In Memory of Andre (Alice Mary) Norton, the Grand Dame of Science Fiction and Fantasy (1912 – 2005) You will be missed

What if…..what if Junior didn't die trying to save Teal'c and Bra'tec, what if she lived? Oh, yes, Teal'c has been carrying around a female Goa'uld symbiote for the past 6 years…..

Part I: Implantation

Chapter One

My name is Junara of Chulak. I belonged to a race feared and hated throughout the known galaxies, the Goa'uld. I also have another name, given to me by the Tau'ri of SG-1. The one named O'Neill first called me…..Junia.

My first memory was of swimming around with my brothers in the nursery tank in one of the Sacred Shrines on Chulak. We were still considered too young for implantation. My brothers and I have dreamt of being implanted inside strong Jaffa warriors so that someday we will aspire to become System Lords. The life of a Goa'uld symbiote was a life of luxury indeed. We were all well cared for and pampered by the Jaffa Priests and Priestesses.

The sun was shining on that day the two strangers came to the Sacred Shrine that housed the nursery tank where we lived. The strangers were dressed in shades of green and carrying metallic objects. After making sure that there were no Priests or Attendants around, one of the strangers opened the top of the nursery tank and to my complete shock and surprise, grabbed me by the tail and thrust me head first inside a metal cylinder container. It was very dark inside the container and I was terrified. Then some of the nourishing fluids that I needed to survive were poured on me. I felt the metal container tilt backwards and as I was about to slide backward out of the container the stranger righted it. The sounds were shut out as the top of the container slammed shut and I was trapped. I didn't realize then that I was being kidnapped. All I knew was that I was being separated from my family.

After a while the top of the container was opened. A hand seized me firmly by my mid-section and I was skillfully transferred from the metal container to the symbiote pouch of a waiting Jaffa!!! There was no time to lose. The Jaffa, no, My Jaffa was suffering from the symptoms of a total immune system shutdown. Instinct took over as I quickly settled in and made the connections necessary to ease the pain. The pain centers soon cleared and I curled up and prepared to take a nap. It was quite an ordeal for me and I needed rest so that I could look after and protect my Jaffa. I did not know then that fate had already decided to play a part in our future. From that moment on, my life was changed forever.