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(With Kapri)

Feeling a sharp pain in her heart, she stopped running and cried out as she clutched at her chest and looked around. She suddenly had a horrible feeling and the sense of panic grew even more as she found herself travelling through the time compression.

Shane... Take me to Shane... she mentally pleaded as her watery blue eyes looked through so many memories.

To her horror, his face was growing more and more blurred, harder to remember, and soon, she found herself standing in a large, barren land. For miles in every direction, there was nothing but flat, dead land and not one plant or animal.

But... There was a single shape, lying motionless on the ground.

"No..." No, no, NO!

Feeling her eyes widen and her jaw drop, Kapri cried out and raced forward, landing painfully on her knees at Shane's side before carefully and shakily leaning forward to pick up his head and place it in her lap. Brushing his forehead gently, she bit her lip hard when he refused to open his eyes. Her hands shook uncontrollably as she felt the tears welling up in her eyes.

No,,, "Shane...?" she croaked weakly. God, please...wake up!

Trailing her hand down his cheek, she shuddered at the cool clamminess of his skin and tears began to slip out of her eyes as her fingers found the spot on his neck.


She shook her head in violent denial, staring at his face intently and searching for some sign, any sign that he was still there.

"Please..." Gasping painfully, her whole body began to tremble as she shook her head again. "Shane... Wake up." she begged.

Still nothing...

Letting out a pained cry, she fell forward, burying her face in his chest as she cried. Holding him tightly, she clenched her eyes tightly shut, praying with every fiber of her being that this was just a bad dream, and that she'd wake up to find him smiling down at her.

Suddenly, there was a bright light shining down on her, which she easily noticed even with her eyes shut. Opening them quickly, she looked to the sky and gasped as a white light shone down, sending the dark thunderclouds flying far away and replacing them with a clear, sunny blue sky.

The barren land began to change into the familiar field of flowers, the flowers blooming all around them, mostly in red and purples. The orphanage appeared, but no one stood there.

Thousands of petals fluttered around them, brushing gently against Kapri's tearstained face and a few landing lightly on Shane's pale face. Every sign of Time Compression faded away and the world returned to normal.

Biting her lip, Kapri looked around before her eyes fell to the head that laid limply in her arms and more tears coursed down her face. One slipped down her cheek to land on his, and Shane groaned slightly, his head turning to the side, but his eyes refusing to open.

Letting out a ragged cry of hope, Kapri held him close and dug into the last reserves of her magic, casting the most powerful Cure spell she could manage and laughing and crying into his chest at the realization that he was alive.

Many of the flower petals turned into white feathers and flew arond them almost lovingly before fluttering away, leaving them to live their lives in peace.

Thank you! Kapri thought ferverently as she looked to the sky quickly. She didn't know who or what had saved him, but she was truly thankful.

(Some Place Else)

Standing in a large field, in the middle of the country side, near WinHill, Tommy sighed deeply and closed his eyes as he stood over a small stone slab on the ground. Opening his eyes, he raised his hand to his face and looked at the ring he wore, lost in memories of a lost love, as dark clouds passed by overhead.


Looking around, it was night, in the exact same area, and a younger Tommy was holding his ungloved hand in front of him, looking at a single gold band lying in the center of his palm.

Will she...accept?

His leg cramped up a great deal, but he pushed it to the back of his mind as he felt his eyes narrowing.

This glade rested near WinHill, and was a quiet, peaceful place he often liked to visit when he needed to think. Recently, he'd been coming here a lot.

The sound of footsteps alerted him to another presence in the area, but he didn't move, recognizing the familiar, light steps of Kat as she walked towards him. The sound stopped right behind him and he felt a gentle hand run down his back almost soothingly.

Turning to face her, he smiled slightly at the gentle smile she wore. She was still in her apron, showing she'd just gotten off work, but to him, she was always beautiful. Scratching his head nervously, he felt his face heating up as her smile turned curious and he shrugged a little, turning to walk off, silently.

He knew what her reaction would be and anticipated it.

Sensing her moving, he turned to find her reaching out to him and quickly grasped her hand, holding it tenderly as he slipped the gold band on her finger.

Kat's eyes widened and filled with tears as she looked at the ring in shock before looking up to Tommy who gave her a shy smile. Soon, her face shifted into a huge smile as tears streamed out of her eyes and Tommy held up his hand, showing his own band, to which she followed.

Then, she launched herself at him, holding him tightly and crying for joy.

End Flashback

Taking a single step forward, he looked around the grassy knoll before crouching next to the stone and carefully brushing some flower petals off it.

'Katherine Oliver' was ingraved into the stone.

A single tear fell from Tommy's eye as he smiled and slowly stood up. Turning his back to the stone, he saw Kelly smiling and walking forward, while waving, with Jason and Zack behind her, in their normal clothing again. Waving back, he began to walk towards them when a shadow passed overhead and he looked up, smiling brightly when he saw Balamb Garden flying over head.

They did it. I knew they could.

(A little later)

Sitting in the crystal clear waters of Balamb was a familiar form, holding a fishing rod on the docks of Balamb city. Sighing in boredom, he frowned deeply and felt his eyes narrow as he thought of the fight and people he left behind, hoping they were all alright.

Even Shane.

Staring blankly into the crystal waters, his eyes travelled to a ring on his finger and he bit his lip a little as he thought of a certain someone he desperately wanted to see, but at the same time, was afraid to face.

