Three days later

Sam and Pat were sleeping by Annie's side while Harry and Draco slept in the next room over, but Annie was wide awake, her amethyst eyes clouded over as she gazed out the window, her mate's heads resting near her hips. Her father and brothers were in Tom's office, trying to track the wounded Albus before he got out of the country.

Severus and Calinna left with Sarabeth at Annie's request to keep the young dimensional version of her safe. The dark man was wary of leaving but was pushed through the portal by Calinna who gave Annie a soft smile, who held back a sob as she watched the three depart.

"He can't have gone very far with the extent of the injuries that Annie gave him." She heard Har's voice say outside of her room.

"I have never seen her so mad before. I'm guessing that her inheritance had something to do with the amount of force behind the hexes she placed on the old fool?" Dray asked.

"Yes, she had a build up since she gained it and he just let her anger grow to the point that she willingly let it all go so it could drain off." Severus answered, opening the door to find her amethyst eye on his.

"Annie, come here, will you?" He whispered, pointing to the hall.

She nodded and slid out off of the bed without waking Sam or Pat. She gently closed the door behind her before stretching her arms and wings in the hall.

"What's up da?"

"We have a theory about finding Albus." Har answered, placing an arm around her shoulder.

"And what would that be?" She asked, looking around at her brothers, father, and godfather.

"He's still being effected by your curse, otherwise he would be up to his old tricks again, so we believe that if you focus your powers on finding any lingering traces of your magic, that will lead us right to him." Tom responded, watching her carefully with his brown orbs.

Annie was allowing the theory to run around her mind, the possibility giving her a small amount of hope. Nodding, she turned back to her room.

"I'm going to talk to Sam & Pat about it, then I'll meet you guys in Tom's office."

The door closed behind her, leaving the group of four to wonder what she would say to the other elves.

"I think it will be hard for her to convince them." Dray said, linking hands with Har as they walked to Tom's office.

"Why do you say that, love?" Har asked.

"Do you remember how they acted when she released the barrier bubble? They were ready to hide her away for the rest of her life. I know Pat will be the hardest to convince, as he is the Light elf."

Severus and Tom nodded, their brains on overdrive.

Meanwhile, Annie was leaning against her door, watching her sleeping mates, a soft smile on her lips. Sam was the only one of the two that had truly understood her reaction and actions towards Albus. Pat had thrown a small fit when he sensed the dark spells on her magic.

"Do you realize the damage you could do to yourself?" Pat whispered, grabbing her hand.

"If I wasn't trained, yes I do, Pat! But I have been trained in all forms of magic since my mother died and I know how to control any spell." She responded, her Amethyst orbs glaring at him.

"Pat, let it go. She knew what she was doing and she's not harmed." Sam said, pulling her hand from Pat's.

The Light elf glared at both elves before throwing his hands up and storming out of the room. Annie gave a small chuckle, kissed Sam before she ran after Pat, wrapping her arms around the man.

"Pat, love, don't be mad. You know I hate it when you're mad." She whispered, pouting at him.

His blue eyes watched her before caving; his usual sparkle coming back as he kissed her. She smiled into his lips, wrapping her arms around his neck. The kiss became more heated as he pushed her into a wall, her legs wrapping around his waist. He pulled away from the wall, and crashed into the nearest room, which happened to be the bedroom, silencing spells going up as the door closed.

Sam smirked as he felt Annie's pleasure radiate through the mark on his neck. They had bonded fully three days before, so he felt no anger at the locked door, only a small sense of smugness at the fact he had bonded with her first.

Annie finally moved away from the door to the couch, wrapping her arms around her knees. Her wings stretched out in frustration after ten minutes of silence went by.

"How do I go about finding that man? It's been three days, so he's probably all the way in Russia by now." She whispered.

Sam and Pat woke as one, sensing her irritation. Spotting her on the couch, her wings constantly moving in frustration, they quickly moved to the couch, sitting on either side of her.

Pat noticed her eyes were shifting between her own amethyst, his sapphire and Sam's light Emerald, showing that her mind was in a bit of chaos.

"Ok princess, what's wrong?" Sam asked, grasping her hand lightly.

"When you guys were sleeping, da called me out into the hallway. Dray and Har told me that there was a way for us to find Albus."

"Well, that's good, isn't it?" Pat responded.

She sighed, closing her eyes and leaning back. "To me and them it's a good idea, but you two may not like it."

Annie stood and faced them, before taking a deep breath. "It requires me to go into a deep trance, connecting with my core. This will, we believe, allow me to pinpoint Albus and find his hideaway. I don't know how long it will take, so I may be in the trance for more then a day."

Surprisingly, it wasn't Pat that objected, but Sam, who had a fierce protective look in his eyes.

"You may never get out of the trance! Your core will pull at you and could drown you, preventing you from ever leaving! You could die in there!"

Her eyes were down cast, but her voice was strong. "This is our one chance of finally defeating him, how can I pass it by?!"

Sam grabbed her shoulders, Emerald staring into her Amethyst. "You're pregnant, do you realize this?"

"Yes, all the more reason to destroy Albus now." She replied.

"I forbid it, there's no way you can safely protect yourself and the baby!" Sam hissed.

"How can I walk away from something this foolproof?" Annie hissed back. "This will enable a safe future for the child!"

Sam glared at her. "I'm not changing my mind!" He stormed out of the room.

Annie's eyes were pricking with held tears, watching her mate walk away. Her eyes turned Pat, who had yet to say anything about the theory. When he locked eyes with her, he looked torn, yet he stood & walked up to her.

"I'm not forbidding you to do anything, I trust your judgment." He whispered, kissing her.

He left to, leaving Annie alone to dwell in her thoughts. Wrapping her arms around her torso, she started crying from anger and pain; anger at Sam for forbidding her and pain from her mate's anger at her. She sank to her knees, sobbing into her robes, her shoulders shaking as the sobs rocked her body.

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