Mark the Merciful

Mark the merciless was pacing around his helpless victim, the school nerd: Gregory….

"This is utterly pointless," Gregory shrieked, "it isn't as if I'd offended you.…"

Mark ignored this comment and moved in for the kill… he pounced of Gregory and flung relentless waves of punches directly at him.

"Mastermind Kenny has done it again by robbing the most secure bank in the world…." the television mumbled in the background... He bolted out of the janitor's room with Gregory's chemical in his enormous hand without caring of what the contents of the beaker were….

When Mark returned home, his father, Ben, greeted him without expecting a reply because Mark was infected with a disease which destroyed his voice box… Antiboxatonia…. He pulled the hidden beaker out of his sleeve and started drinking... A random mix of emotion overwhelmed Mark instantly; he suddenly regretted hurting anyone. It took Marcus the whole night to sort out his thoughts. In the end, he had his mind set on one thing… to compensate for everything he'd done, he vowed to do so.

He begged Gregory for forgiveness and asking for a favour but this was difficult because of Antiboxatonia. After hours, Gregory realised what Mark's message was and agreed immediately…. For several days, Gregory was absent from school for unknown reasons; even Mark didn't realise the mission would take such an excessive amount of time. When Gregory finally returned to class, Mark wore an anxious expression. Gregory beamed with pride as he pulled out a pair of metallic shoes and gloves that fitted exactly into Mark's humongous palm….

For the next few days, the news was reporting of a flying man with extraordinary capabilities in capturing criminals. Mark and Gregory had been absent for so many days that they received a similar amount of publicity for being supposedly lost! All but one mastermind has been put behind bars, the cells are full but one remains empty… it was labeled Kenny.

The final showdown begun when Mark and Gregory tracked down the only bank in the world that Kenny hasn't robbed and guarded it day and night until Kenny finally showed up…. Kenny was manipulative and sly….

"They still hate you," Kenny snarled, "Even as a hero, you are still being mocked."

Mark's rage was building at a rapid rate…

"You are mocked by everyone…" he mocked, "except me… your only friend."

"Enough!" Gregory interrupted, "No one has ever deserted you … you had been too sensitive."

Kenny pinned Gregory to the ground swinging his fist at Gregory without mercy.… Like before, the beaker rolled out of Gregory's sleeve again, he winked at Mark who made a 'frantic' dive for the bottle. Expectedly, Kenny started gulping the chemicals as he had; he shivered uncontrollably and stared into space with sorrow in his eyes. He started mumbling and ran straight towards a building… he rammed into it with his head with a tremendous force. With a sickening crack, Mark had fulfilled his vow….