Shaking his head, Blake stared at the unmoving fishing float in boredom before turning to see Eric jumping for joy as he held a large fish he'd just caught. Scowling, he stood up angrily and threw down his fishing rod as he glared at his friend.

Behind the excited Eric, Taylor stood with her arms crossed over her chest, looking bored. Looking at Blake, she smirked a little before taking a single step forward, bracing her foot about an inch from Eric's back and pushing hard, sending him crashing face first into the water.

Giggling, she watched as Blake laughed and Eric popped up, looking like a kicked puppy. A wet kicked puppy.

Suddenly, a shadow passed over them, and Blake looked up. Balamb Garden floated over head and he found himself smiling warmly, knowing everything was finally as it should be. Looking to the city, he took a deep breath and closed his eyes before opening them with a new determination and heading towards it.

(Balamb Garden)

There was a celebratory party going on, celebrating the defeat of Adel and Ultimecia, as well as the return of Kanoi and Miko Watanabi. Even Blake, Taylor and Eric had been allowed to return to the Garden, if they wanted, seeing as how Blake was being manipulated, and Taylor and Eric were just trying to show him they cared, by following him.

Now, there was a big, casual party going on in the ballroom. Everyone was there.

Marah was fiddling with a camcorder as the others goofed off and relaxed for a change. Once she saw the light come on, she giggled and waved at the lens before turning it and operating it, going over her friends with it.

Hunter was dancing around like a goof, on the dancefloor, grinning cheekily to Tori, who raised an eyebrow and looked quite unimpressed. It seems, though, that he didn't get the hint and kept dancing.

Seeing the camera, Tori turned away from Hunter and smiled warmly, waving to it briefly.

That Hunter seemed to notice. He quickly jumped off the dancefloor and ran over beside Tori, waving violently and grinning broadly at the camera, while slipping an arm around her waist.

Glaring at him, Tori pushed him off and turned to stalk over to the re-instated Headmaster Kanoi, leaving Hunter to pout as he looked at the floor.

Seeing the camera, he raised his glass of wine, before turning and motioning for Miko to come over.

Hunter removed his hat and bowed beside Tori, to their former Matron, who bowed back just as formally, with a smile. Then, turning to the camera girl, he made a face and walked over, taking the camera and gesturing for Marah to go join Tori, placing his hat on her head.

Giggling, Marah ran over and stood next to Tori, both waving at the camera, before Marah blinked and laughed, gesturing for Hunter to turn it right side up.

Suddenly, he changed views to show three girls walking by and waved, the camera shaking a little when all three girls turned and waved back. Of course, Marah jumped in and glared at him before grabbing the camea and forcefully pulling it back to them.

Kelly is seen with the girls, and he quickly zoomed the camera in, smiling and waving as Kelly smiled a little and waved back. Then, Marah pointed to the side with a laugh and he turned to find Dustin wolfing down hot dogs as fast as he could handle.

Seeing the camera on him, his eyes widened in horror and he immediately began to choke, looking into his glass and throwing it down when he realized it was empty. Marah and Tori ran over, giggling and patting him on the back, helping him to breathe again and he glared at them before shooting up and chasing them furiously around the room, until he remembered the camera. Turning back to it, he picked up a hot dog and threw it at Hunter, hitting him dead between the eyes and laughing at the grossed out face the cowboy made.

Glaring at him, Hunter cleaned off the camera and his face before setting it up again and rolling his eyes when Marah once again pointed to the side. Following her gaze, he smiled brightly to see Blake stalking over to Tori, grabbing her firmly and kissing her deeply, and Marah blushed deeply before 'innocently' blocking the view and raising an eyebrow, reaching out to turn the camera even more.

There, on the dark balcony, stood Kapri, looking out over the night sky.

You see, when Ultimecia was destroyed, Kapri was permanently stuck there, in that world, but from the look on her face, she couldn't be happier.

Looking to a secluded area that the camera couldn't see, she smiled shyly and raised her hand, pointing to the sky and giggling a little.

Suddenly, the low battery sign began to flash, and before the hidden figure could be captured on film, the camera died, leaving Hunter groaning in disappointment, before he grinned devilishly, remembering the earlier kiss.

It seemed that Tori and Blake knew they'd been caught because they both blushed a deep red, and sent him twin deadly glares before chasing him around the room, demanding to have that tape.

(With Kapri)

Looking into the night sky, she smiled at the beauty around her. They were currenly sailing calmly over the vast ocean, and it was a clear, warm night out, showing the millions of stars in the sky and the bright, full moon.

A single shooting star flew by and tears of happiness came to her eyes as she shook her head and smirked, raising a finger to the other person on the balcony with her, pointing to it.

Thanks, but I don't need a wish. I already have everything I could ever want... she thought freely as she sighed in contentment.

Beside her, Shane looked over and smiled warmly as he leaned against the railing, looking out over the ocean. Reaching out to her, he took her hand, seeing the identical griever ring Dustin had made her and pulling her to him as he pulled away from the railing.

Slowly swaying side to side, he danced with her, alone out on the balcony and feeling happier than he had ever felt before. Seeing her beautiful blue eyes staring at him warmly, he felt his smile grow and leaned forward, capturing her lips with his own in a tender kiss, filled with love.

Sighing happily into the kiss, Kapri leaned against him. ...The man I love, and somehwere I belong.



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