This story I got the idea from this book that I read and I thought it would be really cool if some of the ideas in it were done DP style cause who doesn't love a good book where there isn't a boring moment each chapter just leaves you thinking about it and wanting to know what happens next. That sort of what I hope to always do with my stories and now I give you the very first edition of One of Us.

Chapter 1


The scent.

The taste.

The warmth it brought to his body as it went down his throat and spread out through his veins replenishing his thirst and making him lust for more.

The thrill of a fresh kill as it tried to get away and slowly faded away till there was no life left in it.

The adrenaline.

The pleasure of the hunt.

All these things had been deprived from him for far too long.

In the cover of the shadows of the alley of the city where he was, Kur moved swiftly and silently blending in with the darkness despite the large and bright lights that came from the city outside of the safety of the black allies. His ears heard the whirl of sirens, the buzz of traffic, music, people yelling at each other, and a few crashes here and there between times. A variety of smells filled his nostrils, none that were of any interest to him though.

Smiling, he slowed down to a walk to enjoy the sights a bit.

New York truly is the city that never sleeps, he thought.

This was the perfect place where he could at last have a decent meal in almost three years like those he remembered having a long time ago when he could hunt freely. Growling at the memory he quickened his pace a bit turning a corner and walking towards a fire escape ladder. With inhuman grace and speed he jumped up and in seconds was on the roof of the twenty story building. As if floating Kur landed without even making a sound even while wearing his black, steel plated, military combat boots on, his motions were perfectly in tune with each other with impossible grace that anyone couldn't possibly obtain.

The features of his face were concealed by the hood of his coat that reached all the way to just a few inches above his ankles. He wore military style black combat pants as well and a sleeveless skin tight black shirt that showed off his muscular body. Two chains clung to the right pockets of his pants weaved tightly into them; a spiked choker adorned his neck. If it wasn't for his deep red eyes, he could have easily pulled off for some sort of a military, dream, super-model with ease. Kur didn't look a day over twenty five when his true age was far from that.

...Much farther.

From up above he had a better view of the bustling city even though it was almost two in the morning. He hadn't been to the city in quite some time and it had changed a lot from his last visit but the destination had been the same as before, it was only the matter of getting there as quickly as possible before he was discovered. If he was to get a decent meal that night he must hurry and where he was going it was sure to be a buffet where his actions wouldn't be discovered and any traces of evidence would be a breeze to dispose of.

There it was...

A large pool of green in the middle of a sea of concrete.

Central Park

Kur could already taste the blood on his lips, he wasn't far from it only a few minutes of walking but using the roof tops of buildings he' be there in even less time. Smirking as he past those pitiful humans bellow, it was hard to believe that he was once one of them but that was a long time ago and he was older and much stronger than he ever could have been as a human.

Central Park was perfect for a meal, there were always plenty of morsels here that most wouldn't even recognize or even know was dead. He could have his choosing from lost tourists to runaways to shlubs and thugs that were better off in prison. Adopting a light stroll he walked deep into the heart of the large park where there wasn't as many street lamps to light the path and the trees seemed to cry out in the wind and their branches seemed like arms reaching out to grab any poor fool who got too close.

The darkness didn't bother him for his kind were creatures of the night after all, Kur could see even better in the dark than in the light of day actually, the dark was his friend. Dressed in mostly black he was almost invisible to any mortal eye and silent as the wind. His ears picked up several different voices as he smiled.

Let the hunt begin.

"He couldn't have gotten far, not with all the spells we put around him," said a nervous, almost frantic, voice that belonged to a woman with long dark brown hair that it was almost black that reached to her mid back. She was tall with a soft complexion and delicate features, pale skin made her seem like a porcelain doll, but her grey eyes seemed to hold some sort of strange feeling to them that no words could describe.

"That may be true but just think about it Sellura," replied a male voice. The man driving swiftly on the deserted road but the destination was unknown. His blonde hair had darker streaks through them and it was tied in a pony tail to keep it out of his face, he had a muscular body and hazel eyes that showed signs of weariness and worry.

The scenery passed by in a blur of black shapes as they sped on in the Lamborghini leaving behind a small trail of dust in their wake. The country was familiar to them for they had lived in the vast forests for centuries without being disturbed since their ancestors first stepped foot on this land over six hundred years ago.

"I just hope we aren't too late," whispered Sellura.

