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Hi! My name is Usagi Komadori. I am an eight grader in Tsubasa Middle School. I am just your average middle school girl. That is, I was, until I learned about a secret that only the Council of Elders, the leaders of my clan, knew about.

It was on a sunny summer day, my fifteenth birthday, the day all my bad luck ended. School was just about over when it happened, my birthmark remained. Everyone in my family is born with a half of the yin yang symbol; however, it always disappears after their fifteenth birthday. But, for some unknown, bizarre reason (or so I thought back then…), mine did not.

After the party celebrating my fifteenth birthday, I was getting ready to go to bed when I noticed my birthmark (call me paranoid or weird, but I could almost swear it was darker than ever… ). I told my parents, and, to my surprise, their faces turned white. They stared at my birthmark for what seemed an eternity. Then, my mother recovered and said these words, "Go to the Meeting Room, NOW."

Well, I should probably explain to you about my family. We are one of the most respected, well-known and well…rich families in Lar, a city that is well known in the world for it's artists, diplomats and the like.

My whole family (or should I say, my huge family?) lives in a mansion on top of one of Lar's hills that surround it. All of my aunts, uncles, cousins, etc., live in this mansion and interact with each other.

We have, like I mentioned before, the Council of Elders, who serve as the guardians and make the decisions for anything having to do with the family. An example of this is who should marry who. (What a pain in the…)Anyways, the Meeting Room is where the Council of Elders have meetings (Duh! What did you expect?), make decisions, and hold conference with one or a group of our family members. Oh, yea! My parents just happen to be part of the Council of Elders. (Though they're not that old!) Well, back to my story.

I was waiting outside of the Meeting Room, pacing to and fro. Then a voice from inside the room called, "Come in, Usagi Elizabeth." (Yea, I have two names) .And so I entered with a mix of fear and excitement.

"Sit down, Usagi Elizabeth." And that I did. "Usagi Elizabeth," (honestly! Why do they have to call me by my two names?!) "Are you aware of why you were summoned?"

I shook my head. "I do not." The leader of the Council of Elders, who just happens to be my grandma and the wife of the previous leader who died some years ago, nodded her head once.

"Well, Usagi," (Thank you!) "Your parents have just notified us that today, on your fifteenth birthday, your birthmark remained." She turned to nod at my parents.

"You well know that this is something that is very rare." I nodded. "I believe that you are not aware of what that means. " I shook my head. "I do not…" (Man, I'm tired of saying no. I hate being kept in the dark! I'm going to get hurt if I have to shake my head again!).

"Well, this is a very high honor. Can you imagine how great?" I shook my head. (My neck's about to crack! Well, I never really liked my granny…) "It is a very great honor indeed." She smiled. "We shall give you the details tomorrow before you head over to where the greatest honor in the Komadori clan is to be granted to you. For now, pack all that is needed and rest. I do believe that you must be tired of shaking your head so much."

And in barely a whisper, just for me to hear, she added, "And do help yourself to some of the cake remaining from your birthday party." I bowed my head and left the room. (You DO know that I was lying when I said I didn't like my grandma, right? Sure you do. Sure you do. Now nod your head, up, down, up, down)

As I made my way to my chamber, after grabbing the biggest, most delicious piece of carrot cake with a huge glass of milk, I ran into my two cousins and best friends, Touyo Aya and Jessca Annette (Her name is NOT a typo. That's what she likes to be called in real life and thus, I inserted it here, she's real, though Touyo aya is a nickname for my other bffl)

Touyo opened her mouth, just like you and me, and said, "Usagi, what's the rush? Why were you called to the Meeting Room?".

"Where you called to have an arranged marriage!?" I stared at Jessca. She is the one of the three of us who is NEVER wrong, NEVER! And so it made me surprised that she was wrong for the first time. The FIRST!

"Nope. Granny and the others wanted to tell me that I am to receive a, and I quote, "great honor", so no, you're wrong Jess."

Touyo and Jessca seemed surprised. "Well, you better not be getting engaged. Not before me, dear cousin. If you are getting engaged, you owe me big for saying I'm wrong."

Jessca said with that grin of hers. "Why are you receiving a "great honor"? Honor for what?" Touyo questioned as she adjusted her cute Gir wristband.

"It's because of this." I said as I showed them the back of my elbow, where my birthmark was. "No way!" Jessca and Touyo screamed together.

