Summary: A SasuIno story. Everything was just an accident. (Read the presumes and assumes in chapter 1.)

Special thanks to my home girl, HanayakaXy. She's the best! She corrected every mistake that I made. I heart her:D

The presumes and assumes

Well before the story starts...

Here are the presumes and assumes…

Presume and Assume that….

Ino and Sasuke are close friends.

Sasuke never betrayed Konoha.

Ino is over to Sasuke when she's 14.

Neji is a very good boyfriend to her and he's not an ass anymore.

Neji and Ino have a relationship but Neji died.

Shikamaru and Temari are together.

Kiba and Hinata are married.

Sakura is over to Sasuke.

Sakura realize the fact that Sasuke will never return her affection that's why she dated Naruto. And she fell in love to him.

Naruto and Sakura are married too but Sakura is pregnant!

Lee become broken hearted because of Sakura's married and Lee started to court TenTen.

Lee and TenTen are dating.

Anko and Kakashi have a 3 years old kid named Rishi.

Rookie nine are 19 and Team Gai are 20.

Shino and Hana are mutual.

Chouji and Ayame are in a relationship.

(A/N: people, Age never matters in LOVE…)

Asuma and Kurenai have a child named Akaru. He's 5 years old.

Asuma's dead.

Inoichi died in mission that is why Ino's alone.

All of them are now Jounin.

Ino's the head of Interrogation and she trained under Morino Ibiki.

Gaara and Ino become friends.

Temari and Ino are best friends.