Part four written by Swing123

"Uh huh..." Spiff said, tapping his chin. "And then what happened?"

"They both disappeared!" Sherman said, looking back to where they had just been.

"Hmm," Spiff considered. "And this Retro fellow, what happened to him?"

There was a pause.

"Uh, I didn't really stay long enough to see..." Sherman began.

"You don't say..." Spiff said, thoughtfully. "OK, then, I've made my decision."

Sherman looked up.

"I'm heading for the main gate myself!" Spiff declared, holding his fist to the air.

Sherman slapped his forehead.

"Well, then I'm coming too." He growled, walking up to Spiff.

"What? Oh sure whatever." Spiff said, uninterestedly. "Can we bring any of the inventions with us?"

He walked over to the Time Machine, and looked inside.

"No." Sherman said. "Calvin took all them with him inside his Hypercube."

"Really!" Spiff said, standing up. "Well he forgot this!"

He held up a small, yellow spherical item with a red button on top.

"The Time Pauser?" Sherman asked.

"Exactly! Now let's go!"

Spiff then stood up, fixed his Death Ray Blaster into his holder, picked Sherman off the ground, and walked off down the hill.

About ninety minutes went by.

Luckily with the use of the Time Pauser, they were able to get there in less than a millisecond.

Spiff climbed up to the top of yet another hill, and looked around.

"AH HA!" He yelled, pointing forward. "We're here!"

Sherman, still placed in Spiff's pocket, looked up.

Ahead of them, only about seventy yards away, was The Dark Tower, looming before them.

Spiff triumphantly moved forward towards it.

He walked up to the front entrance, and took the Time Pauser out.


Then, he slipped it back into his pocket, and turned back to the main entrance.

There, he looked around for some means of entry.

The door was completely sealed shut.

Sherman looked up at it.

"I hope you don't assume on ringing the doorbell?" He demanded, looking at Spiff.

"No, that would be too simple." Spiff said, barely hearing what the hamster said. "There must be a better way to get in here."

Just then, Spiff spotted a pole on the ground with a large golden bell on it.

"Hmm, a bell?" He asked.

Slowly, he lifted the bell off, and grinned.

"HOT dog!" He shouted.

Sherman looked around.


"A control panel!" Spiff said, looking back up at the door. "We get in through here!"

And with that, he began pushing buttons on the panel.



Spiff and Sherman both jumped.

Suddenly, the door to the tower, was lifting, revealing the interior of the tower.

Spiff grinned.

"Just solving one problem after another here!" He chuckled.

Sherman sighed.

Without any hesitation, Spiff walked straight into the tower.

For a while, they just walked through winding hallways, lit with torches, until they began to realize something was happening.

"Uh, Spiff?" Sherman asked.


"I'm starting to feel a little sick to my stomach."

"Huh. It must mean we're approaching Rassilon's tomb. He's using his brain power to stop us from proceeding. Just ignore it, like I do!"

Sherman rolled his eyes.

Just then, the hallways ended, and Spiff and Sherman found themselves inside a large room.

Spiff looked down.

Right before them was a large platform, which appeared to be a chess board.

"Hmmm," Spiff considered, rubbing his chin in thought.

He reached into his pocket, and pulled out a quarter.

"We have to pay?" Sherman asked.

Spiff glared at him.

"We may have to pay with our life, small one!" He said.

And with that, Spiff threw the quarter onto the first square.


They paused.

Nothing happened.

"OK, that one's safe." Spiff said.

He took out a second quarter and threw it onto the second square.


Once again, nothing happened.

Spiff chuckled, and pulled out a third quarter.


Where was he getting all these quarters?

Spiff pulled a fourth quarter out of his pocket, and threw it onto the fourth square.


"How long are you going to play Pitch and Toss?" Sherman demanded, glaring up at Spiff.

"Patience, small rodent!" Spiff snapped.

Sherman glared at him.

Spiff took his fifth quarter, and threw it across the board, and into the very middle square.


Sherman jumped.

Suddenly, the entire board became electrified, as blasts of lightning struck every square inch of it.

Spiff turned a smug grin onto Sherman.

"So there you have it." He said. "Nothing happens until we reach the middle of the board, and then the entire thing becomes a death trap."

"What a sense of humor those beings had." Came a voice from behind Spiff.

Spiff whirled around, and faced Holographic Retro.

"Hey!" Sherman screamed as Spiff ripped out his Death Ray Blaster. "What are you doing here?!"

Retro sighed.

"Think what you like, but I suggest you hide." He said. "I have some suspicious looking characters behind me."

Spiff and Sherman stared at him for a long moment.

"Cybermen." Retro said.

"HIDE!!" Sherman yelled.

Spiff whirled around, and dove behind a wall with Sherman.

