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Good… okay… this was bearable. Asch was either getting used to having a frozen body on him, or Luke was in fact getting warmer, because it was slowly becoming more and more comfortable. Well, as comfortable as someone could get in a situation when you have a naked replica against your chest in the middle of a frozen wasteland in a cave only having each other and a fire as your source of warmth. Hmm… It was highly possible no one would be stupid enough to get themselves in that situation other than a stupid pitiful excuse of a dreck that seems to always have the tendency to get himself in stupid enough situations such as this! Asch sighed shakily to himself… again wondering why the hell it was shaky - and shifted his weight slightly to somehow get into a more comfortable position - which was apparently impossible. Another sigh… though this time in mild annoyance. He finally let his attention cast to Luke, something he had been trying to force himself away from doing.

Luke's eyes were closed into a peaceful line, almost as if in sleep; perhaps he was. It was curious though that the now apparent transient blush was no longer flushing the boy's cheeks, leaving his pale, white skin completely visible. It was, again, such a look that would have made it seem as if he were dead to Asch if the other couldn't in fact feel his chest rising and falling against his own, for he could still not feel the other's heartbeat enough to trust on it. It made him uneasy. And there was still that annoying feeling of panic deep down in his chest; Like a mother with a crying child - not knowing what to do for it, what was wrong, if he was doing something wrong or making it worse. Curses! Why was he allowing this to get to him so much? It was his damn replica for Lorelei's sake. Or perhaps that's the reason why he was so worried. Yes… yes! That was it, because if the damn kid didn't survive then who would take the original's place after he…

Asch grimaced. Well… he could at least use that excuse to kill off the very idea that he was worried for his replica for some absurd reason like he cared for the idiot or something.

"It…it's cold…," the pathetic voice that had just trembled from the replica's lips caused any thoughts about Asch not caring about him out the window. Because just as he spoke the other wanted nothing more than to give that faint voice of his more life. In fact, he would do anything for the weakened dreck if he could just return him to normal.

"… I know…," Asch whispered - almost soothingly - as he combed out Luke's short hair with his fingers. Ugh… this was almost, if he dared admit it, heart wrenching for the original. "Just hang in there replica, Ginji will be back soon… and then we can bring you back to your friends. So if you ever want to see them again you better just friggen get better, you got that?" He wasn't a doctor! He couldn't tell if Luke had gotten better or worse… or if he, himself, was doing this right… or… or anything. Hod he felt so helpless.

The response he received was delayed, but Luke finally nodded against Asch's shoulder.

Well okay… there was definitely a problem here… Indeed Ginji was coming back… but the place they met at was farther away from their current location. Dammit… again, one problem after the next with this kid. And it was one problem the God-General didn't know how to fix.


It was another one of those glorious moments; the moments where you didn't know how much time passed. Again? Well hell, he couldn't see the sun from here, and even if he was outside, it was an indefinite fact. Though it definitely had to be a while… or so it seemed. But whenever you were anxious or worried – which Asch most certainly was not (or so he told himself)– time always seemed to drag on, so possibly it could've only been a few minutes. Asch sighed, though it sounded hopeless even in his ears. And if he cared, he probably would have scolded himself for being sad over something as pointless and stupid as his replica. Though a hand was unconsciously running through the other's hair; slow and subtle. He hadn't realized he was doing it, or if he did, as stated, he honestly didn't care.

Luke was back into his unconscious state; still breathing just enough where the original could feel his faint puffs across his collarbone. His skin was ghostly white; more so than before – if it was even possible - making him appear lifeless. It sent shivers down Asch's spine… and he finally decided to avoid looking at his replica as much as he could. Hope was starting to look bleak… if this went on much longer-… well, Asch would try to carry Luke himself after all if it got to that point.

What if something did happen though… or more – didn't happen. What if he couldn't get his replica help soon? How much longer would Luke last? If, that is, he was even lasting at all…

Suddenly, as if by some miracle - or perhaps just luck, a voice echoed into the cave. Asch stressed to hear, and finally he recognized his name being called. Oh hell yes, thank you Lorelei! "Alright dreck we're out of here," Asch stated pointlessly (since obviously, the other wasn't conscious to hear) as he shifted Luke on his lap and pushed himself up - albeit unsteadily - though when he finally regained his balance he hurriedly carried Luke outside, keeping him as close as possible to his body. It was strange to feel such a sudden wave of energy. With as much relief he was feeling at the moment, he figured he would have collapsed or something instead.

