Until You Come Back to me Again

Chapter 1: Once Upon a Time

Rated PG-13

Disclaimer: Sailor Moon is not mine. Sailor Moon and all the characters within the series belongs to Naoko Takeuchi.

Summery: (A/U) Usagi and Mamoru grew close, growing up together in the local orphanage, never wanting to each others side. But after Usagi gets into a life-altering accident and Mamoru is adopted, will the two reconnect after years of separation?

A/N: I know that this is a re-post of this story, but my account "moonlightusa," which I have hfad for years, was hacked and the e-mail and password were changed. I've had no luck in getting anyone to honor a request for my username back, so alas, I have created this one. Unfortunately all of my other works were deleted, so I bring you what I have left. I hope that you'll enjoy reading this as much as I love writing this.


The orange sun hung low in the sky as it shined its last rays of the day, the wind lightly blowing through the trees, their leaves dancing to the silent melody. The sky was a mix of oranges, pinks, blues, and reds as night began to creep over, yet the sounds of children's laughter could be heard over the night.

"Stop, Mamo-chan, it tickles!" a young girl no more than eleven years old squeaked. The pollen of a white daisy brushed the tip of her nose.

"Usako, everything tickles you," the thirteen-year-old said. He strummed his fingers on his knee, playing with the freshly picked flower. He looked back to the girl, her blonde hair falling freely from twin tails on the top of her head, stopping just below her shoulders. Her blue eyes sparkled as she looked back into hfis, the same sparkle mirrored.

"Mamo-chan, how come you won't talk to me about your meeting with the Chiba's?" Usagi asked.

Mamoru sighed as he thought back to a week ago when he went out for the afternoon with the mid-aged couple. They took him to a soccer game after they heard about his passion for the sport, and then took him out for a pizza. He had a lot of fun that day, but no one usually took a second chance at him. "There's nothing to tell," he said. "What's the point in getting my hopes up over nothing? No one has taken me yet and I doubt anyone will."

After a few moments of silence, Usagi asked "Mamo-chan, when we are old enough and get out of here, will we be together forever?" She picked a blade of grass and admired its shade of green when Mamoru rubbed his fist playfully on her head.

"Of course we will," he laughed while he stared out to the setting sun. "Once you turn sixteen, I'll be eighteen and then we can get out of here. I'll never leave your side." Moments after Mamoru spoke, he felt a cool, damp piece of material touch his wrist. Looking down, he watched as Usagi tied a multicolored hand-crafted bracelet onto his wrist.

"Promise?" she asked when she had tied the knot, smiling gently. She sighed as he hugged her, then snuggled next to her and watched the sun set.

"I promise. Come on, let's go back inside before Mitsuki-san yells at us for being outside after dark."

The two children stood up and walked back into the large building, its cold, lonely atmosphere slightly putting a damper on the two as they pushed open the large door of the Juuban Children's Home.


"Usako," Mamoru groaned as he crossed his arms, "you're supposed to block the ball, not let it roll past!"

"I know, but you kick it so hard!" she whined, causing the other children to laugh.

"I can't help that I'm a natural at soccer," Mamoru shouted. As a result, Usagi stuck her tongue out at him before she turned around to jog after the soccer ball that rolled out into the street. "Be right back!" she shouted back at the group.

"Hurry up, Usako!" Mamoru called out as he watched her run into the road after the ball.

Time suddenly stood still. Mamoru froze in horror as an ocean blue sports car raced down the street, not slowing down. Usagi turned around holding the ball triumphantly before she turned around to head back to the yard. He felt numb as he watched Usagi turn her head and scream when she saw the car wasn't slowing down. She didn't even have a chance to run before she was struck down, the ball once in her hand now bouncing down the road. She fell back on the pavement, smacking her head, and lay on the pavement motionless, blood slowly beginning to stain the ground.

"Usagi!" Mamoru cried as he ran out to her, kneeling by her side. He brushed his fingers against her cheek, hoping for a response. "Usako, wake up! Come on!" he shouted. After hearing a door creak open, Mamoru looked up to see the driver stagger out of the car, eyeing the accident that he had caused.

"Shit," the drunken man slurred, his bloodshot eyes staring down at the two of them. Mamoru looked up, a fire in his eyes as he shot up and slammed the man against his car.