Retro paused, then turned around.

The Cybermen suddenly appeared around the corner, each one still holding their laser cannons.

Retro chuckled.

"OK, as I promised, I have lead you to The Dark Tower. Rassilon is at your mercy. May I ask for my freedom, now?"

"No." The Cybermen leader snapped. "Not until we've completed our task."


Retro then turned around, and faced the chess board.

He turned his head at the Cybermen, who were pausing at the doorway.

"Do you fear an empty room?" Retro asked, raising an eyebrow.

The Cybermen stared at him.

"Shall I lead the way?" Retro inquired.

He held up a hand, and started walking across the board.

He paused at the fourth row, and turned back to the Cybermen.

They stared at him.

"You will cross to the far side!" The Cybermen leader said, holding his laser cannon up.

"Very well."

Retro turned back around and effortlessly strolled across the rest of the board.

Spiff and Sherman exchanged confused glances.

"How's that?" He asked, grinning.

The Cybermen continued to stare at him.

Retro shrugged, then began hopping one-legged across the board back at them.

Then, he turned around, again, and started jumping across the board on both feet.

Then, he turned around, a third time, and strolled back across to the robots.

"Is that enough proof for you?" He asked, stopping in front of them.

The Cybermen leader looked from Retro to the board, and then back to Retro.

Then he turned to his troops.

"Take the patrol across." He ordered, pointing across the board.

The other Cybermen looked at each other, then slowly began moving across the board.

Retro and the Cybermen leader stood off to the side.

Then, one of the Cybermen placed its foot on the fifth square.



Retro and the Cybermen leader watched, as lightning suddenly struck down from the ceiling, and cut through all the robots.

With anguish screeches they all collapsed onto the ground, as their hardware blew up under the impact.

There was a moment of silence.

Retro bent down over one of the dead Cybermen.

"You have betrayed us." The leader said, advancing over Retro with his laser cannon. "Why?"

"Betrayed?" Retro yelled, snatching the killed Cybermen's laser cannon away, and hiding it behind his back. "No, no! I didn't betray you! I mean... well, maybe a little... but the safe path is always changing!"

The leader shoved its laser cannon into Retro's chest.

"You will show me the safe path." It growled, dangerously.

Retro glared at it.

"Very well." He said.

And with that, Retro turned, and began walking across the board, again, stepping over the fallen Cybermen.

The Cybermen leader followed him.

Just then, Retro whirled around, and pointed the laser cannon at it.



The Cybermen leader stepped backward off the board, electricity surrounding it.

Slowly, it held up its own laser cannon, and pointed it at Retro.

Retro fired, again.



This time, the Cyberman was thrown off his feet, and he landed on the ground in a heap.

Retro chuckled, and threw the gun away.

Slowly, Spiff and Sherman walked out from behind the wall, and up to Retro.

"Wasn't that a little ruthless?" Sherman demanded. "Even for you?"

"Oh come on, they're just robots." Spiff said.

Retro nodded in agreement.

"Well, it doesn't matter anyway, the board is still dangerous!" Sherman yelled.

"Oh, you think so?" Retro asked, looking back at him.

Then, without any effort at all, the hardlight hologram strolled across the board, and onto the other side.

"I'm telling you, Spiff, it's as easy as pie." He said, turning a grin onto the duo, before running off down the hallway.

Spiff and Sherman stared after him.

"Pie?" Sherman asked, his eyes popping open.

"Ah, no thanks, I'm full." Spiff said, rubbing his stomach.

"No, you fool, he said it was easy as pie!" Sherman yelled.

"Yes, that's what he said," Spiff nodded.

There was a pause.

"No it wasn't!" Sherman yelled.

Spiff stared at him.

"OK, now you're starting to get confusing."

"He said it was easy as pi! The Greek letter pi! Surely you know some basic mathematics!" Sherman yelled.

"Of course I do!" Spiff sniffed. "The ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter is represented by pi..."

There was a pause.

"Right?" He asked

"Right." Sherman said, rolling his eyes.

"Phew..." Spiff wiped some sweat from his forehead. "I hate math..."

"Now, then," Sherman said, turning to the board. "We find the safe path across using the mathematical formula pi! But the application... let's see..."

Sherman pointed at the squares on the board.

"3.14...159...265! That's it! Put me down at once!"

Spiff sighed, and put the hamster on the ground.

Then, Sherman rushed across the board, avoiding the various Cybermen which littered it.

Then, he stopped at the other side, and turned to Spiff.

"Now!" He shouted.

Spiff stared at him.

"I hope you have your sums right." He sighed.

And he stepped onto the board.

Stupendous Man and Socrates flew silently through the tower.

Mostly, they were going through a winding staircase, along the hallway.

Suddenly, Socrates stopped.

