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Chapter 3: Erotica

Both men looked at the door as the person who just walked in glared at JD.

The people only began to move away from each other.

"Don't you knock?" Dr. Cox growled as he looked at the man.

The man who entered gave him a small side glance, "JD, what the hell? I thought you weren't gay."

JD tried to cover himself up with his hands, but it wasn't really doing anything. "Well, I wasn't…" He said, looking at Dr. Cox.

Dr. Cox looked over at JD. "Yeah, right Carole. You tell me that you don't have a thing for Turk."

"Turk?" Both JD and the man asked in astonishment.

JD looked at the person, "I don't have a thing for Turk."

"You can't. He's with my sister." Came the reply of the other man. He looked worriedly at JD as if the man would even think about helping Turk to cheat on his sister.

"Marco…" JD said in a slow and soft tone. He began to lean forward, but the pain that flared up into him kept him steady.

"Enough." Came the hissed out tone of Dr. Cox. He sounded angered and the look on his face was not too pleasant. "Who are you?" He snapped.

JD then realized that Marco might now be in trouble. If Dr. Cox had gotten so mad earlier, how was he going to deal with it now? "Umm." Was all he could mutter out.

"Shut up." Cox snapped at him.

He turned his attention back to Marco. "You're the person fucking JD." He said flatly.

JD looked at him. He tried to hold back a laugh as he looked at Dr. Cox's naked form standing up to the man in front of him.

"Yeah…And?" Marco questioned. He looked rather attractive standing there, opposing Dr. Cox like that. JD suddenly felt the urge to yell out, 'Take off your clothes.'

He could practically in vision himself watching as his mentor and Marco wrestled over him. Both very strong men, with their own powerful or gentile motions… 'Oh God.' JD found himself saying in his head.

He brought himself back to reality, noticing that the two men were now growing at each other, yet seeming to hold something back or in.

JD took in a deep breath and tried to cover up his hard on. It was not working.

Dr. Cox was the first to gaze over, having heard the boy's intake of breath, and was now looking at the scene.

Marco looked over at him and gave a smile. He then began to walk over to JD.

JD gave a gasp as the man came forward, "Please."

Marco was stopped by a hand on his shoulder. He glanced back, looking at Cox.

"Wait." Said the Doctor.

Dr. Cox stepped over to JD, and smiled. He then gave a half glance back at Marco, "I would say our little 'fight' has gotten Jenna here all flustered up." He smiled at how JD was moaning at his own touches.

Dr. Cox gave a small wink to Marco, "I think he should have to take care of it. Just like a big boy."

Marco smiled evilly, seeing how the doctor was now going to play, "Just like a big boy." He took a seat in a chair as the Dr. leaned up against the wall.

JD gave a groan, "What?" He panted out. He looked down at his hard on and at the two other men in the room, "What do you want me to do?" He asked.

Dr. Cox looked at Marco, as if he was asking him if he would rather say it. Marco smiled in return, "Relieve yourself JD."

JD looked at them, as if in horror, and for a second he thought he heard some one scream in the background, as if for some added dramatic effect.

His pulsing organ began to throb though and he took himself up into his own hands. Slowly, he began to pump himself, his head low and his body rocking.

Dr. Cox had went as far as 'Helping' JD move both of his legs out, so that he could spread them better. Though it was really so that Marco and Cox had a better show of the body.

JD gave a groan as he felt the burn of pain rest on him. His arms were even getting tired. He was sweating badly and he began to give out small grunts and cries of pain, his cock was only weeping lightly though.

"Ple…Please. Please… I can't….do it by myself." JD said in a low mutter. He was ashamed to say it really.

Dr. Cox got up, he walked over to Marco and whispered something in his ear.

Marco slowly began to stand up, then he allowed JD to look at Dr. Cox again.

"Perhaps…This will help, Mary." Cox said. Violently, yet knowingly, forcing Marco forward, making his lips crash with his own.

JD watched as the fiery kiss began to burn into him. His eyes gazed as Cox slowly began to undress Marco.

'God, why did this look so hot?' JD thought quickly. Though his thoughts were broken when Marco tried to pull away, fainting a look of innocents and naivety.

Cox gave a growl and forced him to his lips once more, the sweet taste coming over him again. Perhaps Marco wasn't so bad.

JD's hand founds it's way almost magnetically to his cock. He allowed for the pumping to take over as he huffed along, watching the display in front of himself.

Cox's hand began to slide over Marco's back, which was now bare, and ended above the back of his pants. He sunk his hand down and Marco muttered something in Spanish.

Cox gave a grin, "Watch it." He said back. He let said hand skim it's way hook to the front and down to grip something.

