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This would be the last time Lily Evans would take the train ride to Hogwarts, a place that felt like a home to her. Nothing is going to ruin this year she promised herself. She would make it one worth remembering.

Smiling, she walked off with a polished "Head Girl" badge in search of her friend's to spend the train ride with, at least until the Prefect meeting. Nothing bothered her, not Petunia, NEWTs, who the Head Boy is, or even the new Dark threat that seemed to be lurking in the shadows in the future.

Few minutes later she found what she was looking for. She sat down next to her closest friends, people she would trust her life with, girls that were sisters to her.

"Hey ladies, Kim, Rachel, Ashley!" exclaimed Lily as she opened the compartment doors and slid her way through and sat down.

"Hey how are you, Lils!"

"How was your summer?"

"What the hell is that? Doesn't look like a Prefect Bad--…HEAD GIRL!?"

With a proud laugh, Lily began explaining how she received the letter, how her parents were happy for her and how she would even get her own Dorm but would be forced to share with the Head Boy.

"Who cares, as long as it's not a Slytherin. What if he's cute? Mmmm… your so lucky, Lily!" said Kim as she ran her hands through her shoulder length brown hair, tucking strands behind her ear.

All summer, ever since she received her badge, Lily had not once even cared about who the Head Boy would be, but Lily now felt scared. What if Kim was right? What if it IS a Slytherin? Or any other horrible guy out there. Her thoughts instantly flew towards that messy haired devil. James Potter.

For a split second Lily's smiled transformed into a frown as she pondered this scary thought. Lily chuckled in her head at the very thought. Impossible. He didn't even get Prefect! Ha! The odds of him getting Head Boy were worse than Lily actually falling for him.

Without another thought of it, she continued her conversation with her friends.


After what must have been a few hours of exchanging stories of summer, gossip and boy-news the lady with the food cart came in and they all bought food and helped themselves to it.

Minutes later, footsteps echoed outside their compartment door.

"I knew we couldn't stay in that compartment!" said a frustrated voice, with a hint of amusement.

"Meh, it was great while it lasted." answered back another voice.

"True." replied the first person.

"Sorry about that guys, I didn't know they wouldn't allow me to bring other students into there." said a familiar voice she knew all too well. It was calm, soothing and even mature.

That voice…

Lily knew damn well who that was, but she couldn't hide a confused look on her face.

Since when did HE become sorry for anything? But Lily was also bothered by the tone of his voice. He cared about the rules? He left the place they were forbidden willingly? Without retaliating?

Strange indeed.

"Fuck it, let's find an empty compartment. I'm sick of those damn girls' stalking us."

"Hear, hear mate. You know, one of them said to me, 'please stay in this compartment for the trip, I'll do anything!'"

"I'll suck your dick! Come on!" added another voice jokingly and laughter seemed to erupt through the hallway as doors were opened and closed.

Lily picked up another chocolate frog and it was halfway into her mouth when the compartment door flew open. And she found herself looking at none other then,

James Potter and Co.

It didn't come as a surprise as Lily already knew those voices. She merely took a bite of her chocolate frog and instantly tasted the sweetness on her lips. But at the same time, she looked up and saw him. She inspected his features. Something is wrong. For one, he was not laughing. He did not even have a smile on his lips while his three friends were still laughing their hearts and lungs out. He seemed calm and relaxed. But his eyes betrayed him.

She could see hatred, anger and concern simultaneously swirl in his eyes. Something was definitely wrong with the cocky, arrogant, bullying James Potter. There was no curl of his lips that formed his trademark confident smirk. In fact, his hair seemed tidier than ever before, as far as she could remember.

He merely seemed bored and somewhat depressed. Lily never bothered looking him in the eye. Who can blame her, she never cared about him.

James merely peaked inside, turned his head so he could figure out who was inside.

Lily knew she would not like Potter ruin her last year here. Not now, not ever. Lily evens knew from experience that it was always better to stop him and prevent his constant questions of 'Will you go out with me' or the occasional 'Hey Lily-flower!'

Not allowing his expression or the fact that he may be having a bad day ruin her day, she began chewing quickly, and was about to say, "What the fuck do you want Potter?!"

But before she could even utter 'what' out of her lips, James had already slammed the door shut and walked away. The metallic door crushed the frame as it collided securely into place loudly. Their footsteps echoing farther away and the unmistakable sound of another compartment door sliding open. The Marauders were probably checking the next compartment.

