"I love you, Sara."

Tall, Dark, and Handsome.
Mysterious, and Persistant.
All traits any woman might go into orbit over, especially after hearing the exulation that came from him a few seconds ago. Well I happen to be no ordinary woman I reminded myself, and again. Wait scratch that. Besides myself, the reminders come from everyone and everything else who tends to have an interest in the silver on my wrist. This man's previous employer was definately no exception. Yes, Im not a normal person. As a matter of fact, Ive come to the conclusion that I am complete insanity, reincarnated and undercover. And this man before me, Watching me intently to see how I will react,is a far cry from normality as well.

"Ian..." Sara made contact with his eyes, as cold and motionless as they tend to stay, in their concealment of grey. Even in such a moment as this, Ian Nottingham holds no notions of feeling. Some would say, such a precedent couldn't be found in him. The embodiment of his soul is his work. Whether its infiltrating a Yakuza warlord's family for British Intelligence, or being the personal Bodyguard for what was one of the World's richest men, Nottingham has always made his buisness his loyalty.

A life of a such a renown Assasin-ship comes with a weighty price. A price that cannot afford the comforts of feelings or sentiments as he knows too well.

But Ian is no ordinary man, nor is he one without a backbone to his existance.For What is failure? Only a goal that needs more attention. Something, that, through the years of exposure to this lass, Sara Pezzini, he has felt time and time again. He knows what she will say in return, and in a vague expression of hope, contrary to his nature, he doesnt care. Aside from the look in her eyes that speak of power and rejection, he knows as well as she, she cares anyway.


His voice was barely audible, under his British intonation. In a brave notion, he reached for her hand, just to take it, to hold it before she dissapeared once again. In a moment of unguarded security, she didnt resist.

"I dont know why you do Ian, but you know, better then I, we can never be."

Direct, and to the point. What else can I be? This was always the way its been between us. A yes, or a no. But really, is an enigma ever direct? Just by the simple nature of confussion and contradiction, can there be certainty?
Oh god, listen to myself, I sound like a walking Philosophy for Dummies thesis. Either that, or Irons lives beyond the grave to haunt me with his conundrum antics. In all words, my existance is bigger then fiction. And From my life experience, a yes does exist because no will always keep the locale uniform. A balance of light and dark, the ying to the yang, that formidable force keeping the world above ground, balance. What a truth it becomes. A conclusion, a certainty. The reason I weild this blasted Witchblade. To bring balance to the force.
No, Sara.
Thats Star Wars.
But Lucas wasnt far off at all.

The direct approach. The only way I find a profound truth. Thats why at the same time, my words can give him a resounding no, while my heart can let him embrace my hand with a resounding yes. Pez what are you doing? Your a cop, get a grip
Sara pulled away her hand, in an attempt to once again align her words with her actions.

"I want you to stop this, to stop following me."

At that, she turned and in a brisk walk headed to the Edge of Central Park.
Nottingham continued to stare on, as she gradually turned into a distant shadow before him.

This is exactly what I need now. A pronouncment of love from a born on killer.
The profound marksman, esoteric executioner, bound enforcer. One of the four men in the world who could match one bullet in two skulls.


As if my life isnt complicated enough.
The Homocide detective and the Assassin. That would go down in my department as well as a fart in a diver's helmet.
Definately not. Definately not. But on the other hand, he does have a nice set of arms..

Sara continued the parade of thoughts in her head, until, a presence coming from behind her broke her stream. Expecting it to be Nottingham, she slowly turned around, ready to defend her sense of justice before him once and for all, until, an all together different picture immerged. A young boy, about six years into his existance, eyes filled with fear, laced with terror, looked up at her. Sara immediately brought her attention to him with the upmost concern.

"Are you lost, hon?"

The boy stared on at her, eyes now duly fixed, vocal chords silent.

"Its okay, dont worry, we'll find your parents."

