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JM mentioned an 'engagement scene' in his blog last night, which etched this little conversation into my head. He didn't say who was engaged – he may have been referring to a fire-fight with an enemy for all I know, but here it is anyway.



John was just drifting off to sleep when his door chimes rang. He opened his eyes blearily, cursing under his breath. He had had a late night the night before and just wanted to sleep.

John swung his legs out of bed, just as the chimes sounded again. Then again. He hurried across the room. Whoever it was outside obviously needed him urgently.

He opened the door to reveal Rodney standing in the hallway, wringing his hands and looking shell-shocked.

"What's wrong?" John asked. Rodney pushed past him into his quarters, and the door slid shut. John switched on the lights and turned to face him, his anxiety level rising. It wasn't often that Rodney McKay was at a loss for words. "Rodney?"

"I just asked Katie to marry me," said Rodney.

John stared at him. "You've got to be kidding me," he replied.

Rodney was staring at the wall behind John. "She said yes," he said.

"You've got to be KIDDING me!" John exclaimed.

Rodney's expression of shock diminished slightly as he shot John a look of indignation. "Hey!" He said.

"Sorry," John said quickly. The thing was, he was shocked beyond belief. "I'm just – wait a minute." John stared at Rodney. "You just got engaged."

Rodney nodded. "Yeah," he said, smiling slightly as the thought seemed to sink in.

"What the hell are you doing here?" John demanded.

Rodney blinked. "I just –"

John laughed in disbelief. "Rodney – go back to her!" He said. "What is wrong with you?"

Rodney stared at him for a moment and then nodded. "You're right," he said. "Right. I just – I thought I was going to hyperventilate."

John shoved him towards the door. "LEAVE, Rodney!" He said.

Rodney stumbled slightly but nodded. "Yeah. Okay," he said. He still sounded completely fazed-out. He turned back to John just before he reached the door.

"You'll be my best man, right?"

John rolled his eyes. "Of course," he answered. "You'll probably forget to go to the wedding, otherwise."

Rodney nodded. "Okay," he said. "Thanks."

The door slid open and Rodney started to leave. John stepped forward.


Rodney turned back round. "Yeah?"

John grinned at him. "Congratulations," he said, stretching out his hand.

Rodney smiled properly for the first time since arriving and gripped John's hand. "Thanks," he said again.

John felt a strong surge of brotherly affection for the man in front of him and he pulled him into a loose hug. They patted each other on the back and stepped back.

Rodney smiled happily and started to walk away. John watched him go, still grinning, slowly shaking his head.

"Hello Rodney."

Teyla was out in the hallway – John hadn't seen her because it was so dark.

Rodney stopped in front of Teyla and grinned at her. "I just got engaged," he told her. Then he kept walking.

Teyla's jaw dropped slightly as she watched Rodney round a corner. She turned to look at John.

He shrugged. "Not to me," he said, for purposes of clarification.

Teyla smiled and rolled her eyes. "Good night," she said, continuing on to her room.

"'Night," John called after her. He retreated back into his quarters, thought he now felt wide awake.

He smiled wickedly.

"I'd better get started on my speech."