There was a moment of silence between the two of them as unwanted memories filled their minds all which ended in pain especially for those who were unlucky to have crossed paths with Kur when he was hungry and on a hunt. What was even worse than the sight of a dead body to them was that Kur always got away with it because he had some how found a way around their kind's code and there was nothing they could do about it but make sure to always be there with him when he wanted to hunt so that Kur wouldn't be able to kill.

It had been ingenious of him to find that small detail in the code that he could twist so that it worked for him no matter what. Something that infuriated the both of them to no end of what their companion does with no regrets and no emotion. Kur was always sure to go after prey that was too weak to survive the transformation anyway. He got a good meal and with no new member to train at all.

A red blinking light went off on the dash board indicating that they were getting close. "Charlie look," Sellura pointed a sign with big letters that had an advertisement on it with the name of the closest city nearby. "You don't think..."

"I don't think I know!" with a sharp jerk of the steering wheel, Charlie turned the car narrowly missing the turn by literally only a few seniti-meters avoiding plummeting the car into a deep watery grave as they crossed the bridge that would lead them to their comrade. "We should have guessed that he would return there," he growled as the bright city lights got closer and closer.

"The problem is that New York is one of the busiest cities in the world how are we going to find him in time, there are a million places he could go and no one would see him!"

"I know I know," he sighed taking a deep breath to think straight and concentrate, "We just have to think,"

A ringing sound interrupted his thoughts almost causing him to jump out of his seat. Sellura reached into the glove compartment and pulled out the source of the ringing. Flipping the cell phone open she answered, "Hello?"

"Well who is it?"

"It's Trent, he wants to know how things are going and if he can help,"

"Put him on speaker then," Charlie said impatiently.

Sellura pressed a button on the side and connected the phone to a charge in the middle of the two.

"Hey guys, how's it going?"

"Not good," Sellura said worry evident in her tone. But she was still slightly comforted by the sound of his voice, it was good to know that he as okay.

He had been on guard as extra protection so that Kur wouldn't have been able to get away. Some how Kur had drugged Trent completely messing up his nervous system making it hard for him to move right let alone talk and by the time the other two had found him Kur was long gone.

"How you feeling buddy?" Charlie asked.

"I've been better."

"I'm just glad your okay."

"I'm just glad to be able to use my mouth again. Do you have any idea how hard it was just to say 'he got away' to you guys without saying something completely out of orbit?"

"Your just lucky that we figured it out after a minute or so," Sellura pointed out smugly.

"Ya, ya , ya, so... any luck yet?"

"We can't seem to find him, damn traffic!" Charlie grumbled at the slow moving traffic denied him access to move even two inches forward.

"Hey easy now Char losing your cool won't do any good now, if you guys are going to find him you need to have a clear head for this then."

"Let's park the car and continue on foot it'd be faster that way." Sellura suggested.

Nodding in response he inched his way into an abandon curved that led to an alley. It wasn't the safest place but that didn't matter right now, the black car would be pretty much untouched with the spells on it that were created to keep away thieves and vandalism. Getting out, keys in one hand and a black bag that's seen some worn in the other, Charlie locked the doors as soon as Sellura was out.

She had the cell phone in her hand. She wrinkled her nose and made a face. "Ugh! This place stinks!"

"Deal with it, it's probably one of the reason Kur chose this city, he knew hat there would be too many smells that we wouldn't be able to follow his. Do you have the tracker?"

"Right here," she took out a small metal box with a green screen on it.

"Perfect let's go then,"

He started to head towards the street side walks but halted when he noticed that Sellura wasn't behind him, "Charlie we have a problem,"

He walked back to her slightly annoyed, "What is it," he snapped.

"Kur messed with the tracker we can't locate him unless he's within a two hundred yard radius,"

Charlie slapped his forehead irritated with the way things were going tonight, "Just great, now what are we going to do?"

"Come down, we just have to take this one step at a time," Trent said through the phone.

"He's right Charlie," Sellura added, "we just got to think this out a bit and we'll find him,"

"Let's think, where would Kur go if he wanted to hunt, it had to be somewhere where no one would notice if that person disappeared..."

"Somewhere with plenty of humans to choose from..." Charlie said deep in thought now.

"Somewhere that would be just like it was years ago..."

All at once the answer came to them like bomb.