Marco's face turned red and he began to breath heavy as Cox undid the belt.

JD felt himself close in on his climax. He found this so…Erotic. How could they be so gorgeous? He wondered very quickly if he looked good with them. Then when a loud moan escaped Marco, he turned back.

Dr. Cox had violently pushed Marco around and brought him up to his chest. They stood front to back. Cox was gripping onto Marco's cock with one hand, having already undid the other man's zipper and having taken out his half erect penis, and shoving a finger into his mouth with the other.

JD gave a final moan, the sight was enough, seeing both men standing there, fully hard themselves, and sweaty made him want and desire that passion as well. He cam all over his hand and stomach.

Dr. Cox and Marco looked at him, smiling for a second, and needing to catch their own breaths.

"Well…That was a little soon there…" Said Dr. Cox in a somewhat mocking tone. He began to look down Marco's front, leaning his head over the other man's shoulder's.

Marco gave a moan as the Doctor gave his member a few pumps and then gave a sigh, "Looks like we're going to have to take care of this problem in a different way."

JD watched as the elder Dr. Began to turn Marco toward himself, kissing him passionately. He dug his tongue deep into the other man's mouth, forcing him to bend slightly at the knees.

JD gave a moan as his own member played once more into life. 'There's no way I can do this much more.' He thought to himself.

Dr. Cox broke away from Marco and began to walk over to JD. He bent over the table and JD listened to the sound of Marco taking off the remainder of his clothes.

His eyes didn't brake from Dr. Cox though and he watched as the elder man's form leaned over him, breathing slightly deep as he lightly kissed JD's ear.

"Come on newbie…" The elder doctor said out loud. He then began to pause, as if thinking over his words carefully, "Come on JD, get it up, for me?" He whispered with a laced silk on his words.

JD felt his blood grow warm and it all rushed to his member as he began to feel the power of the name drive into him.

Dr. Cox and Marco gave a small smile as they watched JD grow hard again.

"That was fast." Dr. Cox said.

"A record." Marco seemed to chime in. He then began to press his lips onto JD's. He got a very surprised reaction and let the other man take over. The fire that Marco gave to JD was that of a more feminine and he soon found himself wanting control over the other man.

Marco gave no fight and gently gave up his power to JD.

JD felt no power or fun in this at all. He gave a small growl and hoped that by his next action Marco would see it was okay to be more aggressive. He bit his tongue, drawing only a slight taste of blood.

Marco pulled away, but JD forced him back, making sure he knew who was in control by applying some pressure on the other man's arms.

Dr. Cox's words broke JD's train of thought though, "Okay, take it easy." He said.

JD took a look at Marco. The other man was breathing hard and looked somewhat afraid. He was also half blinded by a lock of hair that was covering an eye. JD thought about moving it, but found it more attractive where it stood. A small trace of blood was on his lip and JD couldn't help but lick it off of him.

Dr. Cox showed his anger by pulling JD off of Marco, "Okay, enough." He gave a long sigh, "Since you like this one so much, he'll be on bottom. You'll be in the middle." He smiled a little.

Marco tilted his head a to the side, "Like a threesome."

"Just like a threesome." Dr. Cox cooed in. He then began to look at JD, "Unless you don't feel man enough for it." He cocked up to JD with a small venom.

JD found himself looking at Marco, he would be the one getting the worst of it. "Are you up to it?"

Marco smiled with a small misty look in his eyes, "As long as you're the one inside of me." He then clicked his tongue to the roof of his mouth.

Dr. Cox smiled and then clapped his hands together, "Then it's settled."

Marco began to ready himself at the side of the examining table. The table was even nailed into the floor. He gripped it and motioned for JD to get behind him.

JD grabbed onto Marco's side and with his other hand he began to dig a finger into Marco's entrance.

He began to pump his finger in and out, then he added another.

Dr. Cox came up behind JD and leaned over him, "I'm going to start working on you." There was a somewhat darkness in his voice.

JD felt the sudden fear of something come over him, though he didn't know what. He allowed Dr. Cox to slip in two wet fingers. He had even paused to ask Marco if he had been alright.

Marco had laughed lightly and then pushed back on JD's fingers, forcing them into himself even more.

JD brought himself forward, ignoring the pain that Dr. Cox gave him as he pumped his fingers in and out of JD. "Marco…" He said in a mumble. He took in the smell of his hair. He then nuzzled onto Marco's earlobe, making sure he could fully take it into his mouth. Marco moaned in reply.

Dr. Cox gave a slight growl, but then removed his fingers, "Spread your legs." He said.

