Part six written by Swing123

John Howard walked off the platform.

Calvin followed him, staring straight ahead.

Hobbes then tumbling back into the zone, still frozen into position, and being dragged along.

"Calvin, what's wrong?" Andy asked, stepping forward to Calvin.

"YOU!" John Howard yelled jabbing a finger at Socrates, Andy and Sherman. "All of you! Be still and shut up!"

Socrates, Andy and Sherman all froze.

Hobbes was thrown over to them as well.

John Howard and Calvin then walked up to Tracer Bullet, Stupendous Man and Spaceman Spiff, who were all staring at him with wide eyes.

John Howard strolled up to the three Calvins and grinned at them.

"Gentleman, I owe you my thanks." He chuckled, crossing his arms. "You have served the purpose for which I brought us here."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Spiff demanded. "You're the one who brought us here?"

"Indeed I am." John Howard said.

"He's after The Ring of Rassilon!" Stupendous Man whispered. "He wants immortality!"

Tracer turned to Stupendous Man.

"You're the one who didn't think anything was wrong." He said.

Stupendous Man glared at him.

"He's a renegade!" Spiff hissed. "No better than that villain down there," Spiff motioned towards Retro, who glared at them, still tied up on the floor.

"Well, you are aware we can't let it happen, correct?" Tracer said, crossing his arms.

"Right this place was sealed up for the best of reasons!" Stupendous Man added.

"And when we're out of this dump it needs to be sealed back up!" Spiff growled. "permanently."

Just then, John Howard held his hand up, and pointed at the ground.

"Bow down before me!" he growled.

Spiff, Tracer and Stupendous Man stared at him.

"What?" Stupendous Man asked.

"I said," John Howard advanced over the three alter egos. "bow down before me!"

There was a moment of silence.

"Oh, it's the control the will game, again." Tracer nodded.

"Ah yes." Spiff said, thoughtfully. "Ya know there's a simple solution to that."

And with that, Spiff, Tracer, and Stupendous Man all faced John Howard with intense expressions.

Stupendous Man turned to Calvin.

"Calvin! Join us!" He yelled.

Calvin didn't move.

Spiff looked over at him.

"He can't!" He yelled. "He's under some kind of mind lock! Fight it, my boy! Fight it!"

Calvin squinted his eyes.

Spiff turned to the other two alter egos.

"Concentrate!" he hissed. "We must be one!"

John Howard cut his eyes from side to side.

Spiff, Tracer, and Stupendous Man all had their eyes closed, and facing him.

Suddenly, Calvin began walking forward.

He walked up to Tracer, Spiff, and Stupendous Man, stared at them for a second, blinked, and then turned to face John Howard.

"Take that!" He grinned, crossing his arms.

John Howard lowered his hand.

"This is just a minor set back." He said, taking a step back. "I am still much more powerful than you!"

Calvin, Spiff, Stupendous Man and Tracer all exchanged glances.

"Uh, John?" Calvin asked. "We just beat you."

"No, you didn't." John Howard grinned. "I am still to obtain immortality! You can not stop me! You're just another child!"

"Hey!" Calvin shouted. "I am not just another child!"

"Really?" John Howard demanded. "Why do you say that?"

"Well, how many six year old children have an entire alien nation, a mad scientist, and a hardlight hologram after him?" Tracer asked.

"And how many six year old children have invented machines that other people only dream about?" Stupendous Man asked.

"And how many six year old..."

"OK, OK, I get it." John Howard said, holding a hand up to stop them. "The point here is..."

Just then, a large booming voice echoed out throughout the chamber.


John Howard and the four Calvins jumped.

John Howard spun around, and faced Rassilon's coffin.

There was a large screen above it, and the fading image of a man's face appeared on it.

He had a handlebar moustache, and roundish features.

He glared out at the Calvins and John Howard.

"WHO ARE YOU?!" He demanded. "WHY HAVE YOU COME?"

John Howard stared at Rassilon for a second, grinned, evilly, then moved forward.

Calvin grabbed his Scream Horn from his Hypercube, and aimed it at John Howard.

"Wait!" Spiff yelled, grabbing Calvin's arm. "That's Rassilon! That's his voice. It's out of our hands, now!"