There were plenty here, he could feel them. The strange aura that each living creature gave off was giving him chills of excitement as his prey was close, scents arose in different directions. So many to choose yet only one he could have. Scents of cheap perfume, under cooked food, sweat, and garbage filled his nostrils but one scent drew him closer.

It was the scent of blood and it was fresh.

This was his lucky night, there wasn't anything better than an injured prey. Smiling Kur let his nose and instincts guide him to his meal. The stars were barely visible but the moon cast a silver light over everything bathing the ground in a dim light and creating eerie looking shadows making mountains out of pebbles. He went past a play ground with its swings creaking back and forth with no one on them. On a normal day that same park was the favorite spot for many children to play after school and on the weekends under the watchful eyes of several parents and strangers who stroll on the sidewalk.

But at that moment it looked like something out a horror film right before the fist victim was taken, alone and unsuspecting with no one around to hear their cries of pain and agony as they were killed and left there for someone to find in the morning. If they were ever found at all that is, everyone knew that Central Park was dangerous at night and not just for thugs, thieves, and kidnappers but for another reason as well.

Before the Council had enforced his kind's laws and codes, this land where this city stood was where one of his kind's hunting grounds where they'd prey on unsuspecting humans who were stupid enough to venture into the woods alone or in the middle of the night. Let the humans rage on about demons and witches dancing in the moonlight, but it was their kind that came out at night to feast. Witches and wikkens had always respected his kind and left them alone.

Humans always wanted to destroy what they didn't understand or were afraid of and if not to kill but to study under a microscope and dissect. At least humans in this time weren't as paranoid as they had once been a couple of centuries ago. The very thought brought a smirk to his lips as he rushed on dashing past trees with ease as the scent got stronger and stronger and the trees became thicker and thicker. The moon was barely visible now as the tree tops started to close in cutting off any light from above.

Before, humans would accuse one another of witchcraft when it was all just folly and jealously playing into effect, it didn't matter if they had been your friend or neighbor for years. One person shouts the word 'witch' or 'demon' and then the whole world is your enemy with not even your family having the guts to come out and defend you.

Loyalty meant nothing and neither did friendship his kind had learned long ago that the only friends they had were among their own and that was without the rivalries for power and dominance over each other.

Lately though most vampires only wished to live in peace and to be left alone that and to hide their true selves from the human race only a few actually wanted power for themselves and had made it a trade to use humans for fresh kills and slaves. Of course ever since the Council was elected nearly two hundred years ago, any trade or killing of humans was made illegal. The word of illegal didn't mean that it would stop people from killing, theft, or drugs, it just meant that they just had to be extra careful about their operations if they were to succeed undetected.

And secretly Kur was one of those who strived for power.

His charm, power, rank, and ability to be able to manipulate others had allowed him to get away with anything. The only ones who had started to suspect him were his comrades with whom he lived with. Even they couldn't restrain him when he got one of his urges and right now at that moment it was stronger than it had ever been before gnawing at his insides, screaming at him, telling him that it was time for a good hunt before he was driven mad by his hunger.

He was close, he could sense it. The scent was strong and hidden behind a tree he saw where the scent was coming from. A staggering form moved slowly towards a small lake that seemed more like a pool of ink that water in the shadow of the towering trees. They were in a pair of baggy pants, and a red sweat shirt, the hood was up covering up their face but even with the color of the shirt Kur could tell that the dark spots that were growing ever so softly was blood.

Who ever this person was, they were hurt but not dying, but they would be soon. In just seconds Kur was behind the form and holding it close to him. The person was caught off guard but that seemed to trigger some sort of automatic response, immediately they turned and brought their knee hard upon Kur's stomach and then punched his face forcing him to take a few steps back not from pain but from surprise.

His prey was up and running already despite their current condition. It was obvious that they were hurt and by the look of the stains on their clothing and the rips here and there, pretty badly as well, they shouldn't have been able to apply that much force on the two attacks much less run away like that. Getting over his shock Kur followed in pursuit with a small grin plastered on his hansome features.

This promised to be fun for sure.

Though they had no chance of out running a vampire, Kur had to admit that this human was pretty fast, despite the trees getting harder and harder to navigate through, their wounds, having to carry a back pack in one hand and some sort of metal device in the other. It didn't make much difference, he soon caught up to them and once again brought them into a tight embrace. Again his prey struggled to pry himself from Kur's clutches with no success.

