Summary: A SasuIno story. Everything was just an accident. (Read the presumes and assumes in chapter 1.)

Special thanks to my home girl, HanayakaXy. She's the best! She corrected every mistake that I made. I heart her:D

The Truth is Revelaed

It has been almost a month when Ino and Hitoshi gone back to Konoha.

All of them are still guessing who the father of Hitoshi is.

Sasuke, himself guessing too, and he's kind of suspicious who's the father.

He was beyond curious about it, so he is planning to ask Ino.

He's pretty sure that he'll see her at the memorial stone where Neji's buried.

Nevertheless, he's afraid to ask, after all, he wasn't sure.

Hitoshi seems so bored here in Konoha because he does not have a friend except Rishi.

He's just quiet, so, he's not close to others.

Maybe Hitoshi does not have many friends but hey, he got a lot of fan girls that he find annoying.

"Crap! I am so bored. I just agreed to kaa-san to stay here because I really wanna know who the hell is my father. It's just that I am afraid to ask kaa-san. I know that this is my father's village because I heard Temari-daibo talking to kaa-san that oto-san is right here. Is my father the one who's in the memorial grave that kaa-san's visiting every single day? What if I ask my kaasan's friends?Nahthat'll be an insane idea." Hitoshi muttered in himself.

"What would I do now? I mean.. Rishi's on a mission. I don't have any friends who I can get along besides him. My kaasan's friends' children is on the academy, studying. Maybe I am gonna go to the training ground again." Hitoshi affirmed in a low voice.

Ino's praying at the memorial stone peacefully with eyes closed.

However, she cannot stay too long because she got a lot of work to do.

She can barely rest because interrogation seems very hectic these past few days.

She turned her heels and she saw Sasuke, he seems waiting for her.

"Sasuke?" she asserted.

"...I need to talk to you." he stated.

"About what? Did something happen?" she inquired.

"...About Hitoshi.." he respond.

"What about him?" she asked.

"...Am I his father?" he questioned her eye to eye.

"What makes you think that?" Ino denied.

"...Because of what happened eight years ago." Sasuke implied.

"What do you mean? What happened eight years ago?" she asked pretending she doesn't know anything.

"...Something happened between us." Sasuke rendered.

"What happened between us?" she is still in denial.

"..Quit denying. There's something happened between us after Kitsuki's baptismal." he revealed impatiently.

"What the heck happened between us?" Ino canvassed.

"Don't tell me that you forgot that you slept with me." he remarked.

"You know Sasuke, I don't know what on earth you are talking about." Ino abjured.

"Can you cut the bull shit out? You know damn well what the hell happened between us because after that day you're ignoring me until I lied to you and tell you that I don't remember anything." Sasuke vocalized with anger on his tone.

"I have to go, I do have work to do." she alleged as she turned around.

Sasuke grabbed her arm.

"You won't go any farther, Ino, we're not yet done talking!" he threatened.

"Heck! What is it to you if you're his father?" she canvassed him with you've-nothing-to-do-with that tone.

"Then I will be a father to him." he out righted simply.

"Well too bad, you're not his father so... Can I go now?" she lied.

She walks out.

What is the truth about Hitoshi?" Sasuke asked himself.

"At the time like this I am gonna go to training ground to take away this anger." Sasuke continued.

At the training ground

He saw a familiar child training his fireball jutsu.

"What is this kid doing here?" Sasuke inquired himself.

The child did some hand seals.

"Katon no Jutsu." the little boy shouted.

"How on earth I can perfect this kind of jutsu?" The little boy added.

"What're you doing here?" Sasuke asked.

"I am just practicing my jutsu." he replied plainly.

"Why you're not with Rishi?" Sasuke examined.

"He's on the mission with his dad." Hitoshi cracked emotionless.

"Do you mind if I join with you practicing?" Sasuke in quested.

"No. Not at all." Hitoshi retorted.

"You want me to teach you the Fireball jutsu?" Sasuke asked.

"You will?" Hitoshi canvassed.

Sasuke nods.

"You know, Sasuke-oji we're quite look alike if you'll ask me." Hitoshi commented.

"I noticed that too." Sasuke retorted.