Ashley was the first to speak, and she voiced Lily's exact thoughts.

"What in Merlin's Beard just happened?"

"What do you mean?" Lily lied quickly, hoping her tone of concern did not give her away. She was sick of the 'Potter Conversations' her friends always had, even though her friends did not like him or his group either.

"He didn't even say anything to you Lily, hell, he didn't say anything AT ALL!" Kim spoke up, voicing the group of females in the rooms exact thoughts. The three girls all nodded in agreement.

Lily Evans only frowned in response. They were right. They usually were, in fact they were way better with boys than Lily who only had boys as friends and never dated any. Always keeping her friends and academics one notch higher in priority then them.

Where was the question he was almost required to say to her? How come his features seemed so depress? Surely, he has the perfect life? The whole school seemed to think he does. Rich. Handsome. Popular. Intelligent. What else could any hormone driven male desire more?

But the thing that bothered her most was his eyes. Though she never looked him in the eye, she would bet everything that he never looked like that.

Lily sat for over an hour pondering her thoughts as her friends ignored it and continued talking.

And for once in her life, Lily Evans became curious of James Potter.


"Oh my, it's almost time of the Prefect meeting and I haven't even changed." Said Lily as she remembered.

"Just change here, Lils. Wait, where is your trunk?" questioned Rachel with worried blue eyes that seemed to resemble the ocean.

"Oh yeah, I left it at the Head Compartment. Well, I better get going, see you guys at the feast."

They said their goodbyes as Lily walked to the front of the train and came face to face with a door that clearly had "Head's Compartment" written on it in bright gold yellow.

She slid the door open casually, walking in and turning around to close the door but as soon as she turned around to face the interior of the room, she noticed something.

There was someone inside already. The Head Boy.

He was well-built, just the way Lily would love in a man. He was not too muscular but then again, not too weak. His shoulders lean, his biceps well defined, flexing even as he simply reached down to the chair for his shirt which had the rest of his clothes on it along with a 'Head Boy' badge. His pants hung a few inches below his waist, revealing his baby blue boxers which hung slightly sideways, one side raised higher on his waist than the other side.

The mysterious stranger had his back to Lily. She almost gave a small gasp as she walked into here on someone without a shirt on. It was eye-candy to her, she couldn't help herself but glance at the stud up and down, absorbing in every feature. Half-wishing she walked in earlier, than maybe she could have caught him with his pants down.


She could see herself having erotic dreams about this tonight, and maybe nights to come after.

He turned around and finally noticed her after the door rammed into the edge, unable to close itself any farther than the limit. Causing a rather small crash which sent the noise ringing through his ears.

"Hey there, Evans. How are you? Congratulations on Head Girl, by the way." a non-surprised James Potter casually said to her with a small, forced smile that Lily knew he was faking. Why was he faking it?

If Lily thought the view from the back was great, she was in for a surprise. His body seemed to be sculpted and chiseled to perfection. Worthy of a models physique. His stomach noticeably defined which gave the expression that he was able to take some hits and still fight back.

Tan and toned anyone?

"Evans? …Lily Evans?" he asked once more. Attempting to get her attention that eluded him.

And Lily instantly thought hated herself for a split second for hating a guy with a body like this. Imagining if they got along well…

At least they would be working together for the rest of the year and even share a dorm with a guy that had a body like this…


This is James Potter! The James Potter. Mentally slapping herself and shaking her head physically for thinking of such of thing, let alone the possibility of it she began racking through her brain trying to say something to break the silence.

'What had he said earlier? A greeting or something?'

"My face is up here." He said with a sad frown.

"Whaa- Oh, of course, I was-. Well…just going to... Change, yeah. Almost there. And stuff." Said a perplexed Lily as she attempted to collect herself while feeling her face redden dramatically.

"Sure, just let me out so you can get ready for the Meeting." As he finally pulled that shirt that he held in his hand during that awkward silence over his head and grabbed his robes. He pocketed his badge so he could pin it to his chest later.

Lily still remain silent but gave a sigh of disappointment after he was dressed and covered, so James decided to speak up again.

"Erm, Evans, your blocking the door. Excuse me."

