It has been five years since I've seen Bella, or talked to her in anyway. I needed to see her again; it was mental agony to stay away from her, even though I had her best interests in mind.

I thought of Bella every day, every night. Each passing second was painful for me, I wanted to be with Bella, I wanted to go back, but I couldn't. We were dangerous to her, she deserved a normal life. I could live in agony because of my decision, but Bella couldn't be stuck in the same hell as me.

Alice reported that she had seen nothing unusual in Bella. All of her visions of Bella were fine, or so she said. I could tell she was hiding something, but when I confronted her, she would start to hum a random song, so I couldn't read her thoughts. That drove me mad, what was Alice hiding from me?

Then finally one day, I had enough. I had to see Bella, I just had to see Bella. I couldn't live like this anymore. I begged Carlisle to let us move back to Forks, and he immediately agreed. I knew that secretly he wanted to me to go back, I knew that I haven't really been much company since we left.

Homecoming, it's strange but the word brought excitement to me. I knew that at soon as I enter Forks, I could go and see Bella. Part of me still resisted that idea; Bella needs a normal life away from people like you! But I couldn't. Oh, what I would do to have her in my arms again.

That night, as soon as I got back, I ran from my house in silence, and headed toward Bella's house. The night was my cloak from the rest of the world, so I ran as fast as I could. I was excited, I was about to see Bella again! But part of knew that there was a possibility that she has already moved on. I wondered how hurt I would feel if Bella was truly happy with someone else. I knew that it was entirely my fault, so I knew that if she was happy with someone else, I will just have to live all eternity without Bella.

There was the window, I jumped and easily held on to the siding. Then I climbed up the window.

The window was open; I started to grin. Was Bella waiting for me? I quietly slipped through the window, imagining Bella sleeping there. But that wasn't what I saw.

Bella wasn't in the bed; she wasn't in the room anywhere. I started to panic. Did Bella get kidnapped? Or what if she fell and hurt herself? I was starting to hyperventilate, when I noticed something.

The room was covered in a layer of fine dust. The dust covered everything in the room, and it hit me.

Bella wasn't here, and she hasn't been here for a long time.