"Ginji! Over here," he called over to the white-haired young man who was trying his best to cross through the thigh-deep-snow. Ginji spun around - almost tripping on himself - and he waved fervently over to Asch.

"Ah thank goodness, I couldn't find you, you weren't at the-"

"Yes, yes I know, shut up and take this," Asch replied impatiently as he pushed Luke into Ginji. "Get him to the Albiore with blankets and turn the heat on high and hurry dammit!"

"Ah… um Asch?… sir?… sir…? uh… sir-"


Ginji flinched. Ah, times with the God-General. If he wasn't being yelled at for something, then something was either wrong or Asch was asleep. Though he didn't mind, he knew Asch had a reason for the way he was… Asch had awoken too many times from sleep to merely be "not tired" as he always states himself. "He's…um… he's naked…,"

"Way to go for pointing out the obvious Ginji… Now get him to the Albiore NOW!!" Another 'yes sir' and Ginji was off carrying the awkwardly wrapped naked boy in his hands to said location. Ok well, best not speak with the original right now, he seemed anxious at the moment, and any other emotion besides 'angry' with him only made him angrier.

Asch went back into the cave and kicked snow onto the fire, grabbing the remaining deserted wet - and almost frozen - clothing before he exited himself. When he finally stepped inside the Albiore, Ginji was placing about the fifth blanket on top of Luke and then scurrying to another room to probably adjust the temperature. Poor Ginji, Asch always constantly made him run around like a housewife trying to care for her husband. Though, Asch figured if Ginji really minded much that he would have left long ago. Asch, if possible, probably wouldn't have ever even thought to make contact with a person like Ginji. But then it came down to needing transportation, which came in handy many, many times… like at the Radiation gate. What would his damn replica have done without him? So they have been somehow managing with each other.

Luke still seemed to be in the same condition but of course Asch didn't expect him to suddenly revive in such a short amount of time - no matter how much he wished it. Should they get him to a doctor? Or would he just recover on his own time… hmm… Asch pondered these thoughts to himself. Bah… he could just have Ginji take care of it. Asch marched on the opposite side of the area and flopped on another seat in mock-boredom. His job was done, he wasn't going to bother worrying about him anymore. Nope. Not at all.

Ginji's eyes went left… and then right… and then left again and then right again… and so on… and so on. He sighed in annoyance closing his eyes for a moment before opening them again only to be glued back on the pacing God-General. He narrowed his eyes. Not worried eh? Asch had only sat for five minutes or less before he had got up and started this little endeavor. If this kept up there would no doubt be a ditch in the Albiore III before he finished. Well if anything, perhaps they could use it as some sort of cover from enemy fire if they happened to get in such a situation. However, as frustrating (and yet amusing) as it was to watch, Ginji held his tongue. Commenting on the original's actions would no doubt give him a verbal beating. So instead he merely watched from another seat wearily. There wasn't anything more they could possibly do for the boy so why was the other so bent on worrying his head off? Though… he had to admit he had never seen Asch like this… and again… it was amusing to say the least.

Said God-General spun on his heels again. Why wasn't anything getting better?! Screw the time, time didn't know anything! It didn't know that the dreck was supposed to be getting better! Friggen time… friggen everything! If he had any say about it – well… ok he didn't… so… but still -! Asch stopped himself; halting in his tracks in the process. …What… the hell was wrong with him?! He sat back down in his seat. He would… he would be calm.

Oh wow… he finally sat. Ginji mused from his position, yawning. He finally lifted himself and made his way over to Luke. Asch immediately watched him, leaning over to get a better look at just what he was doing. Ginji placed the back of his hand on the boy's forehead and nodded to himself silently. He left after that, going down to another side of the Albiore to prepare something. Asch's eyes followed him, and then cast back on the resting figure. His hand clenched into a tight fist. Asch. Really. Hated. Worrying.

Honestly though? He couldn't tell if he was really worried for his replica or the fact that his replica's friends would find out about this and somehow he would be blamed for the dreck's condition. He shuddered at the thought. There was no way in hell he was going to put up with the overprotective blonde. Hod no… And gah just imagining their faces was enough.

