Part three written by Garfieldodie

Calvin and Hobbes found themselves appearing in a transmat platform.

They were greeted by a dark room. There were a few objects scattered about the place.

"Huh," said Hobbes. "Well, this is a turn up, isn't it?"

Calvin looked at the transmat device.

"Hobbes, we must appreciate the irony of the situation," he said.

"Why's that?"

"We just did Retro an injustice!"

"Well, if those Cyber-whatsits don't kill him, I'm sure he'll learn to live with the misjudgment."

"So, if Retro didn't do this, then who did?" Calvin continued, walking around the room.

Hobbes walked around as well.

"Hello?!" he shouted. "Anybody here?"

A voice greeted them.

"WHO DARES DISTURB ME?!?" the disembodied voice shouted.

Hobbes was so startled he fell over.

Calvin looked around for the source of the voice, but found no one.

"Who…who said that?" he asked.

"That is for me to know," the voice replied.

"And for us to find out?" Calvin guessed.

There was a silence.

"Whatever. Anyway, I'm guessing you're the one who sent Retro in the Death Zone after us, right?" Calvin asked.

"Indeed," the voice said.

"Well, we're here now, so what do you want?" Hobbes demanded.

No answer.

"Hobbes, don't ask questions like that!" Calvin scolded. "Don't you ever watch those science fiction movies?"

Hobbes thought.

"Okay, here's a question for the voice!" he said. "Who has this Mind Scoop thing I've been hearing about from Spaceman Spiff?"

"I don't know," the voice said. "I was hoping you could tell me."

"But then that means that someone has access to it!" Calvin said. "Who would that be?"

"I thought no one."

"But this means it must still exist!" Calvin continued. "Someone obviously has access to it! Now then, we can cross off myself and Hobbes as suspects, as well as my alter egos. Sherman was here, so that must also mean Andy and Socrates are here, and all three of them are innocent. Then of course, Retro is clearly in the clear."

"Who does that leave?" asked Hobbes.

"A bunch of jerk aliens, and a mad scientist," Calvin replied. "And whoever it was clearly has thought this through!"

"How so?" the voice asked.

"Because those Cybermen found us far too easily!" Calvin exclaimed who was running the genius side of his brain at full pelt.

"Almost like they were supposed to!" said Hobbes, catching on.

Calvin nodded. "And they were clearly helped!" He revealed the small device. "Retro was to keep this on him at all times: the Transmat Recall Device!"

Calvin ripped off the top of it.

"And from within, we find a homing beacon!"

Indeed, when Hobbes looked inside, he noticed the small flashing device inside it.

"What does this mean?" Hobbes asked.

"It means, my dear Hobbes, that there is more to this than we think," Calvin replied.

Suddenly, the room lit up.

They looked around in surprise.

"I think we stepped in something," Calvin commented.

Tracer and Andy were stumbling along some rocks up a hill.

"I thought we were going to the tower!" Andy complained.

"We are," Tracer insisted. "The reason we're going thisway is so that we can get to the top entrance to the tower a bit easier."

"Isn't there another way?"

"Yes, but it would take hours for us to get there from here, and besides, we're almost there. Just a few hundred more yards to go."

Andy nodded. It seemed reasonable.

Then they noticed something at the bottom of the hill.

"Ah, those are Cybermen," he commented. "Spiff mentioned them to me once. They're robotic killers in search of using time travel. Clearly Retro has used the Mind Scoop to bring them here."

"Then maybe we'd better get out of here," Andy suggested.

"And we shall."

They quickly ducked behind some trees and into some rolling fog for cover.

They left so soon they didn't noticed Retro was with them…

Socrates was being led by Stupendous Man around a rocky area.

As they traveled, Stupendous Man stopped to walk near a fire-lit pole.

"What are we doing here?" Socrates dared to ask.

"We're here to get into the Dark Tower, of course," said Stupendous Man, taking the torch.

"Through here?"

"We're going to take the underground entrance. It should be through here."

"Oh swell!" Socrates moaned.

Stupendous Man then saw an opening in the rock face, and he proceeded in leading Socrates through it.

A good few minutes into the cave, it was soon revealed to be a tunnel.

