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Chapter 3

Night really was peaceful and a beautiful time but its dual mirror image was that it could also be a dangerous and cold place as well. Just like every being that ever existed there is a light and darkness inside. Sometimes one is stronger than the other and the dominant side consumes that being in either goodness of evil. Many held balance of these two sides but it was a rare thing to find a person who held true balance within themselves and it is also these people who were the ones who held the most potential. For they could go either good... or evil.

But tonight it was just so soothing, thought Sellura her long hair hanging loosely down her back swished back and forth in time with her steps as she carried the bowl of enchanted water in her hands. As she looked down at her reflection in the bowl her thoughts went to whom the water was for a deep frown appeared on her face along with a look of concern.

"The second stage of the transformation should begin soon at least within the next few hours at the least," she thought to herself out loud.

It was that stage in becoming a vampire that was truly the trial of whether a person is ready and strong enough to become a creature of darkness. The term only the strong survive was basically the rule of a vampire transformation. A person had to be strong of mind and body to make it through and if not… Death was just something that would hopefully come quickly painlessly to end a person's suffering.

The very thought of how and why she was now tending to a mere child at the moment made her tighten he grip on the bowl hard enough to crack it. 'How could he do this to that kid?!' she thought furiously glaring down as the water started to leak from the cracks in the bowl.

The hot-tempered female vampire made a solemn promise that he would make Kur suffer somehow and in some way and soon. As she climbed up a flight of stairs that would lead her to the wing where she had left the pale boy in bed fighting for his very life, Sellura couldn't help but actually imagine different ways in torturing the bastard. She was actually trying to decide whether dipping him in acid after having him go through an acupuncture appointment with a blind madman who used three inch long rusty knives as needles or having him incased on the inside of a rocket then have it blown up in space with him in it.

A wicked smile played on her face, 'So many options yet only I can only pick one,' she let out a disappointed sigh, "Oh well it's nice to dream about these things, no matter how tempting…" She stopped suddenly as her acute hearing managed to pick up a peculiar sound that came from downstairs; she turned and looked downward towards the end of the stairway, "What the hell is that? It sounds like a desperate stampede of animals…" she shrugged and continued up the stairs as the noise seemed to have passed.

Humming slightly to herself she paused once more when a strange scent reached her nose the more she climbed the stairs the stronger it became. Sellura's eyes widened when she identified the scent and dropped the bowl letting it crash onto the stone stair way and shatter with the pieces and water falling downward. She broke out into a sprint and in no time she was at the top and barged the door open without even thinking of using the door knob, it was too slow.

The vampire rushed to the bed to see it was now empty; catching the scent of the kid who had just been there she followed the scent to the window where it lead downward. Without a second thought she whipped back around and headed to the door she had exited through earlier and kicked it open, nearly ripping it off the hinges. There was a loud thud when she did this and what she thought to be a whimper of pain...

It sounded as if she had hit something pretty hard but she paid no mind to this.

Sellura stopped when she saw that Charlie was in front of her clutching a newspaper in his hand. "Oh Charlie there you are the kid is—what's this?" she looked at what her friend was holding up for her to see. She just merely brushed it aside. "Look this is no time to read the news okay the kid is—"

"No just look Sellura, look at the picture!" Charlie insisted urgently pushing the paper towards her again panting.

Sensing his panicked tone and seeing that he had rushed here as fast as he could she snatched the paper and quickly skimmed it her eyes growing bigger and bigger the more she read. She looked up at Charlie with a 'no way' look on her face and it was met with Charlie closing is eyes and nodding a 'yes way' crushing any hope inside of her that this was just a cruel joke by her friends.

"I don't believe this," she whispered.

"Well believe it," Charlie said pointing at the head line, "Kur didn't just bite a half ghost teen. He also bit the apparent adopted son of one of the most powerful human beings in the world."

Sellura seemed to have recovered a bit and focused on why she was in such a rush. Charlie yelped in surprise when she grabbed him by the front of his shirt and yanked him inside the room. He was about to protest to such cruelty when he hadn't done anything wrong…recently. The words got caught in his throat at the sight of the empty bed and the scent of the boy that had been laid there going from the bed to a now open window and beyond that to the outside world.

"Oh no,"

"We got to find him come on," she grabbed Charlie by the shirt again making him choke as his air supply was temporarily cut off as they rushed out of the room into the hallway. Sellura abruptly stopped letting go of Charlie making him fall onto the floor, "Get up this is no time to be laying around!" she snapped.

Charlie glared up at her as he brushed himself off, "So sorry if had no control over gravity," he said dryly.