It took everything Asch had not to jump in surprise when suddenly a bowl was flung out in front of his field of vision. "GOOD HOD GINJI!" He roared, glaring extra hatefully at the man who was now merely feet in front of him. He was satisfied when he saw him wince but tried to calm himself. "What the hell!?" Not that it was working…

Ginji's eyes narrowed in annoyance and made sure to hold more tightly onto the bowl – which had almost flown out of his hands. Asch being surprised by him also caused a shock of its own for the other. "Relax, I just made this, figured you'd be hungry," And he held out the bowl again towards the God General who eyed it curiously. "It has chicken in it!" He added, purposely making his voice sound exaggeratedly excited. This earned him another rewarded glare from the redhead – to which he could only grin at.

There were many, many things Asch could not stand. And quite a few of them were already ailing his already diminishing patience: (1) His replica, (2) worrying about his replica, (3) being treated like a child. So now he had the sudden urge to know how long Ginji could hold out with his head stuck in that bowl of soup, and was smirking evilly inwardly as he pictured it. However, he was hungry and wasting most-likely-some-decent cooking was not going to go well with the original. "Ginji… don't ever sound like that ever again…," He muttered dangerously as he plucked the bowl from the other's hand, not once removing his cold glower. The pilot's chuckling only made him more peeved.

He stirred the soup once and then finally realized something. "…How the hell did you make this so fast… You just left two minutes ago…," Ginji's face turned from confusion to something border-lining highly amused.

"…Try…twenty minutes Asch…," He smirked knowingly, but it soon turned sympathetic towards the God-General. Poor guy… he's so anxious he didn't even know how much time passed as he was staring at his replica. "Don't worry Asch, I'm sure Luke will come to soon."

"Wha…?! "I-I'M NOT WORRIED," He sputtered out angrily, his face suddenly red with embarrassment and rage – wasn't sure which one out of those he was more of at the moment. Twenty minutes? Holy Hod, he didn't even notice… he barely had gotten a thought through before Ginji showed up again! What the hell was wrong with him?! Ginji merely smiled at him again, and he really, really had to hold back the urge to rip him apart. How humiliating. He shouldn't have even said anything… dammit.

Ginji shrugged finally and – thankfully – went back into the other rooms in the back to leave the God General in peace. Asch minded his soup for a moment, carefully poking at the bits of whatever-the-hell-was-in-it with the tip of his spoon. He trusted Ginji enough for him not to put anything in particular that the original despised – for he had scolded him very harshly for it in the past – but for some reason…… he wasn't hungry. Though it had definitely been around the time he usually ate. However his gut was already filled with knots and other assortments of fillings that spoiled his appetite. He could only guess what it could possibly be, but he would never admit that such was the case. With a defeated sigh, he set the bowl aside and rested his chin on his palm which was in compliance propped from his arm resting on his lap.

Before he could even begin to get comfortable, some movement caught the original's attention and his eyes immediately flitted over to the resting other across from him. It took a minute for the obvious to sink in… but yes, Luke was moving in front of him. Before Asch had even taken another breath, he was on his feet, standing over the other warily; waiting impatiently for the other to rouse. He was waking up… right? He didn't have to wait much longer for his inner question to be answered.

Luke's brows furrowed into a concentrated line, a soft groan resonating from him before his eyes slowly cracked open; the hazy green under his lids catching the limited light in the Albiore. Asch felt his own breath cease for a moment – anticipation and awe clogging up any passages in his throat. He had never before seen himself wake up… but he wondered if it could be as scenic as this. Luke's pale skin – though disturbing – seemed to glow with an unknown luminosity (though it was purely just a light effect again). It was only when the replica's eyes opened further, before Asch had allowed himself oxygen – knowing for certain that the dreck was awake.

"mm…?" Luke sleepily turned his gaze upon Asch. "Wha… where are we…?" His voice was still rough, as if he hadn't used it in a while. However, as horrible as it sounded, it was another relieving factor for the original.

"You're on the Albiore III with Ginji and I… You fell remember?" Asch made sure to put as much disdain and annoyance on his emphasized word, soaking it with as much of his usual anger as he could to his demeanor – which wasn't really hard… almost completely natural. He watched as Luke's eyes widened – a nice hint at realization – as his lips parted slightly.

"Oh… OH! That's right… you… helped me didn't you…… why…?"

"It was just along the way… don't think I did it as some sort of favorable act!" Asch hated being thanked… because it required him to acknowledge the other… and he really hated being thanked by morons. They said it too much, and he really felt if he said anything more on the matter, that the dreck would no doubt speak those two unwanted words.