Satisfied that the being couldn't escape this time the vampire brought his fangs to the now exposed neck thanks to the hood falling off while he had been running. Revealing messy raven hair and a whitened face that had a mix of emmotions such as determination, anger, shock, and fear.

The struggles grew more frantic and a herd of curses and protests came out of his prey's mouth, not that they did any good, they only managed to annoy the vampire even more. Whispering a spell into the victim's ear to calmed him down a bit, long enough for Kur to bite through the soft, thin, white layer of skin that wrapped the sweet liquid inside a body.

Venom entered the wound on the neck spreading through the body thinning the blood so that it could be sucked out easily without clotting. It also served a different purpose such as to parralyze the nervous system so that they felt no pain and so that they couldn't runaway or even try to.

Slowly, ever so slowly, the struggles ceased and the body of the boy went limp as Kur drank the blood savoring the sweet taste in his mouth. Never had anything ever tasted to good in his immortal life, as the blood drained out of his victim he caught sight of a few of his memories.

There wouldn't be much to see considering how young his prey was but for some reason he had alwaysed enjoyed seeing the memories of those he feed upon. Every single drop of blood contained some sort of history of that person no matter how old or faded they were. To him each victim was a different story.

And their story added to his life and power.

As he drank he saw this boy's memories race by.

A sunny day out with a large man in an orange jumpsuit, a pretty woman in a blue hazmat, and little red-haired girl, no doubt his family, all laughing and enjoying a pinic near a lake. Then game outside a building that was an elementrary school with a group of children, graduation on the last day of school. Right before the start of a long awaited summer with him smiling proudly taking a picture with a couple of boys showing off their diplomas from Junior High.

All flashed forward in sequence. Then a flash of white light and the sight of a white haired ghost with glowing green eyes...

Kur withdrew from that with a gasp as that last memory flashed through his mind releasing the boy letting him fall to the ground unconscious and in pain. He had heard rumors of a child that walked along the lines of the living and dead much like his kind but still different than anyone could ever imagine. Was it truly possible that this was that same child?

Taking a closer look as he bent down next to the boy answered his question, the wounds on his neck and body that were still bleeding seemed to be mixed with some sort of faint glowing substance. It was hard to see and easy to miss but Kur's advanced eyesight saw it sure enough and without a doubt.

It was true that the child's blood had a foreign and strange taste to it but to have been feeding upon the ghost boy was truly something miraculous to say the least. It explained how he could have put up a good fight even though it was clear that he wasn't exactly in even half the best physical shape at the time.

The boy on the ground groaned in a slight whimper of pain as he tried to get up only managing an inch off the ground before completely collapsing back onto the ground breathing hard in short ragged breaths of air. That got the vampire's attention as he turned back to study the boy's face. His eyes were closed in pain and his pale face had a couple cuts on the right cheek letting a thin trace of blood run down the side of his face, messy, raven hair fell over his forehead with some leaves in it form being on the ground.

The knees of his jeans were ripped; it was obvious that he was a runaway judging by the state of his clothes and the back pack that laid a few feet away from where it had been dropped contained a sleeping bag, food, some extra clothing, and a few other things that were necessary for survival. The boy seemed to have been on the road for quite some time so it appeared. There wasn't any ID on the kid anywhere, only a fading name written on the inside of the bag in black sharpie.

Danny, thought Kur. Then he broke out into a malicious smile as an idea came to his brain, gathering the boy into his arms he bit down once more injecting a different type of venom this time into the kid's blood stream. Danny gave shifted slightly in discomfort and sweat started to appear on his brow as he tried to get way in fruitless and pitiful effort. This was a perfect solution and just in time as Kur lifted the boy off the ground cradling him in his arms.

He stiffened when he caught sense of two very familiar auras coming fast his way before smirking. They had been quicker than last time but still not fast enough, he added.

"Kur!" shouted Charlie as he emerged from the shadows followed by Sellura right behind him. The vampire's eyes moved from Kur to the body in his hold and then narrowing them, "You did it again didn't you!"

Kur was unaffected by the glare he was receiving from the two in front in him and merely shrugged mockingly, "Maybe," he said innocently, "but then... there isn't much you can do about it now is there?"

"Kur! Our kind doesn't kill anymore!" growled Sellura, she stopped when she saw the boy in the vampire's hold "You went after a kid!" she cried out in disbelief, "And here I thought that you couldn't stoop any lower." She added in a hiss like way her tone full of fury and venom.

