I was experimenting with verse in my CW class… this is what came out. Wowzeh, it's been a while since I've posted anything.

I Remember, You.

The flower made up the game on a Friday night,

Lying by the side of the pool,

Too hot to move.

She taught it to the princess, who taught it to the frog

They all taught it to the Prince, who rose an eyebrow but played anyways.

She'd run out of I Never's

And the pool,

With waters shining scarlet and green

Wasn't cold enough to give her a shock.

So she made up her own, one last one.

They didn't play the game in earnest

Until the end of the summer when Veronica,

(The princess)

Picked at her nail polish and considered redoing it in black.

And Lilly,

(The flower)

Had reread her love letters until they burnt

A hole in her silk blouse.

Logan brought over his father's scotch

That burnt trails down their throats

And Lilly, silently brought out her favourite shot glasses.

She begins-

'I remember… the first time we all got drunk together.'

And they all take a sip,

Except Logan who takes a whole shot.

Veronica gives him a look as she refills his glass,

And courteously he nods his head, and takes a smaller sip next time.

Duncan grins at them both and pulls her close against his side,

Lips brush temples, cherry grin curves.

'I remember…. Meeting Veronica in art class'

Both Lilly and Duncan drink with a smirk,

Veronica feels quite bemused.

Logan doesn't say a thing.

'I remember… The time we all lay under the stars in formal wear and watched the fireworks on New Years Day…"

The princess smiles under her lashes

Gives the court her heart,

As they all sip,

Even Logan.

And they all believe that they'll never, ever stop being this happy

Because that's how bliss works.

You never believe it'll go away.

They don't play I Remember again,

Not together,

Not ever,

Not after Lilly dies.

Logan doesn't play it with Duncan,

Because he might say,

'I remember breaking her heart'

And Logan might reply

'I remember breaking her soul.'

They never talk about either of them,

The princess and the flower,

The girls,

The spoils of war.

And Veronica,

Who can pinpoint the day she became collateral damage,

Doesn't teach it to Wallace,

Or Mac, her new BFF's.

Instead they all play different games,

In different disguises,

Of cat and mouse,

Hide and seek in dark corners,

Bottles and vices,

Snapping half-heartedly at each other's tails.

When the summer comes around again they switch partners,

Veronica with Logan, Duncan with veronica,

Princess against prince against frog against prince.

They don't stop playing games with each other,

But they never play Lilly's game again

Or maybe that's the problem,

Maybe they never stopped.