Luke frowned. Hod… he just friggen woke up and he had to deal with his original's attitude? Wonderful… But he swallowed back any rude comments he was forming behind his lips… Asch had saved him – as miraculous as that was. Instead his head turned this way and that, gazing about his new surroundings… and realizing that he was covered up in many blankets… and that… -when he lifted them- he was naked under said blankets. "W-Why the hell am I naked…?"

"Because you're clothes are soaked and we were in the middle of nowhere in one of the most coldest friggen places."


"So, wet clothes would freeze up, you moron!"

"It's still possible to freeze without clothes, especially if we were where you say," Luke retorted.

"No shit, that's why I made a fire for us to stay by you idiot!"

"You were wet too?"

"YES! AFTER GOING AFTER YOUR USELESS BETTER-LEFT-OFF-DROWNED FROZEN BODY OUT OF THE WATER!" Asch really… really… couldn't stand his replica when he was conscious. Why he had worried about the dreck was beyond him sometimes. Luke seemed to set his jaw and finally shut up after that… thankfully. But unfortunately… only for a few seconds…

"I… can't feel my fingers…"

Asch however didn't get angry at these words… no, with these, he was very quickly reminded of his replica's condition. He sighed out his anger for the moment. "Well be thankful it's just that and not your pulse… Why the hell didn't you swim to shore? You were so friggen close…!"

Luke's eyes glanced up at Asch before focusing very intently on the covers, brows pulling together. "Not really… I couldn't even see the shore wherever I fell… and… I mean, despite that, I tried… but it was so cold… I could barely think… and before I knew it… I couldn't see anything anymore…," It had been actually quite frightening… he didn't think he'd ever wake up. The last thing he remembered before falling was his name being called out… the rest was just jumbled up panic and fear, especially when a good few seconds of his time were trying to figure out which way was up when he was underwater.

Asch's teeth clicked together, unable to comment on that. He wasn't meaning to scold. Or wait! YES HE WAS! But… he truly knew that cold water completely shocked the body… so even if Luke knew how to swim… he probably still wouldn't have made it… The fact that he was alive, here, right now, was a miracle by all accounts. And Hod… he wasn't even near the shore when he fell? Lorelei certainly must have been on his side. "Hn," Asch huffed lamely, crossing his arms. Excellent response. Well, this wasn't his fault anyway! He didn't like being with his replica! It was awkward! Usually whenever he saw the idiot he just said what needed to be said and then was on his way. But now what? Clearly he wasn't back to normal and they couldn't just drop him off into the snow dunes—as tempting as that was. What was he suppose to do now that the dreck was awake? Keep up some pleasant conversation? Get Ginji to make some tea for the occasion? Hod no! Asch wasn't prepared for this! He really wanted his replica to wake up before, but now that he has, he wanted for him to conk out again! Friggen—Lorelei—on—HOD!

"Asch…?" The called upon original blinked and turned to Luke – whom, of course, was the one that had spoken. "Give the table a break, what did it ever do to you?"

Asch grimaced in annoyance, his eyes narrowing into a cold glare, "Shut up, I was thinking."

"Well sheesh, why do you have to look so scary doing it? I mean, come on, do you really want to get wrinkles at your age?"

"Better than my brain falling out…," He retorted, staring pointedly at Luke – who now frowned. "No, honestly, do you even use it half the time? What the hell were you thinking!? I don't care where the damn monsters came from! Any person intelligent enough to even the smallest degree could have lured them away from such a dangerous vicinity! Or hell, if you were worth anything, maybe you could have put them to rest before one of your teammates got in trouble! Hod, you're so useless!" Asch could see in his peripheral that there seemed to be a look of hurt shock on his replica, but was he going to stop? Certainly not. "And then, not only did you cause trouble for your teammates; you decide to fall off some damn cliff and leave me to find you, giving me a lot more problems than I came for – like the whole hindrance of trying to find the damn Jewel of Lorelei wasn't enough trouble already—Dammit!"

