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"Dun dun dunnnn!!" Sirius whispered into Lilys ear.

"Shut it, you're annoying me" Lily hissed back.

"I know" Sirius smiled "It's a curse and a blessing"

"Well?!" James yelled "Well?!"

"Crap" Lily whispered, staring at her sheet of paper that had been given to her, she blinked for a second, and then burst out in tears "NOOOO!!"


"NNNNNNNNOOOOOO!!!" She cried.

"You know, I think that's good news!" Peter said, staring at Lily.

"Yeah, James? You still sure you want to go on a date with that?" Sirius pointed to Lily.

"Of course!" James smiled, and then paused as he looked at her.

Lily's usually bouncy and vibrant hair was floppy and greasy. Her bright green eyes were full of tears, and the little mascara she had on was running, her nose was snotty and she was babbling curses.

"Um… Yeah, of course I do, I mean…" James thought for a second "Wait…OH MERLIN!!!"

"What?!" Remus, Sirius and Peter chorused.

"I'M GOING ON A DATE WITH LILY!!!" James screamed "I'M GOING ON A DATE. WITH LILY!!!!" He sprinted out of the room.

"He's a tad bit slow on the uptake" Remus frowned.

"You think?" Sirius laughed.

Day of date.

"Ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod!" James paced in front of the mirror, and turned around. "SIRIUS!! GET THE FUCK UP!!"

"Mu?" Sirius mumbled, flopping over.

"I said: Get up!!" James walked over and yanked the covers of him "Thank merlin you don't sleep naked!"

"Sod. Off" Sirius muttered, looking over at his watch "It's three in the morning, you idiot"

"I know! I'm preparing for the date!!" James said excitedly "What do you think of this outfit"

"Sorry, Sirius isn't available at the moment, please leave a message and I'll get back to you" He mumbled, putting the pillow over his head.

"Fine. Yeah, hi Sirius, it's James. GET UP!!"


"UP!! UP!!"

Sirius groaned, and threw a mug at him.

"Ooh look!! Is that…." James paused, thinking "Amelia Bones?! Naked?!"

"It's probably Peter cross-dressing again" Sirius muttered.

"I- okay, you're telling me about that later, but I mean…" He pointed to a vase "Those boobs!"

"WHERE?!?" Sirius shot up, and looked around "Where?!"

"Nowhere, now what do you think of this?" James asked

"What the hell?" Sirius stared at James "That's a leprechaun outfit."

"I know!" James said proudly, looking down at his shiny boots, and tweaking his bright green hat "Do you think Lily will like it?"

"Um… It's….Pretty?"

"LIAR!!" James schreeched

"What? Well, what do you want me to say?"

"You always lie! I mean, what happened with Lucy?" James pointed at Sirius accusingly.

"I told you, nothing!"


"You guys!" Remus muttered, throwing his mug at them.

"Where are all these mugs coming from?!" James looked around.

"Shut up, and let me kip" Sirius flopped onto his bed, only to be poked.

"What about this?" James smiled.

Sirius blinked "Why are you wearing Peters Cinderella outfit?"

"No reason"

At a more reasonable hour.

James, Sirius, Peter and Lupin were walking into Hogsmeade. James seemed to be moderately cool about everything.

"So, this is it!" Peter squeaked.

"Yup" Lupin nodded, turning to James "Nervous?"

"Nope, everything's going to okay" He smiled.

"Off you go then" Sirius pushed him forward "Go take her to a nice cafe"

"Yup" James strolled forward.

"Come on, let's go get a couple of butterbeers" Lupin walked forwards, with Sirius and Peter walking after him.

Twenty minutes later.

Sirius, Lupin and Peter were all relaxing with a drink clutched in their hands.


"Did you hear something?" Sirius swung around to see James in the doorway, looking flustered.

"WHERE'VE YOU BEEN?!" James sprinted into the three broomsticks.

"Trouble?" Lupin asked calmly.

"I- it's- a disaster!"

"Oh god, he's hyperventilating again" Peter muttered.

"James!!" Sirius yelled.

"Oh my god, she's gonna kill me!!" James shrieked.

"What the hell's the actual problem?" Lupin asked.

"I don't know whether to order food or not, if my breath is fresh, diet butterbeer or normal-"

"So you're having a nervous breakdown?" Sirius stared at James.


"For merlins sake!!!"

Ten minutes later.

"So… Cool dog" Lily nodded.

"Yeah, it's called…. Padfo- OW!!!" James yelled out in pain as the dog bit his leg.

"Um… Padfo?" Lily frowned.

James nodded "Yup, I called him Padfo"

"Oh. Hello!" Lily cooed, patting Sirius (Disguised) on the head.

"I feel this may go well" Sirius thought, barking loudly.

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