With a jump of surprise and shock she jumped back into the hallway so he could exit. Lily watched him leave, the robe he held, draped in his arms were swung around his shoulders, appearing almost like a cape before he pulled it on one arm then the other.


Lily could not even get dressed without thinking about him. He was certainly being strange. She had even half-heartedly for a few seconds hoped, prayed and wished with all her might that he would ask her out. Knowing she would reject him on the spot without any further hesitation. No success though.

Now that she thought about it, he hadn't asked her out yet, sure it's only been a few hours but he had so many opportunities to. Why hasn't he? And the look in his eyes had not changed since he walked into Lily and her friend's compartment hours ago.

Sighing at her own stupid, pointless and meaningless thoughts of a silly boy, she glanced down at her watch.


Lily Evans, the perfect student, late to an appointment? 10 minutes late for the Prefect Meeting! Damn, why did she have to sit there staring at his trunk as if he would appear out of it giving her answers for so long!

Dashing out through the doors and down the hallway, she flew by many younger students without pardoning herself. Simply, giving the excuse,

"Head Girl coming through!"


"Head Girl duties, watch out!"

When she reached her objective she stared at it for a few seconds. Late to the first duty of the Head's! Hoping they don't make a big deal out of it, Lily mustered the courage of Gryffindor in her…

Slowly, she pulled back the handles which revealed all the Prefects from every house sitting down and a raven haired boy standing up in the center of the room with a look of authority as he was giving them instructions. Walking into the meeting after the instructions

"That's all there is to it then. Remember, 4 rules I have. Stay safe, stand up for what you believe in, protect those who are in need… and always have fun." He managed to get out the last line after a short hesitation. But the look on his face didn't have a smile or that stupid arrogant grin, he most definitely wasn't even having fun himself…

After he was done everyone turned their heads to look at Lily. Some appeared bored, some seemed merely disappointed in the Head Girl for being late, and some were still amazed at how well James Potter did by himself.

But Lily could care less about what they think, she glanced over at James expression, the only thing she seemed to worry about. He wore a face that were different from everyone elses. He just merely didn't care that she was late.

The James Potter she knew would of cracked a joke about her tardiness, made everyone laugh, flash a toothy grin and then proceed to ask her out to "make up" for it.

Without a smile or acknowledging her, he continued.

"Alright, I know how you all want to be with your friends, so you're all free to go."

The Prefects quickly walked out in single file. Filtering out past the narrow doorway leaving James and Lily alone in the room for the second time in the past hour. Their relationship in the past shown that she could barely stand to be in the same room as him, but here she was, watching his every move. Even waiting for him to speak to her...

She stood inside watching his every move without a single thought.

He gracefully piled all the paperwork and items back into his bag and began to make for the door as well. Lily was too quick for him and she walked in front of him.

"Sorry-" Lily said lamely, the only way she could communicate how bad she felt, with severe disappointment in herself for allowing him to do all the work.

"No problem, it's not the end of the world." She suddenly felt the comfort rush through her body in waves, an odd fuzzy feeling tingled her, as if he was okay with it, then she would be. The words of comfort echoed through her mind for a few more seconds until she forced herself to say what had bothered her today. Maybe he wasn't such an ass anyway…or he's changed. Or both?

He began to make his way to the door and already had his back to her when she cried out,


James spun his head around on the spot as he peaked over his shoulders with a confused look on his face, his eyes showed a desire of nothing but to be left alone, to find some peace by himself.

"Potter…what's wrong?"

"What makes you think that? Everything is fine." And with another one of those fake smiles he seemed to be putting on for show. He made his way down the train to be alone. Probably the Head's Compartment she thought. She had so much more she wanted to say…

Lily sat down on the chair that was meant for James in the meeting and started debating with herself. She could go to the room and confront him, but he would no doubt run away again. In the end, she decided against it and chose that it is wiser to leave him be. It's only been one day, not even half the day; he'll change back to how he was. He is probably just hungry or tired, yeah, that's it!

With some luck, he would transform back into the James she knew and hated 6 years running nonstop. Hell, maybe he would even ask her out after a good night's sleep! In which she already planned a way to reject him. Without another worrying thought swimming in her mind, she got off the train and made her way to the carriages. She found the Head carriage, half-wanting him to be inside, the other half not wanting him to be.

Lily Evans stretched her arms forward, gripped the silver handles that held the doors shut and pulled back on the mahogany wood door panels revealing…

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