Luke was very silent just then, eyes on Asch, his lips slightly parted in pained awe. He didn't know why he always let Asch's words get to him, but he couldn't deny that they usually cut him deep. He already felt inferior enough by not getting the Jewel… he didn't need his original reminding him of how useless he was; telling him what a burden he was. He knew that! He already knew that… And it was even worse to know he couldn't even protect his friends without causing someone else problems. Hod… he really was useless…

"………," Great. Wonderful, now Asch had to deal with this?! Why did the replica get so depressed over such trivial things? So what if he was a worthless, stupid, useless, inferior dreck of a replica? That should just give him the encouragement to gain a brain cell or two! Though, he'd still always be an inferior replica… just not as stupid… hopefully. No, maybe that was impossible for him too. Asch sighed. Usually he'd be gone right after diminishing the replica to nothing, but now there was no where to run, so instead the original turned back to his own seat and picked up the forgotten soup, "Anyways, you might as well eat something, you're still recovering." That was about as close to an apology as Luke was going to get.

Luke blinked up at him. Well gee, Asch certainly got over that quick, to which he was confused but thankful for. Eventually, Luke shook his head, "Ugh, no thanks… though could maybe I get some water? My throat feels horrible." ……………… "Tea," Luke suddenly changed his mind very quickly. "T-t-tea please." Oh but it was too late. Both he and Asch were staring at each other now, their eyes wary, as if expecting the other to bring up anything that might have possibly happened in the hours that they had been together. A long silence followed, and Luke could feel himself turning redder by the second.

"Tea……… right…," Asch confirmed mechanically after a million years (not really), turning around just as stiffly.

As soon as Asch's back was to the replica, Luke smacked a hand over his flushed features. Oh Hod! Oh Hod—Oh Hod—Oh SHIT! Luke wasn't even hardly conscious previously, b-but—he definitely… remembered… something… about what happened… and the word "water" definitely was bringing something up. Something embarrassing. He was sure he didn't want to think about it, but his mind started putting bits and fragments of pieces together… until finally… a very large disturbing picture was recalled. Oh Hod! He thought that had been—not real!!! But Asch had—he looked like he knew something! Did all of that really happen?! Luke bit on his bottom lip nervously. Oh no… w-w-what now?! He had to get out of here! When without words—run! (He must have been picking this up from Asch). Luke flung himself off of the couch but, unlike he thought, his body wasn't ready for that and he toppled over and landed on his face/stomach. Yea, ow. Then, he remembered a horrible but true factor.

He was still naked.

Great! Grumbling, Luke tried to lift himself up with his frozen over muscles. Oh it hurt, but that wasn't going to stop him! He reached for one of the five blankets that had been covering him and quickly wrapped it half-ass'd-ly around himself, at least enough where every bit of him wasn't showing, then he tried to pull himself up off the ground. Why he was trying to escape: he didn't know. The Albiore III probably hadn't moved since he was brought here, so he'd be just going into some snow barren wasteland again. But hey, it was the thought that counted right?

Luke finally managed to get to his feet, but his knees were shaking with the strain. Dammit, was near-freezing to death really that bad on his body? Come on! But with one more step, he was sprawled on the floor again.

"What the hell are you doing, dreck?" Asch inquired oh-so-politely as he returned. Luke flushed again in embarrassment, peeling his head from off of the hard wood.

"Oh I—you know, um, did you guys clean this recently? It just smelt so good!" Luke inhaled deeply for affect and then exhaled just as soundly, as if the non-existent scent had refreshed him.

Asch glared in annoyance at his replica's blatant lie. "Idiot." He stated. The original set the cup of warm tea he had retrieved down on a low table and aided the other unwillingly, yanking him up by the arm – unintentionally rough – and guided him back to the couch-like seat, to where Luke landed limply. Luke never looked up at him. In fact… he was looking anywhere but him. Which was understandable… Asch was embarrassed too, he was just forcing himself not to look like it – though this took the time he was getting tea prepared to stop blushing like some girl. He sighed heavily and scooped up the tea and handed it to the other – whom took it shakily, but did not drink. What… so now his throat wasn't bothering him? Asch felt himself getting annoyed… as usual. "Look," he started brusquely after the awkward silence had gotten to be too much. "All of that was for your survival. It was nothing, so stop being a dreck in thinking it was something else!" Despite his words, Asch shivered at the remembrance of Luke's tongue searching out his mouth. Damn… that…

Carefully, Luke's eyes finally looked up into his original's shyly. Oh… r-right! Asch w-was the one that suggested it in the first place! So it was most definitely not anything that should be—that he should be embarrassed about! It was nothing! That's what Asch said –Nothing! Nothing; definitely nothing. He didn't know how many times he needed to repeat it in his head to make it seem true. "R-right…," he muttered quietly, his tone uncertain. He brought the cup to his mouth carefully and sipped on it.

