Meggie's Point of View

I was being pulled away from Farid and Dustfinger. "FARID!" I kept yelling his name but he only ignored me. He was right next to Dustfinger, trying to help him escape the men with knives. The man who was pulling me away from my two friends was none other than Cheeseface. "Let me go!" I yelled into his face but he only laughed, dragging me away from the campfire. "Farid!" I yelled again but he only looked at me with sad eyes that seemed to say I'm sorry but I need to help him. I bowed my head and was dragged away from Farid, Dustfinger, and my family forever.

Chapter One

Meggie's Point of View

Five years. That was how long I had been away. I was now eighteen years old and a slave. My mind had long since forgotten the people that I was forced to leave behind. I couldn't remember them at all, except for the boy. I had loved him but he let me go and my heart had hardened to him. I could never forgive him for allowing Cheeseface to kidnap me. For the first month or two I cried over him but now I couldn't allow a tear to escape for if I did, it would result in a terrible beating. I hated the way that I was treated but I could do nothing against it. I had prayed every night that someone would save me but nobody did. I was just drifting off to sleep, a fitfull sleep, when I felt someone shaking my shoulders, roughly. "Wh-what?" I asked the person. "Meggie?" it asked. "What?" I replied, sitting up. "I've come to rescue you. Do you remember me?" " I hate you!" "I'm sorry for not helping you. I couldn't. One of those...those men grabbed my neck and was going to break it...but...but Dustfinger, he killed that man and I...I owed him a ton."

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