JD looked back, "Hold on…" He pulled his fingers out of Marco and felt the other man slightly tense as he placed his member at his entrance. Slowly, JD began to ease into him, and he took himself inch by inch so that Marco wouldn't have to deal with the pain. He cam e to fully rest in the man in front of him and asked gently, "Are you alright?"

He got a small laugh again, "JD, I'm fine." The man in front of him was slightly older, though his frame was not as strong, or so it seemed. The man had proved to JD to be very strong.

Dr. Cox leaned over JD, "Alright, I'm coming in." He said.

Slowly, the doctor began to ease into JD, as if taking into mind that the boy was not only very tender in the area, but also because Marco was in front of him.

Once the three seemed to be settled, Dr. Cox started on his pumping. He slowly drew himself out, and JD began to follow him, holding onto Marco's hips for support as the other man was doing to him. He was then thrust into Marco, who banged into the table, he gave a curse in Spanish.

"Wow, watch it there newbie, you have to make sure that my power stops in you and doesn't get nailed into him." Dr. Cox grumbled into JD's ear.

"Maybe you should take it a bit more slowly." JD said back, a hint of anger signaling to the doctor that he wasn't in the mood for a game like this.

Dr. Cox gave a single chuckle, "Right." He said, "Slowly." His pace into JD was not very slow, it was about all a man like him could manage though. It was gentle in its own way, which gave JD the opportunity to be more gentle with Marco, at least till he got use to it.

JD was the one to increase the speed and force really, and with it, Dr. Cox gave a groan of pleasure. JD couldn't help but twist his waist, causing his hips to grind into Marco at an odd angle and then begin to press against a spot that caused him to arch his back and moan. JD found this to be the most beautiful sound in the world. He craved more of it.

JD leaned his head forward again and bit down on Marco's neck. Then he began to suck the area as if it were a piece of candy he loved more then anything. He drew one of his hands over to play with Marco's cock, while leaving the other to grip his side.

Dr. Cox's anger was flaring by now, though he couldn't help but notice that it added to his climax. He was growing jealous of watching the two and he soon found himself forcing his hips forward in a forceful thrust. IT caused the two people in front of him to pause in their moment of bliss.

Dr. Cox even reached forward, grabbing JD and pulling him back slightly so that his hips angled into Marco at an odd angle. He thrust into JD and Marco ended up falling over.

JD watched as Marco fell over the table, his breath catching and his legs spreading further. JD was forced to keep pounding into him though and he watched as Marco's sweat dropped back stayed slightly arched as it was slammed into the table.

JD was pinned to the chest of Doctor Cox and he was feeling oddly about nailing the poor man below him into the hard surface, he heard the man below him chock out,

"J-D." Marco said in a panting tone, there was nothing that JD wanted to do more then to hold Marco, or at least his shaft, though with his mentor holding him back, that was not going to happen.

JD's mind suddenly jumped. That's what he feared. In this position, Dr. Cox had the power to do what he wanted to Marco. How could he have been so stupid? Why had he agreed to something like this? Shit, how could he do this?

JD looked down, he could see nothing but sweat and he felt himself reaching closer to an orgasm then he thought he would.

Oddly enough though, Marco was first. JD could tell this because the man gave a moan of release and then his entrance tightened.

When he felt the hot walls enclose around him, he felt himself let go as well and let himself explode into Marco as he heard the man yell slightly in a mixture of pain and pleasure, then felt Dr. Cox's seed inside him about three thrusts later.

All three men just kind of stayed there, standing, then Dr. Cox pulled out, and JD decided to pull out with him. Marco only gave a slight gasp of pain as he did so.

Marco turned to face them and leaned against the table, in a daze it seemed.

JD looked at Dr. Cox, "Why did you do that?" He hissed, wanting some kind of an answer for the reason as to why the other man had so violently done what he did.

Dr. Cox got his shirt on, smiling slightly, "To teach you a lesson newbie." He said.

JD looked at him, "What?"

"You'll always be mine. Only mine." He pulled his pants up and then began to walk out.

JD turned to Marco, "Are you alright?" He asked.

Marco smiled at him, "JD, I'll be fine."

He was already up. He turned from JD and began to turn around.

"Marco, you're bleeding." JD said, worried.

Marco tried to look, and saw the long trail of blood going from his ass and down his leg. He gave it some thought and then said, "Can you fix it?"

JD gave a deep sigh, "I'm a doctor, of course I can." Though in his mind he wasn't sure. He wasn't sure if he could really fix anything anymore. He knew that if you got into a fight with Dr. Cox, you mostly...Lost.

The End

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