottom of a hill.

Finally, the last pair landed Calvin and Hobbes.

They landed side by side in a grassy field.

Then another tornado landed, and from it came the cardboard box!

Everyone lay there, unconscious.

Hobbes was the first to awaken.

He got up and stretched as he looked around.

"Something tells me this isn't my house," he commented.

Then he noticed Calvin, who lay unconscious nearby the box.

"Oh, I get it. Another one of you experiments, is it? Where the heck are we?" Hobbes demanded.

But Calvin didn't give a reply.

Hobbes stared.

Calvin was still fading slightly.

"Uh…Calvin? Buddy? Are you okay?" Hobbes asked, worry in his voice.

Calvin finally answered, but it wasn't a reply Hobbes expected.

"I need…to be whole," he said weakly, and he passed out again.

Hobbes stared.

Retro was watching most of this on a floating screen in the dark room, now freed from his chair.

"So that's the situation, huh?" he sighed. "That dumb child has gotten himself into another mishap?"

"This was not of his own doing. A being unknown to him has taken him from existence, and taken him to the reactivated Death Zone. I need to know what is happening there. While I can see all that happens there, I can not hear anything, as you've just seen."

"And you can't go over there and look?" Retro asked disdainfully.


"Oh, I see. So you sent for someone you could easily get rid of without much worry."

"Trust me. Calvin and Hobbes, their companions and their inventions have been taken out of existence. They no longer exist. You are needed to bring them back."

"And if I can't?"

There was a long pause.

Retro sighed.

"A universe without that six-year-old fool barely needs thinking about," he said.

No reply.

Retro looked up.

"So how do I get into the Death Zone?" he asked.

"There is a power-boosted transmat beam behind you," said the voice.

Retro turned around.

Yep. There it was.

"Will you go?"

Retro paused.

"To rescue Calvin and Hobbes," he chuckled. He grinned and faced…nothing.

"Take this," said the voice.

A medal appeared before Retro.

"What is it?" asked Retro, taking it.

"The Seal of the Good Man. It might make your case a bit more convincing to Calvin."

Retro nodded.

"When you have something report," the voice continued, "activate this."

A small round device with a button on it appeared.

"It's a transmat recall device. It'll bring you back here."

Retro took it as well. Then he stepped into the transmat beam.

In a flash of light, Retro was transported to the Death Zone.

To Be Continued...