"You've got to be kidding me."

"Aw, it's so cute."


"Scanned and added to monster inventory, sir."

"Poor little guy seems hurt."

He heard all of his friends' comments as he made his way to where they had all crowded. His shoulders were squared and his jaw set. He was ready for battle. The acrid smoke burned his eyes and wished desperately for a clean shot at the monster that had been haunting him. He hesitated as he heard a high-pitched voice, obviously not one of his friends; say something he couldn't make out.

"Huh? It talks?!"

"Tee-hee! The little guy talks!"


"That's a strange request. I am not carrying any."

"Me either. Should I try healing him?"

"Not just yet."

"It talks!!!"

"Quit repeating that. I don't have any either. Sorry cutey."



"Do you have what it wants or not?"

"Sorry, no."



He snapped to attention at his name. "What?"

Squall sighed in frustration. "Do you have an elixir?"

"What for?"

"Just answer me."

"Sorry, here ya go." He tossed the little vial to Squall who handed it down to a kneeling Rinoa in front of him. "psst…Zell, what does he need an elixir for?"

"The little alien dude talks and asked for one."

"Alien dude?"

"Another Kinneas." Squall broke into the whispered conversation.

"Sure." He passed the vial over and turned back to Zell. "Why are we giving it elixirs? Shouldn't we be killing it or something? It was kidnapping things all over and wanted to kill me."

"Another." Squall interrupted again before Zell could answer. He handed a vial over and waited for Zell.

"Just check it out for yourself, dude. I don't know any more about it than you do."

He made his way to stand beside Squall, leaving Zell and Quistis to their solitary positions in the rear. "Psst…so what is it, commander?"

"An alien, I think."

"Isn't he just adorable?!"

"Good boy, drink up all of that elixir."


He started as it spoke again, drawing its gaze upwards. Cold sweat trailed down between his shoulder blades and his legs shook as he came face-to-face with his torturer.

"What the?! You've got to be kidding me!!"

"Same thing I said, man!" Zell yelled in reply from somewhere behind him.

"Shh….not so loud Irvie, you'll scare him."

He looked down to where the two girls were fawning over the little Pupu-alien-thing. Rinoa returned his glare with puppy dog eyes.

"It wants more elixirs, Irvine."


He froze in response, not sure of what to do next. Somewhat mechanically he took out another little vial and pressed it into the sorceress hand, watching as she fed it to the little blue guy.


It was his last one, but he wasn't about to argue with the monster.

"I think I need to go lie down." He left the area in a daze, not noticing the concerned looks trailing after him. He stumbled to the resting area, falling clumsily onto his still-unrolled mat. His boots dragged mud all over the ship, but he didn't notice. After a few minutes of staring into space he began to laugh. The sound of it echoed through the ship, bouncing off of the walls and making the glass shake in their window panes. He laughed and laughed, not noticing when the others came back or how they each tried to break through his momentary mania. It was only when an over-powered Rinoa sleep spell hit him that he finally lay down and got some rest.

He awoke somewhat groggily three days later. No one mentioned the alien to him, his supply of elixirs was back up to full, and their journey continued.