Calvin and Hobbes: The Series (Season Three)
Bonus Chapter


-Dr Brainstorm meets Rupert and Earl for the first time: "ALIENS FROM A DISTANT WORLD! OH, I'M SO HAPPY! THIS IS WONDERFUL! I NEVER GET TO BE HAPPY!!"
-Susie is repeatedly attacked in one form or another thanks to a chain letter. Perhaps her most worrying bit of bad luck is when she is splashed by a car despite there not being a puddle to splash her.
-Hobbes is really annoyed in the mirror universe: "The logic in this universe is really sloppy!"
-Tracer Bullet offers Mimi a cigarette. "Cigarette?" "Yes, it is."
-Socrates' glance at his future self leaves a lot to be desired: "What happened to my butt?!"
-In a historical moment in the show's history, MTM utters his first words: "Alright, dudes? How's it hanging?"
-An invitation arrives in the mail to a New Year's party, and Mom and Dad aren't invited.
-Calvin attempts to socialize with Elliot, but Elliot must have some sort of defense system that allows him to disappear. He'd do well in the jungle.
-Dr Brainstorm and Jack are trapped thanks to Sheila's trick, and now Mother Brainstorm is eating them out of lab and home. And Dr B had only bought that jug of milk that morning.
-Evil Jack is not only evil, but he's unoriginal as well, constantly quoting from various movies.
-Socrates spends an entire day successfully avoiding Calvin's pranks, only to fall victim to the "your shoe's untied" gag. He doesn't even wear shoes.
-MTM tries to hold a conversation with the malfunctioning Mega-Shrinker 6000.
-Hobbes and Sherman try to co-exist. Enough said.
-Jack must be snuck past Calvin's mom, so Calvin takes advantage of his auto-repair system to rip him to pieces and sneak him back. Ouch!
-Old Faithful apparently interferes with the cable in Dr Brainstorm's lab.
-Calvin manages to freak out Dr Thunderstorm by pretending he's crazy. MTM wonders if it was necessary.

Birth of a Friendship

Earlier this year, some college students in New York e-mailed me (Swing123), and expressed interest in adapting my first Calvin and Hobbes story into a short little play they were putting on. My story would be one of several fanfiction plays that would be taking place at their theater. Obviously, the last thing I needed was a whole audience of people in New York City seeing what kind of writer I was in 2004, so I e-mailed them back and told them I would rewrite the episode and send it to them. For your reading pleasure I have included said episode, here.
So far I haven't had to sue them.

It was a bright afternoon in July. A tall balding man with glasses was scrubbing a car, quietly whistling to himself. He seemed to be mildly bored as he did so.

Suddenly, a small boy walked up to him wearing a safari hat. He was grinning from ear to ear.

"Well Dad, I'm off to check my tiger trap!" He grinned, crossing his arms.

"Hmm?" Dad inquired looking up.

"I rigged a tuna fish sandwich at that old tree with the lightning scar down the trunk. I've been waiting for a couple days and I'm positive that I've caught something, now!"

"You are?" Dad yawned.

"No, I'm just tired of waiting," Calvin shrugged. "So if you need me I'll be up at the hill inspecting the evidence."

"Tigers like tuna fish do they?" Dad said, turning back to scrubbing the car.

"Yep! Tigers will do anything for a tuna sandwich!" Calvin nodded.

"Calvin, you do know that you have a book report due, tomorrow, don't you?" Dad asked, turning back to the boy.

Calvin paused.

"....Yes," He said, slowly.

"Is it done?" Dad questioned his eyebrows jumping.

"Sort of," Calvin shrugged.

"Sort of?" Dad repeated.

"Well, I had to jump the space-time continuum a few times and I think I might have created a couple new black holes in the galaxy," Calvin explained. "I think I only diminished two or three years off of the sun's life expectancy, so we don't have anything to worry about."

"Is the report written?" Dad sighed, rolling his eyes.

"Oh, sure, it's written," Calvin nodded. "I just haven't read it, yet. I'm still waiting for the time lines to sort themselves out. Well, see you later, Dad!"

And with that, Calvin rushed off before his father could call him back.

Dad stared after him, sighed, and turned back to the car.

