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"Slade," Robin muttered. The single word was spat out bitterly enough to make his teammates flinch. The said villain merely chuckled, eyeing the team with interest.

"It's nice to see you too, Robin. What's wrong? Your team seems a little...tired." It was true. Slade's robots had been a tough match. Beast Boy was panting, but trying to cover it up, which only got less air into his lungs and resulted in more panting. Raven was looking paler than usual and had to lean on Cyborg, a gash on her leg bleeding freely. Cyborg himself knew his battery wouldn't last too much longer, and his already exhausted team would have to carry him home. It was best to end this quickly.

Only Starfire stood straight and tall, along with Robin, sparks of anger flying from her alluring emerald eyes. They began to glow a neon green, as well as her hands, and she struck a fighting stance. Robin couldn't help but feel comforted by the fact that the alien princess was there to protect his friends. The could barely hold themselves up, let alone last another fight. He would take Slade, but Starfire would protect the team from any other danger. Now able to focus all of his attention on the man in front of him, he opened his mouth to recite another of his famous, corny one-liners, but was quickly shut up by a jab to his jaw. The battle had begun.

More robots began pouring out of every nook and cranny of the warehouse. It was no wonder villains liked these places so much. "Not again," Cyborg groaned, but Starfire immediately started fighting, and the others soon joined in, except one.

Robin was completely swept up into the rage of battle. Nothing mattered, nothing except beating the unlucky psychopath in front of him until he was crying for his mother. The Boy Wonder aimed a punch at Slade's stomach, but the older man flipped backwards, kicking Robin in the chest and landing neatly about seven feet away. Robin took a minute to regain the breath that he'd had knocked out of him, and stood up again. He quickly gained the upper hand by feinting to the right, and, when Slade dodged left, Robin grabbed him in a headlock and plowed his steel-toed boot into his back, flipping the villain over so Slade landed on his backside. Highly embarrassing.

Robin pushed off Slade, executing a perfect backflip and running back to the villain before he could move, planting his foot on Slade's chest and adding pressure, so Slade was unable to get up. Robin was sure the masked man was smirking. He could always tell, and it was never a good sign. Slade pulled something from behind him. A gun. Robin's eyes widened.

"Say hello to a slow and painful death, Robin," said the criminal before pulling the trigger.

"Robin! NO!" cried Starfire, diving in front of him. Slade fired.

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