The female vampire wasn't listening, "Where's Trent?" she asked looking around for the other vampire.

A groan answered her question that came from behind them Charlie went to the door that his friend had previously slammed open and pulled it away to reveal Trent completely flatten against the wall with his body twitching in several places. With the door no longer there to sandwich him to the wall, gravity took its toll and Trent crashed onto the floor and stayed there twitching pain.

"Found him."

"Well then let's go!" Sellura threw her hands up impatiently, "The second stage should be starting soon if the kid isn't already dead. We've got to find him and this is no time to play dead!" She pointed at the still flatten Trent on the ground who let out a moan of pain.

"Aren't we already dead?" Charlie pointed out.

"Not important." Sellura snapped not in the mood for any humor at the moment, "Now let's go."

Without a moment of hesitation the vampire had grabbed Trent off the floor and a smug faced Charlie--who clearly found his friend's pain humorous despite the seriousness of th current situation--in one hand each and sprinted into the room towards the window, jumping onto the ledge and then jumping off smoothly. With the grace only a vampire could possess she landed on the cool grass letting her scarred-out-of–their-wits friends go. They fell with a soft thump on the ground.

"Geeze Sellura, couldn't you give us a bit of a warning next time," exclaimed Trent in pain.

"Oh don't be such babies," she scowled. "Now come on the kid's scent leads this way." She pointed towards the forest and started to walk into it.

Trent ran up next to her, "Hey should've someone told Kur what's happened, you know about him being a billionaire's son and that he's run away?" he asked.

"No," she simply replied, "It's probably better this way." Trent looked at her in confusion.

Charlie finally caught up to them, "Sellura's right Trent. I mean think about it Kur wouldn't hesitate for a second to bend the kid to his will during his weakest moment to and if he knew that this boy was the heir to one of the most powerful companies in the human world just imagine what he could do."

Trent finally understood as a look of realization crossed his face that then turned into a frown and a serious expression, "And that 'moment of weakness' just so happens to be the second phase of the transformation, when the boy's mind and body will be changing."

"Right, Kur could easily wipe away every memory and put in new ones that would serve his purposes."

"Which is why I put all those charms and spells all over the room…" Sellura spoke up the other two looked at her confused. "I didn't want Kur to make Danny his own little puppet, not with the amount of power Danny has." She explained, "I made sure that Kur wouldn't be able to get ten feet close to the kid, unfortunately I hadn't counted on the kid being well enough to escape through the window, which is weird since he shouldn't have been able to move that much at all during the transition stage."

Charlie let out a whistle, "Wow, this kid must have some strong will power," he said impressed.

"Yeah," agreed Trent, "I mean I know for a fact you'd start screaming out in pain if it were you," Charlie shot him a withering glare, "But the boy was completely quiet and didn't cry out in pain even once that we could hear."

"I wouldn't have been crying!" protested Charlie.

"Yes you would have," Trent smirked knowingly.

"Would not,"

"Would too,"

"Would not!"

"Would too,"

"Would not!"

"Would too,"

"Will you two shut up!" Sellura snapped, "We need to focus here not on one of your stupid arguments got it."

Both vampires instantly closed their mouths, it was one thing to get Sellura ticked and wanting to beat the crap out of you (if you were lucky) it was a completely different matter to have her so mad that her eyes were changing color from their usual cool grey to almost blood red and her fangs to have completely showing giving her the appearance of an angry wild animal. They knew that this was serious and when she got this way it was best not to say anything until she had calmed down a bit.

Like all vampires, her sense of smell had greatly improved and was what the most useful in tracking down something that was no longer in range of hearing or sight. She let her nose lead her through the thicket of trees, behind her she heard her fellow brethren following close behind her. They traveled in silence for a while not saying. She stopped when a fresh scent came to her. "Hey do you guys smell that?"

"Yeah," Trent responded he took another whiff of the air, "It smells pretty fresh meaning that the kid can't be too far from here. We're catching up to him. That way." He pointed to near a few large, thick trees.

"Looks like the kid is hurt too," Charlie added observing the area quickly, "His blood's scent was already changing by this point… or at the least the human blood was anyway."

"Meaning we don't have that much time to—ah!" Trent cried out in surprise when he was suddenly pressed up against the tree bound tightly by a red glowing rope. It coiled around his arms, chest, and legs tightly. A terrible feeling crept inside him making his senses go a bit fuzzy so that he couldn't concentrate on using any of his abilities, whatever spell or enchantment that was in his binds made it so that he couldn't even try to escape.