Just then, a tall woman with brown hair and a green T-shirt came outside.

"Hi, Honey," She smiled, walking up to him. "Where'd Calvin go?"

"He's checking his tiger trap," Dad chuckled.

"Oh that's good," Mom grinned. "I put that little stuffed tiger out for him, last night. I hope he likes it,"

"He should. He's been going on about tigers for the last two weeks," Dad sighed. "Where'd you get that tiger, anyway?"

"Well, that's the interesting thing," Mom said. "I was just out walking up our hill for some exercise and he was just sitting on a log."

Dad blinked.

"Did some kid leave him there?" He asked.

"That's what I thought, but he looked like a brand new toy. That hill's also right in the middle of our property, so a kid couldn't have just came and left him."

"Huh, weird," Dad said, beginning to lose interest in the origin of the tiger. "Well, I got this done," He admired the now clean car, threw the dirty rag aside, and stretched a kink out of his back. "What else was I going to do?"

"Pay the bills?" Mom suggested, her eyebrow's raising.

"I suspected as much," Dad sighed.

Calvin peered out from behind a group of bushes over at a tree that had apparently been struck by lightning at some point in the past, as it had a dark scar down its trunk.

Several large sticks had been stuck in the dirt around the tree, forming what appeared to be a cage, and sitting inside on the ground, admiring his claws, was a tiger was about three times taller than Calvin was.

Calvin gasped.

"I caught one!" He whispered in shock. "I caught a tiger on my first try! I was expecting a badger or a wolverine on my first try!"

Calvin started towards the trap, but then stopped.

"Wait, I need to keep in mind that tigers are ferocious man-eating beasts, or at least that's what the circuses wants us to think, so I have to be handle this situation very professionally and wisely."

He paused for moment, thinking about what to do.

Finally, he made his presence known to the animal.

"OK, you listen up! Before you even to begin to consider devouring me, may I begin by saying that we humans are at the top of the food chain!" He shouted.

The tiger looked up and stared at him.

"Therefore, if you ate me, you would be defying the very laws of the universe!" Calvin announced, slowly taking a step towards the tiger.

The tiger watched him in dull interest.

"And do you know why we're the top of the food chain?" Calvin inquired, taking another step closer. "Because we can create fire, weapons and we have opposable thumbs!"

Calvin then held up his hands and showed his thumbs off to the tiger.

The tiger raised both of his front paws.

Calvin stared. They both had opposable thumbs on them. There was a pause.

"Okay, so you're some freak of nature. Big deal! We humans can create fire! So there!"

"Did you put this thing up?" The tiger demanded, pointing at the circle of sticks around him.

The tiger's voice took Calvin aback.

"Wait a minute, you can talk?" He gasped.

"Last time I checked, yes. Did you put this up?" The tiger repeated, motioning to the sticks, again.

"That depends. What do you plan on doing with the person who put it up?" Calvin asked, nervously.

The tiger rolled his eyes.

"My schedule's a little booked at the moment, so I'll probably let him off with a few internal injuries." He said, impatiently.

"I see," Calvin considered. He paused for a moment, then turned back to the tiger. "I have no idea what scoundrel locked you up like a common animal! Whoever they are should be put to death, as far as I'm concerned, though! Would you like me to let you out?"

To Calvin's surprise, the tiger got up on two legs, and crossed his arms.

"Yes, please do," He yawned. "By the way, through you're little speech about mankind superiority, you failed to mention your name,"

Calvin paused.

"Oh, right," He said, sheepishly, grabbing some sticks and pulling them out so the tiger could pass. "My name's Calvin. I live right down at the bottom of the hill, here."

The tiger peered down at the bottom of the hill.

"Hmm, charming," He noted. "I'm Hobbes,"

The tiger took Calvin's hand and shook it.

"Um... yes, nice to meet you, Hobbes," Calvin said, slowly.

"The pleasure's mine," Hobbes nodded.

There was a pause.

"How long have you been able to talk?" Calvin asked.

"The tuna fish you set up was terrible, by the way. It tasted like it had been outside for two or three days." Hobbes complained, licking his lips. "It's amazing that I was able to choke it all down."