"We should be at the tower very soon," Stupendous Man said. "This tunnel continues uphill."

Socrates groaned.

"My feet hurt!" he said sadly.


They both looked back.

"What was that?" Socrates asked.

"It sounded very large, very scary, and very hungry," Stupendous Man said.

"Hmmm… Not a very good combination."

They continued further.

Tracer and Andy climbed to another ledge of the mountain next to the Dark Tower.

"How much further?" Andy asked.

Tracer looked back at him casually.

"You know, that question never gets old," he said. "Do ask it again sometime in the next forty-five seconds."

Andy sighed.

"Sorry, but I've never had to climb a mountain before."

"Yeah, I remember that time Calvin's dad forced him to climb a mountain," Tracer chuckled. "He used me to tide him over for a good half hour."

Andy then looked ahead.

"Hey, it's a dead end!" he complained.

Tracer looked up.

"Not quite," he said. "We could always climb up to the cliff up there."

"Oh, fantastic!" Andy moaned. "This is the worst vacation ever!"

Suddenly, Tracer's ears picked up some movement.

"What was that?!?" he asked quickly.

"What was what?" Andy asked, getting closer to him.

"Something just flashed by us. I heard it."

"Are you sure?"


Andy looked ahead.

At first he saw nothing.

Then something popped into the spot.

It looked like a very shiny human, but he knew it wasn't.

"What is it?" Andy asked.

"It's the Raston Warrior Robot," Tracer whispered. "It's the most perfect killing machine ever devised."

"Really? What's it do?"


Andy and Tracer stared at the arrow at their feet.

"That," Tracer replied.

They quickly ducked behind some rocks.

"The arrows are built it in, and they can detect movement," he whispered.

"Anything else?"

"Yes. They move like lightening."

As if on cue, the RWR suddenly zapped out of that one spot, and reappeared in another a few yards away in a split-second.

Then, it zapped right back again.

"What's it doing?" Andy asked.

"Toying with us," Tracer replied.

"What should we do? Can't you use your gun?"

"Useless," Tracer said. "It could dodge any bullet I shot at it. We're going to have to outwit it."

Suddenly, the RWR disappeared again.

"Come on!" said Tracer, leading Andy away from one rock pile and towards another.

They hadn't yet noticed that some Cybermen were making their way up the mountain.

Once they were hidden, they heard the RWR reappear again.

They gasped slightly.

It was just in front of them, but with it's back to them.

"Don't move, or we're dead," Tracer hissed.

Stupendous Man and Socrates continued along their way, but now the growling thing was following them.

"Stupendous, I think that creature has our scent! It's following us!" Socrates cried, quickening his pace.

"Are you sure?" Stupendous Man asked.

"I'm a jungle cat! I know these things!"

"RRROOOOOOWWWWLLLL!" the creature screamed.

Socrates and Stupendous Man hurried further down the tunnel until they saw an opening in the wall.

Thinking quickly, Stupendous Man pushed Socrates inside.

"You hide there!" he ordered. "I'll handle it!"

"What a guy," Socrates sighed, squeezing himself inside.

The creature revealed itself.

"What is it?" Socrates asked.

"It's a Yeti. It must've been leftover from the games. They were good sports when they lost, but got a little crazy whenever they won!"

"This guy must've been the winner of the Yeti Super Bowl!" Socrates said, quickly ducking inside the tavern.

Stupendous Man got to work fast. He tried to ward the Yeti off with his fire-lit torch, but the Yeti just waved at it.

Putting it aside for now, Stupendous Man immediately dug around in his pockets.

"Hurry up, you heroic numbskull!" Socrates shouted.

"Shut up, you pathetic excuse for a tiger!"

Stupendous Man quickly pulled out a small device with a fuse on it. He quickly lit it on the torch. Then he aimed it at the Yeti.

"Take this, you sore winner!" he shouted.

Sparks flew off the device and backed the Yeti away.

Then abandoning the small sparkler, Stupendous Man grabbed the torch and ducked into the alcove with Socrates, immediately covering his ears.

"What was that?" Socrates asked.


Socrates pulled a hand off of his ear.

"What was that?"