"Whose your father anyway?"Sasuke continued.

"I don't know whose my real father, kaasan didn't tell me a single thing about my father.. and I am honestly afraid to ask because I am scared to offend her." the little boy informed him.

"You don't know single thing about your father?" the older appealed.

"I know only one thing, that my father is from this village because I heard Temari-daibo talking about that."

Sasuke got surprised.

"What's your relationship with kaasan?" Hitoshi inspected.

"We're friends." Sasuke answered.

"Can you teach me now?" he asked.

They train and train until the time passed by very quickly. They're really enjoying others' accompany.

"I am quite tired now." Sasuke said,

"Me too." he panted.

"Just a little more and you can actually master it." Sasuke observed,

"I am not fully tired. I can practice some more." Hitoshi insisted.

"Are you sure?" Sasuke inquired the boy.

"Yes, Sasuke-oji." Hitoshi said.

Sasuke activated his Sharingan for the first time on their practice.

When Hitoshi looked at Sasuke's eyes he got shocked… as in very shock…

"Why you have those eyes?" Hitoshi questioned.

"What do you mean? This is my kekkai genkai." Sasuke explained curiously.

"For real?" Hitoshi asked.

"Yes... why?" Sasuke asked back.

"I have those eyes too." Hitoshi uttered.

"You have a Sharingan?" Sasuke canvassed, he is shocked.

Hitoshi nodded.

"When did you activate it?" the older inquired.

"Several months ago but I can't really master it."

"Can I see your Sharingan?" Sasuke asked.

Hitoshi just nodded in reply.

He closed his eyes and opened it... He got red eyes just like Sasuke's.

"Why do you have my blood line?" Sasuke asked,

"I don't know."


"Where the hell did Hitoshi go? It's almost evening." Ino mumbled.

"Maybe he is in the training again," she continued.

She goes on the training ground to look for him.


At the training ground…

She saw Sasuke and Hitoshi standing.

She saw them with their Sharingan.

"Oh hell no! Tell me they did not!" Ino shouted to herself

The boys look at Ino.


"..Ino." he muttered with anger on his voice.

"Hitoshi? Didn't I tell you not to activate those eyes?" Ino said

"Um… sumimasen kaasan." Hitoshi said

"Ino explain this one to me? Why he has my kekkai genkai?" Sasuke asked.. he's really mad right now… as in very pissed.


"Hitoshi, Sasuke and I need to talk." Ino informed her child.

Hitoshi just nodded and left.

"Now, tell me about it. Why the hell your child has my kekkai genkai?" Sasuke spoke.

"Sasuke I don't have anything to explain to you." she said.

"He's my child, isn't he." he questioned, not exactly though. It's like he's stating a fact.

"You want the truth, right? YES! UCHIHA SASUKE, HE IS YOUR CHILD! Happy now?" Ino alleged with pain in her eyes.

"Why did you run away and didn't tell me about him?" Sasuke canvassed her.

She slapped him on the face as hard as she can.

"Are you stupid? You told me that you did not freaking remember what happened between us. So what do you want me to do? Go to you and said that 'OH SASUKE I SLEPT WITH YOU AND I GOT PREGNANT. IN ADDITION, GUESS WHAT? YOUR THE FATHER.'" she uttered to him with sarcastic tone.

"Why do you need to run away?" Sasuke applied.

"What do you me to do? Stay here? How would I explain to everyone how I got pregnant? That was the best choice... Sasuke." she explained.

Tears are streaming down to her face.

"I just lied to you and tell you that I didn't remember because I don't want you to feel awkward when you are with me. I remember everything what happened to us that night." Sasuke apprised.

"See? Because of that lie... things had been awkward for eight years.," she said.

"Sorry." he apologized.

"So, if I already told you all the things that you needed to know. I think I have to go now." Ino edified.

She walked out once again.

"That child is actually mine, like my suspicious It is my fault... Because I lied to her... It had gotten worse."Sasuke thought to himself.

Hitoshi popped out from somewhere.

"I overheard all the things I needed to know." Hitoshi uttered.

"Do you hate me?" Sasuke asked.

