Just a normal day at Hogwarts.

Not the one that is known the world over.

No, this Hogwarts was very different. At one little table, a sixth year Slytherin was currently helping a first year Hufflepuff with their potion essay and a Gryffindor and a Slytherin were having a very close conversation, flirtation in each other's actions.

At another table, two students were currently holding onto to each other, trying to regain their breathing as a couple redheads by the name of John and Kyle Weasley began pranking the staff table, turning the headmaster's robe bright yellow.

While at the staff table, a girl was currently turning blue from lack of oxygen because of the bright yellow robes.

" My eyes." A blonde whispered to his husband.

When the girl regained her breathing, she winked at the redheaded twins and smiled at the headmaster.

" It wasn't that bad. At least it wasn't bright pink." She said, smirking at a dirty blonde boy who was sitting at a table closest to the staff table.

The boy spit out his pumpkin juice and lost control of his own laughter, falling from his seat. This caused two reactions from the boy's fathers.

" Damien, if you can't keep your seat by now, I guess we can always glue you down." The brunette man said, smirking at his son.

" Oh play nice. We don't need to glue him down. Just force him to sit next to us, with straps on." The blonde said, an evil smirk on his pale pink lips.

Damien paled before laughing as he sat up.

" I can to keep my seat, but she doesn't help when she says things like that." He whispered, smiling up at his aunt.

" It's my job to keep you smiling, dear nephew."

" Annie, must you torment my grandson?" A taller blonde asked.

" Why yes Lucius, I must." Annie responded.

The headmaster suddenly broke out in laughter. Annie couldn't for the life of her figure out why until she looked up at the twin redheads and could hardly contain her own laughter.

Taking a page from dear Fred and George's own book, the headmaster had turned John and Kyle's robes bright pink, but had also taken it a step further and turned their hair, nails and eyes bright pink.

Soon, the whole great hall was in throws of laughter as the twins walked around, acting like they were on a muggle runway.

" Uncle Tom, I didn't think you had it in you. Brilliant, amazing work." Annie said in between breaths.

" Hey, I have a very good sense of humor, little girl." Tom responded, smirking at Annie.

" Hey, I'm 25 years old. I'm not a little girl."

But, the laughter was placed by screams as a body dropped into the middle of the hall. Reminded highly of when that happened to her, Annie raced towards the body, who had yet to move.

She crashed to the floor next to the body and was shocked to see Harry.

" Harry, hey, you alright? You fell pretty far." She whispered, cradling the boy's head.

" Thank you, miss point out the obvious." Harry responded in a pained whisper.

" I guess your not that hurt. Ok, question, how do you know me?"

" You're Sev and Calinna's daughter, but you're a lot older then the one from my plane. She's only two years old there." Harry answered.

" What's her full name?"

" Sarabeth Annie Rain Snape."

" Well, then I know you, though what the hell are you doing here?"

Harry went to answer when he began to cough, spitting up blood.

" SIRI!" Annie screamed, her face as pale a sheet.

Sirius Black bolted over, kneeling next to the two. Waving his wand over the moaning boy, Sirius's face paled as well.

" He's got massive internal injury. If we don't get him to Poppy, he'll die."

Annie paled even further and looked up at Severus, a pleading look in her eyes. Har and Dray bolted around the table, racing towards Annie and Sirius, Sev hot on their heels.

Annie had placed her forehead onto Harry's and was muttering in elfish. A blue light wrapped around his chest.

" Breath Harry. Don't you dare leave now. Draco would throw a fit if you died. Come on, Harry, You're the freaking boy-who- won't-die, remember? Prove me right, not wrong." She whispered, in the Light elfish language, into Harry's ear.

" He's stable. We need to move him now." Sirius said, standing up.

While Dray and Har steadied Harry's (This will be weird) feet, Sirius leveled his torso and Severus had his head. Annie raced after them, tears racing down her face.

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