Sara continueed to gaze upon the boy. Something was strange about him, his eyes. Empty and cold. Distant. As if right on cue to lay her suspicions to rest, the cerise stone engraved in silver that lay upon her wrist came to life. No visions accompanied it. It just illumiated radiantly over the slim lights of the street.The boy looked intently upon the stone, and then back to Sara.
In bewilderment at the show it decided to make, she once again took her focus back to the situation at hand, and reached for the boy. Before a connection could be made, the boy fled into the nightfall of the park.

Great, Sara thought. I sometimes wonder why I cannot have a normal Saturday night. But again, how much of an idiot can I be? the kid was smart. I think I would run from someone whose bracelet just decided to glow like ET's UFO for no apparent reason. And As it stands, Children's natural instincts to feel out people are legendary to begin with. Maybe my presence was less then inviting,and granted, the kid has it all right there, but I'd rather him take his chances with me then the other faultless personalities that like to frequent Central Park after dark.

With that motion, the night would continue to drag on as the fight for making all things right amongst missing children in Central Park began.
As she came up to one of the bridges, his shadow slipped between the darkness.

Great, where did he go
She continued to scout the area, with no avail, and the no avail part really irked her. Shes a detective, for heaven sake. She has taken on cases and found the bad guys that seemingly had no trail to follow, and yet, here in the endaggered atmosphere of this Autumn night, she just been eluded by a little boy. A scared little boy, lost, and in danger.

Just as that last thought pierced her mind, a scream came from the nearby distance. Following the commotion to a clearing filled with trees, she caught sight of the boy, in the arms of a less then kosher human, standing medium height, heavy denium jacket and stocky in build. Ready-ing her pistol from the realms under her pantleg, the screams of the boy were replaced with the threats issuing from the would-be kidnapper.

"You want me to cut him? Back away from here you freak, or I will gut this one and kill you." The man held a knife out, aimed toward the boys throat, his grip clutching to his jacket. Sara quickly took the a saftey off, ready to fire, until a vision from beyond stopped her.

Ian Nottingham was standing full height, his ebony hair flowing beind him in a cascading wind, like an Avenging Angel. He looked on to the creep in question, before he disarmed the man, left the boy free from his grasp where he fled off into the darkness once more, and the man laid knocked out on his backside. Briskly struggling to get to his feet, the man eventually did, and ran off into the night.

Sara stood puzzled. Adleast she thought Ian disarmed him. But concerning the shadows or her eyes, she didnt see Nottingham make contact. If it wasnt for the end result of the man picking himself off the ground and fleeing with his tale between his legs, she would vouche he didnt. Did she ever see something as supernatual as Nottingham's stealth? As if right on cue, her bracelet started to glow its fire red once more admist the emcampment of shadows.As previously, no visions came. Before she could think or reason past events of the past 10 minutes, Ian was at the aid of the small lad who was curled into a fetal postion behind a bush.Without verbal words, the boy was up to his feet currently mesmerized by his messiah. From the position Sara was, she could manifest a different sensation among Ian's stature. He longingly stared upon the boy.

As Sara came from behind her hiding place, Ian's gaze among the boy went to Sara's green eyes.
With a wounded look, Nottingham took one last look upon the boy, and then fled.

"Nottingham!" She called out to him, But only her own voice reflected in the night air.

The stone continued to Glow, brighter and brighter. In a feeble attempt to quiet the fear in the young boy, she placed her arm behind her back. But it continued to illumiate, and he was intently fixed upon the glare it seemed to cast behind her.
His his lips were poised shut.
Sara struggled to find words to help.

"Dont worry, hon. Im going to help you find your home. Can you trust me?"

No comment issued from him. "What is you name?"

With a deathly stare, the boy continued to look right into Sara, and silence proceeded for a time.


As an escaping bright light poured from behind her arm, she pulled it out in front of her in a feeble attempt to control or block the stone. After a blinding flash, it quieted to its dormat state, and Sara recompossed herself.

The state in front of her issued a strangeness. The boy was gone.