"True but this one may just have a chance of surviving... unlike the others."

"What do you mean?" she blinked in confusion taking a closer look of the child. The boy couldn't have been a day over fourteen, if she had to wager a guess, and there was a one in a million chance that he'd survive the transformation, let alone live in the condition he was in. That's why you only found vampires who had been transformed around their twenties or so. Kur had been the youngest to have ever survived, what made him think that this child had the slightest chance in surviving at all. That's when she spotted the blood, "Is that..."

Kur nodded, "I figured that he would make a very interesting case and addition to our species if he lives, don't you think?" he said innocently in a chatty sort of way that just seemed to enfurriate her even more than she already was now at the moment.

Charlie was taken back in shock at what he had just heard. There was no way that it was possible, still... having him on their side could be very valuable in the future, especially with their enemies getting better and better at their jobs. There had already been too many deaths and disappearances, these were dark times and war was the last thing they needed for it could lead to the public announcement of their kind and their certain downfall for sure.

But maybe this boy could...

No! he banished that thought. Who knows what could happen if the child was to be turned into one of them; it was just too much of a risk. Kur's voice brought Charlie out of his thoughts.

"You know that it's too late now, I've already injected the venom, all that's left is to see if he survives or not." he said matter of factly.

His mouth formed into a grim line, what he said was true, it was too late now and as much as he hated to admit it, the only thing that they could do now was wait and hope for the best.

Sighing in defeat Charlie straightened his posture and braced himself for the worst he was sure from the pit of his stomach would come. "Alright, let's get a move on then. Sunrise is only a few hours away," turning to Sellura he said, "Stay with him and head to the back of the park near the highway I'll bring the car around there alright."

With that he was off without another word or glance leaving behind one human and two vampires.

As soon as she was sure that Charlie wouldn't be able to hear them she turned to glare at Kur, "I can't believe you! You go on killing innocent lives and getting away with it because you know the right asses to kiss and now this! How do you live with yourself?!" she raged on. Curling her hands into fists so wishing she could just smack that smirk off his face for good and shove it up his--

"Oh shut-up,"

Sellura gaped at him before turning red in anger and embarrassment, Oh he was so going to pay!

A small groan interrupted her thoughts on how to murder Kur, the kid was in great pain and as of right now that was all that mattered. Kur was also looking at the boy in confusion. That was when inspiration struck her as she broke out into a devilish grin, "You know... he's your responsibility now."

Kur quirked his eyebrows upward, "Pardon?"

"You heard me, it's your job to teach the kid our ways and train him since you're the one who turned him into one of us."

"Hmph shouldn't be too hard," he scoffed.

She rolled her eyes at that, though she didn't remember much of her old life before she had become a vampire, she did remembered having to take care of her nine little brothers and sisters and three of them had been around the same age as the kid in Kur's arms. And it was safe to say that they could be a real pain at times with their hormones all in a mess that was typical of a teenager.

Even though that was years ago that doesn't mean that Sellura hasn't noticed the huge change in today's teens. And this one had ghost powers and was sure to put up a fight.

"Not too hard you say..." she giggled girlishly like she always did when she had a secret she was dying to tell. With a smug grin she placed her hands on her hips and looked at the vampire straight in his red eyes that had now resided to a yellowish hazel now that he has fed. "Kur do you know anything about teenagers these days, hmm?"

"Of course I do!" he barked.

"Are you sure?" she chidded.

"Yes!" he yelled, clearing his throat he answered her in a much calmer but tight voice, "He's still a child," he glanced down at the form he carried, "and all that children need is discipline and a firm hand to keep them in line."

Sellura rolled her eyes at this, "Uh-huh, Kur that may have worked in the Middle ages but not here okay. Take it from someone who actually tries to live peacefully among the humans and has been to a human school before as a teacher. Teens today want freedom from the rules and most can't stand to have adults boss them around and with their hormones you can bet that they can be angry or depressed about something for a long time. Things aren't like they were a couple of hundred years ago.And since this kid's a runaway I'm willing to bet my soul that he has rebel inside of him and he's sure to fight back" she pointed out.

Being a teacher at several high schools in the past had given her that knowledge and most of the time her assumptions or evaluations of a person's peronality was always true. Like the first time she met Kur, she instantly knew that they were going to be butting heads from the start when she was first introduced into the vampire world after years of training.