"Trent!" Sellura yelled out towards her friend running over to his aid. She didn't notice the dark shadow that had suddenly appeared behind her until it was too late.

"Sellura look out!" Charlie called out. Sellura let out a grunt as she too was bound to a tree next to Trent in the same method with the same effects influencing her, and try as she might she couldn't so much as find a weak point in her bonds. There seemed to be an invisible block that prevented her from casting any spells to free herself.

"What the hell is this?!"

Both she and Trent began to struggle against the ropes while Charlie tensed and opened up all of his senses as much as he could not wanting to end up tied to a tree like his friends were. He had seen something just before Sellura had gotten tied up and he was willing to bet on his mother's grave that whatever it was, had attacked them and that he was the next victim. But he wasn't going to give whatever the hell it was the chance to strike.

He could feel the presence of something all around him but he couldn't pin point exactly where it was coming from, even with his advanced senses. Suddenly he felt something behind him sending a dreaded chill down his spine, he turned to face whatever it was and before he knew it Charlie found himself tied up just like his companions were. With a glowing rope around him and constricting him tightly enough to actually burn into his skin as it rubbed against him. The trapped Vampire's stopped struggling when they heard a sinister laugh, they all looked up to the source.

They all gasped when their eyes fell upon Kur leaning lazily up on a branch against the trunk of a tree with a sadistic grin on his face. "Wow I have to admit that this was a lot easier than I thought that it would be." He said jumping off the branch and landing on his feet like a cat in front of the three trapped vampires, "It's hard to believe that neither of you could even tell that I was following you," he sighed. Then turned his attention on Sellura and gave her a wicked grin and in a faux disappointed tone said. "And Sellura… you're one of the best spell casters there is around here and yet you couldn't detect that simple opening spell that I had cast on the window. Oh well, we all have are faults now don't we?"

She growled and tried to lunge out at him but it was futile and she knew as her ties cut and burned into her skin so she turned to a verbal assault, "You bastard!" She yelled out in anger unleashing a long and steady stream of curses directed for him.

Kur wasn't fazed at all and looked at her in amusement despite the venomous glare he was receiving from her he could sense that small twinge of fear within her exterior. He took out a pocketknife from his left pocket and started to carelessly twirl it in his hand, throwing it up in the air and catching it. "You know I'm not sure if those sorts of words are appropriate for a woman to use…" he retorted mockingly.

Managing to send Sellura into another bout of anger and more than anything she wished she could just 

rip that smug grin off his face with her bare hands. She didn't notice that the rope that prevented her from inflicting physical pain unto Kur were beginning to glow even brighter until she felt a strong wave of energy be sent directly into her heart and lungs. She screamed out in pain as it felt like a hot batch of nails had been dropped inside of her a rocketing off the walls of her vital organs.

"Sellura!!" Charlie and Trent cried out together as they were both forced to witness their friend tortured right in front on them while Kur stood back and enjoyed their pain.

Finally, with a lazy flick of his wrist he halted the flow of energy and as soon as he did Sellura slumped nearly unconscious gasping with her hair surrounding her face a small trickle of blood came down from her mouth.

"Kur you son of a—"

"Ah ah ah… there's no need for insults," Kur wagged his finger at Trent, "Not when time is of the essences here right?" Trent clenched his teeth, he really hated to admit but Kur was right.

'We need to find a way out of this or that kid is as good as dead if Kur gets to him before we do,' Trent said in his head trying to calculate any possible solutions for their current dilemma. Finding none he decided to go in different approach, 'If we can't stop him we can at least slow him down that way it'd be harder for him to warp the kid's mind.' He thought and reached out his mind to try and send a message to Charlie and Sellura.

Charlie was focusing hard on Kur that he barely realized that Trent was trying to tell him something.

'Stall him,'

Charlie had heard and turned to Trent realizing what he was implying and nodded in understandment. Kur was walking away now when he spoke up making Kur stop and look back, "What the hell do plan on doing with the boy Kur once you've found him?"

"Yeah, it's not like he'd be much use to you at the moment," Trent added playing his part.

"It's pretty obvious isn't it," Kur smirked.

"You're one sick bastard you know that…" They all turned to see Sellura manage to raise her head enough to glare at Kur.

He just kept smiling, "I see you're still conscious, not that it matter's since you can't even move."

"Heh, you think that little shock was enough for me—you're dead wrong."

"Oh don't worry I don't plan on killing you all, that be too suspicious in the council's eyes," he explained, "I just need to make sure that none of you get in my way for a little while and there's no use in struggling against those bonds considering they're made from black maiden's hair and reinforced with wiccan's blood. But no need to be alarmed the charm on those ropes will wear off on their own around sunrise."