Calvin stared at the tiger for a moment. "Why'd you eat it if it tasted bad?" He asked.

"I missed lunch," Hobbes said, indignantly. "Well now, Mr Hunter, now that you've captured a tiger, what do you plan on doing with him?"

There was a pause. Calvin's eyes blanked out.

"Uuh... I don't really know." He said, finally. "I didn't plan it out this far. What do people usually do with tigers when they catch them?"

"Nothing. We usually eat them before they even register that they caught anything." Hobbes shrugged.

Calvin thought for a moment.

"You want to see my house?" He asked, finally.

Hobbes looked up towards the sky. Calvin watched him, eagerly.

"Sure, I suppose I could squeeze a tour into my agenda. Lead on," He decided.

"Great! I can't wait to show you to Mom and Dad!" Calvin grinned, grabbing Hobbes' paw and leading him off down the hill.

Later, Dad was sitting down at his desk, writing out checks and going through a small stack of bills.

Suddenly, Calvin came into the room.

"Hey Dad!" Calvin grinned.

"Yes, Calvin?" Dad asked, dully, looking down at his son.

"What should I do when I catch I tiger?" Calvin questioned.

"I don't know. Bring it home and stuff it." Dad sighed, impatiently. "I really need to get this work done."

"Well, I just caught one!" Calvin grinned. "He's a pretty cool tiger, too! He can talk, he has opposable thumbs, he can stand up on two legs! It's really awesome! His name is Hobbes!"

"That's good, Calvin," Dad said, trying to work.

"I was a little confused on how he could walk and talk and all that, but I figured out, soon enough. Here's how it works. It's pretty cool, I'll tell you that...."

"That's fine, Calvin, you don't need to tell me." Dad said, rolling his eyes.

"You sure?! It's really cool!" Calvin grinned.

Dad chose to ignored Calvin this time.

"So, anyway, you say I should stuff him?" Calvin asked, rubbing his chin.

"Yeah, sure. Calvin, can't you see that I'm busy?" Dad demanded.

Calvin shrugged and walked off.

Dad went back to work.

For a few moments, it had seemed that Calvin had left. But suddenly, He walked back through the door. He was carrying a large armload of food with him. Crackers, cookies, bread, peanut butter, hot dogs and so on.

Dad looked up at Calvin and stared at him in disbelief.

Calvin walked out the other door into the back yard, dropping a couple hot dogs in the process.

Dad's eyes rolled into the back of his head.

Calvin lead Hobbes around to the front of the house.

"And here's our front yard," He said, showing Hobbes the relatively small yard in front of him. "This is where I'm usually attacked by aliens, monsters and various flesh eating zombies."

"I see," Hobbes said, munching on a hot dog and rolling his eyes.

"The zombies, I notice, like to come out on Monday mornings." Calvin explained. "You should see them, Hobbes. All dressed up in suits and coffee mugs dangling from their fingers. They all stagger into their separate cars moaning and screeching and then drive off. It's pretty creepy."

"I would suppose so, yes." Hobbes nodded.

"One time I tried to talk to one of them," Calvin said. "She was about half way to her car, and I asked her if she knew what time it was. I already knew, but I was just testing to see if the zombies were sociable."

"Really? What did she say?" Hobbes asked.

"She.... I don't know.... just kind of gargled at me."

There was a pause.

"What time was it?" Hobbes asked.

"Six o'clock. I was waiting for the school bus." Calvin replied. "Would you like another bag of chips?"

"No, no thank you, I couldn't hold another bite," Hobbes turned down Calvin's offer, finishing the hot dog in his paw. "So, Calvin, what do you usually do for fun around here?"

"Being fully truthful?" Calvin asked.

Hobbes nodded.

"Nothing," Calvin said, simply. "My life has essentially just been one big bore from the beginning."

"I see," Hobbes considered.

There was a short pause. Hobbes thought about what Calvin words, and saw immediately that he had a very large imagination. He mulled over this for a while.

"It's a nice day, isn't it?" He observed, looking up at the sky.

Calvin looked upwards.

"Yeah, I suppose," He said. "It's nice and clear... and sunny. A little warm for my taste, though"

"Perhaps," Hobbes considered. "A little too warm for comfort. Do you suppose anything of interest is transpiring?"

