A/N: I needed some Remmy/Nymphadora cuteness in my life, considering I'm stuck on Crazy on You.

On a beach in southern France, Tonks runs toward the water, laughing, while her husband sits in a conjured beach chair with a recent edition of Transfiguration Today. He watches her with a grin (she's splashing water everywhere and the little kids around her are retaliating), but he doesn't join her.

"How cool is this?" she asks breathlessly, running back and conjuring her own chair. "An all-magical beach!"

A squeal of "Give that back this instant, Raymond!" from a nearby mother interrupts her statement, and both turn in time to see the little boy- Raymond- throw her wand into the sea. Tonks smiles and summons it back, returning it to the mother.

"Thank you," she muttered, turning back to her son. "Raymond!"

Tonks sits on the edge of her chair, facing Remus. "Join me!" she exclaims.

He smiles in spite of himself. "No thanks."

"C'mon! My mum's not babysitting Teddy for nothing!" she insists, attempting to haul him by the arm, but he won't budge. Instead, with a deviously stubborn grin, he looks back at his magazine. "That's the way you want to play, is it? Fine then, two can play that game." Straddling the chair, she sits on his legs.

"I can't go anywhere if you're sitting on me," he points out, partially nonplussed.

"Oh, you're not going anywhere," she says in a sultry whisper. She leans down to kiss him, but before he has the chance to respond to her affections, she moves her lips to his collarbone, leaving a trail of hot kisses in his wake.

"People are watching," he mutters, despite making no effort to stop- or at least delay- his wife. Indeed they are- several horrified parents are shielding their children's eyes, and Raymond's mother is hurrying along the beach with him on her shoulders.

"So?" she whispers, her breath forming goosebumps on his skin.

"Let's at least go somewhere more private," and with a bed, he adds in his mind.

"Fine," she says, obliging. She stands up, and he points to both chairs.

"Evanesco," he says, turning back to his wife. She takes his hand and grins, pulling him down to the water. She pushes him in and follows suit, toppling over in the shallow water with a laugh. "I cannot believe I fell for that," he comments lightly.

"I told you I'd win," she says, standing up and kissing him. Then she smiles. "I love you," she declares.

He sighs contentedly. "I love you too."

Then she splashes him.