Calvin glared at him.

"We have to do something!" He yelled.

"No, we don't." Spiff said.

John Howard approached the projection of Rassilon.

"I am John Howard Chill!" He announced, holding his arm to the sky. "And I have come to claim what is promised."

Rassilon smirked.

"You seek immortality?" He chuckled, continuing to glare at him.

"I do." John Howard replied.

"Be sure." Rassilon said, narrowing his eyes. "Be very sure. Even now it is not too late to turn back."

"I am sure." John Howard declared.

Rassilon turned to the Calvins.

"And who are these others?" He asked, raising his eyebrows.

John Howard turned and stared at the wide eyed Calvins.

"They are my servants." He said.

Rassilon cut his eyes back and forth from John Howard to the Calvins.

"Is this so?" He questioned staring at the Calvins.

"Of course it's not!" Calvin screamed, angrily.

"Don't believe him!!!" Tracer shouted, jabbing a finger at John Howard.

"Pure nonsense!!!" Stupendous Man shrieked.

"Don't listen to them, Rassilon!" Spiff declared. "John Howard speaks the truth!"

Calvin, Tracer and Stupendous Man turned and stared at Spiff in pure shock.

"Do you believe that John Howard deserves immortality?" Rassilon asked.

"Indeed I do!" Spiff shouted.

"Perhaps." Rassilon said.

He turned back to John Howard.

"Take the ring." He ordered.

John Howard paused, then reached over and took the ring off of Rassilon's body, which lay in an open coffin before him.

"You claim immortality. You will not turn back?"

"Never." John Howard said, without hesitation.

"Then put on the ring." Rassilon said, his eyebrows jumping.

John Howard held his other hand out, and slipped the ring onto his finger.

"Others have come to claim immortality through the ages." Rassilon said, as John Howard put the ring on. "It came to them, as it will come to you."

Just then, the stone faces, carved into Rassilon's coffin began giving off a white glow.

Their eyes became blood red, and began cutting from side to side, exploring the room, frantically.

"Your spot is prepared John Howard." Rassilon said.

John Howard blinked.

He suddenly realized that he couldn't move.

Suddenly, the ring disappeared from John Howard's finger, and reappeared on Rassilon's body.

It was then that John Howard noticed a blank part of the wall, that did not have a face carved into it.


Suddenly, John Howard faded, and vanished from sight.

And another stone face appeared on the coffin.

John Howard's face.

Suddenly, Hobbes, Socrates, Andy and Sherman all blinked, and looked around.

"Wow, what just happened?" Socrates asked.

"Well, last thing I remember is that someone told me to shut up, and then everything's a blur from there." Hobbes said, rubbing his head.

Rassilon chuckled.

He turned to the Calvins.

"And what of you, Calvins? Do you seek immortality?"

"NO!!!" Calvin, Spiff, Tracer, and Stupendous Man all shouted in unison, backing up in terror.

"We just want to get back to our rightful places in time and space." Calvin said, holding his hands up.

"And it shall be done." Rassilon said. "The one who is bound will be returned too. His sins will be find their proper punishment in due time."

Suddenly, Holographic Retro vanished from the floor.

"Really, what will happen?" Calvin asked, looking up.

"You can worry about it, later." Rassilon said. "As for the rest of you, you will be returned to your proper place once you enter the cardboard box."

The image of Rassilon's face suddenly began fading.

"You have chosen very wisely, Calvins." He said, grinning at them. "Farewell."

And with that, Rassilon's face vanished from the screen.

There was a moment of silence.

Then, Spiff began chuckling.

He turned around, and started walking towards the box, laughing silently.

Calvin turned a thoughtful glare onto him.

"Spiff, did you know what was going to happen?" He asked, walking over to him.

"Hmm?" Spiff grinned, looking up at Calvin. "Oh, I'm sorry, I just realized what the proverb meant. "To lose is to win, and he who wins shall lose." It was all part of Rassilon's plot to find people who wanted immortality, and get them out of the way!"

Spiff walked back over to the other two Calvins.

"He knew very well that immortality was a curse. Not a blessing." He chuckled, looking back towards Calvin.

"Oh..." Calvin said.

There was a moment of silence.

