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Note : Yep, another Final Fantasy crossover with Power Rangers, but a different pairing. I guess I love doing crossovers, but hey... They're fun:) Some of the characters may seem really different, but I'm changing them for this fic. Example, Shalya is a Dr and not a princess. Also, Tori's character is a couple years older than the others, but only by maybe 2 years.

And you'll notice a bit of a love triangle which will be sorted out as the fic progresses. So please don't kill me for it. LOL. And Blake will be the bad guy for a lot of it, but i believe that part will be explained. He doesn't die and eventuall gets some brains knocked into him. LOL I have reasons for putting everyone in their respective roles.

Ages :

This just hit me.

Shane - 18, Kapri - 18, Marah - 17, Tori - 20, Blake - 20, Dustin - 18, Kelly - 19, Hunter - 20, Cam - 23, Tommy - 24, Jason - 25, Zack - 24, Kimberly - 23, Katherine - 25 (different time setting, Tommy will also be older at this point, like 26), Miko would be close to the same age as Sensei. Billy - 25, Bridge - 24, Shayla - 34.

Ok, these are mostly estimated guesses, and more characters will likely be introduced later.

Shane - Squall Leonheart, Kapri - Rinoa Heartily, Marah - Selphie, Tori - Quistis Trepe, Blake - Seifer Almasy, Dustin - Zell Dincht, Kelly - Ellone, Hunter - Irvine Kineas, Tommy - Laguna Loire, Sensei - Headmaster Cid, Miko - Sorceress Edea, Shayla - Dr. Kadowaski, Billy - Zone, Bridge - Watts.

More will be introduced later. I gave the first and last names of those that I remembered, so that if anyone wanted to look up pictures of the characters online, they could.

FF8 Game Facts :

This note is to help people understand the fic a little better.

Hyne - The game's deity.

Gaia - The game's world.

Magic - Is pulled from mystical spots where magical enegies are highest. Each one contains a different elemental, or non elemental spell.

GF - is the Guardian Force. It's like any other summons. My other Final Fantasy crossovers have Aeons, and GFs are just like them, only different creatures and powers. You'll notice that one or two might be the same, but otherwise, they are mostly different.

Garden - This is a special training facility, kind of like a military school if you will. People use different weapons and manage to learn many different skills.

SeeD - This is the special unit of Garden graduates. Their special fighting and protection force.

Gunblade - This is like a powerful sword, but with a gun built into the hilt. You can swing it like a sword, or fire it like a gun.

More definitions and such will be posted whenever needed throughout the fic, but if you'd like a better idea of what I'm crossing over, check out videos of Final Fantasy 8 on youtube.

Summary : AU Shane/Kapri crossover fic. Tired of fighting the Rangers and enduring Lothor's rage, Kapri makes a wish that would affect her greater than she ever realized.

Legend :



Flashbacks, visions and dreams

"telepathic communication"

notes and messages

(Scene, POV changes)

Check out Final Fantasy 8 on youtube for videos. There's a really good cosplay one. Check favorites for TenshiofLight21 on youtube, to find it.


Up on Lothor's ship, Kapri sighed and frowned as she laid in her luxurious pink bed. It had been another of those days. Lothor was moody, sent a monster down to terrorize Blue Bay Horbor, the Rangers beat it, and Lothor got mad. Which of course meant that Lothor threw a fit, yelling at them and throwing things.

I'm so tired of this place. she thought as she closed her eyes. Torture. It's always torture. I used to have fun fighting the Rangers, but now it only hurts me. Why? What happened?

Her eyes snapping open, Kapri groaned and rolled over, pulling her pillow over her head. She knew what happened. She did the same thing she often teased Marah about. She fell for a Ranger.

No, not just any Ranger. Him...

Imagining the man in red spandex, holding his Ninja Sword as he brought down the monster with the help of combining his powers with the Crimson Ranger's, she blushed a little. She'd returned to the ship and hidden in her room before turning on a small viewing screen and watching as he powered down, panting a little from the battle. His dark, curly hair, and deep brown eyes staring at his friends and a friendly, warm mile curving his lips as he chuckled at something that was said.

"He'd never look at me like that. That's for sure." she grumbled lightly. Especially not when he was grieving over the loss of that alien, Skyla. "Not to mention, he managed to steal Marah away from us. No, it was the Yellow Ranger, Dustin."