"Yep. I'm to leave tomorrow to god knows where. Well, I'm glad I'm out of the Meeting Room! I had to speak in my secret polite tone in front of my parents! You guys should have seen the looks in their faces! They couldn't believe that I AM polite. I'm always except when they're near." Touyo shook her head. "Must be because you don't want them to know how nice and polite you are."

I nodded. "Yep. If they knew, they'd put me through all of those boring meetings and dinner parties they go to almost every week! I've got better things to do!"

My cousins snickered and said in unison, "Things such as mooning over Christopher?" I blushed. How they knew about my crush, I do not know.

Thankfully, I was now in front of my door due to the fact we had been walking as we talked. "Gee, I'd love to stay and chat, but I've got tons of stuff to do and I've gotta sleep. Catch you guys later!" And I almost sprinted into my room.

I had finally finished packing and was now staring out of my window into the city of Lar. I was thinking of how, despite Lar's beautiful scenery and my friends, I didn't mind leaving.

I had always planned on moving away after I graduated and see more of the world. My thoughts were interrupted as someone knocked on my door. "Come in." The door opened and in came my mum. "Hello dear." I smiled. "Hey mum." She sat next to me in my bed.

"I think that you should be aware of what is going on. It has been said, for 500 years, that whoever retained the birthmark of half the tao would be given an honor. But, you know that to those who think of something as an honor, others could see as a curse."

I looked at my mother's usual serene face and saw a hint of fear. "Mom, you're scaring me…"

She snapped out of her trance and smiled down at me. "Oh, I'm sorry dear. I am not saying this to frighten you. I just feel you should be prepared."

I blinked my eyes a couple of ten times (that's something I do when I'm confused. Just ask anyone that knows me).

"Usagi, remember that since you were young, you have always been interested in legends, myths and many things that many say are not real?" I nodded. "And you never discouraged me to believe otherwise."

Mum smiled. "That is because they are real. Usagi, things such as monsters, ghosts and demons are true." I almost jumped up with joy! "I knew it!" My mom waited for me to stop my victory dance (inside my head and in chibi form, of course) and then she continued.

"Usagi, a reason we have also never really spoken to you about these things is that we battle any magical beings that disrupt the balance and peace of humans. Everyone in the Council thought it best that if, for some reason, a demon and the like were to attack any of you, you'd be clueless about anything and less in danger. We are a very big family indeed. Others from our clan have left Lar to cover more ground to protect. Now, do you remember our ancestor Midori Kon?"

I nodded. "Well, she lived in the feudal era of Japan. She married a man with a fascinating amount of spiritual power. However, before she did, she got lost in the woods one fateful day, in her fourteenth year.. As she walked, she came across a cabin near a small stream. She entered and saw a wonderful feast fit for a king. It was such a delicious amount of food that she fell asleep in a bed in one of the rooms. When she woke up, a pair of golden angry eyes was the first thing she saw. It so happens that the cabin was the resting home of a very powerful dog demon! So she had eaten his food and slept in his bed (doesn't it kinda sound familiar? 0.0 ). Well, you can imagine how angry he was, but he was mortally wounded as well. Midori begged for his forgiveness and asked if there was anything that she could do to amend her error.

The demon pondered her words carefully and finally said these words, "I shall pardon you discourtesy if you promise me that you will follow my instructions. I have noticed that you, child, have a birthmark on your right elbow, the sign of what is the Tao, yin and yang. Well, it shall disappear after your fifteenth birthday. This will happen for generations in your family until, one day, a young girl is born. Her birthmark will remain, for she is to be the most pure, innocent and kindhearted of your clan. She will be the chosen one. She will be the one who will marry my son, born from my human love. She will be born a long time for now. I will provide a source of travel to transport her back in time so that she will then wed my youngest son. May she treat my son well and be able to save life before it becomes even more corrupted. This is what you are to do for me and my son, Inuyasha." and, that said, he ran off to the night of the new moon."

Long after my mother had left, I just sat there blinking and whispered the name of my fiancée, "Inuyasha…"

The next day, I met my granny and the other Council of Elders. She went ahead to summarize what my mum had taken the liberty to inform me. Even the part I dreaded: I was engaged, to a demon. My ride arrived and I bid my family farewell.

As the carriage carried me to the airport and as I boarded the plane and flew to my destiny, there was only one thought in my mind, (I hate it when Jessca is right!)

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