Hmm… that was strange. Maybe Luke actually thought it was something else? Was that why he was so embarrassed? Even Asch wasn't dense enough to not notice that his replica was a few shades redder than usual. It was kind of amusing –and another word that he would dare not think. Asch felt his lips pulling up at the edges, and fought to hold his usual scowl. Hm. Well dammit, now he was just curious. Maybe… maybe Luke had enjoyed that little—"drink"? Now Asch was smiling… but nothing short of mischievous. Slowly he bent down, and leaned in slightly towards his replica, keeping his voice low…, "Are you sure you don't need help with that?" …and sensual.

Luke's graceful response was tea flying out of his mouth – many coughs and choking gasps escaping him. Asch didn't know if the replica could get any redder… but he did. And it only made the original that much more confident about his assumption.

Even after he was through hacking up a lung, Luke didn't stop staring at the floor in front of him, trying to ignore the heartbeat that was pulsing in his ears as he held the tea away from him safely. He knew Asch was close… but he didn't want to know how close exactly. W-what the hell was that suppose to mean anyway? He wouldn't—Asch wouldn't really be meaning… that could he?

Said original was actually trying his hardest not to seem as amused as he was. This was priceless… the dreck had actually liked it! This was almost relieving as much as it was amusing… as it was…wrong. Still… there was no turning back now. Asch was much too curious how far he could take this before the replica had a heart attack (figuratively of course). Or perhaps Asch wanted to see how far he could take this before he realized how crazy he was; before he remembered he shouldn't be having feelings and thoughts like these for his replica.

Luke's hand was starting to shake, the tea rippling madly. He was too afraid to look up, but this silence and the closeness he knew existed between them, was a little too nerve-wracking for him to just up and brush off. Suddenly however, he felt his cup being taken from him harshly. Worried that it was suddenly going to spill he –foolishly- turned to try and catch it or try and save it from its demise… but that's when Asch's face came into view, and suddenly something was against his mouth, cutting off the shocked sound that was about to resound from him.

Luke stiffened, more than what a body should probably allow.

He stared, eyes wide as Asch's tongue penetrated his lips, entering without permission and started running along his own. First off-what the hell! Secondly… Luke had to wonder to himself why he wasn't pushing away or… or something! Nope… he just sat there… like a damn idiot. The room shifted and Luke was soon seeing the ceiling, Asch was shifting on top, his hands wandering to the other's back as he straddled the other. Luke still made no change in his frozen position. Asch began to feel like he was kissing a damn doll. A very cold doll. Asch pulled back slightly, but still too close to ever bring comfort to his replica; his mouth just shy away from the others.

"What's wrong dreck…? You seemed pretty contributive before," an impish grin formed on his features, but he tried his best to seem sincerely confused by the idiot's behavior. Luke meanwhile, was doing a great job suddenly impersonating the color of a strawberry.

"W-w-buh-b-b-ut y-y-I-," apparently his impeccable linguistic skills were intact as well. Asch helped him out by pressing his lips against the other's again briefly; tongue brushing across them temptingly. Luke seemed to go limp underneath him. So amusing.

When the original pulled away again, the replica was in a dazed like state, but he seemed to be struggling to find equanimity, "I—but… It was… n-nothing, you said… it was-," interrupted again by the original's mouth over his. Asch felt Luke's hand clutch around him. "-n-nothing," Luke finished breathlessly when the other leaned away again.

Asch smirked crookedly. "Oh…? And what do you say about it…?" he asked in a low stimulating voice against the replica's skin. He felt Luke shudder underneath him.

The original didn't really feel the need for an answer, leaning in again, enclosing his lips against the other's. This time, however, was different. Luke's mouth parted as soon as his original's tongue was gliding over his, allowing easy access to any part of him that Asch wanted. Hands and arms and legs started intertwining, trying to get closer; to feel (as much as you could with clothes and a blanket blocking your way). Luke's body was friggen cold though, if that's one complaint Asch had to have about this ordeal. His skin felt like an ice cube. The only part of him that was actually warm was his mouth -which, by the way, felt excellent. And now with him participating in this enticing little activity, it made up for anything. Luke was inexperienced… but it was cute anyways; how he would wait and then softly suck upon the original's tongue when it passed by; even more adorable how desperately he was starting to grasp onto Asch in need, soft pleasant but quiet sounds reverberating off his throat.