She didn't hate them. No, she actually wished she could join them. Maybe make friends with them, but this nagging fear of Lothor stopped her. Shaking her head and allowing herself to succumb to sleep, she let a stray tear fall. I wish I was anyplace but here!


(Kapri's POV)

Looking out over a vast blue ocean, I noticed I was standing on a large, yellow beach with a clear blue sky overhead. Then, I felt like I was floating, and noticed as I began to fly over the wavy water as it lapped at the shore.

"I'll be here..."

Frowning and gasping, I looked around, trying to find the source of the overly familiar voice, but seeing nothing but far away islands and the endless ocean. "Why..." I asked, wondering what he meant.

The ocean below me suddenly changed to dry, cracked desert and the sky darkened into an unfriendly grey, with clouds that threatened to break open and rain down on her.

"I'll be 'waiting'...here..."

Waiting? For what? And who's voice is that? I wondered as I struggled to control my body. Just what was going on?

There was a flash of dark hair and eyes before it vanished and I found myself standing in a large field of flowers, looking around as the wind blew my long blonde hair into my face. Then it changed back to the desert. "For what?" I found myself asking.

The desert changed once again into the flower field, only this time, I felt myself floating towards it.

"I'll be waiting...for you...so...if you come here..."

There were flashes of myself as I stood in the field. I was dressed in a long blue, sleevless sweater that had a long back that came to my knees with white wing patterns on the back, and tied across my chest, with a black spagetti strap t-shirt on underneath it, and a pair of black shorts. Boots covered my feet, and a streak of light brown in my hair on the left side of my face. Long blue arm warmers covered my arms from my wrists to my shoulders and on one wrist, I wore what seemed like a funny shaped crossbow.

"You'll find me"

Looking into the sky, I noticed many flowwr petals falling around me and raised my hand. One gently landed on it and I closed my hand over it, squeezing slightly and opening my hand again to reveal a white feather lying on my palm.

A breeze suddenly lifted and the feather went flying. Spinning in place, I watched as it flew away and tucked a lock of my hair behind my ear before playing with a ring on a chain around my neck.

Blake... Why did I feel a strange emotion coarse through me at the sound of his name, and why was his ring around my throat?

"I promise."

A flash of a strange woman's face caught my attention, and I couldn't help but notice her haunted, yellow eyes, as she raised her hand and a number of large, jagged spikes formed above her head, befors shooting at me. Closing my eyes tight, I heard a dull squish and a pained, male groan before opening my eyes to watch in horror as Shane, with a spike in his shoulder, slowly fell off the top of a giant float we were standing on.

Gasping silently, I opened my mouth to scream, when I felt a light nudge in my side, and closed my eyes, waiting to feel the painful blow that I knew was coming.

End Dream

"Is she alive?" a strange male voice asked as I felt the nudging again.

Someone placed their hand on my forehead and I winced a little as I began to take notice of a massive headache, and let my eyes flutter open. "I'd say so."

"Huh?" I asked softly, looking around. Instead of my big pink bed on Lothor's ship, I was lying on the ground in the middle of a small forest with a blonde haired man with glasses and a brunette man wearing gloves. "Where am I?"

"The Timber woods." the blonde man answered simply. "You just appeared here in front of us, out of nowhere."

Timber? Where or what is that? "Uh, ok?"

"The way she appeared, she could be the prophecied one. The princess?" the other guy suggested with wide hazel eyes.

"Ok, nice to know, but who are you?" I asked, trying to place how I ended up here. Did Lothor just dump me here or something?

"Oh, please forgive us. My name's Billy and this is Bridge." the blonde introduced them.

"Um, hi. I'm Kapri." I said awkwardly, not being used to speaking with civility.

As they helped me up, they said something about taking me to the base and explaining the prophecy of the Forest Owl, a resistence group they are a part of. They said that there was a lot of danger on Gaia, whatever that was, so they gave me a strange crossbow, attaching it to my arm and teaching me how to use it.

Also, apparently, my evil space ninja outfit would cause a lot of attention, so when we made it back, they went over to a trunk and pulled out a way too familiar blue sweater with the long back, and black outfit for under it, with the addition to a darker blue corset type thing.

Raising my eyebrow at the outfit, and the crossbow, I took them hesitantly and headed back into a spare room.

Talk about Deja Vu!


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