"Why you…"

"You know you really ought to watch that temper of yours Sellura I've said before that it could get you into a tight spot."

"Do you honestly think that you can get away with this?!" asked Trent.

"Oh course; from the moment that I found out just who the boy was I knew what I was going to do and how to do it. You guys are just a small little bump in the road that I needed to get over, now if you don't mind I'll take my leave now." He said casually and turned and disappeared leaving scattered leaves in his wake and three trapped vampires as well before any of them had a chance to say another word. All they could do was hope that, by some miracle, Kur would fail. It was a slim chance.

Very slim.

Through the trees Kur caught on to the scent and began to follow noiselessly through the forest leaving those three far behind him. Behind him back he dropped a silver powder that quickly dispersed; this would ensure that all smells and traces would be eliminated from beyond that point so that it would be impossible to find him even with magic. The powder was powerful and could wreak havoc on a vampire's senses so that they were no better than a regular pathetic human being. Add to that the effects the rope would have and that equaled the perfect cover for him.

His target's scent grew stronger and Trent smiled predatorily. He could see drops of blood on the dead leaves on the ground like a trail for him to follow. This would be easier than he thought, it would be like following bread crumbs the size of boulders. Closer and closer he got until he could hear the child's heart beat and injured breaths and at last the form of an injured boy came into veiw. A malicious grin graced his features.

"Found you…"


Deep pain encased his body with every single movement as he pushed his body even more even after his vision started to swim in and out, and several wounds in on his body had once again reopened and were bleeding profoundly without any end. Sweat trickled down his face despite the relatively coolness of the night air. His bare chest was scratched up and bruised in some areas and in others had began to slightly bleed, both the old and new wounds.

Paying no mind to any of his pain he continued onward to some unknown location away from some unknown place. Danny moved clumsily through the trees stumbling many times but still managing not to fall onto the ground as he continued on as fast as he could. He knew that falling would cause him even more pain than he already was in and his strength, or what little he had, was fading fast.

Unfortunately, the young ghost hybrid's strength soon gave way and so did his legs causing him to collapse in a heap on the ground. He laid there panting with his eyes closed trying to quickly regain his energy back in order to keep going. His mind screamed to go on and not stopped but his body seemed to have reached it's limit and would just not obey.

'Go where? I don't even have a clue where the heck I am or where I should go. In the state I'm in it's only a matter of time before someone like Vlad finds out that I'm gone and sends his goons out to get me again.'
Danny thought bitterly to himself. What could he do alone, in the middle of nowhere, and wounded. It seemed that his archenemy had finally gotten him…

Danny's eyes shot open and he bit his lip in order to keep himself from shouting out in pain as he exerted his body even more pushing himself even more to get up and get moving again. The mere thought of the evil fruit loop was enough to give the only living Fenton member left the drive to keep going, despite the obvious protests of his body shrieking as loud as possible.

He didn't care about how much physical pain he was in. It was still better than being under Vlad's eye where he felt like a caged animal for show and amusement instead of a person; he was more of a trophy. Danny clenched his teeth as continued on the forest path, dragging his feet one after another, stopping concurrently to stop and catch his breath causing him to incur pain onto his lungs from having them transgress for so long. Every breath he took now seemed to be like someone was stabbing icy needles into his chest.

Despite his current situation he couldn't help but smile and let out a small bitter laugh, 'Jazz always did say that I was too stubborn to ever admit when I've reached my limit.' Memories of such occasions came to him one after another of those times he had spent with his sister. A small feeling of sadness and guilt started to emerge at the thought of what had happened only a few months ago. He shook his head to get rid of the memories. Thinking about the past wasn't going to help now; all that mattered was what was happening now and what his next course of action should be and he couldn't do that if he was wallowing in grief and guilt. He needed to stay strong and keep going for the time being.

Stopping once more to lean against a tree, Danny clutched his side and grimaced at the sight of his blood on his hand. Sighing he slid down to sit and rest against the base of the tree for a brief moment. "It's no use," he said out loud between breathes, "I can't use my powers and at this rate I'll never get enough distance to shake Vlad off my trail long enough for me to recover."

As the teen sat there resting his thought drifted to what had happened when he was in Central Park. He knew that he had been badly injured and that Vlad was probably closing in on his trail if he had sent ghosts who could have done that much damage to him before arriving there himself to find him and take him back by force. But that wasn't what had unnerved the young ghost-hybird.