"Look at what you've done, you bastard!" he shouted. He watched the man's eyes as the man looked at the girl, unconscious on the ground, then back to the furious pre-teen. He then wiggled his way out of Mamoru's grasp, and darted down the road. About to chase after him, Mamoru turned around to see Mitsuki, the woman in charge of the home, kneeling at Usagi's side. Mamoru stood there, the drunk forgotten, feeling numb. He looked at Usagi, the blood staining her hair, the glow of her cheerful self subsiding as she lay limp. He could hear the sirens faintly in the background, but his focus continued to stay on Usagi. He felt he was in a daze as he watched the paramedics arrive, carefully lift her on a stretcher, and take her away. He noted that someone must have called for help, but he felt like he wasn't in tune with the reality of the situation.

As the sound of the sirens diminished, he looked around the scene of the accident. He shoved his hands in his pocket and walked back behind the concrete walls of the house. He walked over to the side of the building and slouched down, staring at the dirt, Usagi's high-pitched scream echoing through his mind combining with the wailing of the sirens. The noises running through his mind finally caused him to snap; he screamed as he sank his head between his knees, feeling utterly and completely alone. He had been at the children's home since he was five years old, when fate was cruel and took his parents' lives on his birthday. For two years he was bitter and isolated until his seventh birthday when his eyes diverted to a blonde haired girl with pig tails, her eyes bloodshot from crying.

She stood next to Mitsuki, and then was alone as Mitsuki left the room with two other adults. He watched as she held on tightly to a stuffed cat and slouched in a corner, her cries muffled as she held the cat closer. He stood up and walked over to her, looking down at her. She looked up at him with tear stained eyes, then looked back down at her cat.

"Your hair looks funny," Mamoru bluntly stated. "It looks like spaghetti."

She looked back up at him, her eyes angry. "Shaddup. My Mommy did this hairstyle for me."

Mamoru sank down next to her, causing her to inch away. "Where is your Mommy?" he asked. This caused her to twitch, and then choke a sob.

"He killed her," she whispered softly. "Harry-papa killed her."

Mamoru diverted his eyes from her to the ground as she began to cry again, holding on even tighter to the stuffed cat.

"I like your cat," he said as he poked it. She looked back up at him, then quietly replied, "Her name is Cocoa." Mamoru nodded his head in acknowledgment before he looked back at the ground.

"My name is Usagi," she finally said after her tears subsided. He looked back at her and smiled.

"Mine's Mamoru."


It felt like hours had gone by when Mamoru retreated back to his bed in the boy's bedroom. Sitting at the edge of his bed, he rested his hands on his lap, his head dipping. His thoughts were interrupted as he heard someone call his name.

"Mamoru?" a tall brunette woman said as she placed a gentle hand on his shoulder. She was Akiko, Mitsuki's older sister who helped out at the home frequently. "Mitsuki sent for me to bring you to the hospital. She knows how you and Usagi are best friends." Mamoru nodded as he stood up and followed behind Akiko. They got into her car, the ride silent as they drove up to the hospital. Ten minutes later she pulled up at the doors to the front of the building, breaking the silence.

"I have to get back to the children, so I'll let you off here. They're in building three, fourth floor, room 406." With that, Mamoru mustered a quiet goodbye as he exited the automobile. Looking at the large glass doors, he took a deep breath and walked in alone. The atmosphere was chaotic; there were doctors running around, sick children crying, and senior citizens in wheelchairs. He looked around before finding a sign that read "Building Three" and headed in that direction, following the signs that directed him towards the elevator. After waiting patiently for the doors to open, he walked into the lift, and pushed the button titled "four." After what felt like an eternity to Mamoru, the doors reopened, and he walked off and looked at the room numbers. Soon enough he reached Usagi's room, which he slowly and quietly entered.

Her body lay still under a thin blanket. She was in a pale blue hospital gown, her arms lying at her side. She had an IV in her right hand and in her nose a respirator tube. Her hair was falling freely, as it had been taken out of her pigtails, while a large white band was wrapped around her forehead. He looked over at Mitsuki, who was stroking her bangs, then sat down.

