Street Fighter Naruto

A New Beginning

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Five year old Uzumaki Naruto frowned as walked through the village of Konoha. For as long as he could remember he had been hated by just about everyone in the village. In fact one of the only people who was ever nice to him was Sarutobi Hizuren though he was known better as the Sandaime Hokage.

He had four ANBU guarding him but he didn't trust them as far as he could throw them. This meant he didn't trust them a bit as he couldn't throw them at all. This has been especially true since one of his 'guards' had tried to kill him already. He used to wonder why everyone seemed to hate him but stopped caring after the twentieth assassination attempt.

This could also be said for the mystery of his parentage. Unlike most people within the village he had never known of his parents, hell he didn't even know who they were. As far as he knew they could either be dead or had left him in this hellhole. Today however the thought of them had finally come back to him.

Today had been a regular day with him walking around getting glared at and glaring back at the villagers. Unfortunately it was nearing the time for him to enter the shinobi academy. Why the old man wanted him to become a shinobi for this village he would probably never know but he'd do it if only because his grandfather figure had asked it of him.

As he was wandering around he couldn't help but notice parents taking their children out to prepare them for their first day at the academy. He had seen how the kids eyes would light up when their parents would by them some practice weapons. He had even seen some parents talking to their children about the basics of taijutsu.

His scowl deepened through all of this, before long he found himself inside one of the places that had become a safe haven for him within the village, the library. You see he was often chased around the village by people intent on hurting him or killing him, one of those times he had ended up here after closing.

At the time the librarian had still been inside and had even helped him escape the mob. If that wasn't enough the kind woman had took it upon herself to teach the boy how to read, write, count, tell time and occasionally did some shopping for him. She even stayed after closing every night just to help him if he needed something. Through all this she would always volunteer with a smile and say 'It's the least I could do for my little hero'. He had long since given up understanding what that meant. All in all he would always say Haruno Miho was the kindest woman in the world.

Shaking himself from his thoughts he walked up the steps and after making sure no one was watching him, which no one ever did, he entered the building locking the door behind him.

Walking inside he was surprised to find the place empty. Walking up too his usual seat he saw a note addressed to him from Miho basically stating she had to leave early for something concerning her niece and that he could borrow whatever he needed and let her know what he took tomorrow.

After reading the note he sat in his regular seat finding his usual book already their waiting for him. a year ago Miho had told him the story of how Yondaime defeated the demon fox and he'd been enraptured by the man ever since. After a while they happened across this journal that just happened to have belonged to the late Yondaime and had been reading it together.

Naruto had been awed by the man who was so much like him. the Yondaime he discovered had been an orphan himself and had never known who his parents were. He had eventually created his own surname dubbing himself as 'Kazama Arashi'. The journal went on to describe the life of the infamous 'Yellow Flash' up until the point of the Kyuubi attack. Even through all that he had never once come across anything jutsu related, though it was still an interesting read.

Miho had actually let him have this as it wasn't part of the library's collection; he simply kept it here since he didn't want the bastards at the orphanage to take it from him. after about thirty minutes of reading in which he found out about the Yondaime's wife's pregnancy the journal ended, unfortunately it never mentioned the name of the man's wife.

After a few moments to absorb the information he nodded to himself before getting to his feet. Yondaime had come from the bottom and went straight to the top on his own, and he would do the same. With that in mind he got to work grabbing some scrolls from the shelves.

The first thing he did was grab a scroll giving an in depth explanation of chakra and its uses. The next he grabbed was one explaining a few chakra control exercises. Next he grabbed scrolls explaining the basics of genjutsu, ninjutsu and taijutsu. After reading through all the scrolls he sighed to himself in thought.

The taijutsu scroll had been most helpful and had explained that most shinobi families already had a set form of taijutsu. A few of the more memorable clans mentioned had been the Hyuga, Uchiha, and Inuzuka. the ninjutsu scroll had been much the same this time the families being the Hyuga, Uchiha, Inuzuka, Yamanaka, Akimichi, and Nara clans. The genjutsu scroll was the same however the only families mentioned were the Uchiha and Yuhi clans.