"Well... I guess we'd better be getting back, then," Calvin said.

"Right." Spiff nodded. "Well, then, Calvin, until we meet again."

He held his hand out to shake Calvin's hand.

Calvin took it.

"Same here." He said.

"Goodbye, Tracer. Stupendous Man." Spiff said.

"Farwell." Tracer said.

"See ya." Stupendous Man nodded.

Calvin, Hobbes, Socrates, Andy, Sherman, Tracer, and Stupendous Man then watched as Spiff tilted the box onto its side, and walked into it.


Suddenly, Spiff vanished.

Stupendous Man whirled back around.

"Well, I guess I better be getting along too. I need to finish my patrol. So see ya!"

He turned to Tracer.

"Fancy pants." He said.

"Red boy." Tracer shot back.

Stupendous Man shot him a look, then walked into the box.


Tracer turned to Calvin.

"Well, then, Calvin, Hobbes, Socrates, Andy, Sherman, Hobbes, Calvin. I bid you farewell."

"Goodbye!" Calvin said, doing a salute.

Tracer did salute back at Calvin, bowed at Hobbes, Socrates, Andy and Sherman, and then walked back into the box.


Calvin sighed.

"Ahhh, that's better." He sighed. "Everything is back to normal, now."

There was a long moment of silence.

"Ahem." Socrates said, coughing into his hand.

Calvin looked up.

"Oh, yes! Well, let's get ready to go!" he yelled.

"Thank you." Andy nodded.

"Uh, what are we going to do about the MTM?" Hobbes asked.

"What?" Calvin asked.

Hobbes walked over to Calvin.

"The MTM. It overloaded." He said, handing the CD player to Calvin.

He took it.

"Oh, it can't possibly be that..."

Calvin pushed the PLAY button.



Suddenly, a blast of electricity was flung from the MTM, throwing Calvin to the ground.

Hobbes rolled his eyes.

Calvin glared at the MTM.

"Okay, I know what I did wrong, let me just..."

Calvin pushed the SKIP button.



Another electric shock struck Calvin, sending him three feet into the air.

Andy and Sherman exchanged glances.

Calvin lay in a heap on the ground, grumbling to himself.

"Uhh... Calvin?" Hobbes asked, stepping over to Calvin.

Calvin stood up, straightened himself up, and picked the MTM up, again.

He examined it for a minute.

"Hmmm," He considered, acting like nothing had happened. "Well, perhaps it is a bit beat up."

He paused.

"We'll worry about it in the next episode." He finally decided. "Now, come on!"

And with that, he slipped the broken MTM into his Hypercube, walked over to the box, and flipped it over, so the opening was pointing up.

"OK, everyone! Hop in!" He called.


Calvin looked around.

Hobbes, Andy, Sherman and Socrates were already in the box, staring at him.

He glared at them.

"Whatever." He said.

Calvin turned back, and began flipping switches on the machine.

"OK, the coordinates are all set. We'll be there in..."

Calvin paused.

"Hey wait a minute," He said, turning to Hobbes, Socrates, Andy and Sherman. "I just realized something."

"What?" Socrates asked.

"Since Rassilon set everything back to normal, nobody who witnessed my disappearance will remember it!"

"Huh, you don't say?" Andy said.

"Makes sense." Socrates said.

There was a moment of silence.

"So, Calvin, do you intend on going to go home, and trying in total pathetic vain to convince everyone that it actually did happen?" Hobbes asked.

Calvin turned a big grin onto Hobbes.

"Why not? After all, that's how it all started!"


Voice Actors:

Calvin / Spaceman Spiff: Pamela Segall Adlon
Hobbes / Cybermen Leader: Tom Hanks
Dad / Stupendous Man / Tracer Bullet: Bill Murray
Mom: Jennifer Love Hewitt
Socrates: Ryan Stiles
Andy: Andrew Lawrence
Sherman / Strange Robot Voice: Colin Mochrie
Holographic Retro: Kurtwood Smith
John Howard Chill / Disembodied Voice: Eric Roberts
Susie Derkins: Dakota Fanning
Moe: EG Daily
Miss Wormwood: Mary Jo Catlett
Rosalyn: Daveigh Chase
Rassilon: Tom Baker

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