"Mamoru," Mitsuki softly said, looking up from Usagi. "I have news on Usagi's condition. They say she hit her head hard on the pavement after the car hit her. Her memories will most likely be gone and will have to start back at square one. The doctor's call it retrograde amnesia." He felt himself flinch as the news slapped him in the face.

"Square one?" he asked quietly, "No memories whatsoever?"

"A ninety-five percent chance," she answered. Suddenly the melody of a ringing phone interrupted the uneasy silence. Mitsuki quietly left the room. Mamoru sat down in the bedside chair, feeling the need to stay by her side and protect his best friend. He stayed silent as he looked at her fragile body. He had the impression that one false move would cause her to break. About a half hour passed when Mamoru looked back after hearing the door open, where he saw Mitsuki leaning against the door panel.

"Mamoru, it's time to go back," Mitsuki said. Mamoru brushed Usagi's bangs away as he took one last look, then stood up and walked over to Mitsuki.


Back at the children's home, Mamoru was led into a large room by Mitsuki. He stood as he admired the room, never have seen it once before. Mitsuki walked behind the desk and sat down, and then gestured for Mamoru to sit in the chair across from her.

"Of all days," Mitsuki said under her breath, and sat up straight as she held a folder in her hands.

"Mamoru," she began, "do you remember Mr. and Mrs. Chiba?" She opened the folder and fingered through documents.

"Yes," he replied with confusion.

"As you know," Mitsuki began, "the Chiba's were unable to bare children and have been looking to adopt for years, mainly interested in a young teen. They are very well off financially, so they can put you in the best schools in a great neighborhoo–"

"What?" Mamoru interrupted, dumbfounded.

"Mamoru, they want to adopt you. They want to take you home tonight as a matter of fact."

"What about Usagi?" he asked as his face paled. "I won't go anywhere without her!" he exclaimed as he jumped out of the chair.

"Mamoru!" Mitsuki scolded. "Another family could look into taking her in once she recovers. That means one day, she may leave as well."

"No!" he shouted angrily, heading towards the doors. "You can't separate us, I won't let you, especially now!" He opened the door of her office and he darted to the front of the building and ran out of the gates into the dreary evening. As he ran into the district, the rain came down, thoroughly drenching him. A good forty five minutes later, he arrived back at the hospital. He continued to run until he reached Usagi's room. As he entered the room, he noticed that Usagi was sitting up, an expression of confusion across her face.

"Usako?" Mamoru sputtered out. "You're awake?" He watched as she looked over at him and nod her head. He felt an overwhelming feeling of excitement come over him as he sat down in the chair beside her. "Do you remember me?"

He watched as she stared at him, looking as if she was trying hard to recall him. "Are you my brother?" she asked with hesitation in her voice.

The brief feeling of excitement washed away as he felt his heart break. She didn't remember him.

"Mamoru?" a voice rang through the room. He looked back to see Mitsuki wave for him to come to her. He got out of the chair and left the room, where he was greeted with Mitsuki, the Chiba's standing off to the side.

"She's my best friend," he softly spoke. "She was hit by a car, and she doesn't remember me," he choked out. With saying that, his eyes widened as he felt someone's arms embrace him softly, stroking his damp hair. Mamoru turned his head, seeing a short, black haired woman standing by his side. "It's okay to be sad," she whispered. With the mix of her warmth and caring voice, he began to cry. Usagi, his best friend, the girl he wanted to spend forever with – how could he part from her?

"That means one day, she may leave as well."

Mitsuki's words echoed in the back of his mind. He felt his stomach turn as he faced the reality that their promises of being together broke because of the accident's outcome. He backed out of Mrs. Chiba's arms and looked back at Usagi through the window. Tears formed in his eyes as he watched her stare down at her blanket, unaware of what had happened to her. She didn't remember him and there was a chance she never would. There would be no memories of their friendship, how they met, or the promises they made to be with each other. He then realized that she, too, could have a family one day. She deserved a comfy bed, to go to a good school, and have parents who would love her. Even if he stayed here, would she? And if she did, would it be fair, growing up in a children's home until she was sixteen?

Mamoru knew that he had to go, that it was fate to walk away with this family. He looked back to see a man with graying black hair and glasses holding two blue umbrellas standing by Mrs. Chiba. He nodded at the couple, then looked through the window one last time and whispered under his breath:

"I'll wait for you, Usagi, until you come back to me again. I promise."