Calvin eyed him, suspiciously. "What do you mean?"

"Well, what do you suppose is making it so hot?" Hobbes inquired.

Calvin squinted his eyes at the sky.

"The... sun?" He guessed.

"That's what they want you to think," Hobbes said, mysteriously.

"Who?" Calvin asked, his brow furrowing.

"The aliens!" Hobbes grinned.

"They only attack on Saturdays," Calvin said.

"And they know that your expecting that!" Hobbes explained. "So they attack a little earlier to surprise you!"

Calvin thought about that for a moment. His eyes grew wide.

"Oh my gosh, Hobbes, you're right!" He said, a hint of fear in his voice. "What do we do?!"

"We need to attack them before they get us!" Hobbes declared. "They've already taken out the government agents and created a heater for core of the planet! I wouldn't be surprised if they were watching us right now!"

Calvin and Hobbes both looked over their shoulders.

"I'll get the usual weaponry!" Calvin announced, running off.

Hobbes watched him. "Really? What's that?"

"Water balloons," Calvin said before disappearing in the house.

Hobbes paused as he thought about that.

A few minutes later, Calvin had returned to the backyard with Hobbes and he had some water balloons with him.

They were peering out of some bushes at Dad, who was setting up some sprinklers in the garden.

"OK, Hobbes, now this is something that happens every other month," Calvin said, quietly. "The aliens have taken control of my Dad, and they're ordering him to set up nuclear bombs in the yard!"

Hobbes squinted at Dad's work.

"Those are sprinklers," He said.

"No, they're bombs," Calvin shot back. "Now, the only way to free my Dad from their grasp is to splash him with water. It's not a pretty sight, the transition from alien to regular human, but in the end, it's for his own good!"

"Uh huh," Hobbes nodded.

Calvin slowly picked up the balloon and aimed it at his father.

"On three, ready?" He whispered to Hobbes. "THREE!!! DIE YOU SLIMY SPACE MAGGOTS FROM MARS!!!"

Dad looked up just in time to see the water balloon hurling towards his face.



"Success! Dad, you've returned!!" Calvin cheered leaping from the bushes. Dad was standing over Calvin, his teeth gritted and his fists shaking. "Now, Dad, you need to just sit back and relax. You've just been possessed by the aliens again! But with Hobbes' help we managed to..."

Dad grabbed Calvin's arm and lead him away in the other direction.

"Wait, Dad, you don't understand! They had taken out Earth's defenses!" Calvin tried to explain.

Hobbes watched them go, then quickly followed after them.

"He threw a water balloon at you?" Mom asked, who was sitting in her chair, reading a book.

"Yes, and then he started screaming to all the neighbors that he had defeated the aliens," Dad growled, Calvin right by his side. Beside Calvin, was not Hobbes, but a small stuffed tiger.

"Well, come on, you needed it." Mom chuckled. "Why don't you let it slide this one time?"

Dad looked back and forth between Mom and Calvin, then sighed.

"Calvin, please don't ever do that, again." He said, the iciness starting to melt from his voice.

"No problem, Dad!" Calvin said, cheerfully. "I think I showed the aliens what we're made of."

Dad rolled his eyes, patted Calvin on the shoulder, and turned to go back to work.

"That's a nice tiger you have there, Calvin," Mom smiled, after Dad had left. "Where'd you get him?"

"I got him up at the top of the hill, over there!" Calvin said, proudly, pulling the stuffed tiger to his side. "His name's Hobbes! Isn't he amazing?!"

"Oh, yes, he's quite cool." Mom nodded.

"I mean standing up on his front legs, being able to talk and having four fingers and a thumb, just like us! Isn't that cool?!"

Mom looked Hobbes up and down.

"Uuuh.... yeah sure," She said.

"Plus, I just stuffed him, so I finished my duty as a tiger tracker." Calvin announced.

Mom paused.

"You stuffed him?" She asked.

"Yep! Just like Dad said! Although, we're going to need a grocery list, now. You wouldn't believe how much these guys can eat!"

Mom stared at Calvin for a short moment.

"Um... OK, then." Mom said. "And how long is Hobbes staying with us?"