He frowned at that as all those clans had an advantage over people like him. however he could see the wisdom in something like that as even Yondaime had created several ninjutsu's to pass down to his children. With that thought he decided he would learn what he could and one day create his own.

With that he went to the taijutsu section and eventually pulled out a scroll on ninjutsu entitled 'The Ultimate Taijutsu Guide' by someone named Maito Gai. Reading through it he found references to the Hyuga's Jyuken and the Uchiha's Kosaken (Intercepting Fist) (AN: Did I get it right.) It also had reference to Gai's own Goken taijutsu.

There were plenty of scrolls for taijutsu none of which caught his attention. This held true until he finally found two scrolls covered in dust. The first he found was the Hitenryu Kung Fu style. The second was known as the Kikouken (Spirit Energy Strike). While neither of these styles was what he was looking for he still took them knowing they might come in handy in the future.

While looking through the books and scrolls he was surprised when a part of the shelf fell over. Looking inside he found a single scroll which he quickly pulled out and opened before reading.

"To who ever has found this, congratulations. I say this because within this very scroll is sealed yet another scroll. In this scroll is what was once called the strongest martial art style in the world an unnamed Ansatsuken. I say unnamed because the name has long since been forgotten, hell it isn't even on the scroll.

You may be wondering why I would put such a thing in a library of all places, even if it is a Shinobi library. Most people probably would have put it in the scroll room in the Hokage Tower. However if there is one thing I learned in my life it was that there is no better place to hide something than in the open. So when Nidaime-sama gave this to me for safe keeping I knew exactly where to put it.

I must also inform you that no one else even knows of the scrolls existence and the style has since been declared as a lost art. I must also tell you that in order to fully master this style there are several things that are needed. One of which is you must be the true successor of the 'Will of Fire' or you will find yourself falling down a dark path.

Unfortunately for you I have no knowledge of what else you'd need to know to master the style. Hell you can't even open the damn scroll unless you meet that first requirement. Regardless if you can't open the scroll please put it back so that the next person may try. If you can open the scroll then I wish you luck in learning of what it contains and I also must ask you to not share the secrets within unless absolutely necessary. Well that's all for I can say as we're in the middle of a war right now.


Sarutobi Hizuren, Sandaime Hokage

Naruto was in awe by the end of the scroll. Hesitantly he followed the directions and pierced his thumb enough to draw blood before swiping it across the kanji on the scroll. The scroll glowed for a moment before there was a puff of smoke which cleared to show a scroll that stood taller than Naruto himself.

The young boy grinned seeing this before putting the big scroll back into the small scroll and moving on to the next section.

The next section was ninjutsu were he found a scroll detailing it written by Sandaime himself that he placed within the bag along with one on genjutsu. After looking around a bit more one final scroll caught his eye this one on energy manipulation which was quite old if the dust on it was any indication. Before he left he also grabbed a scroll on basic sealing and hand seals. He knew that since no one would teach him he'd have to teach himself this scroll however he grabbed after remembering Yondaime talking about weight seals.

Looking at the time he saw it was already nine o'clock and felt his eyes go wide. The library closed at five which meant he'd been here for four hours already. Seeing this he grabbed the bag provided by Miho and left for home. Along the way he silently praised the old man for getting him his own apartment knowing the bastards at the orphanage would've locked him out.

Once he reached his small apartment he quickly went about storing the scrolls for tomorrow. As he was doing this he was surprised to find several sets of practice kunai and shuriken as well an outfit. He smiled at that before putting them away, undressing and climbing into bed.

The next day found Naruto reading through the scrolls over a bowl of ramen. He had two weeks until he started the academy so he figured he would learn as much as he could until then. As he read the what he now called the 'Scroll of Lost Arts' he felt his eyes widen until they nearly popped out of his head.

Apparently this style had been so dangerous that they had to make a variant of it that didn't kill on contact. Even still with as many people that tried to kill him on a daily basis he knew he'd have to learn both just in case. Aside from that he was trying to become a shinobi which would mean he'd have to kill eventually.

With that thought in mind he quickly resealed the scroll and pocketed it before heading out the door. Looking outside he couldn't help but feel that things in his life would definitely change one day.

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