"Before, I always dream about a happy family, a complete one, I am actually jealous when I see a complete family enjoying others' accompany. I do not hate you. I heard all the things kaasan said. You did not know about the accident. So no one's to blame." Hitoshi said with soft voice.

"Yeah. It was an accident." Sasuke admitted.

"If you are my father. Who's the person in the memorial stone that kaasan's visiting every day?" Hitoshi curiously asked.

"He's Neji, your kaasan's first love and first boyfriend. He died almost nine years ago." he explained.

"I don't like asking kaasan about this things cause I know that she'll be offended inside." Hitoshi annotated.

"Does your kaasan had a relationship in Suna?" he inquired the li'l boy.

"No. She never had. Temari-daibo said because of trauma, maybe Temari-daibo is referring about mom's ex.," he verbalized.

"Sorry." Sasuke muttered.

"You don't have to. I mean, I told you, no one is to blame. By the way, how would I call you?" Hitoshi informed him.

"Anything you like." Sasuke affirmed.

"Will I call you Sasuke-oji or 'tou-san'?" the boy canvassed.

Sasuke do not know what to answer.

"It depends upon you and your kaasan." the only thing he vocalized.

"How does it felt that you've been a father in unexpected time like this?"

"I am surprised... and happy." Sasuke admitted.

"Happy?" he inquired in curious tone.

Sasuke nods.

"Why are you happy?"

"I don't know." Sasuke answered.

"I am going to go now. Maybe kaasan's waiting for me. See yah tomorrow, tousan." Hitoshi bid him a goodbye.

Sasuke's shocked because of the last word he said.

"It honestly feels so good to be called father..." he mumbled to himself.

At Ino and Hitoshi's house

Hitoshi entered the house.

"The food is in the kitchen." Ino said coldly.

"Kaasan, sorry." Hitoshi apologized.

"You did nothing wrong." Ino said.

"So... you know now the truth. What're you going to do?" Ino continued.

"Stay at your side. You're my mom after all." he simply retorted.

"Thanks." Ino said as she hugs him.

"Why you didn't tell me about it before, about my tousan?" the boy asked.

"You'll understand someday. It hurts to have a child to the person didn't love you." Ino explained.

"Kaasan, thank you. Because… despite that my dad did not love you, you didn't get rid of me. In fact, you try your hardest to be a parent to me." he said.

"That's my duty." she replied with smile.

"Can I acknowledge him as my dad?" the boy questioned.

"Well. Yes, it depends upon you. You got his flesh and blood after all. He has rights to be your father." Ino alleged.


"After you eat, take a bath and go to sleep." Ino reminded him.

He nodded and Ino kissed his forehead.

Next Morning

You will not believe this but it's Ino's day off! Yes, she has a day off.

They do their usual routine. Ino and Hitoshi will go to ramen shop to meet her friends.

"MORNING, PIG!" Sakura shouted violently.

"It's like you're energetic today, FOREHEAD!" Ino shot back.

All of them are in the Ramen Shop; they are complete well excluding Neji, of course.

"Why you're late today?" TenTen asked.

"Hitoshi and I visited the memorial stone." Ino retorted

"Ino, is it true?" Chouji inquired.

"What do you mean? True what?" she questioned, confused.

"Hitoshi's father is Sasuke." Chouji stated.

"Yes. Sorry guys if I didn't tell you earlier. It's just that, I wasn't not ready yet. I was scared." Ino said.

"No worry, you can tell us earlier. It's actually fine, y'know." Kiba assured.

"It's just been awkward. Cause it's an accident." Ino replied.

"It's an accident, so what? Why didn't you just tell Sasuke-teme earlier?" Naruto affirmed.

"Here's the thing. Sasuke lied to me. Moreover, he said that he does not remember anything. Therefore, I don't have a choice. How'd you think I will tell you guys?" Ino explained.

"Sasuke-teme, that's so gay. You're escaping to your responsibility as a father." Naruto teased him.

"Shut up, I don't know that she was pregnant. Do you think, I will allow her to go to Suna if I know that she's carrying my child?" Sasuke said.

"Sasuke has a point, Naruto. No one knew about pig's pregnancy." Sakura verbalized.

"When did it happen, anyway?" Kiba asked with grin in his face.

Ino blushed.