Calvin paused for a moment.

"Uuuh... I don't know. Hobbes', how long are you staying?" He turned around to the stuffed tiger, who didn't reply. Even so, Calvin's eyes widened in disbelief. "Really?" He said, quietly.

Mom looked at her watch.

"Well, I better start cooking dinner, it's getting late." She said, silently standing up, putting her book away on a desk next to her chair. "Have fun with Hobbes, Calvin. I'm glad you like him." And she walked off.

Calvin took no notice of her departure.

"You're leaving, tonight?" He said, rather quietly. "Well, where will you go?"

"Oh, well..." Hobbes shrugged. "I'm aiming on Denver."

Calvin paused for a moment.

"Why Denver?" He asked.

"Why not?"

"You mean you don't have a home?" Calvin demanded.

"We tigers don't have homes," Hobbes said. "We have territories."

"Well..." Calvin paused for a second. "You could always.... stay with me."

Hobbes considered that for a moment.

"Well, I don't know..." He said, slowly, but clearly wanting to take Calvin's offer.

"We have tons of tuna in the kitchen, you know," Calvin said.

"OK, I suppose I could stay," Hobbes said, acting like he was going to chose otherwise, had there not been any tuna involved.

"HOT DOG!" Calvin cheered. "Hobbes, ol' buddy, you and I will go places!"

"Neat," Hobbes nodded. "Do you suppose that this would count as a friendship?"

"More than likely." Calvin said.

"Great! Let's go look for some buried treasure!" Hobbes said, eagerly.

"Cool! I've got a map up in my bedroom, of the forest by in our property! let's go exploring!" Calvin exclaimed, excitedly.

And with that, the two new friends ran off, laughing and discussing all the great things they were going to do.

Off to begin their adventures.

The End



Soft version of the Doctor Who theme starts to play.

The camera pans over a starry sky.

Calvin (V.O.): A man is the sum of his memories, you know? And I'm not even more so.

Fade in from black on Calvin looking around a desolate landscape.

Calvin (V.O.): It feels like I'm being torn away at, piece by piece.

Fade to shot of Calvin fading away and back again.

Calvin (V.O.): I need…to be whole.

Fade to shot of Tracer running away from the Mind Scoop.

Disembodied Voice: Calvin and Hobbes, their companions and their inventions have been taken out of existence.

Shot of Calvin and Hobbes fading away.

Fade to Stupendous Man and Socrates stumbling over a brick wall.

Stupendous Man: I... I wonder if it was Rassilon himself who brought us here!

Fade to exterior shot of the DarkTower far in the distance through a rolling mist.

Disembodied Voice: A being unknown to him has taken him from existence, and taken him to the reactivated Death Zone.

Cut to Stupendous Man close-up.

Stupendous Man: Oh boy... We may be playing The Game of Rassilon right now, even as we speak!

Fade to black.

Music slows, and then becomes louder and more powerful.

Cyberleader: HAAAAALT!!

Random shots of explosions and Cybermen being destroyed flash by.


More Cybermen blow up.

Tracer and Andy are up against a rock.

Tracer: Don't move, or we're dead.

A Dalek shoots at Spiff and Sherman.


Calvin doubles over in pain.


Cut to Calvin and Hobbes standing in a wasteland.

Hobbes: Where the heck are we?

Calvin: We're the heck here.

Cut to hoards of Cybermen coming up over a ridge.

Stupendous Man (V.O.): We're going to the Tower of Rassilon. He's the one who created the Death Zone.


Under her screech, shots go by. Retro runs from lightning. Tracer shoots a rope from his gun. Calvin struggles to get up, but collapses.

Spiff is abducted by the Mind Scoop.


Dalek explodes.

Raston Warrior Robot fires his arrows.

Tracer (V.O): It's the most perfect killing machine ever devised.

An arrow strikes a Cyberman.

Tracer and Andy peek out from behind a rock.

Calvin (V.O.): I am far more…than just…another…child…

Cut to Calvin, Hobbes and Holographic Retro fleeing the Cybermen

Cybermen: You will be destroyed!

Spiff: They used a device called 'The Mind Scoop' which would take other beings right out of existence, and drop them in this place.

