Dammit to Hell and the Matrix both.

Here I am, lying flat on my back, dying and dead all around and Decepticons scurrying around like goddamned retrorats, and I can't do a fraggin' thing about it. Prowl's gone, Brawn might be on his way if not already there, and Ironhide's too tough to die. If I can just… slaggin'… move… Wait. What is--?

W…was that…? Oh Primus, no… Ironhide…


It's strange. When you're dying, you have time to think.

I don't like thinking. Might explain why I started drinking so much. Especially after we got stuck on Earth. What with seeing the same patients time after time, memorizing their systems and bringing them back from the Void each time they were carried in. It gets harder and harder.

Ghn. The pain… wait, what pain? Slag… now I know my time is coming. And coming quick.

Funny how you never seem to have enough time once you're dying, but time almost seems to slow down as you withdraw from your senses. I can't hear those 'Cons chattering, or feel them moving us out of the way. All I know is that they're sending my systems that much faster into deactivation, and here I don't even care about that anymore.

I wonder how they'll cope. The Ark Crew scattered back on the Moonbases and on Earth, that is. The Twins are nigh unmanageable as it is--the fraggin' hellions, and they've only gotten worse since being separated. Bluestreak's never recovered from destruction of his hometown, and now he's gone and lost Prowl--all of us too, but Prowl is the only one he ever let get close. Jazz and Prowl were the best of friends--maybe more, for all I know--so I can only imagine how this will hurt him. The Minibots have always been close, so Brawn's loss will hit them hard too. First Aid… I never finished his apprenticeship. I hope he can manage the full strain of the med-bay on top of being a Protectobot. So many others that slip through my mind…

Then there's Prime--ohhhhhh, that idiot will blame himself for this, I'm sure, since he's the one who sent us on this vital mission. But dammit, we needed the supplies and Energon!

…Oh, Primus…

…Wheeljack. I am… so sorry, old friend. Keep upgrading the Dinobots in my stead. I've done what I can for them, but they still need more work. That's the real reason I even came on this mission, not that they or anyone else would ever know it. And don't you dare join us, you fraggin' mad scientist! I won't be there to piece you back together after one of your goddamned experiments detonates again!

I just hope Autobot City will be ready when this shuttle gets there. If that thrice-cursed Megatron's right, it's going to be a bloodbath.

D… dammit.

I… care… t… too… much…

/gasp/ …………… /siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh…/