"Just a firecracker."


The firecracker exploded.

The Yeti roared louder.


"……And now it's madder! Good going, genius!" Socrates yelled.

The Yeti tried to get to them, but it couldn't fit through the small opening.

Instead, it caused the mouth of the alcove to collapse, keeping it out.

"Hey, that worked!" said Stupendous Man triumphantly.

"Yeah, perfect!" said Socrates angrily. "Now we're trapped. We're buried alive!"

Stupendous Man then glanced at the torch in his hand. The flame was at a slant.

"There's a breeze!" he said. "And when there's a wind, there's a way!"

Walking sideways, Stupendous Man and Socrates slid further down into alcove.

Soon, they found a small wooden door in the wall.

"Heh, heh!" Stupendous Man said happily. "We've made it! This is the underground entry to the Dark Tower! Shall we enter?"

"Yes, we shall," said Socrates, grinning.

Stupendous Man went through the door.

Socrates' grin faded.

"It's not like I have a choice," he said to himself.

He quickly followed.

Tracer and Andy were still waiting for a clear chance from the RWR.

They hadn't moved a muscle for a full ten minutes.

"Tracer," Andy whispered. "I don't mean to complain, but I'm seriously beginning to cramp up!"

Tracer was already thinking hard. He glanced to the right.

Then he finally saw it.

A Cyberman was coming up into view.

Tracer grinned.

"Okay, we have one chance," he whispered to Andy. "Just don't pull that stupid 'my nose itches' line on me, and we'll be fine."

The Cyberman approached the RWR cautiously.

Naturally, as Tracer had anticipated, the RWR started to fling arrows at it.


The Cyberman was instantly destroyed.

Tracer and Andy took advantage of this and ducked behind the rocks more properly.

Just then, more Cybermen came over the ridge.

The RWR began to attack them and destroy them.

Tracer and Andy watched with interest.

Then they saw a tunnel ahead in the side of the cliff.

"Come on!" Tracer whispered.

They quietly snuck away towards it.

When they got there, Tracer quickly stopped him. There were supplies for the RWR there.

"Quick, grab the extra arrows," Tracer ordered. "We'll take these ropes and pulleys with us as well."

Quickly grabbing what they could carry, they ran further into the tunnel.

They walked for a while before they reached a cliff that overlooked the Dark Tower.

As Tracer began to work with the supplies, Andy gazed at it.

"What now?" Andy asked. "Should we fly across?"

"Keep that sense of sarcasm in handy, Andrew," Tracer said. "You'll go far in life."

Tracer proceeded in taking one of the ropes and tying it around a giant boulder.

As he was checking the knots, Andy saw something coming over the rocks towards them.

"Tracer! Cybermen!" he cried.

"Hold them off," Tracer ordered.

Andy stared at him.

"Oh, that's nice, isn't it? Making medo all the work!"

Tracer looked up at him.

"Andy, here's a survival tip: never bother a man with a loaded gun," he said.

Andy stared at him, but with wider eyes this time.

Then he quickly started to throw rocks at the Cybermen.

As he did this, Tracer began to attach the other end of the rope to the arrow, and then he picked up his gun and started to stick it in it.

Andy watched as he heaved another rock.

"Are you crazy? That'll never work!" he said.

"You got any better ideas?" Tracer asked, taking aim.

Andy backed away.


The arrow was fired across the ravine so that it struck the ledge of a balcony on the Dark Tower.

It stuck tight.

Retro was watching from below at the tail of the Cyberman pact.

"Ever resourceful, that Mr Bullet," he commented.

It was a long trip across, but by using smaller ropes and the pulleys they had found, Tracer and Andy were able to ride across the long rope to the ledge.

It took a lot of work, but soon, both of them managed to climb up and onto the balcony.

"Phew!" said Andy. "That was a workout. Think I'll do it again next year!"

Tracer rolled his eyes.

They began to look around the top entrance of the Dark Tower.

"Well, we're here," said Andy. "How do we get in?"

Tracer looked around for a bit, but then he spotted a hatch door in the side of the wall.

"Through there, would you believe?" he asked.

He opened the door, and Andy and Tracer entered the Dark Tower.