Cut to Stupendous Man and Socrates in a cave.

Stupendous Man: It's a Yeti!


Socrates: And now it's madder! Good going, genius!

Screams are heard over shots of Rassilon's projection, a skeleton, a Cyberman, the Dalek, Holographic Retro, Calvin and finally, Stupendous Man and Socrates.

Socrates: We're playing a game? A game we're not supposed to win?

Stupendous Man: I…don't know.

Holographic Retro shoots down the Cyberleader.

Cyberleader (V.O.): You have betrayed us.

Tracer: To lose is to win…

Cut to Calvin, Hobbes, Spiff and Sherman overlooking the Death Zone on a cliff.

Tracer (V.O.): …and he who wins shall lose.

As the music ends, the sound of the TARDIS dematerializing is heard over the next clip.

The camera pans over Calvin, Spaceman Spiff, Stupendous Man, and Tracer Bullet.

Fade in from black on Holographic Retro.

Retro: The universe without Calvin scarcely bares thinking about.

Fade to black.


Shows a darkened figure walking down a hallway.

Andy: there was an accidental killing in that house during the tenure of the first owners.

Shows Socrates slowly looking up at his ceiling from his bedroom.


Socrates: Nonsense, It's probably just… It can't be a… It's not haunted, alright?!

Shows a deathly pale hand grabbing Andy's arm, and yanking him into the darkness.

Andy: No one lived in it from 1953 until now, when Socrates and Elliot and those other people moved in.

Shows several doors slamming shut on their own, Calvin, Andy and Sherman looking around, terrified.

Calvin: I want to take a more thorough look at that house tonight.

Shows a closet door slamming shut, trapping Socrates inside.

Shows Socrates frantically trying to open the door, then looking up towards the attic.

Shows the pale face of a man moving towards him his mouth hanging open, slightly.


Narrator: A brand new Calvin and Hobbes. Sunday at eight. On Nick.


Narrator: On the next all new Calvin and Hobbes!

Sherman: Are you alright, Andy?

Andy (monotonously): I am perfectly well, Sherman.

Calvin: Hobbes, do you think Andy's been acting a little different as of late?

(Shows a blank faced Andy and Sherman closing in on Socrates)

Socrates: HELP!

Calvin: You don't suppose someone's up to something do you?

Hobbes: When are any of our enemies not up to something?

(Shows lamp posts flickering and traffic lights changing randomly.)

(Shows Calvin and Hobbes standing in the middle of a parking lot with car alarms all going off, simultaneously.)

(Shows Calvin gasping as he sees a replica of himself trashing the living room)

(Shows a crowd of people overtaking Hobbes)

Hobbes: CALVIN!!!!

Narrator: A brand new Calvin and Hobbes: The Series. This Friday at seven! Only on Nick


Dramatic music is playing in the background.

Narrator: After a year of waiting…

Fade to a shot of a cardboard box flying overhead.

Narrator: …the return of the award-winning cartoon series…

Shot of Calvin and Hobbes peaking up over the edge of their treehouse.

Narrator: …on Nickelodeon.

Pause. Music steps up a notch.

Narrator: Always

Shot of their house.

Narrator: Better

Camera crash zooms in on the house.

Narrator: Late. Than. Never.

The music stops.

Fade in on MTM.

MTM: This is a distress signal. I'm very distressed. You can probably tell. I'm almost hysterical as it happens.

The music starts again.

Fade to a shot of Calvin, Hobbes and friends running down the street.

MTM (voiceover): Planet Earth is in trouble, and these guys have to protect it. They are…

Cut to a shot of Calvin applying a screwdriver to an invention.

MTM (voiceover): …Calvin, the leader and the inventor…

Cut to a shot of Hobbes wrestling with big green tentacles.

MTM (voiceover): …Hobbes, his best friend and confidant…

Cut to a shot of Socrates sipping a smoothie.

MTM (voiceover): …Socrates, the one who plays the pranks…

Cut to a shot of Andy with wires and electrodes coming out of his head.

MTM (voiceover): …Andy, the sarcastic reasonable one…

Cut to a shot of Sherman writing down data and then carefully pouring chemicals into beakers.