"But you're forgetting who I am Selllura, I have ways of making people listen and do as I say."

"And if he doesn't?"

With a cruel smile he replied, "Well then I'll just have to make him then."

Sellura shook her head in remorse, even though she sometimes down right hated the guy she felt obliged to at least tell him what was in store for. But as usual he was being stubborn and stuck to using old ways and traditions that have died to make way for new and better ideas that involved less fighting a blood.

"You're missing the point, that won't help you at all because-"

"Enough!" he commanded, "I don't need your advice on how to handle a brat even if they are this unique,all it takes isto break their spirit if they go out of line and it'll be easy to control them from that point on."

"Pft, yeah right," she scoffed blowing a piece of loose hair away from her face. "And what if that doesn't work?"

"Then I'll use spells if I have to then," he said simply like it was the obvious solution. "He doesn't have the skill or strength to resist them just yet and I plan to use that to my full advantage to mold him into the perfect student."

"Two words," she held up her fingers and brought them in front of her to make her point, "Bad. Idea. Do you honestly think that the council is going to let you get away with that. You can't use those spells to force somebody to do things against their will and you know the punishment for it."

"True, but... Like I said before, I have my ways of doing things."

"Anybody ever told you that your ways are sick and twisted," she retorted.

"Oh come now Sellura, you'll hurt my feelings," he mocked feigning sorrow.

"What feelings?" she answered back with her voice covered in ice, "You obviously couldn't have them anymore after you-"

What she was about to say was cut off as Kur dropped the body letting him land on the ground with a thump that was muffled by the amount of leaves on the ground so that he could rush to her pinning her form against a tree closing his hand around her neck cutting off all intake of oxygen in her respritory system.

He lips neared her right ear as he hissed silently to her in a frightening and threatening way, "Listen and listen to me good. What happened that night is none of your concern." Sellura looked at him in fear as his grip tightened and she started to feel a couple of bruises forming already where he had her neck. "Now unless you want to find out what happens when you die you'll keep your mouth shut! Understand."

The only thing she could manage was a gasp which Kur took as a sign of understandment so he let her go, turning his back the female vampire dropped to all fours sputtering and coughing holder her throat as she tried to get her airways to work again after the brutal treatment they had just recieved from her 'friend'.

Ignoring her as Sellura took in shaky breaths of air he turned his attention back to his possible future student who laid where he had been hastily dropped. On one side with his back facing the two vampires and from the look of the leaves underneath him, it had appeared that one of his injuries had reopened again to spew over what little blood he had left and was slowly regaining again.

Biting his lip Kur bent down and turned the kid over to look at the wound. It was a nasty gash about several inches long but thankfully not too deep. Normally it wouldn't be anything to worry about but at this point when the raven-haired teen's body was so vunrable, even the slightest infection could result in death while his immune system was temporarily shut down in order to allow the venome to do it's work.

Resting his hand on the center of the wound he mumured an incantation to heal up skin and kill any invaders that may have entered from the ground. Within seconds the wound was gone along with severl others. Satisfied that it was no loonger a problem Kur picked up the boy again and walked towards the edge of the road, like nothing had ever happened, where he could see the car coming with Charlie at the wheel.

Sellura was right behind him hastily looking into her compact mirror to make all traces of what had just happened were gone as she walked to meet up with Charlie and the car. Not wanting to cause more trouble between her and Kur ,since he was obviously more powerful, she decided instead to let the future do it's worse for him as she looked over at the unconscious boy.

Which reminded her, "By the way what's the kid's name?"

"His back pack said Danny so it must be his name."

Silence fell between the two of them, though the tension was still there as Sellura climbed into the front seat of the car with Kur and the kid in back. The sun wasn't far behind and they had to get back to the mansion soon before she collapsed from exhaustion taking a quick worried glance at the boy who was curled up in a ball in pain, pale, and with sweat running down his face from the intense fever that came with the metamorphism but with his special case there was a chance of things going slightly differently than usual.

Poor kid.

Sellura remembered the pain that came with becoming a vampire and she didn't doubt for a second that it was the worse pain she had ever felt in her life and the younger you are the worse it is, the kid was in for one hell of a ride. But come to think of it, so was Kur if he survived. She shot Kur a last dirty look before closing her eyes with one last final prayer before she momentarily closed her eyes to rest for a couple of minutes.

Please live kid, she begged, just so that you can make him suffer...

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