He looked around the hallway.

Stupendous Man paused, and looked back at him.

"What's wrong?" He asked.

"Uh, Stupendous, do you happen to be feeling invisible hands pushing you back or... something?"

"Yes, I do." Stupendous Man said. "It's the mind of Rassilon. You have to fight it."

"I see." Socrates considered. "You don't seem to be having any problems with it."

"Of course not." Stupendous Man said. "I'm ignoring it."

"Right." Socrates said, rolling his eyes.

The duo continued.

Just then, an ear piercing scream cut through the darkness.


Socrates and Stupendous Man jumped.

"ACK!!!" Socrates yelled. "What was that?!"

"It was a scream, what did you think it was?" Stupendous Man demanded.


Socrates and Stupendous Man looked around.

"It came from over there!" Socrates said, pointing down one of the hallways.

Stupendous Man bolted down the hallway after the voice.

Socrates ran after him.

They both emerged in another small room.

Stupendous Man was the first to enter.

When he did his mouth dropped open.

"Suie? MOE?" He shouted.

Socrates ran up.

"What'd I miss?" He asked, cheerily.

Then he spotted Susie and Moe standing at the base of another staircase.

"Oh." he said.

"How did you get here?" Stupendous Man demanded.

"The same way you did." Moe said. "The Mind Scoop brought us here."

"Huh." Stupendous Man said. "Well that explains it. Moving on!"

The hero then moved towards the stairs.

"No, wait! You have to go back!" Susie shouted. "There's a force field!"

Stupendous Man stopped.

"A force field?!" He demanded. "Well, we'll see about that."

He advanced over the stairs.

"NO!" Moe shouted. "If you come any closer, it will kill us!"

Stupendous Man paused.

"Oh. Would it leave a mess?"

"A big one." Susie replied.

"Well, we don't want that."

Stupendous Man backed off.

"What do we do?" Socrates asked.

"Get them out of here!" Stupendous Man yelled. "I'll look for a different way inside the tomb."

"No!" Moe yelled. "Neither of you can get any closer!"

"Go back!" Susie shouted. "Save yourself."

"Man, is she always this shrill?" Socrates asked.

Stupendous Man glared.

"There has to be another way into the tomb."

"But they'd still be trapped." Socrates said, pointing at Susie and Moe.

"Socrates is right!" Moe said.

Stupendous Man thought for a moment.

Then, suddenly, his eyes popped open.

"Or would they...?" He considered.

He turned a thoughtful glare onto Susie and Moe.

Then, he began walking towards them.

"Stay back!" Moe yelled.

"Don't come any closer!" Susie added.

"Why?" Stupendous Man asked, moving forward. "I can't harm you."

"One more step and we're dead!" Susie yelled.

Stupendous Man stared at them.

Then, he took another step forward.

Susie and Moe gasped.

"You can't kill phantoms. You're illusions of the minds. Another one of Rassilon's traps!"

There was a pause.

"And, of course, I knew it all the time!" he said, triumphantly.

Socrates rolled his eyes.

Susie and Moe stared at Stupendous Man for a moment.

Then, suddenly, they both began screaming.

With a large gust of wind, the phantoms vanished from sight.

There was a moment of silence.

Socrates blinked.

"Uh, did I miss something?"

"Yes." Stupendous Man said, expressionlessly. "You've missed several things since this special began. Now, let's go."

And with that, Stupendous Man and Socrates made their way up the staircase.

Meanwhile, near the top of the tower, Tracer Bullet and Andy were making their way through the tower, as well.

Andy was beginning to slow down, slightly.

"I... I can't go on!" Andy said, suddenly stopping.

Tracer turned around.

"I'm just feeling this intensifying fear with each step. I feel like something horrible is going to happen."

Tracer looked back towards the hallway.

"Yes, I feel it, too. It's the mind of Rassilon. Reaching out to attack us. Try to fight it."

"I... I'm trying but... I... I just can't.." Andy said, taking a step back.

"OK, here."

Tracer raced up, and took Andy's hand.

"Just sit down for a second."

Slowly, Andy sat down on the steps.

Tracer then turned, and started walking off.

"Wait a minute!" Andy yelled. "Where are you going?"

Tracer looked back.

"Oh, I'm just going to assess the threat over there. Won't be but a second." He said.

And with that, he turned, and started walking down the hallway.

"Wimp." He muttered under his breath.

He rounded a corner and moved out of sight.

Andy sat on the stair, looked around, and shaking.

Tracer strolled down the hallway, and suddenly came to a fork in the road.

He cut his eyes from side to side, and started down the tunnel on the right.

"Tracer." A voice said, suddenly.

Tracer stopped, and whirled around.

"ACK!! Who goes there!" He shouted, weakly.

Then, he spotted something.