"You don't ha--" Ino was cut by Sasuke.

"..After Kitsuki's baptismal." Sasuke revealed with no emotions.

"Oh right, they don't have to know, Sasuke. It's private."

"Ino-chan, you said, you left early because you said your head hurts. I did not know that you left early with Sasuke and you guys did something. You could have said the truth y'know. You and Sasuke were single that time." Naruto taunted them.

"You idiot, Naruto. We were drunk that time so we did not know what really happened. And I won't say to you about the incident, do you think I am that nuts?" Ino flapped.

"So, how did Sasuke bust you, anyway?" Kiba inquired Ino.

"I don't know. Asked Sasuke instead, he's the one who busted me." Ino replied.

"I saw him activating my kekkai genkai." he answered simply.

"Hitoshi-kun what's your reaction about your my father, are you excited, happy?" Lee asked.

"..Nothing. I expected that my father be from this village. Therefore, I know that… I'll see him sooner or later." Hitoshi retorted in bored tone.

"You know that your father is from this village?" Ino asked her kid.

"I overheard you and Temari-daibo talking about it."

"Since when you became nosy, huh?" Ino asked her kid.

"Troublesome." Shikamaru reacted.

"So Hitoshi, are you planning to go back in Suna?" Tsunade popped up from nowhere.

Hitoshi shook his head as an answer.

"Baa-chan, you mean, you know about Hitoshi's father?" Naruto inquired Tsunade.

"Of course, in fact, I was the first one to know about it. In addition, I was actually the one that gave an idea to Ino to go to Suna. We really don't know what to do that time, she was a month pregnant and the funny shit is; she didn't figure that out by herself." Tsunade stated.

"Only Tsunade-sama, Ibiki-sensei, sand siblings and Shikamaru knew about it." Ino said.

"Wh-what's your plan?" Hinata questioned Ino.

"My plan? What do you mean, Hinata-chan?" Ino asked back.

"I-I mean you and Sasuke-kun." Hinata cleared.

"What about me and Sasuke?" Ino asked again.

"Hinata is trying to say. About you, Hitoshi and Sasuke, duh!" Sakura stated.

"What about us? I just do not get it. Just point it to the point, will yah?" Ino said impatiently.

"Are you and Sasuke gonna live together with Hitoshi? As a family." Sakura pointed.

"Why you're asking me that stuff? It was just an accident." Ino replied.

"C'mon pig! It was an accident, so what? That does not mean that you two can't live together. I mean, you two are single and you two are 28. Get settled!" Sakura alleged.

"Sakura has a point. And then make another child." Kiba agreed.

"We can't live together if there's no love. It's the point! Sasuke can visit him every time he wants. And what do you mean make another one? Are you crazy?" Ino objected.

Sasuke's just quiet.

"Shut up. You're not a teenager anymore. You know to yourself, that you used to love Sasuke-kun. It's just that Neji-kun came in to your life. In addition, your life was screwed when he passed away! Get real, pig! Don't tell me, it's still a trauma thing that you have. It's already nine years. Make yourself happy." Sakura stated.

"That's the point. That is the past. We're now in the present." Ino retorted.

"So what if it's the past? It won't be hard cause you and Sasuke are friends." Sakura shot back.

"Life won't be the same anymore. Moreover, we knew that to ourselves. I am fine to this situation. I have Hitoshi and I can't wish for more." Ino said

Sakura sighed.

"Pig, you're way too stubborn than before." Sakura noticed.

"At least try y'know." TenTen said.

"Wait, wait, and wait. I just noticed. Why am I the one all of you obligating to do that, asking that question and stuff? I mean, correct me if I am wrong, I am the woman, right?" Ino spieled.

"Ino has a point. It must be Sasuke-teme doing the first move." Naruto rendered eying maliciously on Sasuke.

"What's with that look for? And why the hell I am with that conversation?" Sasuke opined.

"The last time I checked, you are the one who screwed Ino." Naruto told him with mischievousness.

"Alright Naruto, my child is just in front of you. So don't say anything nasty if you don't want me to kick you. And get rid of those filthy looks." Ino glared at Naruto.

"C'mon Sasuke, be a man." Kiba said.