Ok… it was not only cute… it was incredibly arousing. And Hod… now Luke's hand was entangling itself in the original's hair and Asch swore his mind took a turn for the worse… or… dirty. Ahem.

"Wuh-wait-a—mm," Luke tried to get out a sentence but was cut off by the other's tongue again, to which he completely melted in; unable to fight back. Asch however, finally did pull away and Luke took the opportunity to catch his breath; his gasps heavy and elicit. H-he wasn't really used to this kind of attention. But enough about that! There was something that should be called attention to! "G-g-g-Ginji, what about--,"

"He's in the other room," Asch replied somewhat irritably. They were stopping to talk about the pilot?!

"B-b-but if he comes in-,"

"He wont."

"But if he does-!"

"Nothing ever happened," Asch answered. His tone was absolute. As if what was happening now, what it would be—was nothing. He put his lips against the base of his replica's neck and started to suck on it lavishly. Luke bit on his bottom lip to keep from making any strange noises as he contemplated. Ginji was somewhere on this friggen Albiore! There's—there were certain worries here—it's not like this would be a good sight: friggen original and his replica making out on the friggen couch. Why was he even contemplating anyway?! This shouldn't even be happening! Why was Asch--how was he ok with this anyway?! Why would-

"Nn—ah!" Luke's mind suddenly went blank as Asch pressed his lower half against the others. Oh… H-Hod… The replica's head fell back limply as he gasped at the sensation, missing the look of amusement behind his original's smirk.

Purposely, the original continued by sliding against him, slowly making his way up until his face was directly over the dreck's, getting a good view of the elated eyes looking up at him oh-so-feverishly. Another priceless moment… not ever did he imagine he would see his replica look so vulnerable and naked under a cover… looking up at him with the desire that was so apparent on his features. It just begged to be satiated. The original grabbed Luke by the shoulders roughly and pulled him into a half-sitting position, making the distance between their mouths that much shorter. He dove into the replica's moist lips, his hand meanwhile seeping under the cover and exploring the other's frigid – but warming - body. Fingers kneaded Luke's skin, gliding lightly across the more sensitive areas. Every touch made his replica squirm with delight and there were no words to explain how much Asch liked that. It was always nice to know what affect you had on another… especially one you cared—wait. Asch quickly stopped his mind from wandering on trivial subjects. He didn't care about his damn replica… this was just for fun! Right…? yes…? Yes.

Luke wasn't helping Asch's drive at all though (that is… if he's been meaning for the original to stop); he kept humming and whimpering in need and grasping around Asch's hair and tunic; begging, in a way, for his original to continue. It didn't help that a part of the other was still firmly against his own and was not providing any of the friction that he was beginning to need. Still… Asch's warm hands against him felt pretty damn good just the same, and by now he had forgotten Ginji even occupied this aircraft as well—or that they were even in an aircraft. His mind felt so light… what the hell wrong with him? Asch was only touching him and—well kissing—but how was that enough to render him into this state? However, he didn't get to mentally answer that question before something glided down to an almost pained part of his anatomy, gasping out again as fingers brushed over him; he felt his cheeks flush deeper, if that was possible… which apparently it was.

Asch blinked, his hand pausing on that part of his replica's member, blushing himself. W-wow… that sounded…, "What was that replica…?" Asch asked him with a devious smile, leaning in, lips merely a breath away from meeting. Luke might not have been aware of it… but that "gasp" he happened to release… happened to plead out his original's name. And said original happened to like that little detail a little more than he should. When his only reply was a heavy few breaths from the dreck, Asch started moving his hand against the other. Luke's lips parted, but before another embarrassing sound of pleasure could escape him, Asch took the opportunity to invade the inside of his mouth.

Luke however, didn't wait idly by; he started to explore Asch's mouth, sucking and licking in want and need with yearning and desire. However… he was interrupted quite constantly with the attention to his lower half, moaning into the other's lips –though muffled. Hod… it felt so—please, please, please don't stop. He didn't want Asch to stop.

And the other didn't… nor did he want to. Asch was far too heated in the moment to want to stop. And Hod those moans… Maybe it weird since that was supposedly his voice –which he did not want to think about nor could he ever believe it – but Luke's subdued pleading was like music to his ears… and he wanted to do anything he could to make the sounds continue.

However, suddenly… the sound of a door shutting resounded through the room…

Asch froze.

Luke's eyes opened; sobering in dread.

Oh shit.