Miss Wormwood and Rosalyn were walking down the tunnel towards him.

"Oh, it's only you." Tracer said, calming down. "Whatever."

Then, he turned around, and started walking off, again.

"Wait a minute!" Rosalyn yelled, holding out a hand to stop Tracer.

Tracer turned around.

"What?" He demanded. "I'm very busy you know."

"You're other selves are here." Miss Wormwood said, pointing down the tunnel on the left. "They need your help, desperately."

"Oh, you mean, the original, Spiff, and that other guy?" Tracer asked, turning around.

"Yes," Rosalyn said. "They need you."


There was a moment of silence.

"They didn't say." Miss Wormwood replied, finally.

"Huh." Tracer said. "OK."

He walked back up the tunnel, and back towards Wormwood and Rosalyn.

"Let me just go fetch Andy-rew, over there, and we'll be good to go."

"I'll get him." Rosalyn said, suddenly stepping in front of Tracer.

Tracer paused.

He looked back and forth between Miss Wormwood and Rosalyn.

"Uh, no... I think I better go get him. He's pretty shook up as it is."

"We'll get him." Miss Wormwood said. "You're other selves need your help."

Tracer cut his eyes from side to side.

Then, he suddenly made a move around Rosalyn, who quickly stepped back in front of him.

Tracer then ducked between her and Miss Wormwood, and raced off back towards Andy.

"Wait!" Miss Wormwood yelled.

"Stop him!" Rosalyn shouted.

"You're not REAL!!" Tracer shouted, looking behind his shoulder. "You're illusions of the mind! PHANTOMS!!"

He rounded a corner and went out of sight.

"STOP HIIIIIIIIIIIMM!!!" Miss Wormwood screeched.

Then, suddenly, with a gush of wind, they both vanished.

Andy jumped.

"What was that?!" He shouted, as Tracer rounded the corner. "I heard a scream!"

"Oh, just some minor annoyances." The detective said, waving it off. "Come on, let's go."

Andy paused, but then hurried to keep up as Tracer turned, and stared walking off, again.

Spaceman Spiff was the first one to enter Rassilon's tomb.

He looked around it.

"Well," He said to Sherman, whom he held in his hand. "We've arrived."

"Great." Sherman said. "Now what?"

"Well..." Spiff placed Sherman on the ground, and looked around.

Then, he spotted a stand in the middle of the room.

"Ah ha!" The spaceman declared.

He walked over to it, and began examining it.

"Interesting! Very interesting!" He said, rubbing his chin.

"What is it?" Sherman asked.

"It's a tablet written in Ancient Gallifreyan here!" Spiff said, standing up.

"Ancient what?" Sherman asked, raising eyebrow.

"Oh, I dunno, the people who used to live here. Now shut up, while I try to decode it."

Sherman glared at Spiff.

Just then, the sound of footsteps reached the duo's ears.

They looked up.

Out of another hallway, came Tracer and Andy.

Andy was looking around, confused, and Tracer was whistling to himself.

"Well, there you are!" Spiff yelled. "What kept you!"

Tracer turned a glare onto Spiff.

"What kept me?!" He demanded. "Well I'll have you know..."

"Never mind you can tell me, later." Spiff said, turning back to the stand. "Come look at this."

Tracer glared at Spiff, but came over all the same, and examined the writing.

"Shermie!" Andy yelled, running over to Sherman. "You're alright."

"Of course I'm alright." Sherman said, as Andy snatched him up. "What are they doing over there?"

Andy looked at the two alter egos.

"I dunno..." He began.

"Speaking of which," Spiff said, turning around. "What happened to that other guy? The one with the cape?"

Andy and Sherman stared at Spiff.

"Uhh... well..." Andy began.

"I'm right here, thank you very much." Came a voice.

Spiff, Tracer, Andy and Sherman all turned around.

Out of the third hallway, came Stupendous Man and Socrates.

Socrates was humming the Doctor Who theme song, and Stupendous Man was floating alongside him.

"Of course I'm here!" Stupendous Man yelled, moving forward. "You think I'd miss out on all the action? What's this?"

The super hero shoved the annoyed Tracer and Spiff out of the way, and began studying the stand.

"Ah, greetings Andrew!" Socrates said, holding his hand out. "Greetings Small one! Nice to see you again!"

"Thanks." Andy said, taking Socrates' hand, and shaking it.

"Whatever." Sherman grumbled.

"Now then," Socrates spun back around to the alter egos. "What are you doing?"

"Shut up." Tracer spat. "We're trying to read."

Socrates glared at them.

"OK, fine." He said, turning around. "Leave us in the dark. Doesn't matter if we've been going through all this for the past few hours. You go ahead and read your little tablet."

The alter egos rolled their eyes, and continued reading.