MTM (voiceover): …and Sherman, the genius hamster.

Cut to the MTM sitting on a dresser.

MTM: Plus me, the Mini-Time Machine, also known as the MTM, and also known as the Rock.


MTM: No one ever calls me that, though.

Cut to a shot of various small spaceships leaving a mother ship.

Flash to a shot of Holographic Retro going back into his light bee.

Fade back to MTM.

MTM: Additional: this season you can expect intrigue, adventure, disaster, comedy, sorrow, drama and horror. Also, you might even hear a few digs at a few bad movies like Saw or The Sixth Sense. Lord knows they've had it coming.

Flash to a shot of the box slowly rising into the air with Calvin, Hobbes and Socrates.

Flash to Calvin and Hobbes curled up in a tent.

Hobbes: How are we for food?

Calvin: We've got half a bag of chips, a can of mustard, a browning lemon, three stale biscuits, two bottles of milk a day after their expiration dates, and a tube of gum ointment.

Hobbes: Gum ointment?!

Calvin: Dad had it in the first-aid kit. I tried some. It's minty. Pretty good stuff.

Shot of Calvin and Hobbes being surrounded by badly dressed people.

Shot of Andy trying to open Sherman's lab.

Andy: What in the heck Ramsey is he doing down there?!

Shot of Electro's cackling face.

Shot of Galaxoid and Nebular talking to an alien.

Shot of Calvin and Hobbes rattling along in the wagon.

Shot of Hobbes lying in bed as Calvin enters, telling him something.

Shot of Hobbes swimming rapidly down a river.

Shot of a beam of light shooting out of MTM.

Shot of Socrates dancing against his will in a cage.

Flash to a shot of Andy, Sherman and Socrates being lowered towards a working blender.

Shot of an explosion of flame.

Shot of Calvin seeing a strange pale young boy standing in his room.

Calvin (voiceover): Many people have an irrational fear that they're being constantly watched.

Shot of Calvin looking over his shoulder. A dark figure ducks out of sight.

Calvin (voiceover): But they're wrong…because it's not irrational.

Shot of the box crashing into a giant building through the window. Everyone is thrown from the box.

Music stops.

MTM (voiceover): It's the end.


Drums start playing.

MTM (voiceover): Calvin and Hobbes the Series. Season Four premiere at 7:00 PM on Nickelodeon.

Music fades out.

Character development

Calvin: When the series started, Calvin was essentially the same intensely immature little weirdo he was in the comic strip. Between the middle of season one and the beginning of season two, he began calming down. In the middle of season two he had begun making more inventions and he became a lot more mature. His IQ seemed to raise a bit also, and he began handling dangerous situations more responsibly. In the upcoming season, he will become a little more darker and manipulative, making things just slightly more difficult for his enemies.

Hobbes: Hobbes' character has been very consistent through the whole series, so far. He still remains wiser than Calvin, although Calvin is not aware of it, and is still terrified of anything that could cut or bruise him. However, in the upcoming season, he will hopefully become a smudge braver. Maybe.

Socrates: When Socrates was introduced in mid season one, he was a partially insane lunatic who jumped on any chance to prank something. Three seasons later... he's a partially insane lunatic who jumps on any chance to prank something. Not really much left to say, really.

Andy: When Andy came into the series in late season one, he was very quiet, reserved and let Sherman do a lot of the talking. No personality in other words. Since then, he has progressively become more talkative and began forming his own opinion on matters, and now in season three he's possibly the most sarcastic person in Calvin's group. Chances are, he will remain like that through Season four.

Sherman: Sherman's personality has essentially remained the same through the series. He's an egotistical little hamster. His rivalry with Hobbes has pretty much remained intact, but he has struck up a friendship with Calvin, putting the two on better terms, seeing as how they are pretty much on the same level.

MTM: The newest member to the Calvin and Hobbes group. MTM began out in late season one, and considered more along the lines as one of Calvin's inventions rather than another person in the group. However, since Calvin has installed a voice chip into the tiny machine, MTM has leaped from a simple little invention to the guy with all the answers who never tells any of them. MTM will continue to become more and more indispensable to Calvin's group through season four.

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