a ficlet collection, by That'sMyFiasco

Disclaimer: I own nothing. The creative prowess of the powers that be far exude any modest aspirations of mine.

This is a series of 30 drabbles, written for the livejournal community 30(underscore)kisses; therein I somehow managed to claim the topic of the Inu/Kag pairing. In such communities as these, each person claims a particular subject, and writes 30 stories about them following a set of 30 themes. I will be going in order, and will be writing a series of ficlets, or drabbles. All chapters, unless otherwise noted, are in no particular order, unrelated, and may feature various universes or characters, though all will center around Inuyasha and Kagome.

Theme #1- Look Over Here

Chapter One: Distractions

Inuyasha sat next to the god-tree, panting slightly despite the slight shade the leafy branches provided. The top to his fire-rat robe was bunched up under his head, and his baggy hakama were slung low on his waist, revealing an expanse of tanned, sweaty skin. Lazily, he peered up through damp, silvery hair at the leaves above him.

Ugh. Leaves were boring.

Thoughts and eyes wandering, his gaze finally settled on Kagome, who was splayed out under a shady tree, scribbling away as usual in a textbook. She had traded in the shirt and socks for a tank top and sandals, but it was still evident the girl was uncomfortably warm. Before he fully knew what he was doing, the hanyou swung himself to his feet, quickly moving to stand over the teenage girl.

Kagome was absorbed in her work for the moment; it took several long moments for her to look up and notice Inuyasha in front of her. When she did, however, she jumped suddenly, dropping her textbook on the warm grass.

Gulping nervously, she looked at him, unsuccessfully willing herself to not let her gaze drop too low.

Sorry, but a shirtless Inuyasha was distracting.

He smirked confidently, leaning down so that she had to pull back to avoid brushing noses with him. "Whatcha doin'?"

Kagome's voice trembled when his lips touched her temple. "N-nothing..."