'What I don't get is why I couldn't sense my attacker right away, why didn't my ghost sense go off?' Danny wondered as he panted heavily. It all happened so fast that he didn't know what had happened. True he wasn't exactly in the greatest physocal or mental condition at the time to really recall any details, but now that he had a chance to think about it his attacker definitely wasn't human but at the same time they couldn't have been a ghost. 'So what heck were they?'

Danny let out a sigh, his head was killing him and his limbs felt like they were weighed down with lead and set on fire and the fact that he was lost, wounded, and possibly being followed didn't make things any better for the young ghost boy. In his case, this was the worst possible scenario for him to be in right now.

The teen groaned as he pushed himself off the ground with the help of the tree and stood up shakily. He listened for a second and tried to see if he could sense anything in the forest that could be pursuing him. Danny couldn't help but let out a sigh of relief at not have had sensed anything at all except for the typical sounds of the night animals scurrying about.

So it looked like he was safe… for now anyways. But Danny knew that luck and time were not on his side as of lately.

With much effort he continued to walk forward as fast as his body would currently allow without completely giving out on him. Leaves underneath his feet crunched and some of the dried ones broke apart, a small trail of blood behind him on the ground falling onto the dead leaves. Danny looked over his shoulder and he couldn't help but curse himself underneath his breath when he noticed the blood from some of his more serious wounds dripping onto the ground. Some of the moonlight that managed to penetrate through the trees reflected off of his blood. It might as well have been arrows with bright bold letters saying 'This Way'.

'Great, I'm leaving a trail behind. No matter how small it is someone like Skulker is sure to pick it up and start following it and then I'll be done for sure.' Danny thought as he turned back around and continued on he knew it was pointless to go back and cover up his tracks. 'It'd just be a waste of time to try and cover it up and I'll just end up even more lost than I already am so best plan right now is for me to keep going.'

So far he had been able to keep a steady pace travelling as fast as he could despite his dwindling energy, that was one good thing ever since he became half-ghost was that his stigma and endurance had drastically increased. But it seemed to finally be taking its toll and a heavy toll at that. Danny suddenly began to feel dizzy and began to sway slightly, black spots danced at the edge of his vision, and everything around him seemed to be spinning around
him as if he was trapped inside a cyclone.

He suddenly gasped as a searing pain erupted from his neck and quickly spread throughout his entire body within seconds. Danny dropped to the ground withering in pain, clenching his teeth so hard they felt as if they were about to break from the pressure on them. His very blood felt as if it was a river of fire running swiftly through his veins, his muscles seemed to tighten as hard as possible that it hurt to even move, it hurt even more than before to breathe as his lungs seemed to have completely burst like a bomb shooting out spays of bullits in every direction.

He couldn't even yell out, everything inside of him seemed to be completely shutting down or working overtime to an extent that Danny felt like an array of atomic explosions were going off inside him. His head seemed to be about to split open any second now and Danny couldn't even muster the strength to
hold it. Every movement caused unbearable pain. Tear ran down his eyes leaving behind clean streaks.

The pain was even greater than when he had been inside the portal that had changed his life forever. This pain was like the ghost portal only ten times more intense and lasted for so much longer it seemed. Tears streamed down the raven haired boy's face as he fought to try and fight off the pain. He managed to crack open his eyes for a brief moment to see a dark figure looming over him before he passed out and gave way towards a blissful darkness.

The ominous figure standing over the boy watched as the child laid there in incredible pain smirking as slowing his body became still and the boy's body limped no longer moving. The only signs of life were fast, shallow, rasping breaths of air, tears trickling from the boys eyes which had cracked open just a bit to reveal a small window clear blue eyes, and sweat beginning to pour out.

Slowly the person bent down next to teen hybrid still having the same cruel twisted smile on their face. They let out a cruel chuckle, "You know kid, you got farther than I had imagined you'd get and during the transmission between the first and second phase of the transformation too… You're proving to be more fun than I had thought."

They flashed a smile showing all of his teeth including a pair of sharp shimmering fangs. Taking Danny into their arms who ever the person was lifted him off the ground holding him bridal style before throwing them over their shoulder like a sack and began to walk back the direction they had first came

"Might as well get you back to your new home, you're going to be there for quite some time so it's best if you get used to it and running away like this won't do you any good." They said in a mocking tone at the unconscious body. Soon it would be dawn but the figure wasn't worried so he might as well take his sweet time. It shouldn't take too long to do what he needed to do and he still had a few hours to go until the other three vampires that he lived with came after him.

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